Chapter VI. Interlude

A different kind of chapter, just a small piece on Glenn's thoughts so far. It's a little more frantic, but hopefully it's a different enough writing style so that you can tell it's not Daryl focused.

He was tired. Tired of running, of being anxious, of not sleeping, of all of it. Sometimes, he just wanted to be alone, away from it all.

But, or course, it was dangerous out there, especially for someone as small as him. Or that's what everyone thought. They never said it, of course not, they wouldn't, but they all thought it. Whenever he tried to take a walk and clear his head, Rick would distract him with some task, or Shane would jump up and join him.

And Glenn had no problem with them as people, he didn't, he just wanted some space. "I think I can handle going to the bathroom, Shane." He says one day when the police officer tries to intercept him on a bathroom break.

Shane looks shifty. "Well, yeah, I don't doubt that. It's just... you know, after what happened in the woods the last time, we thought it'd be better if there was someone near you all the time," he mutters. Glenn stares at him, stony. Shane coughs. "But yeah, I'll just wait here."

Glenn finishes his business and walks back into camp, pretending not to notice when Shane skulks away. He sighs as he sits down around the campfire. Everyone here thought he was such a baby, and it made Glenn angry. He was a grown man, he had been in Atlanta, he'd faced the attacks the geeks made-! And so what if he had been kidnapped, twice? It was just bad luck. And now he was watched more closely than Carl or Sophia ever was.

Except by the person he wanted to be watched by. And, God, that sounded so creepy and weird and fucking wrong, but it was the end of the world and Glenn didn't think it mattered anymore. Who cared if he wanted to get with a guy, even if that guy was a redneck and racist and annoying and rude? Who cared?

Well, Daryl did, apparently. It didn't escape Glenn that Daryl's eyes would linger, and he seemed to be a little more protective of him than anyone else, and there were those gaps in his memory that Glenn didn't mind because Daryl was always shy and on a hunting trip when they ended and Glenn wasn't stupid, he knew something was going on. But he didn't care. He didn't see anything wrong with it, and he wished that Daryl weren't so stuck in that redneck role that he seemed to feel was his part to play.

Glenn sighed again, missing the fact that someone had sat down next to him. "You and Shane're getting pretty close," Daryl says, sounding... what? Gruff?

Glenn laughs bitterly. "Yeah, he's the main member of the 'Keep-Glenn-Alive' committee. Meaning that he has to follow me every time I go anywhere." He glanced towards the RV where Shane was keeping watch. "I can't get rid of him. I mean, they act like being kidnapped is some big deal, or something."

Daryl laughed softly, and Glenn can feel the smile on his face. "Well, you are the only one in camp who's been taken." He responded. Glenn nodded, keeping silent. But Daryl, apparently, was done talking. He knew it was silly, but he'd hoped that Daryl had sat down to say something, that it meant something.

Glenn couldn't handle it anymore. "I mean, it's like they all think I'm some kind of kid!" He exploded, lowering his voice when Shane glanced back at them. "I'm not! I'm 23, and I can take care of myself, and it's ridiculous that they're so overprotective. I mean, it's not like Shane's my mom. He has no right to follow me everywhere and claim it's cause I can't take care of myself. And no one has a problem with it, you know, because they all think 'Oh Glenn, better watch out, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you' but it's not their place to worry, and I'm sick of it, cause I could do things, and-" He cut himself off and faced at Daryl, who looked slightly panicked at this outburst of feelings. He laughed wryly. "Sorry, man, it's just- no one else will talk about it."

The man looked at him. Just looked. And, damn it, it was moments like these, when the firelight was just right and Glenn's breath hitched and Daryl had that expression on his face- "I didn't agree." Daryl interrupted.

Glenn blinked. "What?" He asked, disoriented.

Daryl rolled his eyes and looked away. "There was this big meeting, where Rick brought that up. Everyone said you needed someone with you, but I said you could take care of yourself." He shrugged, probably feeling Glenn's eyes on him. "They ignored me." He looked back at Glenn, but only quickly. "You're not a kid, though you look like it."

Glenn punched him lightly in the arm, smiling. "Thanks." He said. Another moment of silence, then Daryl stood up. Glenn wanted to ask why, wanted to pull Daryl back down and just have his mass next to him, but he contained himself.

"It's my turn to take watch." Daryl said after the awkward pause that followed. Glenn nodded. Daryl took a few steps, then hesitated. He said, "We'll go on a hunting trip tomorrow, so you can be alone, kay? I'll drop you off at a clearing and pick you back up when I return." He stalked off without waiting for a reply.

Glenn wanted to stay by the fire a little longer, but he saw Dale heading towards him, so he stood up and went to his tent. Daryl was something he couldn't figure out, for all of his years of college and dating and internet surfing.

But there was definite progress, somewhere, and that was all Glenn could hope for. At least for right now. He just had to wear Daryl down some more, make him as tired of hiding as Glenn was. Maybe they could run away together, act like lovesick teenagers who's parents disapproved, and just live like that. Except Glenn needed people, and he didn't think Daryl would like that very much either.

But for right now, it was OK. Things were OK.