Kendall stepped out of the hospital bathroom. He was wearing his own clothes for the first time in what seemed like forever, gladly leaving that hospital gown behind him. Though, the clothes Kendall had on didn't look like his clothes anymore, due to the drastic weight loss he had at the hospital, causing them to look huge on him. Even with the baggy clothes, Kendall looked like the happiest person in the world.

He'd blown the glum hospital room they had all spent so many restless nights in a big kiss, and sang all the way down the hospital halls as they exited, making the rest of the boys laugh at Kendall's behavior.

Logan was so glad to see Kendall finally happy again. To see Kendall back to his old self, not weak, frail, and depressed. To leave all of that behind- well, not everything was left behind. Kendall was still to be cautious, and had to have a check up at home here and there, and visit the hospital once every two weeks for the next four months to make sure everything was running smoothly.

The four best friends slid into the black car that had been parked in the hospital parking lot for who knows how long, and Kendall blasted the radio as loud as it could go, loving life and being free again. The four sang loudly along to each song which came on the radio- no matter what it was.

When they got to the Palm Woods, Kendall quickly got out of the car and pulled the three others into the lobby quickly. He got a huge grin as he took his first step into the building, and beamed when he spotted Jo. He ran up to her, taking the blonde girl by surprise and giving her a long, passionate kiss.

"Nice to have you back, Kendall," she giggled, with their foreheads pressed together.

They then made their way up to apartment 2J, Logan getting a wave of relief as they finally returned back home. There were loud thuds, as though running footsteps, coming down the hall, along with what seemed to be the quick click clacks of high heels.

Sure enough, Katie and Mrs. Knight appeared in the living room with them.

"My boy," Mrs. Knight sobbed out, taking Kendall into her embrace.

"Hey Katie!" he exclaimed to the little girl on the verge of tears as she flung her arms around her big brother, and he spun her around.

Logan watched the scene and smiled to himself. Through all the pain, worrying, praying, and fear, everything actually turned out okay. Things were finally getting normal again. Whatever the hell that was.