47. Alone (Poetry)

"Wally, no!"
Everything around her felt slow
The archer dropped her bow
Up in the sky circled a crow
As if to tell her it's time for him to go.

She dropped to the ground
His heart made little sound
In the street there was no one around
Her team nowhere to be found
Kid Flash has been shot down.

She called for aid
But her voice seemed to fade
Into the cold night she prayed
Refusing to move, she stayed
Alone and afraid.

Her friends too far away
To tell them of her dismay
She clutched his hand and pray
"Everything's going to be okay"
The world around him seemed to sway.

She started to cry
Her tears fell near his eyes
He wanted to lie
"Everything was going to be alright,"
That he wasn't going to die.

Still, he knows
It was time for him to go
He watches the crow
The crow flies low
And then it falls, the snow.

"Remember our kiss?"
He remembers the bliss
He doesn't want to think about his amiss
The crow seemed to hiss
As he was dragged into the abyss.

She was now alone
A cold chill went down her bone
She cry, she scream, she moan
Her lose echoed through the zone
Now, cold and alone

Forever alone.

My very lame attempt on poetry. My weakest point I think, but I wanted to try this out, ya know? I will study more poetry the next I write one. I always like the rhyming ones, but I want to make a better one, so study here I shall go!

So for now, this is goodbye
Until next time, review and goodnight.