Bagi, monster of mighty nature. Revived and revised!

Chapter one, a life and death situation.

Smoke was rising from the large research center, and Ryo knew he didn't have much time. There was burning gasoline in the garage, set of by stray gun fire. He couldn't leave. Not yet. Though personal survival was one matter, the life of his mother and friend was just more important. He was standing on the roof of the east wing. Having just defeated the right hand man of the south Americans president in a motorcycle battle, and he was mentally exhausted., and found it hard to look around. He gazed over at the main entrance of the lab. He wouldn't make it if he went in that way. The men that worked for the president guy would surly recognize him, and that would be the end of his luck. Suddenly, the door busted open and a lithe, pink shape darted out. He recognized it immediately. Bagi. " Hay, Bagi," He called out to her "Did you find my mother!?" But she ignored him, and ran out across the driveway that led from the lab towards the jungle. He noticed a small green pendant around her neck.

Bagi was carrying a bagged ball of some genetically enhanced rice his mother had taken part of creating. He could tell because each grain was huge. His curiosity was provoked, and Ryo hopped on to the motorcycle again and revved it. He aimed his new bike towards the edge of the building, and jammed the throttle. He careened of the ledge of the roof, angling the cycle downward, front wheel first.. At the last second, before he hit the ground, he leaned back, using the front tire as a pivot point to loosen the shock of the fall. It was a move he was forced to practice when he was a go-getter, in case he had some goods and was under hot pursuit. But, he had yet to perfect the trick, and was almost launched off the bike, loosing control only for a second. He tightened his grip on the steering and speed up after Bagi, not noticing his mother, beaten and bitten to death, roll down the steps to the lab…

Bagi had dived into the woods, as fast as ever, and was running unwaveringly toward the mountains to the north, speeding through each tree as though she had the path memorized. He could barely keep up with her, even though he had a flat road to travel on. Only that fact that she was blocked by trees and he was unhindered allowed him to keep up. He was already at about double over what he was use to driving at. A huge explosion sounded behind him, reminding him of his mother. He was scared for her safety. Then he remembered that Bagi had agreed to rescue her. She probably had made it out of the building, or was carried off by those South American govern people. Either way, Ryo knew he would need Bagi's help to find his mother. He had never known Bagi to fail her tasks in the week he had known her, even if he was unconscious for three days of it.

He saw his chance to intercept Bagi as the road turned over her path. He speed up further reaching the max speed of the bike, which wasn't to much faster than he was going. He wasn't surprised that it wasn't much faster than Bagi. His first impression of her return was her slipping past him to stop him when he was driving away in fear. He started into the turn, hoping to run Bagi side by side with him so he could talk to her, even if she couldn't respond. He looked for Bagi quickly, trying to time it right. To his shock, Bagi was air born and headed straight toward him. She rammed right into him and they cleared the road. They crashed into the jungle on the opposite side of the road, and Ryo thought he broke something. He bounced up and rolled sideways into a tree, hitting his shoulder with force. He landed hard on the ground., then his breath was driven from him as Bagi landed on top of him.

Bagi pushed herself off of Ryo and stood. She had a trace of a snarl in her throat. It ceased when she recognized Ryo. She backed off and stood facing him, contemplating what she should do next. "Bagi…" Ryo felt like he would never breath again. "What happened?" Bagi thought of running off. Natural animal instinct. She held some of her intellect, though, and shook off the urge. She didn't know if what she was dosed with was still working. She could still understand him and think properly to a point, though fighting instincts and natural reactions was several times more difficult. She hoped and reasoned that the effects of the drug were slowing and stopping. Otherwise, she thought, she would have already torn apart Ryo. She was sick with the thought.

In her stupor of thought, Ryo remembered the pendant that he had seen Bagi wearing. It was still hung loosely around her neck, dimly sparkling in the shade of the trees. Ryo gently removed it, not waking Bagi from her thoughts. The movement agitated his hits, and he clenched his teeth around his yelp of pain. He still shaken from being rammed into a tree then landed on, Bagi blinked, then noticed Ryo had the pendant. . "How did you get this, Bagi?" At closer inspection, he recognized it as his mothers favorite jewelry. Not for fashion, but practicality. It could pop open to hide al sorts of things. Bagi shook her head. She hadn't even remembered that she had the pendant, or why. Ryo understood. When he had last saw her, she had been completely unable to speak. She still seemed rationale, as she wasn't sharpening her claws on him. He still cursed his mother for injecting Bagi. The effects of the drug completely turned of the conscience, and when they came to, they would loose all memory. Like amnesia, but it took everything with it. There was a counter drug. Under development. So far, nothing had been found. Bagi was stronger that the average human, or anything for that matter.

Ryo opened the locket, expecting a family photo or one of her husband. Bagi sat down, staring at him expectantly and catching her breath. Inside, there was a small scrap of paper, rather than the expected photo. Ryo unfolded it. It was a note. A message. Ryo read it aloud;

I am having bagi escape with a rice ball. I have instructed bagi to bury the rice ball in a mountain, hiding it. Her intelligence has all but vanished, but she most likely understood my request. Should he know I betrayed him, the president will no doubt have me killed by attack dogs. Bagi will return to the wild. Probably, she will end her life in the mountains. Life forms like bagi and the rice ball should nom be made by humans. I have been a bad scientist, and a bad mother. Ryosuke, I'm sorry. Take care. Mom

So the president wouldn't have her. Ryo felt as though he had lost everything. He then remembered that there could still be hope for her yet. There would be several precautions at a lab to help prevent staff death. It was highly likely that his mom go a hold on something, and managed to save herself.

Ryo looked at Bagi. She was looking down, and her eyes looked moist. Understanding, Ryo scooted closer to her, and hugged her around her neck. "… If my mom said you should never be made by humans, then you aren't. I won't believe that you never should have been." Something wet fell on the back of his neck, and Bagi gently licked it off.

Remembering the rest of the note, Ryo released Bagi. "We had better get rid of that rice ball…" She didn't have it. It probably got lost in the impact. "Where did it!" They searched the surrounding area. Ryo was afraid it might have broken in the shuffle, or was thrown into a river and swept away. Though he would rather leave without it, the president would probably have men and dogs out on it, making it near impossible to hope it would be lost forever.

But he found it. It was among the base of the tree that he hit, hidden under the tangle of roots. The container was cracked in the section facing him, and Ryo only hoped that was the extent of the damage. "Bagi," He called to his friend, "I found it." She was pulling herself through the thick plant life, sniffing tentatively at the ground. She looked at him from behind a tree, and he pointed down at the rice ball. She started to pull herself out, and Ryo turned back to the ball.

He bent over, supporting himself on his legs, and reached down to pick up the case of rice. Pain ripped through his torn body. Only now did he stop to think about what damage could have been done to him. He crashed into a tree, and, judging by what he felt, he might have broke some bones, torn some ligaments, and probably had some internal bleeding. His ears started ringing, and he could have sworn he herd something pop.

Something happened in his back the same instant, and he fell over, his head just a centimeter from the rice ball. He grit his teeth in pain, then opened his eyes, from the corner, he could see Bagi standing above him. She moved so fast he almost didn't see her. She yanked him by his shirt by her teeth, as he could feel them along his back, and she yanked him over her shoulder, and onto her back. More pain flooded through him as he landed, but he only gave an "oomph…" She bend down once more and grabbed the rice ball, as Ryo could only guess from the movements, then ran. The ringing in his ears zoned out, and he heard gun fire. He…

What had happened?

"… up the rice ball!" said a man on the loud speaker, right as the ringing in Ryo's ears subsided . The phrase came from somewhere up above, and Ryo could here helicopter blades beating against the air. Ryo thought it was kind of funny. Some guy was talking into a loud speaker, from a helicopter, about a boy and his pet-friend's ball of rice. "Ba…!" He managed.

He cut himself short. He knew that not only could he not get Bagi to listen, but, with the incredible speed she had, you needed all your strength to hold on. Even talking could weaken you to the point of falling of. Besides, in considering what he had been through, he didn't have much strength left in him.

Bagi zipped through the tree's like a nightmare running loose. Things were coming at Ryo fast. He couldn't react to what was happening. Bagi wasn't making the ride any easier. She was jumping all over, trying to confuse the men in the Helicopter. Nothing was out of the question. She would jump up and around rocks, large or small, on limbs of tree's, even the sides of trees. Ryo gritted his teeth and held tight. Even with his back ground, he wasn't remotely use to this kind of G-force on his body. He would rather be on a fast roller coaster, because, for one, survival rates on coasters were much higher than this, and also, that would mean he would probably be in an amusement park, and, above all, it would be steadier.

Another shot rang, but it missed entirely. The sound, through, kicked Ryo's already pounding heart into over-gear, and he started shaking uncontrollably. He felt colder suddenly, and could feel his stomach lurching as if to throw itself out. Ryo's head started to spin.

Miraculously, he wasn't aggravated any further, because the split second his insides were about to become outsides, bagi landed off from a rock and down under the cover of a big tree. She had found a large open spot amongst the knaraled roots. She threw Ryo into the spot as gently as someone could throw another, shoved him near the back of the cover, and then climbed in after him. She shoved some of the compact dirt into the entrance, then curled up by the newly made mound. Even with her pink coat, it would be hard to spot anyone here…

Authors note. This is based on a 1984 anime movie about an anthromorphic something. Check it out on youtube. "Bagi the monster of mighty nature". Best out there is posted by darksonic3. Please support the official movie.

I personally love this movie. And before anyone upon anyone asks, no. I don't like it because I am a lemon, or a yiff lover, [though I wont deny I am a furry lover] or anything of the sort. I detest sexication in all its forms. I say this because this movie is or can be interpreted as "suggestive." Let it be known that you have been warned.