Please Help Chapter 16

Harry came back down about 20 minutes later showered and dressed in dark jeans and an undershirt with his arm in a sling having left it out most of the day because his shoulder was starting to ache. Harry looked up when he entered the living room and only saw his professors.

"Where Gibbs' is and Sirius?" he asked.

"I shall send for them" and Albus sent his patronus to the basement.

Sirius was the first one to reach the living room followed closely by Gibbs. Both men looked at each other and seemed to have come to a silent understanding about what needed to be done in regards to Harry and the situation.

"Harry, come sit down, there's a bit more we need to discuss and its not going to be easy, ok" Sirius spoke softly as he stepped towards Harry to guide him towards the sofa.

"What's going on? Sirius you're scaring me" Harry had an edge of panic in his voice wondering if during his shower someone had been/gotten attacked.

"Calm down, Harry no matter what happens, all of us are here for you and we'll get through it I promise, okay?"

"I need you to stay calm and listen to everything I have to say before you say anything alright, Harry? I'm going to ask you something very important and I need for you to be honest without having all the information, can you do that for me?" Sirius was so… well serious when he said this that Harry could do nothing but nod his head.

"Okay we, that is to say me and your professors, have reason to believe that you have been obliviated at some point in your last 4 years at Hogwarts, now I would like for you to allow Professor Snape to enter your mind and check to see if he can find the memory charm" Sirius stated.

"But how do you know I've been obliviated?" Harry asked.

"At this point it's just a theory but it's the only one that makes sense with what we have to go on" he explained.

"And you won't tell me what brought this on?" Harry questioned all the adults.

"Harry, do you trust me?" asked Sirius who looked like he was on the verge of tears.

Harry looked at Sirius for a long moment and wondered if what he said would be the truth, no adult had ever asked him that before and if he was honest with himself than he knew that he didn't really trust adults with things but this was his godfather and if he didn't trust him then he really didn't trust anyone, Harry took a deep breath.

"With my life Padfoot" harry answered softly. Staring at Sirius and both Gibbs and Sirius squeezed his hands a bit.

"Thank you, Prongslet" he whispered back.

The headmaster cleared his throat and waited for everyone to collect their thoughts. "Harry, I want you to come sit on the chair over here please" he said.

Snape sat on the coffee table in front of the boy and try as he might he could not keep all his emotions from his face. Harry thought he seemed truly sad about something.

"Potter" he said he was trying to sound neutral about everything but he didn't think anyone believed it, himself included.

"Yes, Sir" he said quietly.

"What I'm going to attempt to do is highly dangerous so I need you to pay attention to me better then you do your cauldron, I know you don't trust me and that's ok as I've never given you a reason to but I do need you to believe me when I say that I have never once physically harmed a student in my 15 years as a professor and to do so in the presence of the Headmaster is ludicrous"

"You do not need to trust me but you cannot fight me once I'm in your mind the results can be very unpleasant for both of us, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir"

"Good, now what I'm going to do is say a spell and then I'll be able to look for the charm if one indeed has been used on you. What you don't know is that I'll see everything, all your memories from your relatives to what you and your friends got into at school" Severus stated.

"No, I'm not doing this" Harry started to panic he couldn't let them see everything.

"Potter, this is not open for discussion it is imperative that we find out what happened" Snape snapped. Taking a deep breath he continued,

"You will not receive any detention for past miss deeds that I happen to uncover, the headmaster would not allow it."

"No, you can't see everything you'll tell all the Slytherin's about what you see and that I can't defend myself against some git of a muggle, and I'll have to deal with them all year, no I don't care if I've been obliviated".

Harry's anger and panic started to rise and when the lights and the few pictures Gibbs had on the walls started to shake and flicker on and off both Gibbs and Sirius stood up but Gibbs grabbed his gun while Sirius went to Harry.

"Harry, you've got to calm down, okay? Don't need to make Gibbs rebuild part of his house do we?" He said with a small smile. "I would never allow Snape to do anything against you with the information he would see from your memories and if we find out that the charm is in there then we'll tell you everything and then its all your decision on what you want to do, alright?" Sirius said comfortingly.

"Sirius, I'm scared, I didn't want you to find out about the Dursleys, I didn't want anyone to find out but now he's going to see it all" Harry softly replied.

Gibbs kneeled down next to Harry and looked him in his eyes.

"Harry, its okay to be scared but it's more important that you don't let that fear rule you. Have the courage to go through this and know that you won't be alone when you get done" Gibbs said as he pulled Harry into a one armed hug and kissed his head.

Harry looked from his godfather back to Gibbs and took a deep breath "okay, professor" he said his voice a little more steady.

"Potter, you need to relax and keep eye contact with me, remember not to fight me just stay calm and keep your mind open the more open you are the less I'll have to search alright" Severus said in an even tone.

"Yes, Sir"

"Legilimens" Severus whispered with his wand pointed at Harry's temple.

Severus knew that he couldn't linger for more then necessary if he wanted the boy to remain agreeable, he knew that it was only a matter of time before the child started to fight the presence in his mind it was a natural defense that started. That is to say the boy might not be that good at it but he will start to fight eventually but the more he was open the faster he would be able to find the information he needed. Not to mention the boy would know which memories he viewed longer then others and Severus wanted him to feel as comfortable as possible.

Severus shifted through memory after memory, year after year he tried not to linger to long on the childhood that was too much like his own for his comfort. He slowed down some when he reached the Hogwarts years, he noticed things that he wished he'd seen the first time because then he could have helped the child more (there's nothing you can do to fix what's done don't think on what if's, Severus) giving himself a mental shake he continued on Harry's first year doesn't seem to be the issue.

Severus noticed that things were getting a bit hazy while looking through parts of second year, things were there but some of the pictures were like looking through a dirty window and then he found what he was looking for a large white mist covered parts of his second year all centered when he was alone in the corridors it skipped from going to class with all the other students to him walking alone seemingly back to his common room.

He pulled out of the boys mind somewhat impressed with him. He didn't feel a pull that meant the boy wasn't resisting the connection, he reached into his robe and pulled out two vials and looked at Harry, the child was holding his head and staring at him with tears slipping from his eyes.

"Here, Potter a headache potion" he said softly and he handed one of the vials to the boy.

Severus downed his potion and looked to the headmaster with a single nod of his head indicating that he found proof of a memory charm on the boy.

"What do you mean, Snape what did you see we need more of an explanation then a nod" Sirius huffed out with a glare.

"If you had bothered to let me sit for a minute and let my potion kick in then you would have had more of an explanation you mangy mongrel" he hissed at the mutt.

"Boys that's enough now, thank you" Albus said.

"Potter, has a very complex charm on him, Albus I can tell it was not done by a student, and it all seems to be centered around his second year" he spoke only to the headmaster while he said this he didn't think he could look at the boy right now.

"Very well, Severus was there anything else?" he asked sadly. They were all hoping that there was going to be another explanation then the one that was found.

"Yes, several memories are smudged along the edges, they are there but the details are sketchy at best I'd wager that those ones are tampered with while others are simply removed, they go from heading to classes with all the students to Potter walking back to his common room alone at night" he recounted to them.

"This doesn't make sense to me wouldn't I know if I were missing gaps of time from my second year?" Harry asked.

"No, Potter that's why it's called a memory charm" Snape sneered at him.

"And you're sure it's not from Tom the year before, right Severus?" Albus asked.

"Quite, Headmaster"

"Well this is stupid I only came in contact with a few people my second year that could have done something that they didn't want me to remember" Harry said loudly.

"1. was Lucius Malfoy he was at the school twice that I know of that year, the second one was Fudge but if you say it's strong than I doubt its him he's an idiot, maybe (pause) wormtail?" harry said the last name as if to ask Sirius what he thought of the idea, but Sirius was quick to dismiss the idea

"Not a chance, Harry, he would never be able to do a memory charm like what Snape just described."

"You sure? Harry asked "the man did frame you"

"Yes, he did but not by beating me he ran, he is still not a very powerful wizard, Harry trust me he could not have pulled it off if he would have tried then you'd be in St. Mungos with no mind left"

"And I know Lucius didn't do it either he may be a loyal death eater but the times he was at the school were not what was missing it just wouldn't fit" Severus said.

"Well maybe Lockhart then?" Harry suggested.

Snape scoffed "Potter the man is an imbecile he doesn't know a jinx from a counter curse."

"Professor, while I would normally agree about anything you said about the man because its all true he told me and Ron while we were down in the Chamber of Secrets that the only thing he was good at were memory charms and then he tried to blast mine and Ron's memories away so that we'd loose our minds so he could write another book" Harry said calmly.

Two professors and one godfather look at him sharply when he said this.

"What did I say?" Harry questioned.

"I'LL KILL HIM!" Sirius screamed and jumped up to storm through the front door and leave to go to do just what he said.

Harry looked at him alarmed and then checked all the adults' faces they were all in some degree of rage.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL, PADFOOT!" Harry yelled and jumped up in front of Sirius to hold him in place.

"What the hell has gotten into you, you're not going to kill anyone the man was a horrible teacher but that's it, and well whatever he's done, you can't do anything anyway" Harry tried to explain to the furious animagus.

"Harry get out of my way that man is going to die today" Sirius bit out through clenched teeth.

"Black, sit down and shut up Potter is correct you cannot do anything to Lockhart as the man is already in St. Mungos'" Severus snapped at him.

Sirius sat down and put his head in his hands and started to cry while mumbling under his breath that he was sorry over and over again to James, Lily and Harry.

Harry was just as confused as ever and took in the scene around him wondering just what in the hell happened in the last 10 minutes.

"Anyone want to clue me in on what everyone else seems to know?" Harry asked, and you Padfoot are you trying to get sent back to Azkaban for a murder you actually did commit because if that's the case then by all means go, and visit my uncle while you're at it" harry snapped out sarcastically.

"Hey, Harry that's enough out of you, you don't know the whole story, ok" Gibbs said to him.

"And whose fault is that? You're the one who sent me out of the room" he snapped back.

"Always getting cheeky Potter you and your arrogant little attitude are going to get you in more trouble then you're worth just for once in your pathetic life can you not just do what you're told and stop questioning your elders" Snape hissed at him with his famous sneer from potions class.

"In case you've forgotten Snape I've had very little reason to trust any adult in my life much less the people in this room, 2 of them I barely know, 1 hates me for no reason that makes no sense to me what so ever, and the last one left me on a door step in the middle of the night in November to abusive relatives so don't tell me not to question anyone when I've been the one to take care of MYSELF MY WHOLE LIFE!" Harry ended up screaming the last bit out and his chest was heaving for breath as he tried to rain in his anger at Snape.

"I've never seen a more arrogant and conceded child in my life. The world does not revolve around you, Potter and its never fair, so stop your whining and just accept what is" Snape all but yelled at him.

"THAT IS ENOUGH FROM ALL OF YOU!" Albus yelled. "And Sirius, you leave Severus alone. I do not want you two to get into it right now" he said before Sirius could lay into Snape for what he just said to Harry.

"Severus, that was uncalled for and out of line so I'll thank you to sit down and behave yourselves and stop acting like 1st years" Albus snapped.

"Harry, please sit down and try to keep calm, now I know you're angry with me and you have every right to be but I truly believed that I was doing the right thing and I'm very sorry, Harry."

"But we still have much to talk about so please stay calm while I finish, now did you ever have detention with Professor Lockhart?" the headmaster asked. Harry took a few deep breaths to calm himself down and looked to the headmaster to answer his question.

"A fair few of them now that I think about it but I don't really remember what I did, sir. I mean it was two years ago now" he said.

"I know, Harry but the reason we thought you had a memory charm on you was because you didn't seem to recall a specific type of abuse when Gibbs questioned you" he said softly and Harry cocked his head a bit and ran his hand threw his hair making it even messier than usual.

"I don't understand I told Gibbs everything I can remember and I didn't lie about it, I was completely honest with him I swear" Harry said with some bewilderment in his voice. He couldn't understand what they meant he knew he was honest with Gibbs when they talked and took his statement.

"Harry, Dr. Pitt did another exam on you the morning you were discharged, you had a nightmare during the night and the nurses gave you something to help you sleep, Brad gave you the exam while you were still out so it would be less traumatic for you." Gibbs explained.

"Why didn't you just ask me to do the exam I would have done it I did all the others?" he asked with hurt in his voice, he was feeling betrayed.

"Because of the nature of the exam we all felt that it would be better to do the exam while you were out and if it came back positive then we would tell you, but then you were so sure that nothing like that had ever happened that I wasn't sure what to do and when your teachers came I thought that they might have some clues and turns out I was right" he said his eyes were full of concern.

"Right about what?" "What kind of exam did I have?" he was extremely nervous about what they were about to tell him.

Sirius came forward and pulled Harry to him and sunk down onto the couch while rapping his arms around him in a tight embrace with Harry's back to his chest he whispered into Harry's ear.

'I love you so much pup and I'll always be here for you'

"Harry, Gibbs had your doctor run a rape kit on you" he said softly.

Harry's world seemed collapse around him after he heard the word rape, he didn't hear anything else he did feel the arms around him tighten just a bit but he forgot who was holding him, his body started to shake, and he started to mumble 'no no no not me no I'm dirty now no' that's all the adults heard from him he wasn't responding to his name at all.

"He's shaking like a leaf and all cold too he's also losing all his color." Sirius said in a panicked voice.

"He's going into shock" Gibbs said, thinking that maybe they should be going back to the hospital after all.

All the glass in the house started to shake and rattle Gibbs didn't know what to think, Albus took out his wand and cast a protection charm around them incase Harry lost control which at the moment looked like a very real possibility.

"Harry, pup, you've got to listen to me you're not dirty, it's not your fault, Harry, please listen to me try and calm down concentrate on my voice breath deep in and out, pup, please" Sirius begged.

Snape took hold of the child's chin in a hard grip and forced his mouth open and poured a calming draught down his throat and held his hand over the boy's nose and mouth forcing him to swallow the potion. He earned a glare from the mutt but a nod of thanks from there host.

"Thank you, Severus" Albus said quietly as he lowered his shield.

"Pup, can you hear me?" Sirius asked softly.

"…don't" he sobbed out, unable to finish.

"Don't what" he whispered running his hand over his godson's hair petting him trying to comfort him.

Harry started to struggle a bit trying to get up but Sirius wasn't about to let that happen he knew Harry well enough that he was going to try to hide or run from this and it was up to him to not let that happen, it would only cause Harry more pain and many more problems in the long run.

He tightened his arms just a fraction.

"No, Harry, no running and no hiding from this" he said firmly.

"Don't" Harry said with more force this time.

"Don't what Harry?" he asked again.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" he screamed.