Chapter One: The Scar Hurts Again

Harry absently touched his scar as he watched the last of his children disappear around the corner. Ginny for his other hand, and said, "She'll be alright."

But instead of his usual 'I know' Harry just lowered his hand and began to walk back towards the station entrance; for some reason more nervous than usual. Ginny frowned and distractedly said good-bye to Ron and Hermione before heading quickly after her husband.

She managed to catch up to him as he neared the car. "Harry, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," His voice was devoid of all emotion as he continued to walk towards the car as if on auto pilot. Ginny sped up, flipped him around to face her, and pushed him against the car.

"Harry, What's going on?"

A glint of anger appeared in his eyes, "Nothing!"

Ginny glared at him, "Oh yes, nothing is when you ignore your two best friends and look worriedly after your daughter. Something you didn't do for either James or Albus!"

Harry looked as though he might say something but instead opened the car door and slid into the passenger seat. Ginny huffed but followed him; this was not over yet.

The drive home was extremely tense. Harry had to blast objects out of their way and obliviate the passing Muggles, Ginny's fury caused her driving to be reckless. Once they reached their house in Godric's Hollow, Harry felt as though they'd be lucky to avoid summons to the Ministry for violating the Statute of Secrecy.

Ginny, however, was not in the least bit worried about the Statute. It bothered her more than she thought it would've to have Harry not answer her questions. I mean, they're his children too! If they were in danger, I'm sure he'd tell me . . . But then she remembered his tendency to not always tell her or his friends everything. Often it was because he didn't want them to worry.

Lost in her thoughts, Ginny had not realized that she had walked into Harry's study. It was more like the archive room of the family (with their old broomsticks and fake wands from when the kids were little) and Harry didn't really use it anymore. Now he went into the office every day for about an hour. There just wasn't much to do with most of the old Death Eaters in prison and a fair justice system in place. Sure, every once in a while there was one of Hermione's house elf campaigns to work on but mostly he just stayed home and did nothing.

Doing nothing is definitely not good for him Ginny thought, her eyes trailing over pictures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione after the big battle at Hogwarts looking exhausted but happy, the Elder Wand on a shelf, and the Snitch with the words I open at the close. That was a confusing story; even she'd gotten an abbreviated version. Something about Harry being a Horcrux and giving himself up. The only thing was; he hadn't died. She didn't really understand how, and after awhile she didn't question having the man she loved alive.

But it all comes back to that. Ginny was now lost, angry at everyone from Harry to Voldemort. What would happen now? She wouldn't be surprised if Harry got reckless from doing nothing and started a fight he couldn't win. And on top of all the little things that happened before today, Harry seemed more unsettled than normal. What if something happens to my children? What – What if his scar hurt again? Ginny shook her head to clear it, she was being silly.

Glancing at a picture of herself and Harry on their wedding day, she hurried out the door and into the kitchen.

Harry was upset; Ginny had seemed really mad at him. But how was he supposed to tell her his scar had pained him again for the first time in twenty one years? It had to be bad news, he thought as he walked along the graves.

Stopping in front of the one with his parents names on it he thought, what would you do? Tell each other? They probably would, but Ginny would freak out and he didn't want to be the carrier for bad news ever again.

Kneeling in front of his parent's grave, Harry read the words. The last enemy to be destroyed is Death, If it lets you die, Harry thought somewhat bitterly. He wasn't unhappy to be alive; he just didn't want to be Famous Harry Potter, especially if it put his family in danger.

Ginny heard Harry come into the kitchen after a couple hours but said nothing. Four dozen cookies and a pie were cooling on the rack while she was baking a cake with her wand. Thirty or so crepes were piled like pancakes with homemade chocolate syrup sitting next to them. Harry looked in shock at all the food. He knew that Ginny only baked sweets when she was really worried. His last Auror trip had been dangerous and he remembered coming home to three cakes and a ton of cookies. But from the look on her face now, she was nowhere near done.

How could she have guessed how serious this could be? Harry's mind was in turmoil, he ought to tell her.


The cake went crashing to the floor as Ginny spun around to face her husband, keen on answers, "Yes?"

"Do remember when you asked me what was wrong, back at Kings Cross?"

Ginny gave him a look. It was the first really big fight they'd had where neither of them had amended themselves right away, how could she not remember?"
Wincing slightly under the gaze Harry wearily continued, "It was my scar. It burned again and . . ."

"What did you see?" Ginny whispered, almost afraid of the answer.

Harry looked down, "Flashes of Bellatrix and Voldemort. They were killing people and then it changed and there was someone else, only I couldn't quite make out his face."

"So?" Ginny could believe he'd gotten worked up over his scar hurting, but both Bellatrix and Voldemort were dead.

"It's – just that the boy was Lily's age and I had a bad feeling about him."

Ginny pushed Harry's face up to look at her instead of the ground, "If he really is that old, there's nothing he can do. I'll bet he's not even dangerous."

Harry gave a nervous smile and kissed her. But there was still a feeling of unease hovering inside of him.