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Chapter 20


Agony, unlike anything I have ever experienced before, tore its way through every inch of my body. Searing, acid-like flames engulfed me, dragging me down into their painful depths. I felt as if I was drowning, and there was nothing to save me.

If it were at all possible, I would have torn away at my own flesh, attempting to assuage the searing pain as it traveled throughout my body. I would have given anything at this point to bring myself any sort of respite. No amount of preparation could have ever braced me for this type of torture.

Try as I might, I was unable to hold back the screams that seemed to claw their way out of my throat. Instinctively, I knew that my screaming would not relieve any of this torment. However, it almost seemed as if I was unable to control it.

I also seemed to have lost track of time entirely. How long have I been burning? Was it days or weeks? This thought alone caused me to panic a little.

As I laid here, I desperately tried to review in my mind all that Isis has been able to inform me of. Although it had only been a few weeks since we first communicated in my dream state, Isis still managed to impart a great deal of wisdom.

I desperately clung to my thoughts of my love, Edward. Somehow, I knew he was there. Although I could not hear or see anything at this point, I felt his comforting presence. Knowing that he was there, gave me some sense of relief, if only emotionally.

Instinctually, I knew I was undergoing my transformation. However, I knew that it was much too soon for it. What could have caused it to come this soon? Was there danger ahead? Something triggered it, and I feared the worst. I needed to center my thoughts as best I could, considering that I was undergoing this agonizing transformation. Panic would only make things worse.

Just as I thought that the scorching wildfire engulfing my body could not possibly intensify, I jolted. Suddenly, I was again standing in that beautiful meadow, and Iris was before me, resplendent in her attire. I quickly noted that all the agony that I had been feeling was somehow muted, as if it was pushed away towards the back of my mind. It was there, but I was able to now concentrate on other things.


I felt helpless. Standing here, watching the love of my existence suffer and not being able to relieve that suffering, was more difficult than I could have ever imagined. In truth, nothing could have prepared me to see this. However, as difficult as it is to watch, my love's screams of agony were even more horrifying to hear.

For the first twenty-four hours, Bella's shrieks were all that my family and I heard. No one dared to say it, but I know from their thoughts that they were each reliving their own transformations. Remembering the pain we all had felt, made us more sympathetic to Bella's. The prophecy was correct. There were many similarities between a vampire's transformation and that of an immortal sorceresses.

Bella was now into the second day of her transformation. Already, we could see very distinct changes in her physical appearance. She has now added two inches to her height, and her hair had darkened just a bit, while also growing several inches. Her lips had become fuller, accentuating her already sexy pout, and her face seemed to have lost its slight roundness. She now possessed beautifully high cheekbones and a browline that could earnestly pull of a bitch mode. Bella's beauty has already surpassed that of any female vampires. I dare say, even Rose's looks could not compare. And to think, she wasn't even near completing her metamorphosis.

A few hours ago, Bella completely ceased her screams. She now lies there totally still. We could detect no movements from her, except those of her chest rising and falling as she breathed. According to the prophecy, Bella would begin interacting with Isis. Isis would be imparting much needed knowledge, and I'm sure my Bella has a great deal to learn.

It is now forty-eight hours into my love's change, and I am becoming even more restless. Oh, how I long to look into her beautiful brown orbs. I miss their gorgeous depths and the love that shone within them.

I have not left her side yet, not even to hunt, even at Carlisle's behest to do so. I cannot tear myself away from her side. What if she needs me? I know the likelihood is slim, but I dare not take the chance. I will remain at my love's side until the very end.


"Why have I begun my transformation so early?" I asked her, desperate for the answer.

She approached me slowly, regret sullying her stunning features. "I am sorry, Isabella, but it became necessary. A new threat has made itself known, and your transformation could not wait," she explained succinctly.

"What new threat?" I asked a tad bit nervously. I stepped closer, so that I was standing directly in front of her.

"It is imperative, Isabella, that you first understand your role as an immortal sorceress. Once you understand your part, everything will begin to fall into place and all will make sense," she quietly explained.

I could sense a weariness about her, causing me to become more concerned over this development. I dreaded having to hear what has happened, but I was well aware of the necessity of hearing it. I just knew it was going to be much worse than anything I could imagine.


How much longer is she going to be forced to endure this? This change was already taking longer than the average vampire transformation. I cannot even begin to imagine what she is experiencing now. All I knew was that I feared for her. I wish she didn't have to suffer, but I knew the need was very real. One thing was certain. Something has happened to bring it on earlier than normal, and I feared its cause.

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