e n d l e s s o b s e s s i o n

tom riddle jr. and hermione granger


Faster, faster, faster.

She had to get away – far, far away. As much as fighting had always been an integral part of her true self, that was all she could think to do, that was all she had left. He had taken everything from her, had changed her into something she wasn't, something she never was.

She couldn't spot him as she looked back over her shoulder, though she couldn't quench the feeling that it wasn't necessarily a good thing.

Don't look back, Hermione, she scolded herself. You can't look back.

How many times had she looked back before? How many times before had she stopped, thinking everything was okay? He wasn't there, after all. He hadn't caught up to her.

Yet, she reminded herself, running yet faster. She had to find a way to escape him. Her very life depended upon it.

"Avis," she muttered, and yellow canaries fluttered their wings around her. They'd be her lookout. She had to keep moving forward. Her breathing was getting rugged, her body was getting heavy – how long had she been running? The forest seemed to be endless; she didn't know when she would be able to find a place to stop. Keep going, the voice in the back of her mind – her fighting spirit – kept telling her. You're doing fine. You just need to find the way out.

But where was the way out? How would she be able to find it? Hermione had never dealt with anything like this before in her life – any logical solution to this situation was lost. Even despite this, she couldn't find it in herself to simply give in. She couldn't give in, not to him. That was what he wanted, that was why he kept playing this game with her. She couldn't let him win, so the only other option was to keep fighting even if she didn't know –

Hermione hit the ground, tripping over something on the forest floor. Damn it all, she thought, grasping her ankle – it was sprained. That would slow her down and she needed to find the way out now. He would find her; he always did. Still, something in her was determined not to let that happen at any cost, and that was what had kept her going this far. Her conjured canaries hadn't given her any warning just yet. She could do it, she just needed to –

"Hermione," an angelic voice sang out – his angelic voice sang out.

She tried to keep her gasp silent, though a part of her knew that it didn't matter. He would find her – He will not find me. Silently sliding herself back against the nearest tree, Hermione waited for all sounds to stop, waited to feel secure in that he was gone. Security – that was a feeling that had been lost as soon as he'd admitted the truth…or what she thought was the truth. It wasn't the time to think about that! It was only adding to the anxiety and adrenaline that was swimming through her veins.

"Hermione," he called out again. He stepped near to where she was hiding, but then, as if deciding she wasn't there, turned and walked away.


She didn't allow herself to move, didn't allow herself to even breathe too heavily. He was probably just standing nearby, waiting for her to make the stupid mistake of revealing herself to him. No, she had to wait for this anxiousness to subside. Her intuition was the only thing she could trust anymore, and that was the only thing she was acting on.

Hermione took three inaudible, deep breaths to help calm herself down. She needed to think. Be logical, Hermione, she told herself. She turned her head to look right, saw nothing but nature. Looking to her left, she found the same thing, but still wasn't tempted enough to –


She whipped her head back at the sound of his voice, finding him standing before her. He stared down at her with a tantalizing smile, a hand held out for her to take. Internally cursing herself for the way her heart fluttered in her chest, Hermione narrowed her eyes and lifted her chin in defiance. She wouldn't fall for his tricks anymore. She was a Gryffindor, for heaven's sake, and he, he was the slimiest snake she had ever had the unfortunate blessing to be acquainted with.

"No?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. He pulled his hand back as she grasped the tree behind her to help her stand. "Such a shame – you were doing so well."

"Shove off!" she yelled, uncertain as to what else she could do. She was quickly running out of options, but she had to find a way to keep him off longer. Pointing her wand she casted, "Oppugno!"

The canaries swarmed down in front of her, aiming to attack him. Hermione didn't stick around to be sure they met their target, sprinting away, hoping she'd be able to find an escape. She wasn't far enough away when he muttered, "Impediamenta", and the birds were stopped.

"Tut tut." He shook his head patronizingly, pointing his wand.

Not again.

She kept running, refusing to look back, but soon found her legs useless, landing face-first to the ground. Hermione rolled onto her back just in time to see him walk up to her, a sickeningly sweet smile in hand as he stared down at her, taunting her. She tried to wriggle away, but it was no use.

She was too late.


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