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Previously on Decisions….

She can cope, she is strong… she will fight and she will wait…

Watching the person sitting there; one person can only wonder if he can help her in coping. In learning to let go and in learning to love again…

Tokiya Mikagami is watching Fuuko from afar; torn between the need to comfort her and the fight within him. The fight that had been going on since the day he met Fuuko, it is common knowledge toALL that Yanagi is especially to him.

For it is also the reason why he had met them in the first place, Yanagi had an uncanny resemblance to his sister. Thus the protective instinct, but unknown to ALLhe had no romantic inclination towards her or to anyone for that matter.

He is just a silent overly protective brother, for he NEVER wanted Yanagi to suffer the same fate as his sister. As for the animosity towards Recca it comes with the package. For Recca is a total IDIOT; but he had proven him self worthy in the end.

Worthy to protect Yanagi… but he never would have guessed that he will have the same protective instinct towards the she monkey. After all he had initially thought had even asked himself.

"Who would protect us from HER?"

Fuuko is a fierce warrior with a kind soul, someone who will stand her ground even at the expense of her own life. She also has the uncanny ability to laugh in the face of danger. This is the reason why he had taken her for a FOOL, a silly Monkey as he would often say to her.

She is a constant mystery to him, a contradiction on ALL aspects. She packs a powerful punch which could knock him out if he WAS a lesser man, yet she has the gentlest touch when she took care of him when he was wounded.

She had a body of an evil seductress but with a face of an angel, but he would NEVERsay it out loud.

She acts dumb most of the time, but you could clearly see intelligence in her eyes. More often than not she would yell quite loudly if he might add when she is annoyed or just plain livid. Yet she would never complain or cry in the middle of battle even if she is mortally wounded.

Then she would give off a murderous aura around her when her friends are in mortal peril. This would immediately vanish in a blink of an eye when that person apologizes.

What confuses him most, is the fact that even if he pushes her away. She would ALWAYS comfort him. She would come to him with a smile on her face but a trace of sadness in her eyes.

She had this ability to crack the wall he had stubbornly built around him. That is the reason he never wanted to be near her in the first place. And yet he is drawn to her, he could never let a day pass without catching a glimpse of her.

She scares him… for he knew that she is the only person that COULD get through him.

Yet he trusted his life to her and her to him. And he would gladly fight beside her.

It pains him to admit but she had become one of the most important people in his life. She was there when all the things he had THOUGHT was the truth, turned out

to be a GREAT LIE. She was there silently comforting him even though she is also hurt; by the betrayal of a friend. Yet she still chose to be with him, he had never heard her complain. She had fallen and gotten up on her own yet he… he needed HER in order to stand up.

Now… it is his turn to comfort her that faithful night, but he was never a man of words. He embraced her as Kurei disappears into the darkness. She had clung to him for comfort but there is still strength in her gaze but it is filled with questions he cannot answer.

A few months had passed, they would be found spending time with each other. No words. Just companionable silence, she would stare at a distance while he looks at her thru the corner of his eyes.

He could remember the day, they had all found out about the two of them.

Yanagi had asked him to eat with them in celebration; Yanagi was given merits for her work as a student teacher to small kids. He doesn't have the heart to refuse so he gave in.

They have ventured in the cafeteria but it was filled with students, and the same goes for the grounds.

So they decided to go to the rooftop,

The first person they saw was Fuuko smiling. They were about to call out to her when they heard someone laughing. It sounded so familiar but different.

"Kurei" he whispered

Then all hell breaks loose, Recca runs towards Kurei with an angry look while Domon looks as if he would pounce given the chance. It took them by surprise when Fuuko had stood in front of Kurei looking fierce and protective.

Recca stops mid way, Mikagami understood for it showed that Fuuko is serious. She would fight them if they dare to lay a finger on him.

But it is nothing compared to what happens next, Kurei gently pulled Fuuko close to him and proceeds to guard her using his body as a shield.

"Do you think we would hurt her huh Kurei?" Recca ask his haft brother with an underlying threat.

Kurei looks at Recca in countenance. "I simply don't want her to go between us"

"Kurei, wait" Fuuko whispered, he just places his hand on hers as if asking her to let him have the lead.

Fuuko looks at Kurei's expression, he is calm and collected.

She backs down which earned her a look of complete shock from all. Mikagami raises his eyebrows. This is the first time Fuuko showed submission to anyone before.

Recca was angry; he was emitting an aura of total disregard to everyone around him. So is Domon he had been cracking his knuckles for a while now.

"What have you done to Fuuko?"

"I did nothing, in fact I am protecting her" Kurei said simply

"She doesn't need protection from anyone" Recca retaliated

"She is violent" Tokiya told them contemptibly, well who would protect us from her?' Tokiya said with a sneer. He had never intended for it to sound so cruel but he was hurt. She had never shown this side of her to anyone else.

Tokiya doesn't know if he had simply imagined it, but he saw a flash of pain in her eyes. He cannot take it back now…

He had expected her to blow a fuse with those words; he expected her to yell at him or possibly lift anything within her reach and throw it at him.

She stood behind Kurei silently, she was about to walk towards them when…

Heat could be felt from the air, and it was emitting from Kurei. Fuuko looks at him in surprise as he spoke.

"She needs protection from you, looking directly at Tokiya. I would protect her" he told them in a clear strong voice.

It took them all by surprise, silence… then a loud cry more like from a wounded animal was heard. Domon was howling that he had lost "HIS FUUKO".

Yanagi smiled beatifically she is happy for the both of them. Kogane had decided to hold Recca cause he was quite murderous then when Recca was about to pounce on Kurei. He was shock to find Yanagi in front of him then with one swift motion delivered a punch in his eyes.

Kurei ignored the scene where Yanagi and Recca are fighting or in these case. Yanagi is reprimanding Recca on his manners. Kogane was poking Domon.

Kurei was having a glaring match with Mikagami, cold aura and an fiery aura emitting from the both of them.

A sudden laugh emitted from Fuuko, they looked at her perplexed at her sudden action.

"Guys let bygones be bygones" she said in a laughing manner as she took Kurei's hand in hers. Waving a cheerful goodbye she pulls the still awestruck Kurei with her.

Then things had fallen into complacency since that day but not from Mikagami. He had been wary from the start. But as the days passed and he had seen it with his own eyes how much Kurei had taken care of Fuuko. How Kurei would wait with Raiha at the school gates. Flashing a fearsome glare to all the men who is giving Fuuko lewd looks, while she laughingly pulls him away.

He had then let her be, for she was happy with him.

Till he found out that Kurei was going on a journey to the past. With no assurance if he can ever return.

Mikagami had waited patiently for Kurei and confronted him.

Kurei answered all of his questions, but Mikagami had noted an underlying grief from his voice. He had explained to Tokiya his reasons much like a friend would.

And he had asked a favor from him…

Kurei had asked him to take care of Fuuko, a look of surprised cross his face. Kurei told him that he never wanted Fuuko to suffer the same fate as Kurenai did.

A look of understanding crosses between the two men, same sentiment. He had begrudgingly agreed.

The night Kurei left, Mikagami promised himself he would take care of her till he returns. But now he doesn't know how to keep it…

Because now he wanted her for him self… a fight within him and a promised he must keep.

Then he saw he smiling, the way she used to smile before, she is coping, and she is BEAUTIFUL…

"She is going to be mine" a solemn promise

He is not going to fight it anymore… He is going to fight… for her…

A shadow looms, watching the two people he was entrusted with…

A promise made with his master and yet it seems he doesn't want to obey him for once…


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