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"Konoha Academy for Soul Weavers Student Handbook"

The world we're entering is different from ours. Never trust your eyes, believe in your instincts and whatever you do;

Don't let them take your soul.

Chapter One, First Lesson: Knowing which class of Soul Weaver you belong to

Soul Weavers are people who are gifted in seeing a person's soul and have the power to manipulate and destroy other people's souls as well. The academy was founded to discipline and educate soul weavers and how to exterminate the dark souls, otherwise known as 'Mainasu or Minus'. These are wayward souls who had deserted their expired bodies and trespass the living's for their own; devouring the person's own soul in the process. Some corrupted Soul Weavers used their abilities to catch a person's soul and infuse it with their own, thus becoming Minuses themselves.

There are three class of Soul Weavers; Exorcists, Clerics and Banishers.

Exorcists are the front-runners of the Soul Weavers. They battle the Minus with their spirit companions (See more on Spirit Companions in page 9) to handicap the corrupted soul and defend the victim from further harm. They are considered the soldiers of light and if a certain Exorcist has enough spiritual energy, he or she may be promoted at the higher level which is Soul Reaper. (More information about Soul Reapers will be given to the student by either his/her instructor or by the Head Mistress)

Clerics are the shield-wielders. They guard and purify the victim's soul from a Minus attack and help getting rid of a Minus in another's soul. It is highly recommended that the Cleric has not exhibited any panic attacks or weak constitution since most Minuses can sense when the Cleric is either hesitant or weak-hearted.

Banishers are the rarest form of Soul Weavers. They can manipulate and order spirits to leave the victim's body to be purged or battle the Minuses if caught in a cross-fire. It is recommended that a Banisher would be partnered with a Retainer (See pages 10-11) to ensure the Banisher's well-being and keep him/her to becoming a Minus as well.

The next lesson is-


The pink-haired teenager lifted her head from the book she was reading to see a blond boy wearing an orange T-shirt and black sweats running towards her with a massive grin on his face. She sighed as she closed the book and tucked it in her knapsack. "You know that shouting inside the dormitory is not allowed right?" she asked, eyeing the dorm mother who stared at her friend with narrow eyes. Uzumaki Naruto ignored her and took out a wrinkled paper from his pocket and tried to iron it out in vain; "Check it out, I'm a Banisher!" Haruno Sakura's jade eyes widened as she stared at her friend's registration form. Sure enough under the category of his class, the word 'Banisher' was underlined with a light green highlighter.

"Naruto… A Banisher huh? Wow…"

Naruto smiled proudly as his friend stared at awe at the piece of paper. "Ne, Sakura-chan, I'm guessing you're a Cleric then?" Sakura snorted and shook her head, "Nope, you're staring at an Exorcist." She said, the corners at both sides of her mouth tilting upwards when it was Naruto's turn to stare at her. He rubbed the back of his neck while lowering his wrinkled registration at his side,

"But… that means you will fight the Minuses…"

She nodded and straightened her cream-colored blouse, "That's right; I get to kick Minus butts like you!"

Naruto frowned at the thought of his female best friend being caught in the middle of a brutal fight. "Wouldn't you think being a Cleric suited you more? I mean, you have healing capabilities and-"

Sakura shook her head and shot him an 'are-you-kidding-me?' look. "When I registered, they also told me that I'm also qualified to be either one so I chose to be an Exorcist. It's not like I can't handle on my own plus I can still heal people's souls." She noticed the blond's still unconvinced and stood up, laying a hand on his shoulder, "Come on, I'll treat you those Ramen noodles you love!" He smiled weakly at her casualness and followed her out of the dark dormitory and out to the warm Konoha weather to eat lunch.

A frustrated sigh came out of the beautiful blond woman's lipstick coated lips as she went through the files of upcoming students. 'Why not just give the files to the instructors? They're the ones who will handle the brats directly' her frustrated mood lessened as she read through the files of the freshmen, "Hmm, two Banishers in one year? That's new… and hello? An Exorcist/Cleric student too? This is an interesting batch; Shizune?" she called out through the intercom.

"Hai Tsunade-sama?"

"Get me Hatake Kakashi immediately!"

Shizune replied affirmatively and before she could do the task that was handed to her, another message rang out of the intercom;

"And don't forget to bring me sake!"

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