Title: Forgotten Souls

Summary: After suffering from his abusive mother since he was five, Ryoma gains a small speck of hope when he hears the will be moving to Japan.

Warning: Darkish, Some swearing. NO Yaoi.

Pairings: Since its not Yaoi it will be another Friendship fic.



Forgotten Souls




"This is your fault!"

"This is all your fault!"


Ever since that day I had been told the same thing. Over and over, the loss, the hurt and the guilt replayed in my mind every time I heard those words. No matter what my brother did to comfort me, the words still stung deep down in my heart.

When my father died that was what I heard. When my brother died that was what I heard. I knew mentally my mother had broken, but my soul had died to long ago to care anymore. My will to move on and my strength...it was all gone. I began to live in fear. I began to hate life. I began to hate myself. At least when my brother was still alive, I was able to hold on to the tiny bit of faith I had. I was able to believe that everything would eventually be alright. But when he died my faith and strength to live on died with him.

I was empty. Living each day not caring what happened to me.

I had no one.

No one to trust.

No one to confide in.

No one to love.

I had nothing.

Soon I began wondering if I would spend my entire life this way. Suffering physically and mentally from that person. YES, that person. I had long ago stopped calling her mother. She didn't deserve that name anymore.

I lost hope that things would change. That was until I heard the news. The news that we would be moving. Moving back to Japan. Back to where my father grew up. Back to the place I could call home. But, would things really change? I didn't think so, but yet I knew deep down inside me a small spark of hope had been renewed.

How'd I do?


Anyway...thanks for Reading. I'll probaly have the next chapter out in a week.