"Dude, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Puck looked away from his gym locker to see Finn standing just a few feet away, shooting him a glare.

"What is it that I'm fucking doing, exactly?" he asked as he pulled his football shorts out of his locker.

"You know what! Shelby!" he moved a few feet closer and lowered his voice, "She's Rachel's mom, Puck."

"Yeah, and?" said Puck as he began unbuttoning his shirt to get dressed for football practice.

"And? There shouldn't be an and! It's….it's gross dude. She's old enough to be YOUR Mom!" Finn's voice started getting louder and Puck glared at him.

"You wouldn't get it. You've never had an older woman. The cougars love the Puckmeister. And they are way better at getting me off than any high school chick."

Finn shook his head, "Dude, Rachel is really upset about this."

At the mention of Rachel, Puck's eyes shot back up at him, "Did she say something?"

"She doesn't have to, man! Did you not see her face when sang that stupid song!"

"Look," said Puck as he pulled his jersey over his head, "Shelby is Beth's mom and I want to be in her life. And she's hot as hell. How can I not want to hit that?"

"Puck, tell me the truth, why are you really going after her," Finn's voice was firm and Puck began shifting uncomfortably. Finn noticed Puck's demeanor change, "It's Rachel."

Puck's eyes shot up quickly, "What?"

"It's because Shelby is, like, she is Rachel. As close to Rachel as you can get without actually being Rachel."

Puck shook his head, "Dude, you're fucking crazy."

Puck went to move past him, but Finn put a hand on his chest, "You're in love with Rachel."

"Fuck Finn…No!" Puck scrubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah, that's why you don't want to get back with Quinn."

"God I wish people would stop with that! I don't care about Quinn like that anymore!"

Finn nodded, "Yeah, well I guess I knew you were over her last year."

"Oh yeah?" said Puck, "And when exactly did you realize it."

"You're clueless man. After that duet you and Rachel did? Everyone could see the way you were looking at her! And don't tell me you were just trying to help her make me jealous. You aren't that good of an actor, Puck."

Puck took in deep breath and let it out slowly, "So, what if it is true? Are you gonna beat me up like you did when you found out about Beth?"

"No," said Finn quietly, "But I'm not gonna just let you take her away either."

Puck sent Finn a nod, "I didn't mean for it happen, it's just, she's just, Rachel is…"

Finn held up his hand to stop him from talking, "I know."

"Alright, so…I guess it's Iceman vs. Maverick now, huh?"

Finn shrugged his shoulders, "Yeah, I guess so."

"You realize we're going backwards through the movie, right?" said Puck with a laugh.

"Yeah, but I won't hate your guts when you win, promise. I know you'll be good to her."

Puck smiled quickly and began walking towards the door of the locker room. He laughed quietly to himself realizing that Finn just admitted Rachel will end up choosing him in the end.