Meeting The Jellicles

Chapter 1 -Reprise

A Little Shop of Horrors and CATS Collaboration by Showtunediva and SummerRose12

Notes: Reprise is currently a working title of this fic and is already a title for my first Glee fan fiction. If you have any better suggestions for a title for this pm me or Summerrose12. Neither of us own rights to characters from CATS or Little Shop of Horrors. Enjoy.

Setting: The first chapter is set at the Long Island karaoke bar where Seymour proposes to Audrey in my fic Epilogue To The Three Matchmakers. Other chapters will be set in subsequent areas in Long Island or New York City and may or may not include characters from Annie Get Your Gun, Oklahoma and Guys and Dolls. Use of characters from other musicals aside from Little Shop and CATS will be determined at collaborator's discretion.

Seymour couldn't believe how quickly a year had flown by. He couldn't be happier to be married to such a wonderful woman like Audrey and that they were surrounded by Audrey's family and their close friends. They were truly blessed. He and Audrey decided to celebrate their one year anniversary and the same karaoke bar where Seymour had proposed to her after having a lovely dinner of veal parmesan at home.

Audrey and Seymour slid into a corner booth, ordered their drinks and looked over the list of song choices. "Any ideas what you are going to sing?" Audrey asked her husband.

"No idea yet. There are so many options. How about you?"

"Definitely I Will Survive haven't decided on my second song yet."

"That's a great song to start off with." Seymour grinned at his wife.

"Mind if we join you?"

Seymour and Audrey looked up from their song books to see two cats staring back at them."

"No problem at all." "Who might you be?" Audrey asked

The orange tabby smiled " I'm Demeter and this is my boyfriend Musketrap. We're in town for the weekend visiting our friends Alonzo and Bustopher Jones."

"Are they here with you?" Seymour asked

"No, they're not really into singing so they're at a dance club down town."

Seymour scooted in so Musketrap could sit next to him. Demeter slid in next to Audrey.

"How long have you guys lived on Long Island?" Demeter asked

" Almost two years. We used to live in the really crummy part of Manhatten but we moved up her for a change of pace. We've been married for a year." Audrey explained