Jinchuriki Gundam

Author's notes: In this story, only 'special' people can use chakra. Execpt for Domon, the G-Gundam Shuffle Alliance will not be appearing, but there will be a version of it in the story.

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Last time: After getting in trouble with the Oto law, Naruto battled Zaku to rescue newfound friend Yukimaru. After Zaku attacked innocent civilians, Naruto went full throttle and unleashed his Rasengan, winning the first match of the Gundam Exam and securing Konoha as the tournament's setting. Before heading home, he and his friends make a detour to pick up Kyuubi's mechanics….

Chapter 2: Kistune flash vs. Salamander Ibuse

Downtown Ame


The hustle and bustle of the marketplace appealed to anyone. People were buying food, nick-nacks, and clothes. This made it hard to believe that a few years ago, civil wars had ravaged Ame and almost made it a third world nation. That was, until Hanzo the Salamander was defeated by the Rain of Pain in the final round of the 7th Gundam fight, aka the first Gundam Exam.

Choji already had his arms full of snacks.

"Enjoying yourself, buddy?" Shikamaru asked his friend as Ino loaded him up with yet another bag of clothes.

"Dang straight I am!" Choji said. "All of these delicacies! These aromas! Naruto was right! Ame truly is a wonder to…."

"Remember, Choji?" Shino cut him off as he stepped out of a pet store, having purchased some rare crickets and bugs for his collection. "Not all of Ame is very happy about Naruto being chosen to represent Konoha. We must play quiet while we're here."

"Sorry Shino…." Choji apologized as he swallowed some meat. Some disappointment in remembering an important part if their plan filled him.

"It's okay, Choji!" Ino smiled at her food-loving, big hearted friend. "Everyone makes mistakes."

"Thanks Ino." Choj smiled.

"Hey, no one's perfect." Ino beamed. "Well, except me!"

'Modest, isn't she?' Her friends thought, sweat-dropping.

Ino was defiantly lovely and had many admirers back home, but she wasn't all looks. While she often followed trends and chased after the cutest boys, she cared about Sakura, her best friend, and had always stood up for Choji and Shikamaru when they were mocked.

That is, unless Naruto beat her to it. She'd initially be wary of the boy who would eventually win her best friend's heart, and constantly kept tabs on him. Being from a family of fighters, Naruto seemed a little too good to be true, in her mind.

Somewhere along the line, she'd become a big sister to him and Naruko and fallen for Shikamaru, despite his laziness.

"Hey Choji?" Ino asked. "Where'd you get that Ice cream?"

"Back there." Choji pointed to parlor his left.

"Come on Shika!" Ino beamed, pulling his arm. "Buy me some ice cream!"

"Yes dear." Shikamru grumbled. He handed the bags to Shino. "Good luck."

"Thank you…." Shino struggled, making a mental note to get payback on a certain blonde prom queen.

"See you at Tenten's!" Ino shouted as she dragged Shikamaru towards the parolor.

Meanwhile, a man with green hair smirked from a nearby alley. He then turned to two younger men.

"Tell Oboro that his rival is in Ame." He commanded. "Then, start tracking, Kaguri. Find a weakness."

"Yes, Aoi-sensei."

The two then vanished as Aoi began plotting how to use this to his advantage.

Kasshu-Mechanics, Ame Division


"Ayah!" Tenten Kasshu screamed when she saw the Gundam. "You scratched it!"

"Cousin…" Naruto mentioned. "It's a Gundam, it's supposed to get scratched."

"I built this with my bare hands!" She reminded him. "It's my baby!"

"I helped design it…." Shikamaru reminded her as he collapsed into a chair, exhausted from Ino's shopping spree. He went ignored as the two cousins started bickering, glaring with their fists to the ready.

Sakura smiled at the exchange, knowing exactly how it was going to unfold.

"Can you ever bring something back unscratched?" Tenten screamed. "I feel like Q from James Bond!"

"Can you ever realize that in our line of work, that's impossible?" Naruto retorted.

The two glared for a moment before their eyes soften and they hugged.

"Good to see you again, blonde baka." Tenten smiled.

"You too, Queen of Steel." Naruto smiled back.

Tenten Kasshu was the daughter of Domon and Rain Kasshu, former saviors of the earth, winning team of the 5th Gundam fight (before they changed to Exam) and cousin of Naruto Uzumaki. She had her father's love of fighting and her mother's inventive prowess, but she unfortunately was passed up for Domon's successor as King of Hearts by her cousin.

Instead of being jealous, she was proud of Naruto and had helped him master Gundam control. When he was chosen to represent Konoha, she immediately started building a personal Gundam for him.

Just then, Rock Lee came in, placing a tool box down and wiping his hands clean of motor oil.

"It is nothing to worry about, Tenten." He smiled cheerfully. "It's just cosmetic damage, nothing buffing can't fix. Besides, Naruto, I am glad you won your first fight."

Lee then raised his palm, which Naruto met with his own.

"Thanks, Busy Brows!"

Lee and Naruto had been friends ever since their academy days, when they were both the lowest students. The two often sparred with each other in gym and were very friendly rivals.

"And Sakura!" Lee smiled bashfully. "You are as beautiful as ever! Naruto, you are truly a lucky man!"

Sakura blushed as Naruto pulled her into an embrace, before kissing her on the cheek.

"Not in public!" She playfully swatted his hands away in an attempt to break free, only for Naruto to catch her again.

"We're not in public…." Naruto smiled dumbly as he took her into his arms bridal style. "Besides, everyone's seen us kiss before, why not?"

"Baka…" Sakura warned him playfully. "…you better put me down right now, or else…"

Naruto silenced her with a kiss, ignoring her fussing until she finally gave in and snaked her arms around his neck.

"I love you." They smiled.

Tenten and Ino admired the romance as Sasuke shook his head with a grin on his face. Could those two ever go one day without going all lovey-dovey?

Then again, who was he to argue? He had no girlfriend…yet.

Neji Hyuuga, Tenten's boyfriend, then came in cracking his knuckles after wiping his face clean of motor oil.

"Little damage indeed, as Lee said." He stated plainly as Kiba snuck up on him. Neji backhanded him straight in the face. "Compared to Splicer, Kyuubi is unharmed."

Hinata quickly rushed to the now unconscious Kiba's aid.

"You okay, Kiba?" she asked.

"Look at all the pretty stars…." Kiba smiled in a daze.

"….close enough." Hinata sighed before taking Kiba's head and placing it on her lap.

Neji was Hinata's cousin and unofficial big brother-figure/bodyguard. He didn't like Kiba, but recognized that the dog obsessed boy genuinely loved his cousin and was quite a fighter. The fact he was nomianted Konoha's fighter (after Sasuke and Naruto) proved that much.

However, that didn't stop him from having some fun with him.

Now that they were within his sights again, Neji refused to allow the couple any 'romantic' time together, reminding Hinata about how traditional their family was: not only was there to be no sex before marriage, but her father Hiashi would have to test Kiba when they got back to Konoha, and Kiba would also have to prove himself against Neji.

"I'll never understand what you see in him, cous." Naruto whispered into Tenten's ear.

"And I'll never get over how quickly you got Sakura." She smiled before turning to her cousin's girlfriend. "He treating you well?"

"Never been better." Sakura answered with a smile as she caught him blushing at his cousin's comment.

"I found something, Oboro." Kaguri explained to his partner, who was busy cleaning his Gundam while half-listening to Aoi's advice.

"Well?" Oboro grunted.

"Apparently, Uzumaki's girlfriend is among the travelers. She holds the position of activating and maintaining his Gundam."

Aoi smiled evilly.

"Perfect. Bring her here."

Oboro's teammates smirked as they vanished.

Oboro himself contained his giddiness, although his shining picked up with great vigor.

'Soon, lord Hanzo…' he thought. 'You will be avenged!'

Sakura had gone out for a quick breather, she needed to get away from the sound of sparks flying and metal clanking.

She caught a beautiful view of the city and was awestruck that not only had her boyfriend's brother liberated it from a tyrant, but that the city had developed so quickly in the wake of Hanzo's defeat. The once dying nation was now a thriving metropolis, easily on par with Konoha.

Her boyfriend's brother….Sakura's mind wandered back to the day she first met Nagato Uzumaki-Namikaze, the legendary Rain of Pain….

7 years ago…

One day after school, Sakura walked home with Naruto to help him with his homework.

"I still don't see how mutli…multi… whatever it's called is going to be useful!" Naruto pouted as they stepped into the house. "I'm home! Sakura's helping me with math!"

"It's multiplication, Naruto." Sakura smiled. Naruto was cute when he struggled with a word. "It'll help with making lots of things faster. Besides, I think it's kind of cool!"

"Hey, little buddy!"

The two kids turned to see a beaming 16 year old boy with bright red hair covering his right eye. Naruto's already happy mood increased exponentially.

"Big brother Nagato!"

Naruto rushed into Nagato's arms and gave him a big hug. As Nagato spun his little brother around, Naruto assaulted his brother with questions.

"When'd you get back? What did you bring me? How's Konan? Can bring we play tag?"

"Naruto, we've got homework, remember?" Sakura reminded her friend before bowing at Nagato. "Hello, you must be Naruto's big brother. He talks about you all the time. I'm Sakura…."

"Haruno, right?" Nagato smiled. "Nary here talks about you all the time too. Pleasure to meet you."

They shook hands as Nagato placed Naruto down.

"Mom and dad are out and I've got a date with Konan in a few hours, but call me if you need me. Cookies and milk are on the table. Nice to meet my little bro's girlfriend."

Both kids blushed before Naruto screamed;

"Nagato! Sakura's just a friend who happens to be a girl! We're not like you and Konan!"

"Not yet, squirt." Nagato smiled as he ruffled his brother's hair, something Sakura knew Naruto detested. "I'm upstairs. Oh and by the way, try to be quiet; Naruko just went for her nap."

The cry of a newborn baby made the two brothers cringe. Before Sakura knew what was happening, a full out 'friendly' brawl between the two had broken out over who would go calm down their sister. Before the two stopped, the living room was a disaster zone and Sakura herself had calmed baby Naruko down.

The Nagato that Sakura knew had seemed like a model big brother; always smiling, going out of his way to help out and standing up for his family and friends. Looking back, Sakura could see that many of Naruto's qualities came from his big brother and why Naruto loved him so much.

So why were they now chasing Nagato, who was listed as an S-class criminal?

Suddenly, a pair of hands covered Sakura's mouth as she felt herself being pulled downwards. She struggled before blacking out, managing to toss something onto the ground.

Lee, who had noticed Sakura was no longer in the shop, went looking for her and finally found himself outside the shop, where he spied something.

"Sakura's headband? She'd never take this off." Ino said when he brought it to her. "Naruto got her this for a graduation present. It's like their engagement ring."

That was true enough. Ino swore she'd seen Sakura shower with it on sometimes.

"What did I get?" Naruto asked as he peaked his head through the door. "Hey isn't that…?"

Everyone cringed. They uneasily looked over at Naruto, whose eyes started glowing red.

"Why is Sakura's headband not on her head?"

"Nar, calm down…"Sasuke tried to calm his friend, who shoved him aside and continued on his march. Right now, Naruto had one goal in mind; finding however took his Sakura and making them pay…dearly.

Sakura awoke to find herself bound to a pole and tape plastered over her mouth.


Sakura glared at her green-haired guard, although her inner side was giddy with excitement.

"Oh man!" Inner Sakura laughed. "You boys are dead meat when Naruto gets here!"

Oboro then emerged from his room and cringed at the sight of Sakura's condition.

"What the heck?"

"She's a hostage." Aoi smiled. "A very lovely one at that. Can't have her running off, can we? When you defeat Uzumaki, we can sell her…."

Aoi was silenced by a kick to the crotch, delivered by a snickering Sakura. Oboro joined her in snickering before turning deadly serious.

"Aoi…" Oboro said as he finished his lunch. "Get lost."

"That's Aoi-sensei, to you!" Aoi reminded his presumed charge.

"I'm Ame's Gundam fighter." Oboro reminded him. "I was Hanzo's disciple for 15 years and I'm slated to take over after the Exams are done, win or lose. You're just a traitor to Konoha we took in during a desperate time. I never liked you and I would sleep fine knowing you were dead. Get out before I act on impulse."

Oboro pulled a needle containing poison.

"Do I make myself clear?"

Aoi grunted as he turned and walked away. He placed his hand on his sword

"I'll show you, brat." He hissed silently. "I'll show you all."

Oboro walked over to Sakura and removed her gag before he offered her some water, which she took.

"Sorry about that miss, but we need you for Uzumaki to fight at full power."

"I assure you," Sakura glared. "He will destroy you."

Oboro smiled evilly.

"That's what I'm hoping for…."

Meanwhile, Naruto stormed across Konoha on a mission to find Ame's fighter.

"Will you slow down?" Sasuke hollered from behind him, the others closely behind. "I know how much she means to you, but getting angry won't help us!"

"Naruto, calm down!" Lee shouted. "Your emotions make you strong, but only when your head is clear!"

"I can't be calm, Lee! If anything happens to Sakura…." Naruto started ranting, only to be slapped by Ino and sent hurtling to the ground. He forced himself up and almost glared at her before seeing the worry in her eyes.

"While I give you points of protectiveness, Sakura can handle herself." Ino reminded him. "She can take Hinata and your mom in a fight and come out unharmed, and she's the better medic of the team."

Naruto, despite his throbbing red cheek, smiled at Ino.

"Thanks, Ino."

"If you're looking for pinkie," a voice said from overhead. "I can show blondie where she is. The rest of you will have to die."

The gang looked upwards to see Aoi throwing his umbrella in the air. A rainstorm of needle descended on them.

"Leave it to me!" Choji roared as he put his back to the senbons, only for Neji and Hinata join him and catch all the senbons. Choji then jumped the wall of the building Aoi was standing on, sending him to the floor.

"Impressive." The green haired man smirked. "For brats."

"What a drag." Shikamaru whined. "Just like in your profile; Aoi the umbrella user."

"Aoi…You're Aoi Rekshuto?" Tenten asked. "So this is what you've been up to. I heard Dad mention something about you stealing the Thunder sword years ago."

"That's right." Aoi smiled as he unsheathed a sword made of pure energy. "I wield the sword of the second Hokage, making me invincible. And once you brats are out of the way, nothing will stop Oboro from winning the Gundam exam."

Naruto stepped forward, eager to rip this man apart before Sasuke pulled him back.

"Save your energy for the Gundam fight." Sasuke commanded. "I'll handle this disgrace to our village."

"Step aside, boy." Aoi smirked. "That katana is no match against the Thunder sword."

"Really?" Sasuke said as he unsheathed his blade. "Just so you know, Aoi…I was the personal student of Itachi Uchiha, co-head of Konoha ANBU black ops. He's actually my big brother…and he's never beaten me in a sword fight."

Aoi didn't budge and his smirk increased.

"He's either very strong, or very arrogant." Shino remarked. It was widely known that besides Nagato, Itachi was easily one of, if not the strongest person in their village, and had it not been for his pacifist ways, he would've been Konoha's first choice as Gundam fighter.

"I'm goanna go with the latter." Shikamaru noted. "Jonnin or not, he was nothing compared to Itachi and Nagato."

Aoi growled.

"A fighter does not need powers to win!" he yelled. "I'll prove it, starting with you, Uchiha!"

"Hypocritical much?" Sasuke smirked.

The two swordsmen charged forward, Aoi determined to win. He swung the sword down and slashed Sasuke, who vanished. He then felt blood leaving him as the sword split in two.


"Seems Itachi's report was right." Sasuke said as he placed his katana back into its sheath. "In the report of your betrayal, he mentioned that Minato Namikaze struck the thunder sword and damaged it. You never noticed it. Oh, and by the way; a true swordsman doesn't rely on a sword's reputation, he practices and aims to increase his skills. That's why you lost."

Aoi struggled before he lost himself to unconsciousness.


Naruto glanced up to see Sakura tied to a pole, Oboro and his team smiling maliciously as they guarded her.

"Welcome Uzumaki. I must say, you have excellent taste in women. Such a beauty….:" He smiled, stroking Sakura's cheek until she stomped on his foot. "A little too feisty for me, though."

"Listen here buster!" Ino started, eager to rescue her best friend, only to find Naruto beat her to the threat.

"Return Sakura now and I'll let you off the hook!" Naruto roared, a red aura surrounding him. "Or else I'll kill you!"

"Let me think…." Oboro said, putting on a false thinking cap. He then whistled.

"Slither, Ibus Gundam!"

From the lake came a giant salamander like Gundam. In a way of showing off, it blew fire in the image of Hanzo.


The gang turned to see Aoi, smirking despite his heavy blood loss.

"Oboro is invincible in Ibus." Aoi smiled confidently. "Give up and we may let pinkie…."

He then fell to his feet, darts all over. All turned to see Oboro had used Aoi's umbrella against him.

"Back off, Aoi." Oboro said.

"But we can win!" Aoi reminded his student as he struggled against his wound. "As long as we hold the girl…."

"This does not involve you, traitor!" Oboro hissed as his sprayed Aoi with a purple smoke. Within moments, the man fell dead.

"Now that's taken of," he stated as he glared at Naruto. "Activate your Gundam and prepare for battle, if you want your friends to leave Ame."

"Look," Naruto hissed. "I know I'm not the most popular guy here, considering who my brother is, but I understand…"

"You understand nothing!" Oboro shouted. "Ame has always been at war, until Hanzo appeared. He brought order to chaos and sacrificed his dreams to achieve prosperity. I dreamed of serving as his right hand. With Hanzo's defeat at the hands of your brother, Ame fell into ruin! The order Hanzo brought gave way to…this!"

Obero pointed to the metropolis that was Ame.

"People need a strong leader to protect them." Oboro explained. "Without such, they change and become independent. Change is never good! Hanzo was that strong leader!"

"I still don't see what this has to do with Sakura!" Naruto growled.

"If I can't have the real problem, you'll do fine!" Oboro answered as he jumped into his Gundam. "And I want a true battle! If the one you love is at risk, you'll fight at full power, just like your brother did!"

Naruto glared and ran forward.

"In that case…" He growled, "Rise, Kyuubi Gundam!"

Kyuubi burst from the ground underneath Naruto, who jumped into the cockpit and continued running.

"Watch her." Oboro ordered his teammates. "Just. Watch her."

The sickly looking proctor's face appeared once again and he hollered:

"The Gundam fight…Begins! Naruto Uzu…."

"SKIP THE INTRO!" Naruto and Oboro roared. "WE'RE IN A HURRY!"

"…fine, then. BEGIN!"

The two Gundams charged forward, their tails and hands grappling. Oboro smirked before announcing:

"Poison Mist!"

From slug's mouth came the same purple smoke that had killed Aoi, only in a much more massive dose. Instinctively, Naruto tried to hold his breath, but the smoke soon entered his cockpit.

Harsh coughs then came from Naruto's mouth and his hands where soon covered in blood. Naruto saw his skin turning purple. He pressed a button on the controls and out popped a small vial of…

"Nothing!" Naruto screamed, ignoring the blood coming from his mouth. He then lost consciousness and Kyuubi fell to the ground.

"Nothing? Where's the antidote?" Sasuke hissed.

"I didn't think we'd fight Oboro this soon…" Ino explained sheepishly, "…so, we don't have it yet."

"WHY ARE YOU EVEN ON THIS TEAM?" Sasuke snapped, worried for his best friend's life. "You're the third best medic in Konoha, surely you've made something!"

"That was easier than I thought." Oboro smirked. "Oh and by the way…that poison is brand new, I made it this mourning."

Kyuubi's tails suddenly started thrashing, expect two, which clanked together. The whole Gundam started glowing red, especially its eyes. It then rose on its own.

"What?" Oboro asked. All shuddered at rising Gundam, now glowing blood red.

Kyuubi's mouthpiece then opened, revealing very sharp teeth. The Gundam then roared, sending shockwaves throughout Ame before slugging Ibus across the face and grabbing its tail.

Oboro screamed as Ibus was sent flying. He quickly activated the rockets in its feet and hovered between buildings.

Kyuubi was undeterred and started using the skyscrapers as a source of jumping power as it trailed its prey.

"Uh oh…."Tenten gasped. "Not level 3! Not this soon!"

"Kiba…" Shino muttered quietly. "I believe your duty calls."

"About time!" Kiba smirked as he snapped his fingers. "Rise, Werewolf Gundam!"

From the skies emerged a Gundam with a wolf like head and a busy tail. Just then, a small white dog appeared from behind Hinata.

"Right here, buddy!" Kiba hollered to his loyal dog. "Let's show everyone why we're on Naruto's team, Akamaru!"

They then jumped into the cockpit and sent the Gundam onto all fours before it burst into a run, ricocheting off the buildings in pursuit of Kyuubi.

Kyuubi marched forward, oblivious to any in its path, when another Gundam jumped in its way. The new arrival spun at inhuman speeds, picking up velocity and transforming into a tornado.

"Tunneling Fang!"

Kyuubi skidded a few miles back before glaring at this intruder. It roared before bringing its claws out, only to find its neck bitten and power weaken.

Kiba's Werewolf Gundam was a special case. It was built specifically to counterpoint the Kyuubi Gundam's 'autopilot' and force Naruto back into control. With his already beast-like tendencies, Kiba made the perfect pilot to a beastly Gundam. It was actually made almost completely of drills capable of drilling through the strongest metal and minerals.

Akamaru then jumped out of Werewolf's cockpit and forced himself into Kyuubi's, were he found Naruto unconscious. After barking loudly did nothing to awaken the blonde pilot, Akamaru bit his master's friend on the butt.

That woke Naruto. Instantly, the red aura that surrounded Kyuubi vanished and manual pilot returned.

Akamaru was quick to return to his master before Naruto regained enough sense to realize what happened.

"You call yourself a fighter?" Kiba hissed at his slowly recovering friend. "A real man wouldn't black out until he knew his foe was defeated and his mate was safe! Just a tip, baka."

The Werewolf Gundam then jumped backwards. Before vanishing completely, it sent a final message:

"Knock him dead, buddy. We believe in you."

Smiling at Kiba's 'tough love', Naruto then turned to Oboro and stiffened his body, preparing for the final exchange.

"So it's true…" Oboro realized. "You're a real…."

"Let's finish this." Naruto interrupted as he spat out blood. "My friends are in a hurry. Orange flash clones!"

Kyuubi then vanished from Ibus' sight, then reappearing all over the place, landing blows everywhere.

"Orange flash style: Naruto Uzumaki barrage!"

Ibus was sent skyward, but Oboro quickly regained enough power to fire another attack.

"Salamander flames!"

Kyuubi's arm was brunt by searing flames that erupted from Ibus' mouth.

"Use the armguards, baka!" Tenten screamed. "They're there for a reason!"

Kyuubi then activated its tails, quickly grabbing Ibus and sending flying towards it. Oboro was thrashed all over his cockpit, becoming dizzy. Soon, the salamander was right in front of Kyuubi.

"How can you be this strong?" Oboro weakly muttered.

"You may control poison…" Naruto announced. "But I control chakra itself!"

As Naruto's right hand started glowing blue, the armguards on Kyuubi's left arm covered its fist. Blue energy swirled around the fingers and the hand's temperature increased to molten.

"Here I go! This hand of mine is burning blue!" Naruto roared. "Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory and show my will of fire! ERUPTING RASEN-FINGERS!"

The blue fist hit Ibus's head at point blank range, causing an explosion and knocking Oboro out.

Ibus was sent crashing to the ground. Before it landed, Oboro remembered something he'd forgotten…

Eve of the conclusion of the first Gundam Exam

Hanzo had brought Oboro to his palace for a personal talk. The next mourning, by his own challenge, Hanzo would duel with Nagato Uzumaki-Namikaze, the newly re-named Rain of Pain, in mortal combat.

"Tell me Oboro…" Hanzo asked his pupil. "What do you believe is the most important duty of a leader?"

"Protecting the weaker ones?" Oboro guessed, unsure what his master was aiming at. "Being a strong figurehead for others to look up to? Crushing all threats to your power?"

"Close, but no." Hanzo smiled. "Peace. When I was your age, I wanted to secure peace with all the nations. That's why I want to win the Gundam Exam, so that I can do just that. It's also why I carry an antidote to my poisons with me: If my opponent is strong enough in both power and determination, I will place my faith in them."

"But you will win, right?" Oboro asked.

"Maybe, maybe not." Hanzo then bent down to his student. "Place your faith in those you deem strong in both body and mind. If you learn nothing else than me, remember that."

"Lord Hanzo…." Oboro smiled weakly as he blacked out and pulled out a vial from his pocket. "I'm placing my faith in Uzumaki's brother."

"Winner: Naruto Uzumaki of the Leaf Village!" the announcer shouted.

Unlike in Oto, Naruto landed immediately and jumped out of his Gundam.

Oboro's teammates shuddered at their leaders defeat and attempted to make a hasty get away with their hostage. They then saw Sakura was no longer tied to the pole.

"Hello boys…!" Sakura smirked at her two kidnappers as she readied her fist. "…and goodbye!"

Sakura's fist hit the ground, creating a minor earthquake that sent Oboro's teammates plummeting to the street below. Sakura then jumped to the street and rushed to her poisoned boyfriend.

"Out of my way! I'll make an antidote!" Ino shouted.

"No! Stay away!" Naruto screamed, suddenly energized enough to jump behind Kiba and Sasuke. "The last time I trusted you with medicine, you made me swallow fermented beetle larva and turned me into a lizard man!"

"Daddy says fermented beetle larva is good protein!" Ino shouted. "And you shed the scales...eventually…."

"It took me 3 months to get rid of them!" Naruto yelled as Sakura rushed over and grabbed him before he fell on his back.

"You're okay…." He smiled.

"Baka…" Sakura teared. "You really are a baka, you know that?"

A vial then rolled over the crew. The group saw the barely conscious Oboro, arm outstretched with a weak smile on his face.

"I always carry an antidote." He explained. "Just don't lose to anyone else, Naruto Uzumaki. I wish to fight you again. Like Lord Hanzo did to your brother, I am placing my faith in you…."

Oboro then slipped into unconsciousness, a content smile on his face.

The smile was returned by Naruto.

"I promise, Oboro." Naruto smiled as his girlfriend injected the antidote into him. He already felt better.

He felt even better when she kissed him deeply.

Meanwhile, Oboro's teammates stirred from their fall.

"You are disgraces."

A beautiful woman with blue hair and wings made of paper descended onto them, a blank look on her face and a spear in her hand. They recognized her immediately and started to fear for their lives.

"Messenger Lady Angel!"

Two hands then grabbed their heads and started squeezing. They were quick enough to catch the unforgettable red hair of the man who defeated Oboro's hero.

"W-what're you doing here?" Kaguri managed before the pain in his head became unbearable. He saw his partner's neck had been cruelly snapped. "D-don't kill me! Fight Oboro!"

"You attacked my brother's girlfriend." Nagato muttered. "That is unforgivable. You're unfortunate Aoi is dead. Like Oboro said 'I can't have the real problem, you'll do just fine.'"

The two 'disgraces' fell dead. Nagato returned to his wheelchair and beckoned his company down, stealing a kiss from her.

"Let's get going, Nagato." The angel told him. Nagato smiled at his brother and his friends.

"Soon enough, Naruto…" He smiled. "Soon."

"Well, it was a nice vacation," Sasuke said a few days later, "But time to head back home."

"Hey, did you remember to return the key to Mr. Domon?" Ino asked.


"Payback, your name is Ino!" Ino beamed as Sasuke raced back to Kasshu Mechanics, lest he suffer Domon's legendary anger.

The others joined in her laughter.

Next Time: The crew returns to Konoha, where questions begin to be answered as a familiar face and new fighter roll into town.

Enter…The Toad Hermit and Gaara of the Sand!