It's Easier Not to Think

So I'm already a HUGE Daryl/Glenn shipper, even with the lack of proof we've been shown (isn't that a shipper's life, though?). And there's not enough fic in the world for them, so here's my shot.

I feel that Daryl would have trouble accepting his attraction to another man, while Glenn would most likely be OK with it (that's what college is for!), so he would have to convince himself that it was just a one-time thing, or something.

Um, the timeline is... strange. It kind of skips around, from pre-season to the CDC to season 2. So pretend you don't care about timeline.

*There is some dubious consent on Glen's part throughout the story, as in, almost non-con.*

Chapter I. Initiation

It was easier this way. This way, with neither of them quite caring, both of them high out of their minds, Daryl could convince himself that he wasn't hurting anyone. Or that he wasn't really doing this. Or that it didn't count. Or something like that.

Analytical introspection wasn't really Daryl's strong suit.

It could have been, maybe, if things had been different. If he hadn't had to drop out of school, if he didn't have to hide his books whenever his brother came around. Sure, Merle was great, but he didn't look too kindly on those who valued "book learnin'". And Daryl wanted Merle to think he was the best, he wanted Merle to like him. Because Merle was his big brother, and who doesn't idolize their big brother?

But Merle was gone now, and Daryl was lost. He was angry for the longest time, hell, he was still angry, but now he didn't have anywhere to aim that anger. He had long ago forgiven T-Dog for being clumsy, and they had all gone with him to retrieve Merle. That had to count for something.

But that put Daryl in the awkward position of being angry without anything to be angry at. He wished he had some books to bury himself in, someone to yell at or some walker to kill. Lacking that, he withdrew into himself and cleaned his weapons. It was repetitive and soothing.

But that stupid Asian, that dumb-ass Glenn, had decided to make it his mission to cheer Daryl up. Whenever he saw Daryl cleaning his weapons, he plopped down next to him and cleaned his own weapons. Whenever Daryl went out to scout, Glenn went with him. That boy was a burr, but Daryl sure as hell wasn't about to let him under his skin.

But he didn't know how to stop it. Already, he was becoming used to Glenn's presence on the scouting trips and the small grunts of satisfaction he made when a weapon was cleaned. When he answered with a grunt of his own and they shared a smile, Daryl quickly turned it into a smirk and turned away.

That's when he knew this had to stop. He couldn't get comfortable, least of all now, least of all with Glenn.

"I'm going on a scouting trip." Daryl told Dale the next day.

Dale looked up. "It's barely even dawn yet," he stated.

"I know," Daryl had purposefully chosen a time when hardly anyone would be awake. "Best time to track those motherfuckers."

"Aren't you going to wait for Glenn?" Dale called, but Daryl walked on, pretending he hadn't heard.

He came back later that evening, richer by two rabbits. He dropped them off at Rick's feet and ignored the injured look Glenn gave him. He stalked off to his tent, but Glenn hopped up and followed him.

"Why'd you leave so early?" Glenn asked. When he received no response, he tried again. "Did you find anything out?" He started at Daryl for a moment, then tried one last time. "You shouldn't need to go again for a while, now, though, right?"

"For Christ sakes!" Daryl hissed, getting closer to Glenn (which, he belatedly realized, was a mistake), "Will you leave me alone? I got better things to do than babysit a chinaman like you, all right?" Glenn was silent, then turned and walked back to the campfire.

Daryl wasn't angry anymore, not after that. Instead, he was anxious, a little guilty. He went back to cleaning his weapons by himself, spending more and more time on his hunting trips. Eventually, Glenn seemed to forgive him.

At least, they could have conversations now, sit next to each other without glaring daggers.

Then Jim got bitten, and they undertook a crazy-ass journey to the CDC. Jim got left on the way, but the others made it.

"Who'd of thought?" Daryl mused, once they were inside. "We actually made it."

Glenn, hearing him, laughed. "Yeah, man, I thought we were gonna die out there!" Looking at Glenn's smile, realizing how much he had missed it, Daryl felt his heart constrict.

And he had his plan.