Class cresent moon's normal teacher Stien, was absent. The class's clown Blackstar was now standing on the desk entertaining the drowsy room. Soul and the others waited curiously to see the latest scandal the blue haired monkey could reel up.

"Ok my loyal subjects today I shall answer questions I found in the faculty chat room Stien and Marie created." The teen yelled gaining everyone's attention.

"Blackstar, how did you get that information?" Maka asked eyeing the ninja assassin with curious eyes.

"Soul and I hacked onto your dad's computer." He replied calmly.

"Oh, did you find anything else?" she asked making Soul hand her a large folder of pictures and chat's.

"Ok, who wants to listen?" Blackstar asked as the room quieted and encouraged the egomaniac to continue.

"Ok first question belongs to both Marie and Spirit. The question is… Why is it I gag when I brush my teeth and not when I give my boyfriend oral sex? Spirit's reply was… Obviously, your toothbrush is bigger." Everyone but Maka laughed.

"The next question belongs to our favorite zombie couple Nygus and Sid…. Where did you meet your wife? Sid's reply was… At the family reunion. Both are currently not speaking." This time the whole room was in stitches on the ground.

Blackstar smiled glad for the attention.

"Next is the wonderful duo Death and Spirit. Spirit is like… NASCAR is a good sport to follow when your drunk. What's your favorite beer? Death is like… An open one. Have you ever been to an AA meeting? Spirit answers… AA is for quitters!" once again the room burst into laughs.

"Ok so this next one is Spirit telling Stien about a date he had with Kami. One time I was late picking my girlfriend up. Her dad said guess what else was late. I still don't get it." Every girl in the room hit the floor as the boys slowly chuckled not knowing if they could laugh safely.

"Next from the chat room would be Stien telling Marie about if he worked at Walmart. If I worked at walmart I'd be a door greeter. My catch phrase would be get your shit and leave." Once again laughs met him along with words of praise.

"Finally, a conversation by the African death scythes. So where are we? I don't know. How was the trip here? Hell. How was the parking? Hell. So where are we? We're In hell!" Blackstar laughed as Maka snorted into Soul's shoulder.

"Thankyou you've been a good crowd!" the hyper ninja yelled before running away as the door opened to reveal the whole faculty.

"Blackstar, you are dead for hacking into our private files!" Stien yelled.

"Blackstar did pretty good for one." Soul said still laughing as the others agreed.