"I'm really getting sick of doing this Izaya-kun." Shinra sighed as he continued to stitch up the large cut running down the other male's forearm. The teenager had caught Izaya cutting himself on the rooftop of the school again.

"Then don't stitch me up, I really don't care about bleeding to death." Izaya said shrugging like it was no big deal, Shinra tensed at those words.

"Don't be stupid of course I'm going to help you…and don't say things like that, it's not healthy." Shinra sighed when he saw the brunet shrug again; stuff like this has been going on since the beginning of high school. When Izaya was five his father had left his family, then not too long ago Izaya's mother was killed in a car crash on her way to work. Since they didn't have any immediate family and Izaya wasn't old enough to take care of him and his sisters the three Orihara children were suppose to be put into a foster home. If that did happen though Izaya and his sisters would be placed in separate homes since none of the foster homes were accepting three children at once.

Izaya had no intention on being put into a foster home…and no matter how annoying his sisters were they were the only family he had left…he didn't want to risk losing them to. So when the social worker asked him if he had any other relatives who could take care of them he lied and said their grandmother still lived with them. Of course Izaya had to pay off some old woman to play the part so the social worker didn't suspect anything.

Luckily his mother's life insurance had been transferred into the saving accounts of the Orihara children. It took a few hours of fighting with his sisters before he could convince them to transfer all the money they had into one savings account. This would allow them to pay the bills on their home until Izaya could find a well paying job. Izaya was on his last year of high school and had gotten an offer as an information broker if Shinjuku; it was a high paying job but with all the school work pilling up he had to hold off on the job until he graduated.

While looking through the checks and life insurance policies Izaya had found that his parents had very high prices of life insurance on all three of their children. Izaya was the oldest so his life insurance had the most money in it; if that was added to the life insurance money and life time savings of his parents he was convinced Mairu and Kururi would be ok until they were old enough to get jobs of their own. He thought that maybe…if he killed himself…his life insurance money would be enough for Mairu and Kururi.

The only reason he thought about this was because he knew he wasn't going to be able to support them all on such a small budget until he graduated. He would have to keep the heat off in the winter and the air conditioning off in the extreme heat of the summer. They would have to eat stuff Izaya got on sale and eat in the smallest of portions… it would be better for his sisters if he wasn't alive.

"Izaya if you need some money I'll be happy to help you out." Shinra said as he finished stitching up Izaya's arm.

"Its fine Shinra, you don't need to waste your money on me." Izaya said, refusing the offer.

"It's not wasting my money it's helping out a friend! If you're really this desperate for money why don't you just go on welfare?"

"I can't, I have to be at least eighteen to apply. I can't wait another seven months for my next birthday…it would be better for my family if I just died."

"No it wouldn't, Mairu and Kururi need you to take care of them. Even if they have the money they can't drive yet so if one of them gets sick how are they going to get to the doctor? What if something happens with the house? They don't know who to call for house repairs and I'm pretty sure that they will run out of money in a year if they don't have anyone to guide them with it. You're their big brother Izaya you need to do what's best for them."

"I am doing what's best for them; if I die they'll have enough money to take care of themselves." Izaya defended.

"You're not listening to me Izaya-kun; they're too young to take care of themselves. Even with the money they don't know how to pay the bills or drive to the grocery store."

"I'll teach them everything they need to know to survive before I kill myself; then they'll be alright."

"Do you really think they're going to let you kill yourself after they lost both their parents? Even if you don't tell them your plan their going to suspect something is wrong when you start teaching them all the finance stuff." The two were suddenly interrupted by the ringing of Izaya's cell phone; he reached into his pocket to see the number of Mairu's cell phone.

"What is it Mairu?" Izaya answered the phone.

"Iza-nii we're waiting at the bus stop for you; when are you coming to pick us up? We're freezing out here!" Mairu whined into the phone; Izaya sighed and stood up from the bench he was sitting on.

"I'll be there soon, stay there and don't talk to anyone you don't know." Izaya said before hanging up on the twin.

"I can see you've acquired a protective side to your sisters." Shinra said smugly; Izaya rolled his eyes and started down the stairs with the other male following close behind.

"There all I've got Shinra, no matter how much they piss me off I can't just abandon them. I am their brother after all." Izaya said as he stepped out into the snowy world; Shinra nodded and started heading off to where Celty was waiting for him.

"If you need anything Izaya just call me." Shinra yelled after the brunet before he watched him get in his car. The brunet smiled when he saw his beloved Celty waiting for him…but there was someone else there to.

"Hello Shizuo!" Shinra said in his usual cheerfully tone; the two nodded to him.

"Whose that kid your were just talking to?" Shizuo asked curiously as he watched the car speed away.

"That's Izaya Orihara; he's been growing through some stuff so I just thought I'd stay after to help him." Shinra said simply; Shizuo felt something…strange when he saw that skinny brunet.

"…He pisses me off." Shizuo said annoyed.

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