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Chapter 19


It has been a few weeks since the meeting at the Cullen's house and the subsequent discovery of my destiny. These past few weeks have found me to be distracted at best. Edward did his best, trying to help me keep my mind off of things, but it was a wasted effort. Perhaps his attempts would have worked had I not been having those dreams every night.

Every night it was the same thing. Isis came to me. She explained to me the histories of our kind, and she went into further description of my soon- to- be transformation.

As much as I hated hearing it, I knew that knowledge was power and that being fully prepared would give me an advantage. But knowing what was to come and preparing myself mentally for it did not put my fears of what I would soon endure to rest.

Fortunately for me, I would wake up from those dreams in Edward's arms. He would hold me close, kissing me and reassuring me. His love and support is what kept me going through all of the insanity, and I knew it would continue to do so. Each morning I would cling to him, until it was time for him to run back to his house to get ready for school.

Thankfully, today was the last day of school before spring vacation. Relaxation here I come. At least, I hope I can get some relaxation. One thing's for sure. I will be spending a great deal of time with my boyfriend.

Speaking of which, it's high time I get up and get myself together. Edward should be here in about a half hour.

I hopped out of bed and hurriedly ran through my morning routine. I hastily put on my skinny jeans with my favorite t-shirt and paired them with my black Chucks. I ran downstairs to grab a quick breakfast of orange juice and a Pop Tart.

Charlie had left very early this morning for a conference he was required to attend. It was some boring state authorized law enforcement seminar. In other words, a bunch of old men getting together to discuss fishing. He will be gone for a week.

Before Charlie left, Alice managed to get him to give his permission for me to spend the entire week with the Cullens. I was very happy.

The sound of Edward beeping his horn startled me out of my thoughts, and I grabbed my things and rushed out of the house. I walked over to him. I threw my arms around his waist and kissed him. He pulled me closer, deepening the kiss. Hmm...I love kissing Edward. He is so yummy!

"How are you, sweetheart," he asked me in his oh-so-sexy voice.

"I'm better now that I'm back in your arms," I answered, snuggling myself closer to him.

He gives me one last deep kiss and then helps me get into the Volvo. I love this car. It is so comfy!

We didn't speak much on our way to school. I was content to just sit there with our hands clasped, listening to the CD Edward played on his stereo system. Classical music always relaxed me.

We reached the school in Edward's usual record time. I, thankfully, have gotten use to the indecent speeds he liked to drive at. Well, if I were to tell the truth, I do kind of get a rush when he drives that way.

We got out of the car and made our way over to his siblings. Rosalie still had an attitude, and I had decided that I wasn't going to bother getting to know her. For the life of me I didn't understand what she had lodged so far up her ass, but it's her problem, not mine. I do, however, feel bad for Emmett. He's stuck with that bitch. Fate sure did screw him over.

We all, minus Rosalie, chatted for a few minutes, trying to decide what we should do to occupy our time during our break. The warning bell rang, and we began to make our way to the school. Agreeing to sit together at lunch to continue our conversation, Edward and I left the group to head to our first class together.

I love saying that, our first class. After Edward asked me to be his girlfriend, he had gone to the office and switched his schedule around to match mine. Now we have almost every class together. The only one of my classes that Edward isn't in is gym. I was surprised but happy that he had done that for me. He knew I'd be embarrassed.

With Edward constantly at my side, I wasn't as bored as I was when I first arrived here. The third class we had was English, and even though this was my favorite class, I couldn't seem to get into it today.

I was sitting here, trying to listen to the teacher drone on about Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet when it happened. I got hit with a wicked case of vertigo. It made the room spin, and I started to sway in my seat. A sharp noise was ringing in my ears. Was that someone screaming? Why did it hurt so much?

Edward grabbed my hand in worry. I could barely make out the words he was saying. I think he said my name. He looked away from me so fast it made everything blurry. He turned back to me and that swift motion did me in.

My body felt light and heavy at the same time, like I could float away at any moment, but if I fell, I would hit the ground hard and be unable to move.

The temperature in the room spiked. Was it this hot in the first place? No, Forks was usually a cold and damp place. I've never felt natural heat coming from anywhere here.

Edward's mouth was moving quickly. I couldn't keep up with him. The room was moving. Wow! The room was moving. That's possible? Wait, is that normal?

"Edw...! It's...spinning! It's hot in here," I tried to tell him without laughing. It was just so funny! What was funny you may ask. Everything!

"Bella, can you hear me?" I heard him ask. Can I hear him? Can I hear him? How can I not with him shouting in my ear?

"Let's take it down a tad, okay. Why don't we all whisper, and whoever loses is the loser!" I told him with a smile.

"Bella, you're running a very high fever!" he tsked. "Did you leave the house sick? You should've told me you weren't feeling well."

"Why are you yelling at me? I'm right here?! Ow!" I clutched my head in agony. Loud noises don't help a booming headache. Remember that.

Edward said something else, but I couldn't hear him. That ringing was getting louder. I tried to shake it off, only to fall off my chair from the effort. Edward was at my side in nanoseconds, and the only word I understood was "Hospital."

I began to thrash, mumbling incoherently. I hated hospitals! They have those huge needles there!

"I'm taking you home, love, not really to the hospital," Edward told me. He shifted me into his one arm and did something with the other. "Carlisle, call me as soon as you can. There's something wrong with Bella, and I'm extremely worried."

"Alice, you have perfect timing, we need to get her home," I heard Edward say to no one. He talks to himself? Not normal!

"Good, thank you. I'll get her home," he spoke, once again to nothing. Should I be worried? A vampire I can handle, but a vampire that talks to himself is a whole other story.

Everything went downhill after that. The world was slowly dimming, and I felt like my body was sweating buckets! I kept hearing odd little jingles that would morph into painful wails. The lights were too bright and had to be turned off completely. My body was wracked with unmentionable pain, and I wanted to cry. Nothing seemed funny anymore. I was being tortured! Please, dear God, please make it stop! The pain is now everywhere! It's coursing through my body, eating me whole. Please make it STOP!


Watching Bella sleep these past few weeks has nearly broken my heart. Every night is the same thing. She wakes up trembling and crying, clinging tightly to me. I hold her and comfort her as best I can. She usually doesn't want to talk about her dreams, but we all know what they are about, what they have been about for a while now. Isis.

The night Bella, myself, and my family all discovered Bella's destiny, we have all been worried about her. Well, all of us besides Rosalie. She is too self-centered to care for anyone.

Carlisle immediately began making preparations for Bella's impending transformation. He converted part of his study into a hospital room, complete with bed and all the necessary equipment. He knew, just as I did, that there may not be much we could do for her, but we wanted to try to make her as comfortable as possible.

According to the prophecy, we have a few months until the transformation begins, giving us a little time to prepare both mentally and physically. However, it is Bella that I worry about the most.

That is why I was so thankful that today was the last day of school before spring vacation. Charlie gave his permission for Bella to stay the week at our house, and I had every intention of trying to get Bella to relax and get her mind off of things.

This morning, I eagerly drove over to Bella's, thinking about what we could do. Seeing her with a light in her eyes put me at ease just a bit. After giving her a passionate kiss, I helped her get into the car, and we headed on over to Forks High. Bella and I enjoyed being in each others company, while listening to the new classical CD I had just recently purchased. Glancing at my love, I could tell that it was helping to relieve some of her tension.

After a brief conversation with my siblings, Bella and I headed off to class. I was so thankful I had the foresight to switch my schedule around. Now that she and I were a couple, it has become more difficult to be separated from her.

Of course, my relief was short lived. As Bella and I sat down in our English class, Bella started to act strange. She was mumbling incoherently and not making much sense. However, it was the glassy look her eyes had that gave me pause. She did not look well. Couple that with the fact that her body was giving off immense amounts of heat, I was instantly concerned. Was she sick when I picked her up this morning?

"Bella, can you hear me?" I asked her nervously. Her delirious ramblings were getting worse by the second, and I was at a loss at what to do for her. "Bella, you're running a very high fever!" he tsked. "Did you leave the house sick? You should've told me you weren't feeling well."

I watched closely as the love of my life tried to shake her head clear as if that would somehow clear up her odd, disjointed speech. Unfortunately, her efforts were rewarded with her falling off her seat. I quickly crouched down next to her. I couldn't believe the amount of heat her skin was giving off. I desperately needed to get her to Carlisle!

"Mr. Berty, Bella is really burning up. I think I need to get her to the hospital, so my father can take a look at her," I told him in near panic.

"Of course, Edward, please help her. I will inform the office. Go! Take her," Mr. Berty said while nervously wringing his hands.

I picked Bella up and made my way out of the room. Balancing her with one arm, I yanked my phone out of my pocket and hastily dialed Carlisle's cell. His voice mail picked up, forcing me to leave a frantic message.

It's already taken care of it, Edward. I got in touch with Carlisle just a few moments ago, Alice's thoughts reached me.

"Alice, you have perfect timing. We have to get her home," I told her.

He will meet us at the house, Alice told me.

"Good, thank you. I'll get her home," I replied.

We will be right behind you, she continued reassuringly.

As soon as I got Bella situated in the Volvo, I sped out the the school parking lot, not caring at all about the speed in which I was driving. I knew damn well that I was driving like a madman. I pushed my car faster than I had ever pushed it before, driven by my fear for my love's life. However, I knew within the very depths of my being what was going on, and I was frightened for her.

I slammed on the brakes and skidded to a halt the moment I reached the house. Carlisle and Esme, both, were waiting on the front steps for us. I picked Bella up, and we quickly went up to the study.

"Lay her down on the bed, Edward," Carlisle instructed, easily going into his doctor mode.

I quickly did as he said and gently placed her on the already prepared bed.

Grabbing a temporal thermometer, Carlisle quickly took Bella's temperature. "Oh, my God!" he said in obvious shock. His thoughts were running the gamut as if he was having difficulty trying to believe those readings.

"Carlisle, what is it?" Esme asked concerned.

"It's her temperature. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself. Her body temperature is high, almost too high. It's higher than any human's can ever get and be able to live through it. As of right now, her temperature is at 108 degrees, and it's still rising."

Bella's moaning started to get louder, and she started to writhe uncontrollably. "No, please make it stop!" she screamed in heartbreaking agony.

I watched as Esme tried to calm Bella by patting her head soothingly. It didn't work, since Bella's cries only got louder. Edward! What is happening to her? I've never heard anyone scream like that before!

"I have an idea," I told her, watching as my Bella's writhing increased.

Carlisle, apparently, had the same idea. She's transforming.

I nodded, so that he knew that we were on the same page. "Apparently, Bella is transforming early."

Those words made the air turn thick. Except for Bella's screaming, everything in the house became eerily silent.

I heard Rosalie curse as she walked in the door downstairs. Bella's wails escalated to new heights. "Shit! This is real?"

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