Life is short, so don't run across the street

Meeting The Jellicles Chapter 4

Claudia loved hanging out with their new friends. They let her design the sets even taught her the tricks which she so discovered she was very flexable. She soon discovered she ran out of paint while painting a backdrop so she told her cousins (yeah she thinks of Audry as her cousin too) that she was running out to get some and that she would be right back. She went to the store and found the colors she needs (plus some) and was walking back. She stopped at the crosswalk and looked left and right (twice) before starting to crosss. She stopped at people shouting and turned to see a drunk driver racing toward her. She tried to move out of the way in time but a loud SCREECH was the last thing she heard before she felt a tremendous weight went over her body and her world went black. The paint she had brought rolled across the street but people didn't care aobut that they were gathering around the dead girl praying she was all right

Note: EmilyGrayson05 has taken over collaborating on this story with me since I have not been able to get in touch with Summerrose12 for several months. This explains why it has taken so long to add a new chapter to this story. Thanks to EmilyGrayson05 for stepping up. We own no characters from Little Shop or CATS Hope you are all enjoying this story.