1. First Date

It was surprising yet noticable to the team.

The way they argued, glared, and just they way the acted around each other. They might have not known it, but it was quite obvious to the viewers. Wally and Artemis 'hated' each other. They didn't like each other and always bickered and argued with one another, even the small things. Yet when the other was not here, they would miss their bickering, would worry about each other (in their own little way).

So, it really wasn't much of a surprise when Wally asked Artemis out on a date. It didn't surprise them when Artemis agreed. But what surprised them was that Wally actually have the nerves to ask her out, they thought it would take a lot longer. Than again, speedsters are known for their unprediction.

To say that Artemis was nervous was an understatement of the year. Her whole body was quaking, she took shaggy breaths as she tried her best to calm herself down. This was going to her first date...her first date! And it was with Wally! How he got her to agree with her, she didn't know, but she knew that she was willingly agreed to this. Paula Crock was watching her daughter's 'breakdown' with amusement. Hey, nothing good was on TV, and besides this has got to be far better than what's on TV. Paula have never seen her daughter like this before...like a teenager. She smiled softly.

"Con gai, calm down. You'll be okay." Paula rolled over to her daughter.

"But what if he suddenly cancels on me? Or the date goes wrong? Or he's just pulling a prank on me? Or-"

"Artemis Crock, you calm down right now." Paula was pleased that her authority has still affect on her. She may be in a wheel chair, but don't let that fool you. "You are a strong, beautiful, and smart young woman. You are too stubborn to let anything like that happen."

Artemis blinked several times, before a soft smile graced her lips. Her mom, someone she can always count on. "Thanks mom." She hugged her mother.

Her mother gladly returned her hug, relieved that her daughter calmed down.

The door bell rang and echoed around the house. Artemis's mouth was suddenly dry, her heart started to beat rapidly, and she was starting feel a bit dizzy. She could feel her mother hold her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"You can do this."

Artemis nodded.

She can do this. She was Artemis Crock. And a Crock does not back down from anything.

Taking deep breaths, the blond archer walks over to the door and opens it. She gave her date a small smile.

"Hey Wally."

Wally gave her a nervous and joyous smile. "Hey, Beautiful. Ready for our date?"

The nickname send a pleasurable tingle down her spine.

"I sure am."


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Lately, I've been making rough drafts of stories about Young Justice and other stories, but...all of them all have to do with OCs. So I though why not do something with only the usual characters?

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