Please Help

Chapter 1

Harry was ordered to pack a bag with all his normal clothes the minute he walks through the door at # 4 Private Dr. at the end of his 4th year at Hogwarts. His Uncle was to go on a business trip to Washington DC for 2 weeks and no one in England could take him so the Dursley's were forced to bring him with them, although they clearly didn't want to. The family known as the Dursley's hated Harry and he hated them, they also let Harry know how much he was hated every chance they got if the dark bruises on Harry's body were anything to go by but still Harry never told anyone what was happening and his Uncle never stopped.


Harry raced down the stairs with his small duffel of clothes "sorry Uncle" Harry said in a quite voice with his head down, learning long ago not to look his Uncle in the eyes.

"Not as sorry as your going to be if there one ounce of funny business on this trip" Vernon hissed at him while gripping his thin shoulder hard enough to bruise. They made it to the airport and to there plane with little problems except for Harry having to deal with the entire luggage. Harry was starting to get hungry but he knew better than to say any thing, Harry didn't get food when he was back for the summers maybe in a couple of days if he was lucky. After many hours they landed in DC and Harry was very glad to be off the plane he was past the point of being a little claustrophobic and heading in full blown panic so getting down to baggage claim was a welcome relief to Harry. By the time they reached the hotel the jet lag was killing him

" You boy bring the bags to the rooms and wait there got me" Vernon whispered in Harry's ear while griping his upper arm again hard enough to leave another bruise "Yes Sir" Harry said quietly.

Harry put the bags on all the beds and sat down on the end of the bed to wait for his Uncle as he waited Harry was getting a bad feeling in his stomach but he wasn't sure if that was from hunger or the fact his Uncle was coming for him. Vernon came into the room alone and Harry wasn't sure what to do,

"Boy you listen and you listen good we as in my family will be napping for the after noon and you are not to be here understand, you will not bother us or Dudley and you will make your self invisible here is a room key you can come back here after 10pm and go straight to your room and sleep and be gone by 7am" Vernon said.

"But Uncle what am I suppose to do I don't know any" the words were cut short as Vernon punched harry in the face "DON'T YOU DARE QUESTION ME I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO, OR IF YOU GET LOST JUST DON'T BE HERE" with that harry picked him self off the floor and walked out of the room and the hotel.

Harry made a mental note of which direction he walked and the names of the streets he saw to be able to walk back to the hotel later, "excuse me Sir. But do you have the time?" harry asked. "sure kid its 1300" Harry raised both eyebrows and had a confused look on his face " O man sorry kid that's military time for 1pm" the stranger laughed a bit while walking a way " thank you" Harry yelled after him.

His first night in DC and he'd already been kicked out of the hotel if only Malfoy and Snape could see him now. Harry had been walking for a couple of hours and while the hotel wasn't in the worst area of the city it also wasn't in the best area either so after waking for a few hours imagine how Harry was unsurprised to fine that he ended up in the wrong side of town. "Where the hell am I" harry whispered, It was still day light out so he wasn't scared but he was exhausted from the trip and his arm hurt from where his new bruise now was plus he hadn't eaten since the train ride from Hogwarts. He started to make his way back the way he came and maybe by 10pm he'd make it to the hotel in time before his Uncle could find another reason to beat him not that his Uncle needed a reason to inflict pain on him.

Harry had found a bench to sit down on as the sun was setting; the area he was in was vaguely familiar to him so he thought he was close to the hotel. He laid back on the bench and before he knew it he woke up to shouting that could be herd in the near distance and to the sun having set and it being dark out. He got up from the bench and looked around and saw two men in there 20's having an argument but not all that violent Harry looked at his watch and gasped " Holy crap Uncle Vernon is going to kill me" his watch said it was 12am. The men were waking down the street still talking loudly when they got to the corner they stopped to wait for the light to change one of the men in a blue jumper turned the guy toward him and kissed him on the lips. Harry blushed and couldn't stop watching as it became a bit heated under the street light, another man down the block had started to head in the same direction as the men who were obviously dating he saw them at the end of the block and started to yell

"HEY YOU DISGUSTING FAGS DON'T DO THAT WHERE THERES GOOD PEOPLE AROUND, IT'S GROSS AND IMMORAL YOU HEAR ME" he pulled something out of his pocket but harry couldn't see what it was as watched the seine unfold from across the street.

"YOU STUPID QUEERS YOU ALL JUST NEED TO STOP IT AND BE NORMAL AND STOP POLUTING OUR STREETS WITH YOUR UNNATURALNESS" "Hey we're not bothering anyone so just leave us alone ok we don't want any trouble" the blue jumper guy said as he pulled his boyfriend behind him and they backed up to walk across the street.

"YOU CAN'T WALK AWAY FROM ME YOU PANSY BOYS I'LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER PERVERT THE STREETS AGAIN" (BOOM- BOOM) and both the strangers fell down and the ranting drunk was running away with his gun and harry knew that's what he had pulled out of his pocket earlier. Harry ran across the street to see if he could help the guys

"O my god, can I help please" "Evan please can you hear me" "hey kid can call this number for me I can't I'm feeling kinda weak tell him my name is Gunnery Sgt. Lucas Franks" and with that Lucas past out.

Harry pressed send on the phone and waited for someone to answer (ring ring ring) "Yeah Gibbs"

"Um excuse me sir but someone of by the name of Gunnery Sgt. Lucas Franks asked me to call there's been a shooting and I witnessed it him and a friend were shot and they need help" harry said in a rushed voice

"tell me where you are kid" Gibbs barked at him "on the corner if Market and Thornhill" Harry said "STAY THERE KID" and Gibbs hung up.