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This story takes place in an alternate timeline. A very, VERY alternate timeline. No, the main cast has not been removed, they are still around.

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What promises does a world plagued by hate and rage have left to offer?

What punishment is waiting for those whose soul is burdened with responsibility?

Whom, with heart shackled by pain and despair, will bring about the means to an end?

What cruelty awaits for those tormented and sickened by what they now understand as 'reality'?

Although the answers many seek are shrouded in layers of carnage and destruction, one thing is certain:

"The apple does not fall far from the tree."


Puella Magi ga Gotoku


~Chapter 00: Prologue in Hell/I Will Protect Humanity~

"The time has come."

A sudden chilly breeze caressed her warm, soft cheeks. Her long, smooth hair fluttered weakly in one direction as she gazed upon a small cat-like creature sitting before her, gazing back with eyes that did not blink nor break contact as it waited in anticipation while swinging its fluffy tail back and forth – it was waiting for her wish.

"Now… What desire will make your Soul Gem shine?"

The girl's long white, one piece dress waved back and forth as the presence of wind picked up, she knew what she had to do. Taking a step forward, she forced her eyelids to slowly and eventually close shut, shielding her sight from the world before her. She didn't want to make any mistakes, she couldn't afford any. She had to focus, concentrate on the matter at hand. One chance… One wish that could be made and brought into reality, no matter how impossible it may be. It would be a miracle she would never regret, she would be proud of it.


She didn't say anything. She simply stood there as she bit her lips, her hands beginning to tremble, her entire body suddenly becoming stiff…

…she was scared.

But why would she…? Why would she be scared about a rare opportunity such as this without reason? Unless… Unless she already had one to begin with? Her mind began to stir, she entered her own thoughts and memories ever so deeply in an attempt to recall something of importance from the past, why she dreaded the idea about granting a wish and what was stopping her. It's silly, really… As she already knew the answer to her own question.


…she did it anyway out of fear.

Granting a wish would mean becoming a Magical Girl, a real-life Magical Girl, with powers and superhuman capabilities that were far beyond the boundaries normal people were restricted to. It sounded wonderful in a way; saving innocents from evil doers, being able to fly around with grace like an angel, and the best part of all… She could do it all while wearing beautiful and attractive clothes!

However, this was not what she dreaded. It wasn't due to the fact she could become a wondrous Magical Girl or the fact it was being offered by a talking cat-like entity, oh no, it was the downside, the Truth, she truly dreaded. Her train of thought suddenly came to a halt, was it even worth recalling? The horrible memories, the terrifying and upsetting events that followed… She felt sick to the core knowing that, even if she refused to think about it, this tiny piece of knowledge would continue to linger inside.

Haunting her.

Corrupting her.

She could almost imagine it eating her away like cancer would do to its victims, almost feel it. She knew this wouldn't go away like a bad dream. This feeling, this 'curse' would surely follow her even in death as tears from her eyes began to roll their way down her cheeks, each drop trickling to the floor and each drop drying away as quickly as they had formed. As far as she knew, it wasn't worth recalling at all.

She wanted to scream.

"Don't be afraid."

The young child flinched in surprise at the sudden boyish voice belonging to that of the small creature still sitting at the edge of the rooftop they were on. Because of the interruption, her consciousness was pulled back into the world of bitter reality. Her eyes opened wide to behold it once again as another set of tears fell to the ground.

"After all…"

There was a slight pause as it slowly turned its head to the left, its field of vision fixated to the distant night with eyes brimming with interest. Watching something… Something alien, something dangerous, something… impossible. Despite the cat looking in a completely different direction, it continued to speak to the girl without difficulty as the wind became unnaturally more active than usual, ruffling its soft and comforting fur more and more as time passed. Its face, plain and simple with an ever present smile, didn't react however.

"Once you form a contract with me, your hidden potential will become an actuality."

Scared to speak…

"With incredible power such as this at the palm of your hands, no ordinary Puella Magi can stand in your path."

Scared to act…

"Not even a negative sensation known as 'Fear' can stop you."

Scared to move…

"If you so choose to…"

But it was now…

"…you can even rid the calamity that has befallen…"

…or never.

"…your world."

Those soft, pink lips began to move inch by inch. She was about to speak, but instead of a loud and clear voice, a tiny whisper was muttered in its place. "I'm…" She finally spoke… She finally spoke after minutes and minutes of silence! Its ears twitched, the cat was eager to listen to what she had to say as it immediately turned its head again, facing her once more with a piercing stare. "I'm not afraid."

She wiped her teary eyes with her hands and stared back at her wish maker with eyes filled with determination. She took a single step forward and inhaled a lungful of air into her body. It really was time. There wasn't even a hint of fear remaining…


…but there was evidence of denial hidden away.

"I wish…"

If only things were easy to understand.

"I wish…!"

If only Magical Girls were easy to understand.

"I wish for…!"

If only life was easy to understand.

"I wish for the power to destroy the wickedness that is hurting everyone; THE WORLD'S ENEMY!"

Her voice echoed, her wish made clear, and the creature had to comply for it was its duty. In a matter of seconds a blinding bright light exploded from her body, her light shining through the darkness, her brilliant light acting as a beacon of hope for all Magical Girls nearby. Such a powerful and luminous light was overwhelming even for the cat, forcing it to shield its eyes, unable to witness the girl's transformation in the process.

As the white light died down, the cat opened its eyes to scan the area for the girl. Finally spotting her, it carefully took in her new attire. Her appearance had drastically changed. She was no longer the fragile girl in a white dress, instead stood a heroine. A heroine armed with a Rapier pulsing with energy for a weapon, a heroine with a long white cape on her back fluttering in one direction. A heroine with elegant clothing fit for a princess with a pink and black colour scheme.

On a rooftop building in Mitakihara City, a child's normality was sacrificed; reborn as a Magical Girl.

"Your wish has been granted. An almighty Puella Magi with potential unlike any other has been born."

The Magical Girl turned to face the veil of darkness on her right, the same direction the cat was facing, and saw her destiny in the distance - the evil of the world.

"I will protect humanity."

As she continued to watch, the dark clouds in the midnight sky began to break apart, making way for the moon's ray of lunar light as it pierced through them. Shining down on the surface below, the city, the people on the streets, and her.

"I will protect them…"

As this chapter comes to a close, the lunar light shone upon something in the distance. Far and wide off the coast of Mitakihara lay an adversary of myth. A powerful enemy lying in wait for her, the hero, to challenge it. To end its reign.

But this enemy would be unlike anything she would ever encounter. For this enemy…

"…as their Saviour in the Dark."

…was surely made of impossibilities.

Her love, her sorrow, her anguish, her hate and rage…

All of the sweet and bitter emotions will compel the child to confront the world's enemy on the day of the Leap as decreed by Fate.

This is a tale about individuals twisted and changed for the worse or for the best.

A tale revolving around those with hearts clinging to the radiance of hope or tainted with sickening despair.

Which would be…

a tale that will forever be fictitious.

Which would be…

a tale that should never…



~End of Chapter 00…~


Author's Notes: My apologises if this Chapter is somewhat short. I needed it to have an okay length because it's a Prologue.

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