Harry set off the next toy. It caused a black cloud to form over the grounds. Several aurors snickered when they realized what was coming next. It was to be a complex set of illusions that made it seem like a dragon was stalking the death eaters and Voldemort in the swamp. Voldemort had another dimension to his as a few of the larger spiders emerged to see what had caused the shaking underground. They blamed the change in their nest on Voldemort and added to the image of the chasing dragon. Blocks along the swamps edge didn't allow any of the villains to leave they were just sent in a large circle ending back where they started. After one loop the dragon stopped chasing and disappeared. Many of the death eaters were giving up scared of what was happening to them.

Harry let him rest for a moment and called down, "Ready for some remorse yet?" The only answer was a killing curse sent his way, "Guess not. On to the next stage."

"Why don't you fight face to face." Voldemort screamed, "Are you too much of a coward to face me?"

"No I'm just warming up." Harry said, "In my life I have learned to fight smarter not harder."

"Then you have no hope to beat me." Voldemort laughed, "No one has more knowledge than I."

"Not more just different." Harry corrected. He changed into a panther and began to stalk his pray. He made sure to rustle the underbrush in a few places and emit a few low growls.

"Another illusion of a hunt?" Voldemort sneered, "Do you think I'll fall for the same trick twice?"

Harry silently jumped and landed on the man biting into his wand arm as he raced by. Back under cover he changed back into a human and used a silent augment to clear his mouth of the vile taste of the man. Luckily Harry was immune to the venom that flowed in the man's blood having created and anti venom once he knew the charms used on Nagini, however that didn't make it taste any better. The next time Harry drew blood it was in the form of a grizzle bear. A swipe from his claws opened up Voldemorts side and blood poured out. But that form was too slow and Voldemort's killing curse hit his back. Harry was thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious from the blow. Voldemort didn't escape the returning killing curse any better than the first time and he slumped to the ground. Screams of pain filled the night as others realized Voldemort had been defeated.

Death eaters fell to the ground writhing in pain and screaming out their agony. Aurors stunned some others died from it before they could be reached. Sirius, Remus and Firenze ran toward the spot they knew Harry was supposed to be. If he were injured they would need to beat the spiders to him. When they reached the new swamp they started breaking the spells that had created it. When they found him Harry was still unconscious but alive and in human form. Voldemort's body lay not more than ten feet away. Remus carefully approached and checked for signs of life. Finding none he grabbed the back of the robes and pulled him across the clearing roughly.

"Put Harry on my back." Firenze instructed, "He needs your healer."

They did so and Sirius transformed into his dog and ran alongside the centaur. Remus levitated Voldemorts body and hurried behind them. Centaurs flanked him as he made his way through. All had their bows ready in case of an attack. He emerged twenty minutes later to find Harry sitting up against Hagrid's cabin.

"Alright there Harry?" Remus called. A weak wave was his only response. Amelia, Albus and Severus met him as he reached the cabin.

"I plan on having a bonfire with his body tonight so do whatever you need to, but leave the body here." Harry stated wearily, "It is always best to properly dispose of a rabid animal."

They were ready to argue when Hagrid and several centaurs left the forest with logs in their arms. They immediately set about making a spot to set the fire. It was odd to see so many centaurs outside their domain. But when Firenze approached with an elderly centaur the rest stared in awe.

"Harry Potter." Firenze called. When he saw Harry trying to stand he smiled, "Remain where you are young one. You have accomplished much tonight and need rest."

"This is true Firenze. How are you Master Stargazer?" Harry fell back to his instruction in Canada when he was faced with an elder of the heard.

"I am truly fine Harry Potter. My name is Crestar. I want to thank you for defending our home on so many occasions." he stated in a gravelly voice that truly denoted his age, "This was not the first and I don't foresee it to be the last."

"I always try to help my friends." Harry replied.

"May your stars be bright and plentiful." the centaur turned to go.

"May they always guide you safely and keep your path true." Harry responded in the proper centaur fashion.

"Yes we will be seeing more of you young one." Harry heard as the centaur disappeared into the forest.

***France ***

"Ginny it is over." Fleur cried as she ran towards the girl, "It is over and Harry has won! Bill said he is fine just very tired."

"When are they sending us home?" she demanded.

"Soon." Fleur smiled, "But the teachers require rest and healing tonight. You will all be sent home tomorrow at the latest."

"Do we have to wait?" Hermione grumbled, "I want to see Harry and give him a piece of my mind."

"But no you cannot be angry with him." Fleur shook her head, "He kept you safe."

"We should have been there helping him." Ginny frowned, "How dare he send us."

"Calm yourself." Fleur reprimanded, "Do you think your mother would have let you stay? Even if Harry had asked for you she would have refused unless it couldn't be done without you. And what of the Minister? Do you think Minister Bones would have let you fight? You are under aged."

"I'm not." Hermione huffed.

"But not adult if you're still able to sulk like this." Fleur smiled, "Beside older students than all of you were sent here too. No one was given a choice. Least of all Harry."

Ginny sank to her knees and broke down, "Is he really ok?"

Fleur sat beside her and pulled her into a hug, "He is très magnifique. No injuries thanks to your brothers."

"Which ones?" Ron asked.

"The twins." she answered.

"Twice in one day." Ron grumbled, "That was my idea too."

"They know." Fleur grinned at the young man, "He told Dumbledore about your conversation and what he thought should be done. It worked very well."

"What happened." Ginny mumbled from Fleur's arms.

"There was a distraction attack on Diagon Alley first. The twins set a trap so that no Aurors would be needed there." Fleur told them what she knew of the plan. She explained how she had been waiting at the floo in the Headmistress' office during the fighting. Her future husband and family was fighting as well as several of her dearest friends. When his call had come in he asked her to let the four of them know Harry was fine and Voldemort was dead.

"Do you know anything of the fight?" Neville asked.

"Only that the twins toys were showcased and it turned out to be very entertaining." Fleur grinned, "I can't wait for the whole story. I'll be returning with you to the school."

Ginny was still pacing as everyone was encouraged to climb into the sleeping bags they had been provided. Fleur found her and stopped her, "You need your rest."

"How can I sleep knowing Harry's probably injured?" Ginny asked, "What if they're just saying he's fine so I don't worry?"

"Come with me." Fleur put her arm around Ginny's shoulder and led her away. Hermione, Neville and Ron watched them go. They stopped at a door some way from the hall they were staying in and Fleur knocked. A voice called them in and Fleur led the way.

"Pardon Headmistress." Fleur spoke to the large woman in French, "May we use your fire?"

"But of course." she replied as she got up to leave them in private, "Tell Bill I said hello."

Fleur made the call to Bill and told him Ginny's problem. He told her to stay in the office and he'd get Harry. It seemed like hours before Bill's patronus flew into the room and said, "Call now."

Ginny stuck her head into the fire and called, "Hogwarts, Headmaster's office." The sensation of spinning made her close her eyes. When it stopped Harry was sitting in a chair across from her, "You're alright?"

"I am for now." Harry left the chair and sat closer to the fire, "Are you going to kill me when you get back?"

"No." Ginny grinned, "I may put you in pain for a bit though."

"Do you hate me for sending you off with the others?" he asked cautiously.

"I was very angry at first." Ginny admitted, "But Fleur made me realize that even if you had wanted me to stay none of the others would have let me. It does help that you sent Ron too."

"I bet he's upset." Harry ducked his head.

"More upset that you stole his ideas. When Fleur told him that everyone knew they were his ideas then he was fine. Still wanted to be there fighting with you but not as bad." Ginny smiled softly, "You'll tell me everything when we get there tomorrow?"

"Yes." Harry agreed, "Hermione, Neville and Ron too. I'm sure they'll have a thing or five to yell at me."

"Don't worry too much." Ginny offered, "Fleur did a lot of damage control for you. What did you do to get on her good side?"

"Bill was trying to get her to go to France with you all and she was trying to refuse." Harry grinned, "He told her it would be safer for our side if she would leave. A beautiful Veela such as her could prove to be a fatal distraction for the men. When that didn't work I told her I needed her to watch over you for me. You are too smart for your own good and would try to come back if you could get away. I told her you are the most precious person in my life and I couldn't live if something happened to you."

"Really." Ginny said doubtfully.

"The truth always helps sway the good at heart." Harry smiled gently, "She can recognize true love when she sees it. Veela have a knack for knowing about love things."

"Love?" Ginny was feeling a bit breathless.

"Yes love." Harry was almost whispering, "Remember when I told you about the dream when I chose to stay as a human?"

"Yes." Ginny was confused at the change in topic.

"In the dream she told me a female was calling to my heart. I decided to follow my heart and it led me to you." Harry was still talking softly, "I didn't regret it then, I don't regret it now and I will never regret it in the future. You are my life mate and I won't live without you. I love you."

"I love you too." Ginny replied. Harry yawned and she said, "I guess you need some more sleep?"

"I haven't been to sleep yet." He replied, "I'm tired but I needed to dispose of the body first." Ginny looked bewildered so he explained, "I insisted on burning Voldemorts body. It's the proper disposal for a rabid animal and I think he deserved no better. I also didn't want anyone to steal it."

"Alright go to bed. I should see you in the morning sometime." Ginny said.

"You should too." Harry replied, "I want you to be awake when I see you."

Back in France Ginny threw her arms around Fleur, "He loves me."

"This I could see with my eyes shut." Fleur said, "As I can see the love you return to him. Shall we tell the other three so you can all sleep well?"

"Fine." Ginny allowed herself to be led back to the hall.

"What did he say?" Hermione asked when she returned.

"Who?" Ginny tried to play dumb.

"We know you went to talk to Harry." Ron said, "So what happened."

"He's fine just tired." she replied evasively.

"Ginny." Neville pushed her arm lightly.

"Fine, all he really said was that they burned Voldemorts body so no one could steal it." she gave in.

"But you were gone for an hour." Ron said, "He had to have said more than that."

"Most of the time we were waiting on them to find him and bring him to the Headmaster's office." Fleur pointed out, "She really only got to talk for a few moments."

"Basically I wanted to know if he was alive and well." Ginny said, "He is fine, just tired. He was going to go to bed and said he would see us in the morning. He was too tired to talk much tonight and he said he would tell us the whole story later. He was concerned that we would hate him for sending us here. I told him we didn't hate him and that we were only mad until Fleur set us straight."

Harry was thoroughly enjoying himself. Every Christmas in Canada Merlin would teach Harry a fun spell as his present. But that was all he had known of the Holiday. Christmas at the Burrow totally blew him away. Sirius had helped him buy all the gifts he was giving out. He hadn't realized he would be getting gifts too. They really hadn't explained the holiday well. He decided then and there to ask Ginny what other holidays he should know about. So late on Christmas evening as everyone was nodding off in their chairs he got to ask his question.

"I need to know something." he started quietly so as not to scare anyone, "Birthdays and Christmas are gift holidays. Halloween is a food holiday. Are there any other ones I should be aware of?"

"New years." Ron said. Harry indicated for him to explain, "January first is the first day of the new year. We stay up till midnight on December thirty first and ring in the new year."

"Any gifts or traditions?" Harry asked.

"Countdown to midnight, the last ten seconds anyway." Fred offered.

"Kissing." Ginny added.

"What's this?" Harry perked up.

"You're supposed to kiss your sweetheart at the stroke of midnight." Arthur explained, "Start the new year out right."

"Ok that's just next week right?" he asked.

"Yes." Ginny answered, "The next holiday you'll like too. It's Valentine's day in February. You buy your sweetheart a present and profess your undying love."

"Ginny." Molly scolded then explained to Harry, "Presents are correct but professing love depends on the couple and the true feelings they have for each other."

"Got it I have to remember to profess my undying love." Harry kissed Ginny's head, "What kind of presents?"

"Hermione can explain it to you." Ron said, "Then would you tell me so we'll both know?"

Soft chuckles filled the room. Ginny sighed, "I think that's all the important ones really. Except Easter when you get chocolate."

"You're forgetting the most important day of the entire year." George gasped.

"How could you forget?" Fred asked.

"Right, I was going to skip that one." Ginny shrugged, "It's not that big of a deal."

"You're killing us." Fred grabbed his heart dramatically.

"The one she's leaving out is April first." George filled Harry in, "It's the pranksters holiday."

"April fool's day." Harry nodded, "That one I do know about. Figures you two would like it."

"LIKE IT." George bellowed frowning.

"WE LOVE IT." Fred completed grinning mischievously.

"It's worse." Bill interrupted, "It's their birthday too."

Harry almost fell out of his chair laughing. Once he gained control enough to talk he said, "Such a horrible trick to play on your Mum. The imps replaced her babies with two of their own."

"Should we take that as an insult brother mine?" George asked.

"Absolutely not." Fred replied with false stuffiness, "We are imps."

"Right I forgot." George said.

"Anyone who can prank two hundred death eaters in one evening has to be an imp." Harry stated, "That was almost as much fun as the Polar Bear incident."

"Do tell." George asked, "It sounds thrilling."

"This incident is that made me think my animagus ability stems from the metamorph." Harry said to Tonks who was now engaged to Remus. He had asked her that morning, "I ran across a hunter out on the ice fields in Alaska. I first smelled his dog sled and followed it. I was tracking him for a two days, for some odd reason his sled was just all over the place. Normally they head one direction angled to where they want to go and they only deviate for obstacles. This guy would go a half mile east then two thirds north and the half a mile back west. He wasn't tracking any animals it was like he was just wandering around. But you DON'T wander around on the ice fields unless you're just wanting to die."

"What was wrong with him?" Fred asked.

"When I found him I just had to stop and stare." Harry chuckled, "He was drunk. Normally a sled is packed with food, water and hunting gear. All he had was alcohol and one gun. He was trying to hunt polar bears but it was out of season they weren't even awake yet. So he's drunkenly shooting here and there yelling for the polar bears to come out and play when I walk up to him."

"Shooting spells?" Sirius asked.

"The gun." Harry said, "Muggle weapon that shoots a metal bullet. It kills quickly but not painlessly."

"Could you have been hurt?"Arthur asked.

"If he'd have been a good shot yes but he was trying to shoot at imaginary polar bears on the ice and the only thing in danger were the clouds." Harry chuckled, "I snuck up on him and changed into a polar bear. Then in a normal human voice I asked him. What are you shooting at? He turned his head to look at me and had to look up at a polar bear standing on its hind legs. I was about ten foot tall in that form. I looked down at him and said I don't see anything so what are you shooting at? He fainted on the spot."

Everyone erupted in laughter. Tears were rolling down faces and bodies were rolling on the floor. It took forever for them to calm down. Finally Molly dried her eyes and asked, "What happened after that?"

"Changed back into my human form and loaded him onto the sled." Harry grinned, "I took him to the closest settlement and dropped him off with the law enforcement. I told them I'd found him trying to hunt drunk and I'd walked up to him and asked him what he was shooting at and he'd fainted. I of course left out the fact that I was a talking polar bear and all that. Couldn't have them thinking I was crazy. It was bad enough that I was out that time of year. He would have died had I not followed him."

"Didn't they question such a young boy out alone like that?" Molly asked.

"I looked like a native adult." Harry said, "I am a metamorph."

"Of course." Molly shook her head, "I'd forgotten, how silly of me."