A/N: Lemons. Sookie and Eric share a moment in her office. This chapter also includes the search for the missing sixty thousand dollars.

Chapter 16


Sookie knew the minute that he walked into the bar. She felt the flickering of a feeling that she didn't want to acknowledge. Ignore it, it might go away. But, it didn't and the closer the boy came, the stronger the feeling grew. It seemed to bloom in the spot where her silent heart lay. She gripped her desk and struggled to control it. She was a vampire, dammit! She had held sway over the male population for countless centuries. She had been cold and indifferent to anyone else's wants except for her own in the arena of attraction. Why did this tall, blonde boy with the piercing blue eyes seem to be able to breech all her defenses? Why did she suddenly fear for her long dead heart when he was in the room? The shoe was on the other foot and she didn't like it. Not one bit.

The corner of her mouth twitched up in a little smile. Perhaps, she should punish him. Yes, that was it. He should suffer for his crimes. She would peel down those low-slung jeans and then his underwear. His cute little ass would be laid bare. She wouldn't use a whip, of course. She didn't want to mar the smooth perfection of his taut ass. And besides, he was just stubborn enough to refuse to allow her to heal him if she did that. No, only her hand would touch his tender flesh. She felt her hand begin to tingle with anticipation at the thought of slapping against his firm bottom. Not too hard, just hard enough to leave a faint red palm mark. Maybe, he would whimper and wiggle that teasing little ass of his. Of course, that ploy to tempt her would only earn him another smack…


Sookie shook off her daydream, or nightdream. She looked over that object of her wicked thoughts. Her intense desires flared up and seemed to engulf her. So strong were they, that she felt a physical ache. Eric came inside her office and closed the door behind him. He looked good enough to eat, she thought with a little smile. Yes, come inside my little Viking. I have needs. Needs that only you can take care of.

"You wanted to see me?" he asked, in such blinding innocence that it shook her to the core.

He walked closer to her and Sookie felt her muscles coiling. She was going into full predatory mode and tall, blonde and sexy was her prey. As he reached her desk, she pounced. In a dizzying move for him, she moved and threw off the contents of her desk. Before Eric could react, she pinned him down backwards on her desk. She crouched over him and her hand held him down by the throat. She gave a husky growl, but kept her fangs retracted. Those would only get in the way of what she had planned for later.

"What the hell?" demanded Eric.

Sookie smiled. She wasn't hurting him. Oh, yes, being a vampire was good. She leaned down and kissed him. She plundered the sweet depths of his mouth and gave him no quarter. She felt a surge of power when he moaned against her onslaught. She was driving this car and her sweet Viking was along for the ride. Suddenly, she remembered his need for air and gave him a reprieve.

"Oh, God, Sookie," he gasped, taking in a deep breath.

"Are you ready to play?" asked Sookie.

Eric's eyes widened and Sookie leaned down and kissed his sweet lips. She had a lot of practice at this activity and she was good. Very good. When she rose up to look at him, Eric's eyes were blissfully closed.

"Oh, yeah," he whispered.

"There are rules, pet," she said, stroking his cheek.

Those almond-shaped blue eyes opened and held her captive for a moment. No matter how many times she stared into them, she never got tired of it. They were so lovely and unique. In her thousand years, had she ever been so enthralled before by such eyes as his?

"Rules?" he asked.

"That's right," purred Sookie. "I'm in complete control. If I choose to give you pleasure, then that is my prerogative. But, if it is punishment that I give you, you will accept it and beg for mercy." Sookie smiled evilly and added, "Or, beg for more."

"I don't know," began Eric, trying to move out of her grip.

"A little trust here," replied Sookie.

She smiled in triumph when Eric nodded. Her Viking was brave. She swelled with pride. He was wonderful and he was all hers. She grasped the front of his shirt and ripped it off him.

"My shirt," he complained.

"Silence," said Sookie. "It was in my way."

She ran her hands over his chest and caused Eric to again close his eyes at her touch. He arched his back as her fingers swirled one of his nipples.

"You have on entirely too many clothes," she huskily said. She bent down and ran her tongue over his nipple and Eric gasped.

"Are you going to do something about that?" he asked.

Still licking his nipple, she ran her hand down his abdomen. She paused only a second and slipped inside his pants. She gave a low hiss and fought to keep her fangs from popping out when she found him hard beneath her fingers. She encircled her fingers around him and noticed again that they did not touch. He was magnificent in every way, she thought. But, especially in this way. She slid her fingers over the velvety softness of his skin.

"You're so eager," she said.

"Only for you."

No matter how many times he said those words, they never failed to make her shiver and melt with longing. She had to stop her impulse of riding him right there. So, she withdrew her hand and Eric made a noise of disappointment. But, Sookie began to undo his pants and eased them off his hips. She looked down at his underwear that was straining to contain every inch of him. She didn't think that fabric was designed to withstand such stresses. It was better off to just put it out of it's misery, she thought, as she ripped his underwear off. Released, his cock sprang free and rose to lofty heights. It certainly got her attention, as it stood tall and proud on her desk. Oh, and it could talk to, she thought. It was saying, come and get me loud and clear. Oh, I will, don't worry about that, she said back to it. She noticed that Eric wasn't trying to hide his nakedness in the bright lights of her office. Somehow, his boldness was just as enticing as his shyness.

"You don't seem so shy, tonight," Sookie murmured.

"I want your touch too much to be shy," he replied. "I need it, even if has to be across your desk."

Sookie trailed her fingers over his chest and brought them downward to the main attraction. It knew that it was the star. It almost wiggled in eagerness as her hand grazed it. Sookie trailed her fingers downward and removed his jeans and shoes, until he was completely naked. Eric sat up at that and wrapped his arms around her. His fevered lips found hers and they did a little plundering of their own. Without the interference of his clothes, she could feel the amazing warmth of his body. She wanted to drink it in. But, first things first. There was still the matter of a little fantasy to indulge in. Sookie kissed him back and cradled his face in her hands. His eyes were closed and his lips were welcomingly parted. She couldn't resist and darted her tongue over them again.

"You disobeyed me," she said. "I didn't give you permission to sit up."

"W-what?" replied Eric. Those dazzlingly baby blues opened and stared at her questioningly.

"It's okay," Sookie said, running her fingers through his blonde hair. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you too badly."


Swiftly, Sookie manhandled all of his six feet four frame and pressed him face down into her desk. He was stunned and tried to rise, but Sookie easily held him down without harming him. Although, she was distracted by the way his butt muscles contracted as he tried to free himself from her grip.

"Relax, my darling Viking," she whispered. "I'll make it good for you."

He relaxed at her words and Sookie petted him and eased him farther.

"Can I adjust myself?" asked Eric. "This isn't exactly comfortable."

In reply, Sookie let him up a little and eased her hand underneath his hips. When she stroked him a few times, Eric moans were like music to her ears. She made sure that it was flat against his stomach and then removed her hand. She pressed his hips into the desk and ground his erection into the hard surface, causing him to groan. She curved her hand along the contours of his unprotected ass. As she caressed him, she noticed that his hips continued to press into the desk. She smiled and slapped his ass. The blow was loud in the silence of the room.

"What the fuck!" hissed Eric.

He wiggled his ass and tried to rise again. Sookie clutched his ass and held him in place.

"You will yield to me," she said.

"Let me up," said Eric.

"Nope," said Sookie. She slapped his bottom again.

"Ow, that hurts!" he said.

"Don't be such a baby."

Another blow fell and Sookie paused a moment to admire Eric's backside. There was a very nice blush on his lower cheeks. She trailed her fingers over his reddened cheeks and noticed that they were hotter than the rest of his flesh. Completely fascinating, she thought. She also noticed that he had continued to grind himself into the desk during his spanking. So, whether he wanted to admit it or not, it had turned him on.

"Are you done?" he asked.

Sookie let him roll over and he eased onto his back under her. He held her gaze for a moment and then turned away. Perhaps, he was embarrassed by his response. He was still such an innocent, she thought. Where would he be without her to teach him these naughty things?

"Nothing that two people can do with each other is to be ashamed of, as long as it is consensual," she said, petting him gently. She leaned down and kissed him, long and slow and was rewarded when his tongue came out to play. She grinned at him and said, "Maybe, next time, you can spank me. Would you like that?"

In answer, he kissed her again and his arms pulled her in close. She eased herself down his long body that was sprawled over her desk. Her desk had never looked better than when it had a gorgeous blonde Viking draped across it, she thought. His fingertips tried to hold onto her, but she moved out of their reach. With her hands, she pulled him up into a sitting position at the edge of her desk and knelt before him.

"Now, it's time for something to sooth away the memory of your pain," she said.

She was just about eye level with little Eric and all doubts of him not enjoying his spanking were put to rest. He was even more swollen than before. He had a little something special in store and Sookie eagerly took him into her mouth. Eric gave a strangled cry. It never seemed to matter how many times she did this, he always reacted as if it were his first time. Those sounds of unabashed pleasure were the highest compliment and Sookie lavished her skill on him. She held him in the palm of her hand and he simply surrendered and let her do as she pleased. She marveled at the velvet softness on his skin that was in sharp contrast to the firmness underneath. She explored every inch of him, even though she knew it all by heart. Once again, she demonstrated why vampires could give head better than anyone else. She took him in deep and held him there until he was a shuddering mass of jello. Vampires didn't need to breath, my sweet Viking. She sweetly tortured him by prolonging this moment for as long as he could handle it. He was fighting to hold on and make the intense pleasure last. His tortured breathing grew loud in her vampire ears.

"Oh, God, Sookie," he gasped. "I can't hold on any longer."

He began to try to push her off and she released him. He shuddered as she ran her tongue over him. He pulled her up and began to pull off her clothes. "I want to come inside of you," he said, desperately.

He pulled her onto the desk. "Ride me," he said.

Sookie smiled. Now, that was an offer that she couldn't refuse. Soon the desk was bucking and jerking under their movements. It barely registered over the sounds of their mutual pleasure. Sookie felt enveloped in a blinding fog of lust. Surely, there were only Eric and herself left in the world. A repetitive noise tried to break through and she tried to focus. Was someone knocking at the door? However, Eric's movements seemed to drive away all coherent thought.

"Um, excuse me," came Pam's voice.

"What is it?" hissed Sookie, looking up to see her child. "I'm a little busy here, Pammycakes."

Eric froze his movements as well and Sookie cursed under her breath and held him in place. He wasn't getting away. Unfazed by Pam's intrusion, she began to ride Eric and, in spite of his embarrassment, he bit off a moan and moved again underneath her.

"This isn't a free show, Pam," said Sookie.

"Everything is all set," she said. "Are you sure that I can't stay and watch?"

"Out!" hissed both Sookie and Eric.

"Fine," muttered Pam, turning away for the door.

"We'll be out in five minutes," said Sookie. "Well, maybe ten."

Sookie closed her eyes and said, "Oh, fuck, maybe twenty."


Pam sat on a barstool and checked her watch as Sookie and Eric came out of the office. Twenty minutes, my ass, she thought. More like forty. They looked way too pleased with themselves. Hopefully, this business would be over and give her enough time to find her own release. Watching them hump each other on that desk hadn't helped matters. She didn't think that she could ever look at that desk again and not see that scene in her mind.

Eric felt a moment of embarrassment at meeting Pam's knowing gaze. He guessed that he didn't imagine her busting into the office while he and Sookie were going at each other. Of course, her intrusion hadn't stopped them for more than a moment. Surely, she must have seen a lot worse in her vampire years. He saw a couple of humans in the bar along with just Pam waiting for Sookie. He looked at Sookie curiously.

"What is going on?" he asked.

"Someone has been stealing from the bar," she said. "Over sixty thousand dollars is missing. I wanted to ask you if you could interview a few of the humans who work for me."

"I don't know," began Eric. He didn't like exposing his gift in front of others. Something always told him that it was better keeping that a secret. It had gotten out in Bon Temps because, as a small child, he didn't understand that no one else could do what he could do. By the time he had learned that he was different, it was too late.

"There's only Pam and me here," said Sookie. "And I can glamour the humans."

A portly man with glasses clutched his briefcase in his hands and gasped. But, Sookie ignored him.

"It will be alright," she said.

Sookie took his hand and led him to the table that the man was sitting at. Eric held her gaze for a moment and took a seat across from him. As Eric still watched, she moved behind the man and squeezed his shoulder, which caused the man to flinch away from her. He was also sweating profusely.

"This is Bruce, our accountant," said Sookie.

"I found the errors," he implored. "Why would I do that if I was the thief?"

"Why indeed," asked Sookie. "You will let answer Eric's questions."

"O-Okay," he said, miserably.

Eric sat across from him and listened. Crazy vampires. Why is her boy toy staring at me that way? I should have never taken this job. I didn't steal the money, but how can I prove it? Now, they'll probably kill me.

"He didn't take your money," said Eric.

Bruce looked around in confusion for a moment. Then, relief washed over his features. "Can I go, now?"

"Soon," Sookie said, motioning him to get out of the chair. "Why don't you wait for me in the office?"

Bruce clutched his briefcase and shambled to the office. Pam brought over Ginger and pushed her into the chair.

"This is Ginger," said Sookie. "Ginger, you will submit."

"Yes, Master," said Ginger.

Ginger looked over at Eric as he said, "Do you know what happened to the money?"

"Of course, not," replied Ginger.

Eric reached out his hand and touched her forearm. "Whoa, what is he doing?"

Sookie sighed. "Pam, hold her in place."

Pam moved and held down Ginger's arms, but before Eric could reach again for her and new voice rang out.

"What is going on here?" demanded Longshadow.

Eric looked over to see the bartender leaning against the bar. His long dark hair was still flowing and he was still wearing the leather vest that displayed all his tattoos. He crossed his arms and his eyes flashed in anger.

"Sixty thousand dollars is missing," replied Sookie. "I'm merely attempting to find out where it went."

"Behind my back?" Longshadow asked.

"I wasn't aware that I needed your permission for anything," Sookie replied.

Longshadow flinched. "This is bullshit and you know it. I don't appreciate you bringing your human into our affairs."

"Your reservations are noted, although I couldn't give a flying fuck for what you think," replied Sookie, brazenly.

Without another word, Sookie turned back to Eric and said, "Proceed."

Eric reached for Ginger's hand. "Did you steal the money?"

"Do I look smart enough to do that?" Ginger snorted.

No, thought Eric, she barely looked like she could tie her shoes and certainly not embezzle sixty thousand dollars out of Fangtasia.

"Do you know who did?" he asked.

Ginger paused and said, "N-no."

Fuck, why is he looking at me that way? He's hot and all, but I'm into vampires. And, even I'm not crazy enough to touch him. I didn't steal the money, but I know who did. Or, I thought that I did. I just can't remember….

"She knows," said Eric. "But, she can't remember. It has to be a vampire."

With a loud growl, Longshadow flew across the room and shoved Ginger out of the way. Eric was frozen and Longshadow grabbed him and bared his fangs intending to sink them into Eric's neck. Eric raised his hands and tried to push off Longshadow just as Sookie reached them. Eric's hand glowed and a brilliant light erupted from his palms. It threw Longshadow back across the room along with Sookie who had grabbed onto him. Eric looked at them and at his hand in surprise.

Longshadow struggled to his feet. "What the fuck is he?" he demanded.

Sookie landed before the bar and she eased to her feet. "He's mine, that's what he is."

"We'll see about that after the Magister finds out about your little pet," growled Longshadow. "I think that my little petty theft will be forgotten if I bring forward whatever the hell that is."

Eric's eyes widened and he looked over at Sookie. Longshadow began moving towards Eric again, causing Eric to move out of his seat and back away. "What the fuck did you do to me?" growled Longshadow.

When he drew too close, Sookie said, "It's not him that you need to worry about."

Longshadow turned and Sookie staked him with the broken off end of wooden bar tap pull. Longshadow erupted in a fountain of blood and it rained down on the floor. Ginger screamed and cowered behind the bar. No one noticed Bruce watching from the hallway, nor did they notice him turn and shuttle out the back.

Sookie moved to Eric and examined him quickly. He had some blood spatters on his skin and clothes. But, he stared almost right through her as if his eyes couldn't focus.

"Come on," gently said Sookie.

He offered no resistance and she pulled him to the back. "Pam, have Ginger clean up this mess and glamour Ginger."

Sookie led Eric to the back of the bar to the employee shower. She turned on the shower to hot and quickly disrobed him. He was numb and like a child in her hands. In a blur, she did the same and pulled both of them underneath the stinging shower. She pulled him close as the blood washed away and ran down the drain.

"I'm sorry," Sookie said. "He wasn't supposed to be here. I would never put in danger on purpose."

"You killed him," muttered Eric.

"He tried to kill you," said Sookie. "For that he had to die. Plus, he would have told the vampire authorities."

Sookie clutched him as the water ran over them. She cradled his face in her hands as the water ran in rivulets over her hands and into his hair. "I will always protect you. I'll do anything to keep you safe."

Eric looked down on her and fell to his knees with his arms around her. His head rested against her chest. "Why? Because I'm yours?"

Sookie lifted his head and looked down into his mesmerizing eyes, seeing his pain and hurt. She wished that she could take it all away. Her thumb gently played over his lips.

"No, because I….I love you," she said.

A/N: They are so sweet and I love that it was vampire Sookie who admitted her feelings first.