Height Complex 君と僕 © 堀田 きいち
Requested by GhoulTears; Beta-ed by AlixNight

Akira downed his fifth glass of milk in the last half hour before rushing over to Kouichi's side. They were originally supposed to be studying for their various midterms at Kouichi's apartment, but Akira's patience burnt out when the topic of his height came up three times in a row. "Kou-chan, measure my height again!"

Kouichi glanced up from his book and hastily pulled off his glasses, using the measuring tape that was eagerly shoved into his hand to measure Akira's height. Feeling his best friend's hand against the top of his head, the raven haired teenager turned around and saw the three familiar digits that he had been seeing constantly for the past three weeks. "Che, I haven't grown at all."

"Well, I guess milk doesn't work that fast either." Kouichi scratched the back of his head with an awkward smile in place as he watched Akira run towards the kitchen and used the water from the tap to style his hair so it spiked at unnatural angles.

"Then what about now?"

Kouichi placed his palm flat against Akira's head and returned his best friend's hairstyle back to how he liked it best. "Good job, you've grown by two centimeters."

Akira grinned.