Hisagi stormed back to his room and slammed the door. His hand flew to his mouth, still trembling slightly, and groaned "Fuck…."

He looked around his disaster of a room and felt his anger build. Hisagi began organizing and fixing everything just to give him something to do.

"Renji loves me…" Hisagi whispered again, for the millionth time, "But he can't! We are both vice-captains! We are both guys! AGH!"

The room was totally clean and the glass was gone, but Hisagi's heart was still shattered. His hand snuck up his face and rested next to his scars and remembered how delicately Renji and caressed them. "Noooooo….." Hisagi moaned, clutching his hair in his hands.

(In the forest)

Renji still sat there dumb struck. "He just….ran away." The red head whispered, "Just like that….he ran away…." Renji felt his eyes fill with tears. "Huh? Why am I crying…?" Renji leaned over and cried heart wrenching sobs into his arms, "Shit…I should have known….SHIT!"

The red head cried for about half an hour before he got it together, "Well, at least I got it out…" he mumbled, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted. But Hisagi's response had left a gaping hole where his heart used to be. "Ngh…."

Renji walked to the 6th division barracks and slumped past Byakuya's office.

"Abarai, please come here a minute." Byakuya said coolly.

Renji attempted to look alert as he entered his captain's office, "Yes Kuchiki-Taichou?"

Byakuya stared at him for what felt like a year then huffed, "Take the day off and fix whatever you broke."

Renji's eyes snapped open "T-Taichou! Are you feeling ok!"

Byakuya sighed agitated, "Do I need to repeat myself? Fix what you broke; and don't come back until you have." With that Byakuya shooed him out of his office with a flap of papers, "Hurry up and leave me, I have work to do."

Renji stumbled out of his captain's office stunned. "Maybe I should have Retsu-Taichou look at him?" He imagined the squad four captain's face for a moment, "Maybe not…" Renji walked down the wooded hall and frowned "Fix what's broken?" The hole in Renji's chest throbbed. He thought about Hisagi and winced, "I guess I owe him an apology….kissing him out of the blue was probably not the best idea…"

The red head trudged toward the 9th division barracks, wondering if they would even let him in. He arrived and tapped on the doors, a timid face of the soul reaper from last time peeped out, "A-Abarai-san! Um, I—I'm sorry but Hisagi-san has requested not to let you in…" Renji sighed, this was worse than he thought, "Look, kid, I need to see Hisagi, it's urgent." The young soul reaper paused then nodded, letting Renji in, "Ok, but don't tell him I let you in!" Renji grinned and patted him on the head, "Thanks, kid!"

Renji ran to Hisagi's room and knocked, "Hisagi! It's me! I just want to talk to you!"

"…..talk." Hisagi mumbled, trying to stop ripping his hair out of his head.

Renji sighed and tapped the door, "May I come in?"


Renji flinched slightly and sighed, "I wanted to apologize, I'm sorry for scaring you, but I won't apologize for kissing you—I'm not sorry at all that I did that, I'm only sorry that you took it like you did."

Hisagi stared at the floor if his room then walked to the door. "I'm sorry too."

"Huh?" Renji exclaimed, shocked.

"I shouldn't have run away like that, you had the guts to spill how you felt about me and I didn't even bother to respond. That was below the belt. I'm so sorry, Renji…" Hisagi whispered.

Renji sighed and leaned against the wall next to the door, "Don't be sorry, I'm just glad I was able to tell you, you can just forget about it if you want."

Hisagi sat on the ground next to the door, "Renji….I don't think I can forget something like that so easily."

"Maybe if you avoid me, it'll go away…" Renji realized he was also talking about himself; that if he never saw Hisagi again maybe the hole would go away….?

Hisagi shook his head and leaned back against the wall "No Renji, that's not what I meant." He paused, and then closed his eyes. "I said you had guts for telling me about how you feel; I said that because I couldn't. I am weak, afraid of being hurt again, so I hid in my shell and couldn't even reply when you said you loved me." Hisagi's voice shook. "Renji, I like you too….and I'm so sorry."

Silence from outside.


"Hisagi, I will never, ever, hurt you; I swear my life on that." Renji said, feeling the hole in his chest close. "Could you please open the door? I want to hug you."

Hisagi smiled slightly and reached up from where he was sitting to turn the knob, letting Renji in.

The red head walked in and closed the door, locking it. He then got down on his knees and pulled Hisagi into a tight embrace. "You're not weak, Hisagi. You're just scared, tell me your fears and I'll smash each and every one so that you won't be afraid."

Hisagi hugged Renji back fiercely, "T-thank you…" He looked up into Renji's shinning eyes and smiled lightly, "Shall we try again?"

Renji grinned and leaned down, pressing his lips against Hisagi's.

Hisagi reached up and locked his arms around Renji's neck, leaning up on his knees to get closer to the soft lips.

Renji twined his hand into Hisagi's hair, opening his mouth and snaking his tongue out to greet Hisagi's. "Mhhhph."

The 9th division vice-captain pressed up against the red head, pushing him back onto the floor. Falling on top of him, between his legs, Hisagi grinned shyly and tugged Renji's hair band out, letting the red trestles fall loose.

The tattooed man wrapped his arms around Hisagi and moaned into the kiss. "Mph…"

Hisagi reached down with one of his hands and tugged Renji's shirt off, staring at the tattoos and his muscles. "Woah…"

Renji grinned and flexed, glancing at Hisagi's jean clad legs, "Well? You just gonna let me get cold?"

Hisagi blushed and traced his hands down Renji's chest and sides; he then placed his hand on Renji's chest and smiled, "I hear your heart."

Renji smiled "It's yours."

Hisagi felt his own heart swell at those simple words and he leaned down, nipping Renji gently on the collar, Hisagi made is way down the tattooed man's body, tracing the tats with his tongue.

"Ahh!" Renji gasped as Hisagi's tongue traced lower and lower. Hisagi stopped at Renji's pants and moved back up to kiss his mouth.

Renji put his arm around Hisagi's waist and rolled them both over; Renji grinned at the surprise in Hisagi's eyes and nibbled his nipple. "Ngh!"

Hisagi panted as Renji moved lower, tugging at his jeans. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his throbbing erection.

Renji watched the bulge in Hisagi's pants grow, he palmed it, causing Hisagi to shudder and moan. "Nuuhhh." Grinning, Renji slipped Hisagi's pants down and rubbed the mound in the boxers, earning a loud moan. Renji shoved his own pants down and straddled Hisagi.

"W-what are you doing?" Hisagi panted.

"You'll see." With that Renji grinded harshly against Hisagi's erection, making both men moan.

"Ahhh—harder!" Hisagi panted.

Renji rubbed harder, hissing at the feeling coursing through him.

Hisagi groaned. "Mmhhhh…"

Renji yanked down Hisagi's boxers and chucked off his own. Leaning down he licked the tip of the pulsing member, already slick with pre-cum. He then slipped the rest of Hisagi's cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.

"AH!" Hisagi gasped arching his back. White light washed through him and he groaned as Renji started sucking. "Nuh!"

Renji drew it out and held up three fingers to Hisagi's mouth.

Hisagi let them in and coated them in saliva. He felt a small fear build, was this going to hurt? He tried to calm down, Renji won't hurt me….

Renji watched fear creep into his lovers eyes, "You know what, you do me."

"W-what?" Hisagi stammered.

"I said I wouldn't let anything hurt you, so you do me." Renji took his fingers back and rolled over so that he was on his back and Hisagi was on top of him.

"You sure?" Hisagi asked."

"Yup, now hurry up—I need you." Renji purred, eyes lusting over.

Hisagi blushed slightly and gave him three fingers. When they were covered Hisagi pushed the first one in and wiggled it a little.

Renji quickly adjusted.

He inserted the second finger into Renji and began scissoring him, stretching him out. Once Renji had adjusted to him again he put the third finger in.

Renji wiggled around a bit then hissed as Hisagi's finger brushed against something that made him see white, "Ah, Hisagi….right there!" he howled.

Hisagi pulled his fingers out and slid himself inside.

"Unh…" Renji grunted, clenching his hands.

Hisagi waited for a bit then began thrusting in and out of Renji, moaning at the sensation.

Renji gasped and his breathing escalated as Hisagi hit his spot over and over again. "Nya-!" He lifted his hips, "Faster!"

Hisagi slammed into him, holding his hips and panting, "Ahhh!" He reached down and began pumping Renji's dick, feeling his climax approach.

Renji threw his head back and hissed at the double pleasure, "NGH!" He arched his legs toward his chest howling as Hisagi penetrated deeper and deeper. "H-HISAGI!" Renji howled, cumming in the 9th vice-captain's hand.

Hisagi shouted and released inside Renji, he then flopped down on Renji's hard chest and panted. "R-Renji…"

"Y-y-yeah?" Renji huffed, sweeping his hair out of his eyes.

Hisagi nestled his head into Renji's shoulder, "I never got to tell you something…"

"Hmm?" Renji hummed, feeling sleep approach.

"I love you."

Renji smiled warmly as his eyes closed, "I love you too, Hisagi."

They both drifted off to sleep happily in each other's arms.

Renji had fixed what had been broken.