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Spooky Days and Spooky Nights

Chapter Three: The Decorations

All right, there's only one more day until Halloween, and I am so excited! Yesterday, in the Halberd, I had stated that I didn't want the ship in a cave, but that I wanted it in a grassy area. We discussed where we could place the Halberd, and once we settled on a decision, he led us, Kirby and me, out of the cave, where we watched as the hill separated and the Halberd, with a cloak covering it, floated out, spread its purple, leathery bat-like wings, two on each side, and zoomed off in our direction; we waved, as if he could see us, but he might have.

And then when we entered the house, we met a surprise guest, Chef Kawasaki, and he wanted to partake in our project too, and I let him. After all, he is a part of our family, our Ohana; it wouldn't be right to refuse.

Escargon had finished making the thirty gallons of the "stuff", Sword and Blade had finished building the fog machine, and Nani had bought all the candy she could as rewards for the "victims" who "survived".

It seemed like we were done, right?


My whole family, including Chef Kawasaki, stood in the grassy area I had requested, staring at the gigantic ship. We brought three whole tubes of decorations, and Dedede had carried the fog machine and Kirby its thirty gallons. We still had to decorate the Halberd…which was gonna be a monster of a job, and on top of that, we had to get our costumes together, which were scattered all over the house.

Escargon had suggested dry ice if I wanted it to be foggy inside the Halberd as well, and I agreed.

"Oh my gosh…how is this gonna be done in time…?"
"I don't know…"
"I wish we had more time…"
murmured my family.

I turned to them, "Come on, don't despair! If we get started now, this will be finished before the day is over!" I exclaimed, "Who's with me? !"

For a moment, no one raised a hand, and my hope was starting to run out. But then, two hands raised; Kirby's and Meta Knight's. And then another hand (Dedede's) and another (Escargon's), and soon everyone's hand was in the air.

"Let's do this!" Chef Kawasaki shouted, and everyone did a battle cry and "attacked" the Halberd with decorations.

With Meta Knight's reluctant permission, Kirby used his claws to lightly scratch up the bow, and Professor Dedede, since he was taller than everybody else, smeared fake blood, I had convinced Meta Knight that it would be easy to clean off, over the scratches. Then the penguin went inside and cleared away anything that wouldn't serve our purpose. Escargon followed with three tubs of dry ice to put at least three in a corner of each room, and in most parts of the hallways. In every corner, we hung spider webs, very real-looking ones, and, since Meta Knight established that no one should be going into the Engine Room, we put up yellow "caution" tapes across the entryway, and kept it open; I smirked, as all our hard work was slowly but surely coming together.

Sword and Blade had carried the fog machine next to the bow and covered it with a drape. Chef Kawasaki, with the help of Dedede, draped the hull of the Halberd with condensed spider webs.

"Gah!" Kawasaki screamed, "I think I just saw…a spider!"

"Oh, relax…" Dedede casually started, "they won't hurt ya."


The large penguin smirked, knowing that he has him under his thumb, "Of course, they are more afraid of you than you are of them," and then he held up a spider the size of a light bulb, "except these guys!"

Kawasaki's eyes widened and he bit his lip as he slowly paled. He wobbled and soon he fell off the ladder, losing consciousness before he even hit the ground. Dedede's sapphires contracted, chuckling sheepishly, for he thought it would be funny, and then he heard a foot tapping against the grass. He looked over and saw me, with crossed arms and a scolding expression every adult feared.

"What?" he questioned, "It's only fake."

Dedede then saw out of the corner of his eye one of its legs twitch, and his eyes widened.

"ACK! It just MOVED! !" he freaked out, "It's alive! It's ALIVE! !"

Talk about dissonance of size; he was much bigger than that spider, yet he was crying and screaming over it.

The spider was probably doing the same thing.

He screeched, "It's flipping ALIVE! ! HELP ME!"

"Just toss it over," I ordered as I readied a container.

He did so without hesitation, and I caught it, in the container, mind you, and I slammed the lid onto it.

I smiled fondly at the spider, "I see you seasoned Dedede for Halloween, didn't you? I know you did."

As I continued, the large penguin was gawking at me, wondering if I had lost my mind. I shot him a glare, and he realized and went back to work, this time with Kirby to help.

Meanwhile, Meta Knight and Nani, carrying a big container of candy, had gone inside the ship. They had to traverse a long way to get to the control room, and the blue masked puffball directed her, while assisting her with the container, where to go, and Nani complied. They took breaks every now and then, five-minute ones in fact, and the older sister tried to strike up a conversation each time.

"So…this is your ship…?"

He nodded.

"It's quite nice," she complimented, and the masked knight only grunted in response.

She sighed; sometimes she didn't like talking to Meta Knight, but she sorta had to, for he was Ohana as well.

"…What made you use this ship…for this purpose?" she inquired.

He looked at her, his glowing golden orbs studying her, before he replied, "Not what…who…And it was…your sister."

Nani gasped in surprise, and smiled.

"She did not have a location planned, and I did not want her project her blow up in her face. So I showed her the Halberd, and she literally became the embodiment of happiness," he explained. "I did not want her to reap sadness."

Nani was still smiling, and she commented, "Lilo's growing on ya, isn't she?"

Meta Knight sighed, rubbing the cheek of his mask, "Indeed, she is," he then stood up. "Our break is over. Let us continue."

Nani stood up too, stretched out her arms and legs, and crouched, her hands gripping the handle, and the masked puffball grasped the other handle single-handedly.

"Show-off…" the older sister muttered.

"What was that…?"

"Nothing…!" she shot back.

Meta Knight smirked beneath his mask, his ambers flashing a bright pink, and started off, "One…"


"Three!" they finished in unison, hoisted up the container, and shoved off.

Once Chef Kawasaki woke up, I had him take a two-minute break and then had him decorate the control room, or the pilot center, with Kirby's aid, and if my timing is correct, Meta Knight and Nani should already be there with the container full of candy, supervising. We were running out of sunlight at this point, and I had Sword and Blade smear fake blood over the folded wings, on the inside too, but I didn't want the lines gathered in one place, I wanted them scattered.

By the time the sun set, we were finished with the exterior, and it was ominous-looking. I went inside, followed by Dedede, Escargon, and Sword and Blade, so I could see what and how they were doing. I surveyed all the rooms and smirked. By the time I got to the control room, my smirk was so big it could rival the Cheshire Cat's, and everyone did their own evil smirk, although I couldn't see Meta Knight's, but I bet his was the most intimidating, and I couldn't see Sword's and Blade's either.

Yes, Halloween will truly be a night that no one would ever forget.

- October 30, 2011, 1:02 p.m.

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