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People always misunderstood. They thought they were ruthless murderers. An organization that kills people on a whim. Assassins without hearts.

But they had a reason. Of course they did.

They did indeed love to kill, but… They did it because they were thirsty.

The "Black Organization" was not made simply of murderers.

It was made of vampires.


Gin growled. He was not in a good mood.


A blonde woman with icy blue eyes glanced up with a playful smile. "Yes, Gin?"

The long haired man glared down at her with hate. "That person would like to see you."

She raised a delicate eyebrow. She eased herself off the couch that she was lounging on and set down the magazine she was reading on the glass coffee table in front of her. "Alright."

"Hurry up. I'm thirsty." As Vermouth passed the man clothed in complete black, she looked into his eyes. They were indeed blood red.

"I'm sure you can wait."

"I haven't had a drink in two days."

"And that's why you're one of our best. You can endure the thirst, Gin."

"I don't care. Now hurry up."

With a flounce in her step, the woman walked to her Boss's office through the dim-lit hallways. I wonder what he wants…

When she reached the objective stop, she gingerly rapped a pale fist on the huge door. After a moment, a deep voice called out, "Come in."

Vermouth opened the door somewhat carefully but didn't show that she was slightly worried. She closed the door behind her, enclosing the two within the darkness.

"You called, sir?"

"Indeed, Vermouth." Red eyes glinted.

"Are you… Thirsty, sir? Do you need me to…?"

"No. That's not what I called you here."

With her enhanced abilities, Vermouth could see Anokata's outline in the darkness. "Then what is it you needed?"

"I have decided that we need new agents."

Her (currently) blue eyes widened slightly, but Vermouth quickly let her well trained Poker Face slide into place. The Boss almost never decided to search for recruits. He always waited for them to come to him… "Really, sir?"

"Correct, Vermouth. And I have decided who I want as well."

She blinked back surprise. How rare… "If I may ask, who?"

"Four young teenagers. All male. They will most definitely secure our mission's objective and make the plan proceed at least twice as fast as it's coming now."

"Twice?" One of those boys… Could it be…

"Indeed. The first one is a British detective. He is quite clever and shows promise. Hakuba Saguru."

The name was familiar. An image of a foreign teenager flashed through her mind. "Ah, yes. The one who pursues Kaitou Kid?"

"Yes. And speaking of Kid…" Toichi's son? Vermouth bit her tongue. "Kaitou Kid will most definitely be useful in our plans. And as I'm sure you've noticed, this is the second Kaitou Kid. The first being his father, Kuroba Toichi."

"I do remember that piece of information." As expected, Anokata had chosen well.

"If you recall, last October 31st…"

"…I do."

"Two of the boys that I'm interested in were involved in our affairs that night."

"Hattori Heiji."

A nod. "Correct. And the other… I'm sure you remember him quite well."

"I'll take your silence as a confirmation. Edogawa Conan has unnatural intelligence."

Silver Bullet…
"Indeed he does."

"I have discovered a most intriguing piece of information." A smirk.

"And that is?" He figured it out. Of course he did.

"The reason that Edogawa Conan is so smart… So intelligent… Is that Edogawa Conan is only an alias."

It would be best to pretend as if she knew nothing. "Really?" She feigned surprise.

Those red eyes pierced her soul with a wry glance. "Kudou Shinichi."

"Edogawa Conan is really a shrunken version of Kudou Shinichi."

"And how did he change into his current form?" Any normal person would immediately think Anokata was playing a joke, but he would never do such a thing. As well as the fact that they were mythical creatures that only superstitious people would believe in.


Icy blue eyes narrowed in hate. He had figured it out. "Sherry? How did she…?"

"If you recall, Sherry developed a certain poison called APTX 4869."

Vermouth's teeth clenched as she tried not to let a hiss escape. Her fangs were threatening to come out.

"I know, pet. I apologize for bringing this up." Within an instant, there he was, ever so gently stroking her head. She tried to calm herself and filled her boss's scent filled her nose. " However…"

"I understand."

Anokata nodded approvingly as he embraced his favorite follower. "APTX 4869 was created to originally try and cure… Our situation." A hiss. Another stroke.
"Unfortunately, the experiment failed and became one of the most toxic poisons in existence. When given to a regular human, they'll instantly start to die due to cells rapidly dividing and breaking down. There is an extremely rare side effect, however, which causes the victim to shrink approximately ten years."

"So that's what became of Sherry's creation…"

"We gave the APTX 4869 to a few vampires who preferred their prey to have passed on already, but… It does also enrich the victim's blood. As they're dying, their blood becomes so sweet and heavenly, even vampires who love to watch their prey squirm helplessly underneath them will use the APTX 4869."

Vermouth tensed slightly as she suddenly felt Anokata's fangs slide over her smooth and unmarked neck. "Why are you telling me information that I already know?"

A small chuckle. "Well, you should know, being the first vampire the APTX 4869 was tested on."

"I volunteered for your sake."

"I know."

The blonde let out a small moan as she felt Anokata lick her neck. "If you need a drink, then go ahead."

Without another word, his fangs entered Vermouth's neck. She winced slightly at the pain, but calmed herself, letting the tension leave her body. She felt the blood leave her body at a rapid pace.

After a few moments of drinking, Anokata released his follower and licked his lips. Vermouth felt dizzy from the sudden lack of blood. As she glanced back to her Boss, she saw that his eyes were still bright red.

"Do you need more?"

He shook his head. "No, but thank you. I wouldn't want to completely drain you. But you're so delicious…"

Vermouth felt a scowl slide onto her face. "Only because of the APTX 4869."

"Don't be bitter, pet." Anokata lightly brushed his lips upon her light blonde hair. "You know that I love you without the APTX 4869 anyway."

She sighed, wearily. "Mm…"

"Back to the conversation we were having before, it seems that Kudou Shinichi was lucky enough to survive the APTX 4869."

"Has that ever happened before?" Vermouth was curious now. She admitted it silently; She didn't know everything.

"Not before the detective. However, Sherry shrank as well."

She bit her lip. "Ah."

"Pisco was the one who discovered this information."

"Oh, that's right. You could read his thoughts, correct?"

Vermouth loved that knowing smirk. "Of course. I am the one who turned him."

She let out a small laugh. "You'd think that it'd be the other way around."

"Well, once you're bitten, you stop aging. You know that very well, pet. Even though Pisco appeared to be older than I, I am indeed older than him."

Vermouth playfully nudged him. "You definitely don't look anything like that old man."

"I'm older than that 'old man'." Anokata scoffed, just as playful. Then his easy-going personality changed. "Anyways, we need to obtain Hakuba Saguru, Kuroba Kaito, Hattori Heiji and Kudou Shinichi as soon as possible. October 31st is in nine days. And you know how important October 31st is."

"Of course."

"Good. Now, I'm sending you and Gin to capture the four targets… Tonight. I'm expecting them captured and here by midnight tomorrow. No biting or turning them before I see them, or unless I say otherwise. And remember-" His face hardened dangerously. "Leave no evidence and remain unseen."

Vermouth gave a curt nod. "Understood."

"And if you see Sherry…" He paused. "I forgot to tell you; Sherry is residing with Kudou Shinichi."

I knew that.
Vermouth silently muttered, but she flashed a mysterious smile at her boss as if interested. "Hm."

"If Sherry is seen, ignore her. She is no longer needed."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, however, I'm sure Gin wouldn't object to a rare treat... But otherwise, leave her. She is not our priority. If we kill her now, we'll bring more unwanted attention to ourselves."

"…Understood, sir." Vermouth quickly turned around and stalked towards the door.

"Ah, and Vermouth?"


"Tell me; How do you feel about Sherry?"

A playful smile twisted onto her slips. "A secret makes a woman, woman."

Anokata let out a small chuckle, red eyes filled with amusement. "Indeed. I will see you tomorrow at midnight."

Vermouth gave a small mock bow and left Anokata to his darkness.

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