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*11 Years ago*

Coming home from spending the night at Edward's house, for the first time, I really took a look at it. It suddenly seemed so plain. There were white walls in every room but the red kitchen. Tan furniture in the family room and brown leather in the living room. We had beautiful things in our house but nothing seemed to have the glow like it did at his house.

I walked through the living room back towards the family room. I found my mom sitting on the couch with Charlie and Alice rocking in the recliner. The TV was on but no one was watching.

"Hi." I said sitting my bag on the dining room table. I looked at Alice who was biting her bottom lip with an apologetic look.

I tried to keep a normal look on my face as I went and sat on the arm of the love seat.

"What's up?" I asked in an upbeat tone trying to ease the tension of anger and wonder that was filling the room.

"And where have you been young lady?" my mom questioned me.


"I was not feeling good so I stayed at a friend's house last night. They wanted to go home anyway so I went with them." I was not telling a total lie. I really was not feeling well last night and I did go and stay with a friend.

"Who?" Alice asked.


"Rachel's" I answered quickly while giving her the shut the hell up look. She sucked both her lips in, keeping her eyes on me with a smirk on her face letting me know that she knew that I was lying.

The High School party scene never really appealed to Rachel much and she hardly ever made an appearance at one. My parents knew that but what Alice knew and that they did not was that Rachel was not there last night.

"And you did not think to call?" Charlie asked.

"Well my phone died and it was late. I was not sure if you were home yet or in bed." At least that was only a semi-lie.

My parents looked at each other smiling with their eyes and then looked back at me. I did not need an explanation to the looks they gave each other at the mention of last night.

"Okay," Mom said.


She nodded her head.

Wow, that turned out being easier than I thought it was going to be. I was expecting to get bombarded with questions. Before they could think of anything else I took my chance to get out.

"Come on Al, I need to unpack and charge my phone."

"Okie dokie," she jumped up from the chair and followed me out of the room.

"Oh hey girls," mom yelled behind us. "Don't forget about dinner at the club tonight. We are going in a few hours so please look nice tonight."

I looked back to Alice who twitched her eyebrows at me grinning. The Country Club was her favorite place to eat. My parents went there often, usually alone, but whenever they took me they made sure to invite her.

Walking up the stairs I debated whether or not I should tell her about all of last night's events. I knew though that I was going to have to tell her because as soon as we got in my room she walked to my bed sitting down with her arms folded waiting for me to talk.

Without looking at her I plugged my phone into my charger and went to sit by her. I grabbed a pillow, took a deep breath and buried my face into it. When I was with Edward it was easy not to think about everything. My mind had been occupied. I had learned quite a bit about him; his interest in cars, fishing, and sports. His parents had season tickets to Washington Basketball and he was excited about making all the trips to see the home games. WDub was also where he hoped to attend college. His birthday had just past so he was already eighteen and his parents had given him the SUV has a birthday present.

At his old house he used to have a dog named Ralph that died last year. He also had an ex-girlfriend that he had been with for over a year. I avoided talking about that too long. He saw my resistance on the topic.

"I ended it. I just could not be in a relationship like that one anymore. In the beginning it was really good. When we first started dating she was extremely shy but still such a fun person. The longer we dated the more friends she got and her personality began shifting. After a while the fun was gone. We barely talked and she started becoming this shallow person and I was just another one of her accessories," he had explained.

"So?" I heard Alice's voice.

"What?" I looked up at her dazed, laying my head on the pillow.

"Where did you stay last night?" She said tugging the pillow away from me.

Looking around my room I studied how different it was compared to any room at the Cullen's. My TV, which now looked a lot smaller to me, was on a shelf that held all my favorite books. My room seemed childish with the bright pink color, which I always loved, on my walls. There was a relief and calmness that had begun settling in me since I got home and being in my room relaxed me even more.

Lily was beginning to fidget in impatience so I finally answered her, "Edward's."

"Edward Cullen!" She yelled so loud it startled me. I jumped over to her and put my hand over her mouth.


"Sorry," she mumbled under my hand.

We both sat back up and I grabbed another pillow to wrap my body around.

"Edward Cullen?" she whispered.

"Yes." I nodded my head.

"How the heck did that happen? I mean don't get me wrong anyone would love to have a sleep over with him. But what!" She stood up and crossed the room. I started chewing on my thumbnail waiting to see if she was done. "Well?" She impatiently asked.

I took another deep breath and looked to the floor, trying to pinch the hairs of the white carpet with my toes. I let one giant sigh out before responding. "Lil, James attacked me last night."

"Attacked you?" She looked confused.

I nodded. "Yeah. After I went outside he followed me."

"Bella, oh my gosh. I am so sorry." She came over and hugged me to her. "Did he-"

I cut her off and sat up. "No. He tried but Edward came out and stopped him." I looked at her with my lips pressed together.

"Oh my gosh," She slouched down. "I knew I should have gone out with you."

Thinking back to her activities at that time during the night, there was no way she would have taken a break just to accompany me outside for my quick release of the forced down shot I had taken. If she had come she would have complained the whole time about me having a weak stomach.

"It's okay."

"So you're okay right?" she looked worried.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"So what all happened?" she asked me. With that I told her everything from getting sick to being pinned on the bench, then how Edward stepped in to stop him. And then how we saw my parents which was why he let me stay over at his house.

"So now about Edward," she straightened herself up. "How did all that go? Spending the night with him and half of today?" I laughed at her.

One of my favorite similarities that Alice and I share is that we both hate sad, tense, and awkward situations. We always did whatever we could to lighten the mood in those moments and move on to more joyful topics.

By the time I finished telling her about my time with Edward and answered her five thousand questions it was time to get ready for dinner.

Esme's shirt was dressy enough for the club so I changed into a skirt and heals. Alice suggested that I never returned the shirt since she thought that I looked so good in it but there was no way I was going to agree to that

We were about halfway through dinner when my phone went off. I jumped quickly to grab it in excitement. Luckily my parents were so involved in their discussion about a case of Charlie's that did not care that I was getting on my phone.

It was a text from Edward:

"How are you?"

I quickly responded:

"Great, you?"

Within minutes he replied:

"Fine. What are you doing?"

I looked at my parents who were still oblivious to my texting.

"At dinner with my parents and Al."

"I just got done eating. I don't think I am going to be able to move of a few days."

"Well I'll let you know what you miss."

"I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I had fun hanging out with you."

I looked up from my phone making sure no one saw how red my face was. My parents were talking to people from another table and Alice was now on her phone.

"Me too."

He and I texted all the way through dinner up until I finally fell into a deep dreamless sleep actually excited for school the next day to see him again.

This first half of school went by slower than I ever thought possible. I was constantly on the lookout for James but never saw him. Rachel had mentioned that he was not in class. So the question lingering in my head all day was if Edward's parents actually had talked to his. By lunch I was at ease about seeing Edward. Alice had it confirmed by a teacher that he was not at school.

Now my stomach was turning with the nerves about seeing Edward soon.

I spotted him after I left the lunchroom as I was heading towards my fourth hour. He was standing by the main entrance to the commons area and was dressed in dark blue jeans and a button up pink shirt. My heart stopped for a minute. The vision of him in pink with his tan was an image; fried in my brain forever.

When Edward saw me his face beamed. It was if he had been as excited to see me, as I was to see him.

"I have an invitation for you," he said when I made it over to him. I looked at him curiously. "My mom wants you to come over next Sunday for dinner."

"Okay." I smiled, more than willing to go to hang out at his house some more.

"But before that," he paused, turning starting to walk in the direction of our class. "I was wondering if you would want to do something on Friday night."

"Like a date?"

"Yes…if you would like it to be a date."

"Yes!" I said a little too loud and a bit too quickly.

"Okay," he laughed at me. As the blush rushed to my face I tried to laugh with him to hide it.

Butterflies were filling my stomach. Earlier in the day I had wanted to ask him about James and I anything had happened but now I did not want to kill the excitement buzz I was currently going through. Unfortunately he did that for me.

"So, my mom talked to James's parents." We were almost to class and he slowed his walking.

All the feelings of happiness were pushed out.

"And?" I looked down at the floor.

"That's why he is not here."

Shocked, I looked back up. "What? Why would they keep him home? Is he trying to make this all about him like he is the victim or something?" I was beginning to get myself worked up.

Edward grabbed my arm and pulled me to a stop, turning me to face him.

"Bella." He looked down into my eyes. "They're making him go get help."

"Really? Why?" I know that some people went to talk to someone professionals when they had problems or wanted to talk about this. But I would have never guessed that his parents would do something this extreme for a first time incidence. They always tried seeing the best in James and it was hard to believe that they would cave so easily to do something so quickly. Edward noticed the confusion on my face.

"His parents are worried. You did not see him this summer. He was really out of control; partying almost every night. Out till the early morning and sleeping all day. Doing only Lord knows what with whom. He even got in a few bad fights. This was the last straw for them." He was talking a low caring voice; obviously not wanting anyone to overhear.

"When does he get back?" I looked up admiring all his facial features. His hair. His chin. Those deeply glorious eyes. Butterflies still streaming my entire body from how close we were.

"Tomorrow, I believe."

"He's not going to be very happy." I was actually positive that he was going to be radiating with fury. James was always good at doing things against his parents will to get back at them. The thought of what he might do now scared me to death.

"No he won't." He again saw all my feelings that must have been displaying on my face because he grabbed me and pulled me in a tight embrace. "You don't have to worry. He's not going to do anything to you. You know I won't let him." The fear drifted away but was now replaced with embarrassment as soon as Jessica walked by.

"What the hell? When did this happen?" she yelled.

I laughed and stepped away from him turning towards Jessica who was smugly biting her lips. She stood there with her hand on her tiny little hips and her brown her was falling in her face as she gawked at us.

I just shook my head at her and walked into the classroom. Lucky for me Mrs. Williams had stacks of papers that needed grading so I was able to keep my mind busy for the most part.

When my mind did wander thoughts of James coming back to school the next day was all I was able to think of. The uneasy feeling was back but much worse. Earlier in the day I thought he was going to be mad about Saturday night. It was going to be much worse than that now. His parents were making him go see someone about it, and with his parents knowing about what happened meant that James or I told someone.

James has a past reputation of his bad anger and bullying when he was angry. He had never been like that toward me but I now had the fear that he might start now. He was big headed enough that whatever he was being made do today was not going to change his mind about any actions he has thought about taking against this situation or Edward and I.

I was now thinking about faking sick tonight so I could stay home from school for a few days. However, I if I did that it would leave Edward alone to face James. I did not want to do that.

I looked up from the papers I was working on and over to Edward. He was watching me. He smiling and winked.

How he had such power over me, I will never know. Just looking at him was making my head spin. The thoughts of having another night to be alone with him made me want to pass out. All thoughts of James vanished and they all focused on Friday night. I look a deep breath to calm myself down from my over whelming happiness I got around him and how much I wanted to spend time with him.

Four more days.

What will we do? Where is he going to take me? What on earth am I going to wear? With that question coming up, I figured that Lily would defiantly want to take a quick trip to the mall one night this week. When we would go shopping it was as if she got a high picking out clothes for me. I did not complain because it made it that much easier for me.

My biggest problem now was just making it through the week.

The next day at school I found Edward outside talking to Alice. She was all worked up about something. I had one guess. When I told her about him asking me out she was almost as giggly as I was about it.

Once they caught a glance of me approaching they stopping their conversation and watched me.

"Morning." I greeted them.

"Hi." Alice hugged me.

When I backed up Edward grabbed me and hugged me as well. Shocked, I froze and Alice giggled

"James is not here yet." Edward whispered in my ear.

Thanks for the reminder.

I was on the lookout all day for him to show up but he never did.

The next day started the same. Edward was waiting for me to tell me that James was not there that day either. I was actually starting to get worried about what was actually going on. The next morning we finally learned something.

"Hello." Edward said coming in to hug me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. I was getting used to the hugs but now the kiss startled me. My heart sped up to an increasing rate that I thought that at any moment it would stop.

"Hi," I pushed out.

"Morning." We started to walk into the school. "So," he hesitated. "My mom talked to James's mom this morning." He looked down at me.

My mind started going wild at the possibilities of what that conversation could have involved. But what I was worried about the most was the day that he will be back. Today? Tomorrow? Monday? Edward interrupted my thoughts and worries.

"They sent him to rehab."

"Rehab?" That was the last thing that I would have thought was done with him. "Why?"

"Well after talking with a few people it was decided that it was the best thing for him. He was starting to have a real problem and they are hoping that getting him sober will put him back on track. They are letting him home school from there and when the course is complete he can return back to school. He is going to some facility out of state where he can focus on the recovery."

"How long is it for?"

"I think it's some program that last month."

I was not sure if that would do anything but the best that I could do was hope for a good outcome. If James really was as bad as Edward said he was over the summer then maybe it is what was best for him. Maybe he really could get better and go back to the old James that we all used to know and not the monster that appeared the other night. I was still nervous about what could happen if this did not work but at least he was put away for a month.

Today was already Thursday, which meant that Alice and I would be taking a shopping trip right after school. I tried to do my best to not let Edward know that Alice was taking this so over the top and doing so much to get ready just for one date and her wanting me to look so good. He has already seen me right after I have woken up. How much worse can I get?

It seems that Alice told him though.

Edward was walking me to my car, which I was going drop off at home before leaving so Alice could drive.

"Well have fun at the mall tonight." He said in a teasing tone.

"What? She told you?" I was a bit frustrated and whinny. I did not want him to think that I was trying too hard.

"Yes. Why am I not supposed to know that you are going?" He moved aside so I could walk in front of him to get through some cars.

"Well I guess that it doesn't matter. But don't you find it a bit much to be buying a whole new outfitter just for one night?"

He shrugged.

We were at my car now and I was leaning against it with him standing in for me.

"For all you know I might have went last night and got myself something new." He said that as he took a step towards me.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

I did not question him about that. I was not sure if I wanted to know the answer. I just stared into his eyes, as he got closer to me, my heart starting to race. I wanted to just reach out to him and pull him closer but scared I might explode.

There was a fire burning in between us and I know that he saw it too. He took one more step closer, now only inches away. One hand came up and touched my face.

I stopped breathing.

Unable to stop looking into his eyes I felt another hand on my hips and pull me close; our bodies now touching. I knew what was coming up next, finally remembering to breathe again.

His head slowly came down to mine. My whole body grew weak.

Then he did it.

His soft lips on mine were like nothing I've ever felt. They were soft and were so gentle on mine. It was almost the sensation of Heaven with just one simple touch. The desire to never let it end was increasing.

I let my arms wrap around his shoulders and take all of him in.

As his tongue met mine I could even taste the mint of his gum he was chewing before. He must have carefully spit it out earlier without me noticing, planning to do this.

It felt as if we were kissing forever when he stopped and stepped back to look at me.

My body sank a little and it took me a minute to come down from my high and back to reality. He smiled at me and opened my door. I did not want to leave him. As I stepped aside to get in I caught a glimpse of Alice a few cars down with her hand over her month in excitement.

"Have fun tonight." He said stepping in for one last little kiss before I got into the car.

"Thank you." I was still speechless about it all. But yet I wanted to it again and again.

He closed the door for me and waved walking away.

I sat in my car until I caught my breath. Finally after a few minutes of my hand resting on my lips and utter ridiculous smiling started my car to get ready for my evening with Alice.