Dragon's Desire

The green dragon grazing gracefully in grass

Bringing comfort to himself that would not last

For up in the sky, a red one soars

And soon, he will see the green on the floor


With orange wings, the creature lands

And steps forward – in his head, plans

"To challenge you…" the dragon declares,

"Will be my triumph and your nightmare!"


The green dragon lay stirring, stirring around

Until he decides to get up off the ground

The beast can't stand to see the red one on his land

With a firm voice, he states the red dragon's choice.


"Listen." the scaled serpentine said. "You have two decisions.

And choose wisely, or a bad future you can envision.

Leave me alone, and it will be of no matter

Battle with me; get yourself handed on a platter."


The red dragon waited in the wavering wind for a while,

Wondering… "What if this turns to be my final trial?"

After a warning keeping him briefly at bay,

The red one knew what he would say.


"It IS of no matter! Because YOU will be handed the platter!

To bring bright light right up to the battlefield…

Light up the sky with your funeral pyre…

And light up the sky with your fire…

And to take this treasured trove for my own…


Pokemon (c) Nintendo / Game Freak

This is actually a poetry piece for an English assignment, showing off literary terms like alliteration, assonance, rhyme, repetition... that sort of thing. The basic premises WAS based on Pokemon, so... here you are.