AN: I changed Gabriel's age to something a little more, realistic? If I'm honest, I pulled 4,000 out of nowhere, and it plagued me for 10 chapters! So I've finally dome something about it, I hope you approve readers! Even if it is an arse-ache to remember the number of noughts XD

Balthazar refilled his champagne flute and checked his wrist-watch; his appointment was late. The day was March 31st, the time was 11:45pm, and his brother was nowhere to be seen. Tomorrow was April 1st, Gabriel's birthday, his 40,000,000th birthday to be specific, and this year, Balthazar agreed to do something nice for him. The minute hand completed it's journey around the watch-face denoting 11:46 when he heard a flap of wings. Looking up, Balthazar saw his brother, grinning.


Gabriel held out his arms, waiting for Balthazar to join him in a hug.

"You're late," the younger angel sighed, standing up, meeting his brother in a hug.

"Sorry, I was a bit busy, it being my birthday and all."

"Not yet it's not," Balthazar said, picking up a full champagne flute and passing it to Gabriel.

"Maybe not here, but elsewhere it is. I've been partying. So... My present."

The two angels sat down on opposite sides of the table, both with wide grins on their faces.

"So... You're sure this is what you want?"

Gabriel nodded; "yeah, it'll be funny."

"Is Castiel in on this?"

The 39,999,999 year-old scoffed; "of course not! That'll make it funnier, finally, he and Dean will ADMIT it!"

Balthazar smirked; "and you and Sammy boy?"

"I have something special planned."

"Very well. Come midnight, happy birthday big brother."

Gabriel grinned and picked up his glass, Balthazar doing the same. They clinked their flutes and finished their drinks, grinning at each other.

Dean awoke suddenly, feeling as if something was just, different. The room was pitch black, no street-lights streaming in through the windows; he knew he wasn't in the motel any more.

"Sammy?" he whispered as loud as he got no response, instead, he felt something move next to him, something warm, a person. He gingerly reached out a hand to feel who it was. Whoever it was was lay on their front, and had a very soft back; he lightly traced his fingers up the groove where the person's spine was. As he reached the shoulders, he was a little worried he hadn't felt hair yet. His sleeping buddy stirred and rolled over, Dean's hand still touching. He jerked his hand away when he felt the scratch of stubble on the back of his hand. He grabbed the shoulder of whoever it was and shook them.

"Hey! Wake up!"

He heard a familiar sounding groan, his bedmate sat up and reached out, touching Dean's chest.

"Dean?" he croaked.


Suddenly a light flicked on, Dean could see a topless angel squinting at him, looking worried.

"Dean, what's wrong?"

"...Where are we? Why are we in bed? What's going on?"

Cas sighed and rubbed his face; "are you ok, Dean?"

"Yeah, I'm freakin' peachy! What's going on?"

"Can we talk about this in the morning please? It's going to be a long day. If you can't sleep, go get a drink or something. Good night."

Without another word, Cas rolled over and turned his bed-side lamp off, leaving Dean sat in the dark again, even more confused.

"Fat load of help you are," he mumbled, rolling out of bed. He felt around for some clothes, finding only his jeans. He pulled them on and felt for the door, pulling it open and hoping to God it wasn't a closet or something. He stepped out of the room and saw a dim light down the hall, guessing he was on a landing of some sort. Managing to direct himself in the dark, he found a flight of stairs and went down them, getting dizzy as he got to the bottom due to them being a spiral staircase.

"The fuck is this place?" he grumbled, finding a light switch. Flicking it, he was startled to find himself in a very large, very grand room. The floor was marble, there were blood red velvet drapes dotted around, the biggest TV he'd ever seen against the wall, several large red sofas facing it. There were various items of luxurious furniture dotted around, and Dean had no idea what he was doing in a place like this. Edging around carefully, he found the kitchen, not liking who was sat at the bar.

"Of course it is. Why did I expect anything else?" he sighed, walking over; "Gabriel, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

The angel grinned and help up his bottle of beer in approval; "Dean, morning. What are you doing up? You should be tired!"

The hunter walked round to the opposite side of the bar, leaning on the surface; "what's going on, Gabe?"

"It's my birthday."

"Yeah, many happy returns. What, is going on?"

Gabriel sighed and pouted; "that didn't sound very sincere. Your boyfriend and yourself came up to my beautiful home to wish me a happy birthday!"

Dean scoffed; "boyfriend? You mean Cas? Everyone calls him that, but-"

"-Oh no, Dean. In this universe, you ARE boyfriends. So, have fun. I'm not sure if this is my birthday or yours, you lucky, lucky bastard!"

"What? Why would you-"

Gabriel held up his hands in innocence; "-hey there, before you go blaming me for this, this is none of my work, for once."

Dean eyed the angel suspiciously; "why should I believe you?"

"Because... It's my birthday! I'm not going to go to all this trouble, it was a present!"

"From who?"

Gabriel just grinned and drank his beer. Dean sighed and went over to the fridge, pulling out himself a beer.

"So, how old are you? 2,000? 3,000?"





"Try 40."



Dean nodded and perched himself on a stool next to the angel, staring down at his drink.

"So, this was a present, why would you ask for this?"

"A big fancy house? Why WOULDN'T I ask for this?"

Dean glared; "and Cas and I? Why do we come in to this?"

"Because, it's about time you got a shove in the right direction, I want my little brother to be happy. Anyway, you're not the only one getting some hot angel ass."


Gabriel winked and nodded over to the doorway; Dean spun round to see his brother leaning on the doorframe, wearing only his boxers.

"Gabe, you coming back to bed?"

Dean's jaw dropped; "Sam?"

Sam smiled meekly; "hey Dean. What are you doing up?"

"Um, just, y'know, congratulating the birthday boy!"

Gabriel grinned and walked over to Sam, wrapping his arms round the taller man's waist, Dean could swear he threw up a little in his mouth. Sam grinned back at his lover.

"Sexiest 40-million year old man, ever."

Cringing, Dean looked down at his drink again, not prepared to see his half-naked brother start making out with the biggest pain-in-the-ass angel, ever.

"Go back to bed, gorgeous, I just need to finish my drink."

Sam nodded and wandered off, leaving Dean and Gabriel alone, again. The angel smirked and walked over to the bar.

"You and I are the only ones who know, Dean. Don't ruin this, Cas and Sam are happy!"

"But why? Why is Sam sucked in to this world?"

Gabriel shrugged and finished his drink; "because, I requested it. He'd be as up for this as you are! Besides, it's only for a week... You get your precious little angel too."

"A week?"

"Yeah... Now, Dean. Go back to Castiel, I'm sure he's missing you!"

"And if I don't?"

The trickster grinned; "I'll make you. Come on, I'm sure you don't remember which your room is..."

He took the bottle off Dean and dragged him out of the kitchen, up the stairs. When they got to a door, Gabe stopped and opened it.

"Go to him, Dean. Hold him!"

Dean glared; "bite me."

"Go get him tiger!"

He growled and pushed Dean in to the bedroom, pulling the door shut behind him. The hunter shook his head and carefully made his way back over to the bed, trying to find his way in the dark. He stopped dead when a light flicked on, Cas looking over at him, an unimpressed expression on his face.

"Will you stop fucking about in the dark and come back to bed, please?"

Dean paused before nodded; "yeah, sorry."

Cas watched Dean sceptically, waiting for him to take his jeans off and get in to bed; Dean watched him back, waiting for him to turn the light off and go back to sleep.

"...Are you joining me tonight, or...?"


He quickly unfastened the button of his jeans and stepped out of them, crawling up the bed next to Cas, leaving a sizeable gap between them. The light flicked off; Dean felt Cas shuffle about next to him, before pressing his chest to his back and sliding his arms round his waist.

"What's wrong with you, Dean? Anything I can help with?"

He felt Cas softly trace a finger along the waistband of his boxers, causing him to suck in a deep breath of air. He wriggled out of the angel's grip, turning round slightly to face him.

"Sorry, Cas... Not tonight... I'm a little worn."

Dean could feel him nod and sighed.

"Ok. Get some sleep then."

Before Dean could reply, Cas' lips were on his. They were strangely soft, and worryingly enticing. The kiss went on for longer than Dean wanted; when Cas finally pulled away, he leant forward for another kiss. Rolling his eyes, Dean went to break this one, but Cas' hands found his way to the back of the hunter's neck and head. Squeezing his eyes shut, Dean decided to go along with the kiss, hoping Cas would get tired and go to sleep. However, he was very wrong. He finally stopped it when the angel almost climbed on top of him.

"Seriously, Cas... I'm tired... Maybe in the morning... If you're lucky... Who'm I kidding, of course you're lucky."

He could tell Cas was smirking; "all right, sorry."

He pecked Dean on the lips softly before snuggling up to him, scratching his face on his chest. The hunter lay staring up at the ceiling through the darkness, wondering what he was going to do. No one in this universe was going to help him, they all seemed to think he had some kind of relationship with his angel friend; which of course, he did now.