50. Forever...Eternity

There was a time when they were happy.

There was a time when they had nothing to worry about.

There was a time when everything just felt perfect.

The world couldn't keep them apart, not even the universe, it felt like that. When people said that "Oh, look, they look so perfect. They were made for each other," they didn't really believe in them. His life was perfect, loving family, a cool aunt and uncle, him carrying on the Flash's legacy when the time came, but he never believed that there was that special person that would be perfect for him. He never believed that when his uncle and aunt said that when you meet 'the one' everything just clicks into place, sometimes it felt like magic; he didn't believe in magic, he would deny everything in his flesh, blood, and bone that there was no such thing as the perfect one making you feel like light as air and life feel...magical. Not until he met her. Her life was never perfect, it was falling apart. She never wanted to fall in love, fearing that fact that he maybe like her father. Her mother was in a wheelchair, she had her time in prison leaving her alone with her father with her sister abandoning her. Life was hell for her, it felt like nothing was ever going to be right. What her parents she never saw love, their marriage was messed up and cruel; she never believed in love. Then, she met him. It was something they never felt for anyone. They would ask themselves why they were feeling the way they were feeling now? They start questioning themselves and try to avoid the other, but the attraction was too great to be merely avoided. They fell, and how hard they fell. They were meant to be.

There was a time when it was okay.

There was a time when they gather around with others for special occasions.

There was a time when they were alone and peaceful.

They were happy, they were so happy together. Nothing could pull them apart. They were always together with one another, sometimes they wouldn't leave each other at night and spend it in one of their rooms of their own home. Some nights they wouldn't sleep, they would just talk. Talk about their life, what has happened and what could happen. They were like the air, calm and serene, nothing could touch them. The years passed them by like the wind passing through leaves, rustling them every once in a while. There were tough times they needed to get through, a fight here and there, but they were always together in the end. But...

There was a time when it started to crumble.

There was a time when they grew ill.

There was a time when 'they' or 'we' became a 'he' and 'I'.

It was so sudden for Wally. After being married, having children of their own and their children having their own children. It was a nice, peaceful life that they both enjoyed, but they treasured their time together the most. Their traditional tea time at night in the front porch and coffee in the morning to watch the sun rise, the time they would watch their kids and grand kids grow up, the time where they would just lay in bed the whole day, the time they would come back from different missions and hug each other to make sure the other wouldn't disappear on them. All these moments they treasured them because they won't know it will be their last until it was too late, so they treated every day like it was their last no matter how cliche that sounded. They smiled at each other and laugh and care about the most littlest of things because if they don't who will?

They were retired from the hero business for good this time, becoming so old but that doesn't mean they would train every once in a while wondering if they 'still got the moves'. Being old has it's disadvantages. Growing old and wary of their body Artemis grew ill. It was during their last night together that Wally cherished the most.

"Don't cry Wally." Artemis smiled softly wiping away the tear with her thumb.

His shoulders shook.

Their family and friends were all waiting outside, giving them their space and time.

"We had a good run, didn't we?" Artemis kept her smile in place.

"Yeah...yeah we did," Wally managed out, clearing his throat. "That was quite the run we had." A weak smile.

"Come on Wally, don't cry, your a man."

"I'm an old man." He chuckled. "I can't be like Conner."

"I'll tell him 'hello' for you."

It took everything in him to not flinch at her words. It was close, her time was coming to an end. He gathered her hands into his, he never realized how old they have gotten. It felt like it never mattered, the wrinkles and fragile bones, as long as they were together.

"Don't forget Ollie and Dinah."

"Yeah and our other family members too."

"I love you, Artemis."

"I love you too, my speedster." She let out a shaky breath. "Don't worry Wally, we'll still be together, forever."

The rest came back in, they were all by her bedside as she took her final breath from this world.

He was alone.

There was no one to drink tea on the night porch or drink coffee, watch over the grand kids and listen to their stories, smile at each other and think about the good old days when they were young and full of spark, helping the people around them. He was happy with his family and friends visiting, but it just didn't feel the same anymore. Without her everything felt and looked different. He could never see her again, hear her again, and that killed him and broke his heart.

But little did he know...

50 years later...

A little boy with spiky red hair played alone in the sand box. The other kids didn't like hanging out with him because he was weird and talked too much, not to mention he wasn't that athletic, skinny, and short making him an easy target to get bullied. He didn't mind though, he liked being alone. The other boys his age was too rough and played dangerous. He preferred being alone and away from them. A shadow loomed over him causing him to flinch, thinking that it was the local bullies again.


It wasn't. The voice belonged to a girl. It kind of sounded raspy. The little boy turned around to see a girl with long blond hair tied in a pony tail and had a strange stormy gray eyes. She smiled softly at him. She was really pretty.

"Uh..." Was all he could manage. He couldn't help but mentally whack himself in the head. What was wrong with him?

"Can I play with you?" She asked.


The girl grinned and sat across from him. "I'm Artemis, Artemis Crock, what's your name?"

"Wallace West but you can all me Wally."

Artemis smiled cheerfully at him. "Nice to meet you Wally!"

Wally shyly returned the smile.

They were already connected with each other from the very beginning, faith and destiny tying them together. They were perfect for each other, like two pieces of a puzzle. No matter what, when, where or how they were going to find each other, holding each other close and treasuring their time around them, making new memories for their new lives and new world.

A life doesn't end like at the end of a story; the reader weave stories of their own when it is over. As long as their heart is in it the story the lives will go on no matter what, sometimes even forever.

They would again be reunited with each other, enjoying their warmth, their smile and laughter, but not every meeting can be too fast. Each meeting would be different and the timing would be all wrong, but that was okay, they had forever.

67 years later...

Artemis glared at anyone who would stare at her. This was not a good day for her right now she woke up late because her damn alarm clock wouldn't work! She missed her breakfast and missed her bus! She was late for her class and now she was late for work, could this day get any worse?!

She walked down the street, cursing under her breath, bumping into people. She was too deep in her own inner rant she didn't notice that someone was in front of her and too late to dodge them. She was about to snap at them when a strong arm steadied her and that voice!

"Sorry, I didn't see you there."

Her knees were about to turn jello.

"No...uh...it was my fault, I wasn't looking where I was going." She apologized, fighting off a blush.

He chuckled. "You seem to be in a rush, you okay?"

"Y-yeah, I'm fine." She is most definitely fine now.

He had spiky red hair and his eyes those...emerald green eyes was just breath taking.

He smiled.

Scratch that, his smile was breath taking.

Sometimes they meet in a dangerous circumstances.

56 years later...

Wally glared at the screen in front of him, his heart pounding against his chest and it was difficult for him to breath. He loosened his tie and unbutton the two buttons allowing him some oxygen into his lung. He needed to calm down, he must calm down. He was a cop, cops need to think rationally, one wrong move could mean the death of many.

On the screen were the hostages in the bombing incidents that has been going around the city and now the culprit was making his bold move. One of his men could hack into the security fee to see what was going on in there. The bank where the hostages were looked deadly silent, the people were all huddled around each other, staying small and silent. There were some crying, others praying, or was still in their spots to shock to do anything; everyone of them were strapped with bombs around them. Wally swore under his breath as his team tried to work up a negotiation with the culprit.

A shift on the screen caught his eyes; she had long blond hair tied into a pony tail, a uniform given by the bank, an employee. What surprised him was that she was neither looked scared or shocked, the look in her storm eyes screamed something else. She was calm and slowly and carefully looked around the room with a glare. In her arms she was holding a scared little girl who was crying, she had red hair tied back in a long braid. The woman was trying to soothe the little girl. They seemed familiar with each other, like family.

It really wasn't the time for it, but Wally was taken aback by the woman's beauty, something about her seemed...exotic.

Wally shook his head and concentrated on the paper his colleague had brought to him. But that couldn't help his mind from wondering to the woman, the calm and collected woman. A sudden urge and desperation washed over him and the only thing on his mind was that he needed to save her...and the others as well.

No matter where or when they are, the two will always find each other, their string of life and destiny tying in them together. Forever they would be together, forever they would love one another, and forever they would meet each other. Each obstacle they face in their lives, they will be one step closer in meeting each other. Different views in life, different personalities, but the same heart that will make them fall in love no matter how hard they want to resist. Their love is eternal.

"That's what's so great about eternity, it's eternal." - Kent Nelson.

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