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He couldn't stop twitching. Every nerve in his body continued to spasm against his will. He couldn't stand still and began pacing around.

"Conan-kun? Is something wrong?"

Edogawa Conan looked up from his pacing and offered a small smile. "No, Ran-neechan. I'm fine."

Mouri Ran looked concerned at her almost little brother. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, thanks."

"I bet the brat's just hungry." Mouri Kogoro grumbled from reading his newspaper.


Haha, if only…Conan dead-panned.

"Well, cheer up, Conan-kun! Hattori-kun and Kazuha-chan will be here any minute!"

"I know!" The shrunken detective feigned cheerfulness. And that's part of the reason why I'm upset.

"Yo, Kudou!"

Conan instantly glared at the owner's voice. Hattori Heiji and Toyama Kazuha were running up to the trio, bursting with energy.

"Kudou?" Ran looked confused.

"Wha'? Oh, I meant k-k-kid! Yeah, kid." Heiji bent down and started ruffling Conan's hair. The smaller boy scowled at the name.

"Oh, okay. Kazuha-chan!"

"Ran-chan! How 'ave ya been?"

"Fine, and you?"

"Let's go already!" Kogoro ordered, standing up. "You guys can talk later. Let's get lunch!"

You're the one who's hungry, Uncle…Conan sighed and prepared for his upcoming headache.

"How about we go into this one?" Kazuha pointed.


Kogoro grumbled a little, but they headed into the restaurant, passing a small group of teenagers.


In the middle of lunch, Heiji spoke up. "So, 'bout da reason we came…"

"I thought it was just a visit?" Ran asked.

"Well, yes, we came ta visit." Kazuha smiled at her friend but then gave a 'look' to Heiji. "However, dis ahou also wanted ta come fer another reason…"

"Kaitou Kid's heist, right?" Everyone turned to Conan.

"Hehe… Ya got me." The tanned detective admitted sheepishly.

Conan rolled his eyes and Kogoro muttered to himself about teenage detectives.

"Ah, I heard about that!" Ran remembered. "The announced day was… Today, right?"

The Osakan gave a confirmation nod. "Yep, at da Suzuki's mansion."

"Sonoko? I thought she would have mentioned this to me…"

"Check your phone, Ran-neechan." Conan suggested. "You shut it off for a while, remember?"

"Oh, yes, I did!" Ran quickly took it out and started the device. After a few moments, Ran let out a small laugh. "She left me thirteen messages and thirty-one text messages."

The three males face-palmed. They would never understand girls…

"Anyways, we're goin' tonight!" Heiji cheerfully announced.

"I was going anyway…"

"You didn't tell us, Uncle."

"No. He didn't." Ran glared at her father who tried to sink down into his chair.

"What you didn't know wouldn't hurt you."


"Heiji-niichan, why the sudden interest in Kid?" Conan 'childishly' asked.

"Well, Ku-K-kid, I thought tha' I might as well, considerin' we were comin' up ta visit anyways."

"I see!" Haha… Well, I'm sure Kid will enjoy the extra challenge….

"Ahou." Kazuha muttered.

"Ya're da ahou, ahou!"

"Wha' did ya just say?"

"Ya heard me!"

Conan continued to dead-pan and Ran sweat-dropped at the arguing childhood friends. The chibi detective was so absorbed into watching the two, he didn't notice a shadow watching the group.


"Oi, you coming?"

"If you were at least a bit patient, Kuroba-kun…"

"I'm patient!" Kuroba Kaito muttered. "Just not with stuck-up Brits like you."

"Kaito!" Nakamori Aoko scolded her childhood friend. "Can't you ever be polite?"

The teenage magician playfully stuck his tongue out. "No!"

Hakuba Saguru sighed as their group walked along. "Why did I even bother coming?"

"Ohoho~!" Koizumi Akako laughed next to the blonde. "Because we were going to spend the day out shopping, right?"

"Yes, before Kid's heist tonight."

"Stupid thief… Dad will catch him!"

"Yeah right, Aoko! You're dad could never catch Kid-sama!"


Saguru let out another sigh and checked his precious pocket watch. "It's twelve thirty-one fifty-seven point three seconds. Let's go get lunch."

"How do you even measure that?"

"Rather easily; now let's go."

"Where to?"


Right then, something caught Kaito's eye. A group of five passing them; there was one adult, three teenagers and one familiar miniature detective. They were chattering away and headed into a building a few yards away from them. It just so happened to be a restaurant.

"How about this one?" Akako slyly suggested, noticing the teenager's line of sight. Kaito flashed her a look. She merely smirked.

"Ooh! I've wanted to come here!" Aoko excitedly cheered.

"'Kanata's Seafood and Sushi'?" Saguru questioned, a small smile twisting onto his features.

A shriek was let out from a certain magician's direction. The two girls smirked, especially a particular witch.

"Let's go, Kaito." Aoko latched her arm onto her childhood friend, who began to try and squirm out of her vice-like grip.

"NO! NO! NO!"

"Ohoho~! Come now, Kuroba-kun. It will be worth it."

Kaito knew Akako was right, but there was no way in Hellhe was going in there. "I REFUSE."

The British detective rolled his eyes, but amusement glinted in his blue eyes. "Let's go."



"This FISH is great, isn't it?"

"Indeed, Nakamori-chan. This FISH is quite appetizing."

"I haven't had FISH in quite a while…"


The trio mentally congratulated themselves, successful in their quest of revenge. They had been purposely using the cursed 'f' word in front of the scarred teenager.

Luckily for Kaito, his seat next to Saguru let him have the perfect view of his tantei-kun. He had been keeping his eye on the group, but the teasing was making him lose his concentration.

"I'm going to the bathroom." The magician finally announced, standing up.

"Good riddance."

"Shut up, Hakubaka."

Kaito quickly headed towards the restroom's direction. Once again, luck seemed to be on his side, as tantei-kun's table was right on the way. The group was sitting at a round table, but they were near a few empty table booths. As he passed through the path between the table and booths, he casually stuck a transmitter (that could barely be seen by the naked eye) on the booth nearest to the table.

As he passed the table, he heard a bit of the current conversation. Surprisingly (or not), they were discussing his announced heist for that night.

Conan was in the middle of speaking. "Kaitou Kid's heist, right?"

Averting his eyes, Kaito continued his way towards the bathroom without letting the group seeing his face. He didn't want the detective agency girl… Ran, that's it, to see his face and mistake him for Kudou Shinichi… Again… Worse, she could fit the pieces together and figure that he was Kid. He could never tell; Ran became suspicious but changed her theories so quickly.

Finally within the safety of the men's restroom, Kaito chose the second stall out of the four there. He pulled the seat down and sat on it after locking the door. He placed the ear piece that was connected to that certain transmitter and settled in for listening for a few minutes.

Ran's voice became clear. "Sonoko? I thought she would have mentioned this to me…"

"Check your phone, Ran-neechan." He heard tantei-kun 'childishly' suggest. "You shut it off for a while, remember?"

"Oh, yes, I did!" The melody of a cell phone turning on played. A few beeps. "She left me thirteen messages and thirty-one text messages."

Kaito face-palmed. He knew the Sonoko girl was one of the more die-hard fans, but…

"Anyways, we're goin' tonight!" Ah, tantei-han.

"I was going anyway…" The old man.

"You didn't tell us, Uncle."Trying to keep all the fun to yourself, hm? Not that you could do anything anyways…

"No. He didn't."

"What you didn't know wouldn't hurt you."

"DAD!" The eavesdropping teenager quickly became amused, imagining the Great Sleeping Detective shrinking at the face of his daughter's wrath.

"Heiji-niichan, why the sudden interest in Kid?" Ooh, great question, tantei-kun!

"Well, Ku-K-kid, I thought tha' I might as well, considerin' we were comin' up ta visit anyways." Is that so…? And seriously, Tantei-han, you need to stop almost giving tantei-kun's identity away…

"I see!"

"Ahou." Kaito absent mindedly unlocked the stall and pulled the ear bud out. He had heard enough for the time being, and Saguru might start to get suspicious being the paranoid detective he was…

Easily, the magician made his way out of the bathroom and sure enough, saw Saguru looking in his direction with calculating blue eyes, observing his every movement.

Kaito rolled his eyes. He started to make his way to his table. He didn't need to pick up the bug, it wasn't visible and it would stop working within an hour anyways.



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