Warning: This story will feature boyXboy pairings. I'm sure you can all guess the pairings already since I'm just that predictable.

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It was a well-known fact at Rikkaidai middle school that the two most popular students from the tennis team, Yukimura Seiichi and Sanada Genichirou, did not get along.

In physical appearance, they were close opposites. Yukimura was pale and skinny; an altogether fragile appearance that was only countered by his strength on the tennis court. He had wavy dark blue hair that fell around his chin, giving him a rather feminine appearance. He was kind and understanding, but had a brutally manipulative and stern attitude hidden behind his smiles.

Sanada Genichirou on the other hand was tall and strong with a well-toned and muscular body. He had typical short black hair hidden by a black cap. He was every bit the strict and demanding person he appeared to be, often ordering others on the team to stop slacking off and even slapping them if it came to that. He lived by strict policies and was harder on himself than others. He enjoyed traditional practices of kendo and calligraphy that often helped him control his short temper.

And today was one of those days that was testing Sanada's temper in the worst way.

"Yukimura, for the millionth time, I don't want to play doubles. It is a complete waste of my abilities." growled Sanada. "Akaya can play doubles once in a while too. It would teach him a lesson or two about sportsmanship."

Yukimura rolled his eyes. Sanada was being annoying as usual. He was probably just upset because he had played nothing but doubles with Yanagi during last year's National tournament.

"I'm captain, I decide." Yukimura said. Sanada sighed. It was always Yukimura's excuse. The bluenette was the captain; therefore he got to decide the order. Sanada was the vice-captain, the second in command under the mighty Child of God Yukimura.

It was not the first time they disagreed. The two had grown up together, against their wishes. Ever since Yukimura had defeated Sanada during tennis lessons when they were both 4 years old, Sanada had greatly disliked the bluenette. They didn't get along one bit and were rivals in nearly everything they did (at least in Sanada's mind they were rivals even if Yukimura always won). Sanada hated Yukimura's cheekiness and power abuse. Yukimura was always sure to use his popularity to his advantage, since he was the beloved Child of God, adored by many students and teachers who didn't know the bluenette's true evil and manipulative personality.

Yukimura in turn was not too fond of Sanada's no-fun and strict policies. Just because of that, Yukimura loved to tease Sanada about how much of an old man he was. As much as the teasing was fun, Sanada took everything way too seriously and never let them have a single second of free time or happiness during practice to catch their breath.

Well, whatever. The first tournament was still far away, thought Sanada. If Sanada defeated Akaya enough times, then Yukimura will have no excuse to not put him in a singles match once the tennis season starts.

They were finally third years now and had authority over the other players in the club. The only thing Sanada had not been happy about was finding out yesterday, on the first day of school, that he was now the vice-captain, under Yukimura's direct command.

He had had a reason not to obey Yukimura the previous years. But now that Yukimura was captain, Sanada was sure he was in for living hell.

And now, although it was only the second practice of the school year, Sanada was already feeling his temper rising as he was forced yet again to train with Yanagi, playing doubles against Marui and Jackal.

"Doesn't it piss you off, Renji?" asked Sanada the next day in the school hallway. At least Yanagi was a good friend and a good player, so playing doubles together wasn't so bad. "You are a good player too. We should have a chance to play singles as well."

"I understand, Genichirou. But really, it's only the third day of class. I know tennis is your life, but can you at least give it a rest for a few minutes?" asked Yanagi.

"…I'm just angry."

"You're always angry, Genichirou." stated Yanagi. "Besides, if we do not play doubles, who will?"

"I dunno. Put Niou in with Akaya… no wait, that's a bad idea…" Sanada stopped to think. Their team was him, Yanagi, Yukimura, Marui, Jackal, Akaya and Niou. Marui and Jackal were already in doubles… and Yukimura would never agree to play doubles… hmm…

"You see, Yukimura is only thinking logically. We make a strong doubles team and Niou and Akaya have never lost a singles match either." said Yanagi. "Don't despair. Doubles is important as well, Genichirou."

The data player was right. Sanada huffed, still not happy that his friend was defending Yukimura. Unless Sanada or Yanagi played doubles with either Niou or Akaya, neither of them would get to be in singles.

"So, what are your goals for our last year in middle school, Genichirou?" asked Yanagi pleasantly. It was a bright and sunny day and Sanada should not be frowning so much. The vice-captain looked like he had aged twenty years since Yukimura became captain.

"My goal is to defeat Yukimura. This year for sure." said Sanada, determination in his voice as he clenched his fist.

Yanagi sighed. Well, so much for a change of topic.

"You know, Yukimura's not even that good of a player." continued Sanada. "He only wins because of that blasted technique… the Yips. If he didn't practically cheat by rendering his opponents unable to move, he would never win a match. Take away the Yips, and he's nothing."

"I know Genichirou. You told me that already." said Yanagi, already half listening. Really, Sanada talked way too much about someone he was supposed to hate.

"He thinks he's so great because he's the captain and has a fanclub. Who the hell even gave him a nickname like the Child of God? That's so idiotic and pointless and-"

"Sanada Genichirou!" came a haughty voice from behind the capped teen and Yanagi. They both turned around and came face to face with a male with glasses and perfectly placed straight brown hair.

"What is it, Yagyuu?" asked Sanada, knowing exactly what this was about.

"Your hat. It is prohibited to wear caps indoors. Take it off this instant before I confiscate it again and report you to the student council." said Yagyuu, pushing up his glasses.

Sanada sighed wryly and took off his hat. Yagyuu gave an approving nod and continued walking, probably patrolling the hallways for the student council.

That damn Yagyuu. Sanada was sure that the conceited and so-called gentleman was out to get him. It was not the first time this has happened. Yagyuu took every single chance he had to tell off Sanada for wearing his cap indoors. Why did the whole world have a problem with his cap?

"Genichirou, Yagyuu's just being fair to the rules. No need to glare holes into his back." chuckled Yanagi.

"Are defending all my enemies now?" asked Sanada wearily.

"No, but Yagyuu's a good and serious student. You two could get along if you tried."

"Over my dead body. He's an ass. Unless Yagyuu takes a sudden interest in tennis and joins the tennis team, thus giving me the ability to assign him laps…" Sanada smiled, liking this fantasy. Then, he imagined becoming the captain and assigning laps to Yukimura as well.

Sanada and Yanagi heard the first bell ring, signalling the end of their break. The two of them began walking back to class.

That's when Sanada's most hated person came into view.

Yukimura was there, with Akaya and Niou, hanging out around a windowsill. All three were laughing at whatever stupid joke had been said. Akaya and Niou both didn't like Sanada, just like how Yukimura disliked the vice-captain as well. It was probably a dislike they picked up from hanging around Yukimura so much. Of course, those three were being trailed by fangirls as usual.

Then, Akaya nudged Yukimura, pointing at Sanada. The bluenette turned around, locking eyes with the vice-captain.

"Oh my, Sanada! I almost didn't recognize you without your cap." Yukimura said, smiling pleasantly. It was a smile filled with fake sweetness. "I sincerely thought you had a bald spot under there. Although, at the rate you're going, you'll be reaching fifty in a few days. Baldness won't be far, so don't worry." Akaya and Niou snorted and high-fived a smug looking Yukimura.

Sanada scowled, making a mental note to give Akaya and Niou some laps later.

"Ignore them." muttered Yanagi.

Instead, Sanada stopped walking and engaged in a glaring contest with the bluenette. Yanagi shook his head.

"You think you're so great with your… sparkly blue hair and… your girly traits. Really, you could wear a dress and everyone would think you were a girl." said Sanada. Yanagi facepalmed, knowing that insulting Yukimura's masculinity would never work.

"Oh? Well this girly person beat you in tennis with a score of 6-0, so I don't think it's an issue. My appearances didn't give me the skills to defeat you, Sanada. Calling me a girl just means you are admitting to having lost to a girl." said Yukimura, walking away to his own class.

Yanagi pushed Sanada forward until they were a good distance away from Yukimura's classroom.

"Really, Genichirou. Yukimura only bugs you like that because you show reactions. Don't let it bother you and just ignore him." said Yanagi.

"But, that's- No! I'm not as dishonourable as to ignore him!" shouted Sanada.

"Then he'll continue doing it." stated Yanagi. "Really, you are both excellent players. I sure you can both get along if you tried."

"I did try! In second grade, I offered to share my cookies with him. It ended with my cap on the school roof." said Sanada, scowling again. Why did Yanagi think he could get along with anyone? It was so not true.

Yanagi rolled his eyes… or something like that, since his eyes were closed. "Come on, Genichirou. Class is starting." he said, pushing Sanada forward once again.

Stupid Yanagi and his stupid 'You can get along with anyone if you try to control your anger!' attitude.

Just because Yanagi had somehow managed to become friends with Akaya and most of the team didn't mean Sanada had to try too. Akaya hated his guts. The devil ace only took a liking to Yanagi because the data player tutored him in English once before.

Sanada continued looking angry; hitting the ball against the wall as hard as he could while still looking around to make sure no one was slacking off during practice.

And then Yukimura decided to walk over to his isolated corner. Sanada saw the bluenette from a distance and he turned around.

"What is it?" he asked rather rudely.

"I have to leave practice early." said Yukimura, not bothered at all by Sanada's tone. "I trust you can look after the team for an hour and close up the locker rooms without bringing total disaster and chaos to the school?"

"As course I can." snapped Sanada. "But wait, where are you going?"

"I have… an appointment." said Yukimura hesitantly. With that, he walked away. Sanada saw the bluenette grab his bags and exit the premises.

Hmph. Looks like Yukimura was as uncommitted as ever. Leaving early on their third day of practice? Really, what a slacker, thought Sanada.

"EVERYONE, DON'T BE A SLACKER LIKE YOUR TARUNDORU CAPTAIN! COME ON, MOVE FASTER! WORK HARDER!" Sanada shouted, immediately taking charge of the team.

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