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Cass' POV

I looked over and saw Yo-Yoji's family car. Him and Max-Earnest were sitting in the back seat, talking. I quickly looked away and adjusted my skirt while my mother talked to a friend on her cell phone.

"My little Cassandra is graduating the 8th grade today! I'm so proud of her! She's such a smart girl…" her voice trailed off as her friend continued talking. I saw Max-Earnest and Yo-Yoji get out of the car, so I ran over to them. I was glad I'd worn flats instead of the heels my mother was begging me to wear the day before. "Hey, guys!" I said, waving once I was a few feet away from the car. I smoothed down my skirt and started playing with my hair, which was totally unlike me. Both boys stood in front of me, looking me up and down with expressions I couldn't quite decipher.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked worriedly. My hand flew up to my mouth and I started nervously chewing on one of my nails. Yo-Yoji came over and took my hand. He moved it away from my mouth and looked down at me, smiling. "Nothing's wrong," he said, letting go of my hand after a few seconds. "You look… perfect."

"Yeah," Max-Earnest said, swallowing. "You look really nice, Cass." He smiled awkwardly, looking from me to Yo-Yoji, who cleared his throat and we moved away from each other. "We should go inside soon, it's kind of chilly out," I looked around. My mother waved at me from across the parking lot. Her phone was still attached to her ear. "Are you cold?" Yo-Yoji asked, moving a little closer to my side. I laughed nervously and glanced at Max-Earnest. He has his hands shoved in his pockets and was awkwardly kicking the gravel around. "Just a little bit, but it's okay." I said, looking down.

Max-Earnest's POV

I wished I hadn't given Yo-Yoji that stupid advice to "go for it and tell Cass you like her." Now I was feeling more awkward than ever.

The chemistry between them was unmistakeable. You'd be able to tell from a mile away, the sparks were almost flying off each other's graduation outfits. Which I suddenly noticed for the first time.

Yo-Yoji was wearing a skinny suit that made him look even taller than usual. Next to Cass and I, he looked like a graduating high school student, not an eighth grade boy.

Cass's full green outfit went very well with her complexion, and you could see her ears just a little bit from underneath her hair. She'd done it up so that when it was tied back, the tops of her ears were covered with bits of hair. Two bits of hair hung down, framing her face with tiny ringlets. It actually looked pretty nice.

But no—I didn't like Cass. At least, I didn't like her like her. It's just… I was her friend before Yo-Yoji was. Why weren't we closer? For both of them, it's always about each other. Sure, I was happy for them. If tonight was the night when they found a relationship, I'd be happy for them. Maybe it would be a little weird at first, but who knows, maybe I'd find someone too?

Yo-Yoji's POV

I was sweating like crazy. Just looking at Cass made me nervous. How in the world am I going to tell her I like her? I wondered, drying my sweaty palms on the side of my suit. Max-Earnest was going on about his little brother across from us.

"And the other day, he looked right at me and said 'Mackssrnest!' He was so close to my name that I gave him a little piece of chocolate. It didn't turn out too well because he had a slight sugar rush and kept yelling at me to give him more. He kept saying my name and pointing at my chocolate bar. So finally, I just gave him some milk and he calmed right down. It's like a magic potion for babies, if you think about it. You give it to them and they calm right down. Well, P.C. does, at least. He's like me when he was a baby, he's different. How 'bout that?"

Right on cue, Max-Earnest pulled another chocolate bar out of his suit pocket and took a bite out of it. "Hmmmmg" He said, looking in the direction of the school. "I think we should do inside soon." He pressed down his hair, which was gelled back. Throughout the car ride to school, it kept popping up in mid conversation.

Cass's mom called to us from across the parking lot and gestured towards the soccer field in the school yard. Mine and Max-Earnest's parents had already gone down to mingle with the other families. "I guess we should head down!" said Cass, giving her mom a thumbs up and turning towards Max-Earnest and I. "You guys ready to graduate?"

"Yep!" said Max-Earnest, tucking the chocolate bar wrapper in his pocket and following Cass.

"It's one thing I'm ready for…" I mumbled, sticking my hands in my pockets and following my friends to the soccer field. I have to do this. Today. I thought. It has to be done.

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