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The Things that Come

"Happy Anniversary," he said looking deep into my eyes while picking up his glass of champagne. I followed his action, clinking them together.

"Happy Anniversary, honey." I said back leaning over to give him a quick kiss before I took a drink from my glass.

We were out to eat for our fifth wedding anniversary. Edward had gone all out, taking me out to my favorite restaurant downtown and surprising me with jewelry, lilies, and the most expensive bottle of champagne the already too pricey restaurant offered.

In the past we never made our anniversaries a big deal, but I think he was sucking up. Tomorrow was actually the real date of it but he had to fly out after work that day for a business trip.

We were finished eating and basically just sitting next to each other, staring into each other's eyes. I still had times that I would be at loss of breath when I looked at him.

Tonight he was dressed in one of his nice black suits with a blue and green tie that accented his beautiful eyes and his hair; his dirty blond hair. When he had his hair a perfect mess it only made me want to run my hands through it more than usual. My eyes went down to his lips; the lips that always seemed to match mine perfectly. I wished I could sit here and kiss them for hours.

Watching him, I could tell with his now wandering eyes, that he was taking me in as much as I was him. I decided to let him know that our minds were on the same path as I slipped my foot out of one of my heels and set it on top of his slowly, then slid it up his pant leg. Either my foot was cold or I surprised him because he flinched and got a look of shock on his face.

"Bella?" he questioned as he slid a hand down onto my lower thigh, squeezing it.

"Yes?" I asked trying to act as innocent as I could while I scooted my chair closer to him, now able to touch as much of him as I wanted.

His hand continued to grip my thigh, turning me on with the force he was using as he moved up an inch with each handful of leg. I dropped my right hand onto his leg, slowly creeping it upwards towards the nudging bulge in his pants that was beginning to grow. He brought his head over to mine, his breath going down my neck sending shivers throughout my entire body. Feeling my reaction he tilted his head to my ear bringing his mouth to it and letting his tongue begin to trace it.

I now had my hand fully on him, rubbing consistently making him harder. However I was a bit frozen from the movement of his tongue.

He stopped, putting his lips to my ear, "You might want to calm down there ma'am," he whispered gripping my thigh once more really hard before pulling away from me.

I gasped in astonishment of his self control. As the waiter went by, Edward stopped him asking for the check, which thankfully the waiter already had with him.

Edward slipped cash on the table and stood up adjusting himself. After, he pulled my chair out for me. As I watched him I noticed the fire still burning in his eyes. Grabbing my jacket, he opened it for me to slip my arms into the sleeves. Slipping it up over my shoulders he leaned halfway around me giving me a long kiss on my neck as I pulled my hair out from the back of the jacket.

Putting his arms around my waist he led me out to the lobby of the restaurant which then led us to see the down pour awaiting us outside.

Edward led me out into the wet night. Almost instantly I had water dripping from my eyelashes running down my cheeks. Bringing my hands in front of me to catch water in my palms, I began giggling and spinning around.

I noticed Edward standing still, watching me with his sexy slanted smile.

I stopped and slowly made my way to him. He reached his hand out and when I took it, he pulled me to him. I wrapped my arms around his waist looking up at him letting the rain fall straight down onto my face.

He smiled at me slowly bringing his lips down to mine. Gradually he added more and more force, re-sparking the fire we had just moments ago inside. I led my hand further up his back pressing my body closer to him.

His right hand came up brushing my hair behind my ear and grabbing a handful as he forced his tongue into my mouth. Closing every possible inch between us, I pushed my hips into his thighs allowing me to feel him on my lower stomach.

Edward's other hand was roughly gripping my dress. I knew we were probably not going to be able to make it home by the time we started ripping off clothes.

I pulled my head away from his to come out for air and I saw it on his face and felt it on my stomach. Edward wanted me, he wanted it now.

Looking around to see if we could be able to make it to the car, my ear got bit, stunning me. The bite turned into a kiss which trail from my ear, to my chin, down to my neck, and finally to my collar bone.

"Now." I heard him say.

I managed to nod my head in agreement.

Slowly releasing me, Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the front of the restaurant.

After a few steps we turn down a dark alley way that brought us towards the back of the restaurant. Against one of the brick walls there was a pile of boxes and crates. Pulling me around them, Edward threw me up against the hard wall.

Stunned, my jaw dropped giving him easy access to shove his tongue into my mouth, massaging mine with his. Reaching up I took two fist full's of his hair pulling his head closer.

He brought his body up to mine and pinned me against the wall.

Edward then began kissing down my neck again. I pulled my leg up and wrapped it around his hip. He then took my other leg with his hand lifting me all the way up. As I kept my legs wrapped around his, he began pulling up on my dress. When it was up, exposing all of my legs he pressed himself to my body, allowing me to feel how hard he had become.

I began un-buttoning his shirt rubbing my hand on his chest and kissing him everywhere. In between my legs began to tingle as his hand met me and began rubbing. Reaching around my panties Edward inserted two fingers while playing with my clit.

Unable to hold it back, a moan escaped my mouth.

One leg at a time Edward took my panties off. While using his hand more, I began squirming and getting louder, ready to feel him inside of me.

Suddenly his hand covers my mouth and presses himself up against me.

Two kitchen members come outside and set boxes and bags into a back dumpster. They stood there for a few minutes talking, the rain muzzling their voices. While they are talking Edward continued to make circular motions with his hand, making it hard for me to not make any noise.

Finally the two men went back inside.

Edward stood up straight again and I took my hand down to his belt unable to wait any longer, needing it right away. Once his belt was undone he allows me to pull is pants down some in order to pull him all the way out.

Kissing him I took his cock in my hand and insert him into me. This time a moan came from him. Slowly he began moving his hips back and forth.

Biting my lip I can't help but tip my head back, allowing the rain to wash the sweat from my face.

"Fuck, baby you feel so good tonight." he whispers in my ear.

I began thrusting my hips towards him helping him to go deeper. Becoming in sync with each other we start going faster and faster.

"Edward. Oh my God. Oohh. Edward baby!"

"Bella. Shit," he says as he pulls a handful of my hair releasing another giant moan turning him on even more. Which makes him thrust harder and deeper, banging me against the wall

Keeping my left leg around him he reaches under my right and lifts it up more as he shifts his body. Feeling him so far inside me I reach up the back of his shirt, which is soaking wet, clawing my nail into him.

His mouth came back to mine, kissing me so hard my lips were beginning to swell. Edward pounds faster signaling he's almost ready to climax. My body reacts and began tingling everywhere.

Losing control slowly, I began touching every part of him in reach. Speeding up again he let out a groan and slowly, we both were moaning. My body lost all control as my toes clenched and I let out one last scream, cumming; losing all energy and strength in my body.

He thrust in me twice more before he grunted in my ear, indicating he had finished.

Unable to talk he continues holding me against the wall as we try to catch our breath. I lay my head back on the brick trying to get my breathing back to normal. Edward continues to slowly kiss me all over. When we were breathing normally, he puts me down. Staring down at me he kisses me on my cheek and grabs my hand to take me to the car. We were both soaked from the rain and sweat and I know a shower is going to be a given when we get home.