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She stood on the front steps of McKinley and looked up at the school angrily. Though she'd never officially set foot in the building, she knew that her time here was not going to be anything to be enjoyed. Though she only needed to be her for two more years, she innately knew that these were going to be the worst two years of her life.

Taking an angry breath, she tossed her dark hair over her shoulder and grudgingly walked through the front doors. The main foyer was donned in "Welcome Back Titans" banners and posters advertising various pointless clubs. Turning down what her map told her was the Humanities hall, she weaved her way through packs of teenage girls flocking over each other like wild birds, and she found her locker at the very end of the hall. 1929. How ironic, the year the Great Depression began. After winning a miniature tug-of-war with her round blue lock, she began to unload her many multi-coloured binders out of her black shoulder bag.


She turned to see a boy about three inches shorter than her, in a white t-shirt and a dark green sweater standing less than a foot to her right. The boy smiled warmly and stuck a pale hand out to her. "I'm Rory." She stared at the boy's hand; do kids even shake hands anymore? Maybe they did where he came from; judging by the thick Irish accent that came from the boy's throat, he probably wasn't from around here.

Hesitantly, she took his hand and gave a small shake, feeling the heat that came off his hand. "Danielle. I'm new." Rory gave a small laugh. "I thought so. Don't worry; you're going to like it here." He beamed at her. She felt like rolling her eyes, how anyone be happy here, in this hell-hole of a high school?

"Shite! Get down." Rory whispered hoarsely as he practically threw himself into a ball. Torn between wondering what 'shite' meant and joining Rory on the floor, she turned around and saw two huge guys coming towards the two of them. They wore brand new hockey jerseys and carried large cups of red ice. "Welcome Back Ireland!" They cried. Danielle's mind clicked together and instinctively reached into her locker and pulled out a black umbrella. She quickly undid the strap and opened it just as chunks of the dyed ice flew into the air. Ice hit the fabric and dropped to the dirty hallway floor.

When the ice stopped, she shook the drops off the umbrella and faced the jersey-clad barbarians. The dumbfounded jocks stared at her, that someone had defeated their attack. She stood straight, but they still stood over a foot taller than her. She mockingly raised an eyebrow at them, before turning back to Rory, who had suddenly sprung back up to his full height.

"How did you do that?" he jumped at her, waving his arms between the umbrella and the direction the jocks were walking away. Danielle shrugged, and returned the umbrella to her locker. "My brother goes here. Guess he clued me in on the slushies." Rory grabbed her shoulders and lightly shook her back and forth. "You are my hero! I am never leaving you!" Rory cheered, staring at her with wide, ice blue eyes.

Now it was Danielle's turn to laugh. "I didn't even do anything." she smirked. The shrill bell rang out. Danielle grabbed a Navy blue binder from her bag. "Come on, we've got French." She grabbed the wrist of the still stunned Rory and pulled him into the nearest classroom.

A group of students gathered around a thin woman with frizzy brown hair. Her sharp nose and large teeth force a image of a bird into Danielle's mind. "Salut! Je m'appelle Mme Doucette." chirped the bird-like woman. "Quand je dis votre nom, vous levez le main et entrer la salle de classe." Danielle nodded in compliance but saw Rory's confusion. She whispered to him, "Raise your hand and go in when she says your name." Rory nodded and waited along side her. Oddly, the class was called by first name rather than last, meaning she would be called earlier. Two Adams, a Blake and an Ellen later, Danielle still stood in the hall. "Eric Douglas." she called"Dariane Deanna". She must be getting close.

"Danielle Karofsky"

A wave of uneasy silence rang through the hall; it was like when Professor McGonagall called on Harry Potter in the sorting ceremony. 20 heads turned in fearful recognition of the name. Danielle raised her hand. "Ici" she said quietly. The group quickly stepped away from her. She clutched her binder closer to her chest, hoping it would stop her heart fro pounding so hard.

Stepping away from Rory, who was now stared at her for a completely different reason, and towards the door, she shakily inhaled. 'Here we go again' she thought as she entered the classroom.