An Unlikely Mating
Chapter 1: Silence is Golden

Whoever said, "silence is golden," must have been a compulsive liar, an idiot, or perhaps both because this silence seemed like a black hole about to consume me. Heck, oblivion almost seemed better than facing what stared at me from across the fire. For about an hour now, all that I heard was the sound of crickets, the crackling of the fire, and the infrequent sigh from one of the silent group members.

I looked across the campfire at InuYasha. The situation had worsened when I dropped the bomb. He still seemed as cross at me as he had been earlier when I told him the "good news." Well, apparently it wasn't that good of news because a fight broke out, complete with punching, throwing, and yelling all on InuYasha's part. He looked like a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. Well, at least he wasn't screaming at me anymore; that was a plus.

The fact that he couldn't be happy for me just this once peeved me to no end. He saw me kiss another man and then left—I thought we'd at least reached some sort of silent agreement after he witnessed that! I hadn't cheated on him; I just neglected to tell him of the little development to spare his feelings. I loved him for the longest time, and he never loved me back; I moved on, as any self-respecting women should do. Besides, all he saw me as was a copy of Kikyo, and he made that clear over the years. I pretty much assumed that he knew that I would finally move on with my life.

Then when he came back after a while, I just assumed that he got over the fact I moved on—even though he had thrown a punch or two. Besides, he brought Kikyo back with him, so didn't that say something? He took the time that he needed to find closure, and eventually I understood that. I was fine that he seemed happy with Kikyo. I wanted them to be happy together. What made me mad stemmed from the fact that he couldn't be happy for me. Didn't I deserve any happiness?

Everyone else seemed happy for me. Sango hugged me; Shippou seemed happy to have a father figure finally, and Miroku had even made some perverted remarks about my new man already. Even Kikyo had been grateful that I finally found the happiness I deserved. Not InuYasha though—he acted like this was a colossal surprise that all of this happened. He had to have seen it coming, right? It wasn't my fault that he was too much of an idiot to read all the signs.

I thought that maybe since he had Kikyo, that this wouldn't be so bad for him, or for me. I mean, they were supposed to be a couple. I thought that maybe since InuYasha finally made up his mind he would stop comparing me to Kikyo, but even now as she traveled with us, everything I did could never compare to her. I thought InuYasha moved past this some time ago.

I didn't cook ramen right, my jokes were lame, and I made a pathetic miko compared to Kikyo. Ever since he returned it seemed like his only mission in life was to make me feel like a shadow next to Kikyo. Sometimes, I felt that echo of the love I had for him, and I remembered that aching stab in my chest. Thankfully, I discovered a real man that only ever built me up. InuYasha must have seen this, so I don't know whom he was trying to convince more: himself or me.

The man in question grabbed my hand and squeezed, giving me a little more strength and making me feel better. He kissed my palm slyly, reminding me of how much I loved him, and how I fell for him in such a short amount of time. I leaned into his side and sighed in contentment.

InuYasha looked up and gave me the same look that he gave me earlier. The look was one of utter betrayal, which just made me irate all over again. It wasn't as if I had been hiding anything when he came back. I had kept my relationship out in the open for a few weeks now. The only part I had left out was that eventually, I would mate the magnificent man beside me.

InuYasha shot my future mate a dirty look, and I started to feel another headache coming on. I tried to remember where it all went wrong, but I honestly couldn't recall. I mean, it wasn't my fault that Sesshomaru wanted me to be his mate. On the other hand, maybe it was.

A/N: Yes, I know, most of you are probably wondering... WHERE DID THE REST OF THE STORY GO?! Well, I'm rewriting it. I feel that all of you that liked this story deserve better, so I am editing and lengthening and probably changing some things around. As a writer, I believe that only my best should be out there, and what I had up before was not my best. It was old and came from the era when I didn't proof-read or plan ahead. Also, the endless night WILL BE GONE. Oh, and if you are new to this story, welcome. Ignore everything I just said!