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Puella Magi ga Gotoku: The Story So Far…

Driven to the brink of despair with heart wracked by pain and misery, Lorina Liddell sought to end her suffering under the belief Heaven
would absolve her sins and permit the soul to be reunited with her loving mother, but a figure clad in red rescued her from a sinister trap
conceived by a vile Witch.

The Puella Magi's resolve for performing such heroic act remains shrouded behind a veil of mystery - a mystery taken with her as she left
alongside a young companion towards the town of Mitakihara, never to be seen again.

Unaware to Lorina, however, is that these two share a powerful connection, one that can only be understood between those born within the same family.
They are sisters bound by blood; forgotten by society – Sakura Kyōko and Sakura Momo.


~Guilty Departure~

~Chapter 03: Condemnation=Cry=Camellia/You're My Friend~

-Part 2/2-





Chaos and disorder...must be corrected.

Harmony...must be restored.

Discord...must be eliminated.

I fight for the sake of this world; for the sake of friendship; for the sake of absolute order.

The world needs order, it beckons for it.

Order is the natural solution to rid those that disrupts peace.

As an ally of Justice, I will bring forth peace and prosperity to my home.

I will punish all who dare go against the order without hesitation.

You are no exception, I will strike you down!

But I cannot sense your presence, where did you go?!


Help me...

Somebody help me!

I can't see!

My light has been stolen!

I'm blind!

I can't protect anyone!

I can't protect my friends!


Save me.



~Day 04~




"I must take my leave." The cerise sun was slowly beginning to lose its warmth as the clouds blackened the azure sky, a flock of birds elegantly soared past without a care in the world.

"Eh? Naze、Anaberuーchan?" =("Eh? Why, Annabelle-chan?")= The Japanese brunette asked, her eyes wide with curiosity.

"An acquaintance of mine awaits my arrival. The name of whom I seek is Maria Wahrheit – a typical enthusiastic teenager with an impetuous personality to match." The aristocratic maiden replied with a stern look, giving off an invisible aura of commitment that could almost be felt as the nearby trees rustled.

Lorina jumped to her feet at the sound of that name, a name which she had not heard for awhile. Her heart began to race in expectation. "Mary's alive?!" Immediately dashing to Anna's side, Lorina looked up as she grasped onto the teenager's arm. "Where is she? How did you find out? Did someone tell you? Did you see her in a dream? Tell me, Anna! Please tell me!" The girl hopped up and down on her feet, constantly begging for an answer without giving Anna the time to respond.

Anna simply remained still and quiet as the wind howled, apparently searching for an answer to fill out the question before she spoke. "The brilliant intuition of a fair maiden." She said with a loving smile, her bright green eyes gazing into Lorina's dual-coloured own of amber and aqua.

Lorina knew Anna was messing with her head. It probably had something to do with magic and its wondrous means. That was the most logical solution to the child, anyway.

"I must not delay. I now leave Lorina Liddell in your protective care, Kisaragi Hana." Anna said to the person by the door, ending it with a tender smile.

"Makasete!" =("Leave it to me!")= With a nod, Hana proudly announced her conviction for all to hear with hands positioned onto her hips, leaning back as a cheerful grin made its way to her young face.

Little Liddell suddenly felt uneasy for a moment, somewhat bothered by a piece of memory hidden away deep within the back of her mind - evil was near. Anna would be attacked again and this time there won't be anyone around to rescue her. The girl's body trembled ever-so-subtly at the possibility, she couldn't have that. She could not allow Anna to expose herself to danger, to have her best friend at Death's door again, not when Lorina Liddell needed her the most - to support her through these troubled times where danger lurked in practically every corner.

Anna had to live.

"Anna, let me go with you!" Lorina said, pleading her tall friend whilst imitating the sweet eyes of a puppy dog. "I want to find Mary too! I want the three of us to be together again, just like before! Please, Anna!" She could not help but keep her dreams a secret from everyone. Those who heard it may jump to the conclusion she was insane, even her own friends. Lorina Liddell wasn't a Magical Girl, she wasn't special in any particular manner, she was just an ordinary girl with an everyday personality, so how could anyone possibly believe her? "Please..."

What should she even do?

Anna merely smiled to Lorina's simplicity of a request, stroking her auburn-coloured hair with a hand that was steady and gentle as she spoke. "Forgive me, Lorina. This is a task I must undertake alone. Please understand the hazards at stake: If one such as yourself were to accompany me on this journey, a Witch may potentially strike. I cannot bear the thought of losing you if that comes to pass, Lorina Liddell. I may even fall from grace as my body collapses from the weight of despair, crying to the tragic scene of your untimely death until my heart ceases to beat." Anna said as she gave a loving hug, her face wearing a reassuring smile. "Always know that the safety of your well-being takes priority above all else and, needless to say, my relative will keep you out of harm's way. A highly trained combatant with skills unmatched such as herself is the perfect bodyguard for one who is the absolute mirrored opposite of we Puellae Magi."

"But I don't care about me!" The girl raised her voice at Anna, a set of tears slowly making their way down Lorina's cheeks until they stopped at the chin, dripping onto the teenager's arm as little Liddell looked up. "I need you. I need to be with you. I need-"

"Enough." Annabelle said with a sharp and strict tone, her eyes burning with annoyance and lips transformed into a frown as she placed a hand onto Lorina's shoulder. "I will not tolerate any more of this juvenile behaviour. You are to remain here and await my return, are we clear?"

Lorina simply nodded in fear at her friend's anger, an emotion she would rarely see and receive because of their friendship. The young girl slowly released her weak grip from the teenager, forcing her eyes to watch the ground in defeat as she took a step back - Lorina was clearly pushing her luck.

Gradually returning to her peaceful and usual composure with a familiar smile, the Magical Girl finally turned to Hana and blinked. "Ittekimasu。" =("I am leaving.")= With a sentence uttered in the language of the Japanese, Annabelle Reeds proceeded to turn her back and march into the direction of the half-covered sun, her hair glowing like the golden long hair of Rapunzel as it danced to the howling wind.

"Itterasshai! Ki o tsuketeee!" =("See you later! Take caaare!")= Energetically waving her hand into the air as Hana bid farewell, Lorina simply watched her one best friend walk away whilst barely holding back the remaining tears of a weak and sad girl.

There was nothing left she could do or say to stop Anna now, her fate was sealed. All Lorina Liddell could do...was hope for the best.


What a pointless concept. As far as she knew, it was a useless thing to even think about or hold on to. Despair reigned with an iron fist, monsters roam the world like a playground, gobbling people up for their three meal course of starter, main course, and finally dessert. It was difficult to make even a mere grin last for ten seconds before it turned into a depressing frown. The young girl's eyelids began to become heavy until they closed shut, tensing them in frustration as she gritted her teeth.

If only she could find a Wish Maker, another Messenger of Magic, so that she may try again. She wanted a miracle to be granted, a wish to protect Anna from danger with her own magical strength. Lorina Liddell didn't care which talking cat it was or where it came from, as long as a Wish Maker could make dreams come true, she would be willing to place her life on the line to protect those close to her heart - the benevolent path of a Puella Magi was the only option left to set things right.

The path of a Magical Girl, the powers of a Puella Magi, would make the impossible become possible.

She would regret nothing.




Little Liddell recalled her time with Anna and Hana at the house from yesterday in the evening, their explanation behind the meaning of a 'Witch's Kiss' was almost educational in a way:

"Life has, and always will have, a negative impact on everyone. From measly mistakes such as the failure to obey simple commands to the sudden loss of one's love interest. These are but a few examples of what may occur in one's life, having a significant effect on one's overall state of mind which may ultimately drive one to perform idiotic decisions - leaping off a bridge for instance. This is what happens to poor individuals whom succumb to the might of despair, allowing their will to be controlled and influenced with the use of a powerful spell employed by a nearby Witch - we call this a 'Witch's Kiss'. All victims are almost guaranteed to be drawn to a Witch's lair in order to carry out a grim task, which undoubtedly leads to death. As we Puellae Magi are blessed with magical properties, delightfully rendering us immune to such a manipulative trick, we can seek out and dispatch the abomination with ease via the use of our exquisite Soul Gems. Take this to heart, Lorina: Never descend into the darkest depths of despair, lest a Witch claims control of your life once more like a puppet suspended on strings."

Basically, any negative emotions such as misery would attract a nearby monstrosity in Mitakihara and place a spell on the person, making him or her lose all sense of self until he or she died.

That almost happened to Lorina, she would have died if it wasn't for that red Magical Girl - a heroine with admirable bravery whilst armed with a long and powerful lance. What was her name again...? Momo...or was it Kyōko? The only part Lorina could remember was her last name - 'Sakura'. Lorina carefully searched through her memories, trying to remember exactly what that girl's name was, but she couldn't. Her mind was littered with memories of that battle and Anna's description of that spell - it was a mess.

Lorina Liddell had to leave it alone for now. Recalling her name would not be necessary until they met face-to-face again in the near future.

What was necessary was choosing whether or not she should eat this yakitori cooked with dark paste, which was made up of mirin, sake, soy sauce and sugar, called a tere sauce. From her point of view as she walked the streets of the somewhat quiet town, it looked pretty strange like a twisted version of a brochette, but as she turned her head to watch Hana happily eating her own set on a stick, it actually looked pretty tasty. "How is a 'Ya-ki-to-ri' a 'grilled chicken'? It smells good, but it doesn't look like a chicken." She muttered to herself, her eyes constantly staring at the food. Swallowing her courage, Lorina Liddell took a quick bite at the so-called chicken, chewing it with eyes closed before sending it down her throat in one strong gulp.

The odd, unfamiliar flavour that touched her taste-buds...

The strange feeling of eating food in an Asian country...

The sudden incredible wave of bliss washing over her caused the troubles in life to vanish from the wounded heart...

To Lorina's surprise, it was the best thing she had ever eaten. It was like nothing back in England. Her mouth began to water with saliva a little later, prompting her to wipe it off with a pack of tissues. However, it continued to flow, filling her mouth. She was having a hard time to even swallow it or keep it all in her mouth.

She uncontrollably craved for it...

Her mind was fixated on it...

She wanted more...

More of that appetising meat...

More of that luscious food...

Little Liddell really wanted to eat lots and lots of yakitori, badly.

"Oishī?" =("Delicious?")= Quickly turning around, the young girl noticed Hana was standing idly by, offering one of the many grilled chickens she had in hand whilst wearing a kind-hearted smile - she seemed almost amused by Lorina's experience with Japanese food.

"Hai!" =("Yes!")= With a cheerful grin and eyes sparkling with delight, Lorina answered back in a familiar language, it was practically one of the few easy phrases she could learn as she accepted Hana's yakitori before feasting into it with teeth keen and sharp. Eating such a fantastic delicacy also proved to be a distraction as the fourteen-year-old didn't react or realise Hana was patting her head.

It was undeniably addicting.

As Lorina Liddell wandered around with her new Japanese friend, slowly joyfully nibbling away at the tasty treat, the two spotted a product being advertised on an oversized TV attached to a building above: A golden energy drink contained within a plastic bottle being given to numerous staff members, all of whom have been drained of vitality, by men dressed in yellow jump suits with matching gloves and helmets after repelling down from the ceiling. The only lyrics that were being played over the whole scenario were the words 'morning rescue' being shouted by a man over and over with pride.

Despite what Lorina had witnessed, the drink itself did not appear to be very energising at all, much to her displeasure.

This wasn't the only thing that had caught the girl's attention, however. There was another point of interest just in front of her - staring at her, silently calling out to her for attention from a bus stop. Thinking about it now, this particular drawing was seen in various locations around town: From the face of billboards to the walls inside a shopping centre.

It was a poster depicting a young teenager with golden coiled hair that reached her shoulders, dressed in a uniform decorated with many frills and ribbons. All of them had the colour of yellow and white.

She looked beautiful, almost like a real princess of royalty and yet oddly familiar - did little Liddell meet her from somewhere?

"Who's she?" The fourteen-year-old asked, her eyes continuously scanning the image whilst still eating the yakitori.

"Sono onnanoko wa Mahō no Aidoru、Tomoe ・ Mamiーsan desu。" =("That girl is the Idol of Magic, Tomoe Mami-san.")= Answering the girl, Hana stood by Lorina's side as she also gazed at the poster, apparently well-informed about the person in the image.

"An 'Idol of Magic'?" Confused, Lorina turned to the Japanese girl, waiting for a response on the subject.

=("That is what the media is calling her. Mami-san is very attractive and has a wonderful singing voice. She even used to attend the same school as me! But...")= Hana stopped for a moment, scratching her head as if searching for an answer. =("Well, because Mami-san has moved on to high school, I can never get the chance to meet her. If only I met her sooner...")= She gave out a short sigh in defeat, disappointed by that fact alone. A second later, however, a cute beaming smile quickly made its way to Hana's face, her gloom faded and forgotten. =("I'm also her biggest no.1 fan! I've bought her CD Album that came out last year, which is Mami-san's first and only Album so far, and a keychain with her likeness. See!")= Taking a set of keys out of her light shoulder bag made from dark-brown leather, Hana presented to Lorina a spitting image of the great Idol of Magic.

Well...almost a spitting image if one were to disregard the obvious fact it had the appearance of a flat, two dimensional, chibified singer holding a microphone with mouth opened wide.

"Kawaī、desu ne?" =("It's cute, isn't it?")= She zealously questioned, dangling the keychain before Lorina's vacant expression. Although it seemed as if she was paying attention, her eyes were apparently staring past it as if the keychain wasn't even there as the grilled chicken was being chewed away bit after bit with each passing moment. =("Mami-san is the best!")= Squealing in sheer delight, Hana sprang to the air again and again, her head overwhelmed by the compelling memories of the star that was Tomoe Mami.

Strange... Did Hana actually say all that in English or Japanese? Lorina could only hear the former, but not the latter. The girl's healthy lips moved in a peculiar manner that did not match her sentences, much like how Japanese Anime received English vocals that were poorly synced with the lip movement, despite how professional the lines may have been delivered. Turning her attention back to the poster, her mind stirred - she was certain she had seen this person before, but where? That golden coiled hair, that sincere smile, those eyes that glittered with undying hope, Lorina tried to recall the exact moment in which she had met her. It was fruitless, however, as the mind failed to perform the simple task of remembering.

Biting down on something solid, Lorina Liddell retracted the stick from her hungry mouth and realised the yakitori was gone. A painful moan was quietly expressed - she really should have took her time on that instead of munching it repeatedly like a baby would do to a dummy.

Out the corner of her eye, a large crowd gathered in the distance, seemingly entranced by something. Gradually making her way towards the people out of interest, Hana soon followed suit as the sound of endless chatter could be heard - what were they looking at? Lorina couldn't understand what they were discussing about as she got closer, the amount of people talking at once made it nearly impossible for the girl to hear even a single clear sentence. Aside from that, with a wall of tall people in the way, seeing whatever was occurring was going to be difficult - Lorina Liddell had to find a way past. Squeezing her way through the heavily dense crowd, apologising in English as she did so with each unintentional bump, both the girl and Hana managed to make their way towards the front, eager to lay her sight upon the thing that attracted the people like moths to a burning flame.

It wasn't a Witch, a horrifying creature bent on consuming humanity nor was it a Magical Girl, an ally of justice flying around on a broomstick for the photographers to capture with their high-tech cameras for the sake of fame and attention. It wasn't any of those secretive things, but something entirely different. Lorina gave out a frightful gasp for air, her muscles tightening in fear at the unknown - what, in the name of normality, was she looking at?

Shrouded by a thick layer of mist that even the naked eye could barely see past, the outline of a colossal structure situated faraway beyond the shores of land could be made piercing the heavenly clouds; rendering a straightforward glimpse at the tip to be out of the question. Out in the oceanic waters, two to three military ships of American design with a matching flag swaying in the air cautiously circled the enormous body of alien origin, their cannons standing by and weapons at the ready. On the mainland, various reporters by the railings professionally voiced their findings to a small camera crew with microphones in hand and backs turned to the open sea. The never-ending chatter of the people continued to persist, going in and out of Lorina Liddell's ears as she tried to process what her eyes were seeing - the quiet whispers of the soft, cold breeze were practically non-existent at this point.

This was impossible.

"Hana, what is that?" Enthralled by its vast size, little Liddell asked her friend a simple question as her delicate fingers wrapped around the metal handle.

"Jieitai wa are Seikaiju yobu。" =("The SDF call it 'Yggdrasil'.")= Placing a hand on the same lifeless bar, Hana answered the girl's enquiry with a worried look. =("It mysteriously appeared out of nowhere during the night two days ago, the same day you and Annabelle came to my house. I didn't even know about it until my friends told me yesterday in the morning.")= Continuing with the explanation to the best of her knowledge, Hana took in a lungful of fresh air. =("According to some people who were present at the time, they said a big sphere suddenly exploded from it. Expanding and washing over Japan which turned off everything that ran on electricity - a bit like an EMP bomb.")=

There it was again, English speech instead of this country's native language. What was causing that to happen? Thinking about it now, young little Liddell wasn't actually paying much attention to what the girl was saying, her mind distracted by that thing called Yggdrasil. Lorina diverted her eyes to Hana, staring absent-mindedly with a curious mind.

But that wasn't important right now, the British girl could ponder about its significance at a later date if necessary.

The information Hana had provided caused the young maiden's train of thought to travel from memory to memory, urgently searching for something buried deeply in the back of her mind, something related and vital: 'EMP'. Hana mentioned that, didn't she? An EMP blast that wiped out life in all things electronic, just like that massive blue bubble-like energy back in London. Was this it...? Was this the source that brought Lorina's ideal world crashing down? Was this thing also responsible for igniting the fuel of destruction and unleashing the Black Beast onto her home? Lorina wanted answers - answers that would give her the satisfaction she had been seeking; answers that would give her something to direct her boiling hatred. These people here obviously did not have the answers she was looking for, it would be a waste of time to even try to ask. In the end, Lorina Liddell was left empty-handed once again - always the last to learn about anything; always the last of everything.

"Hm? Dōshita、Rorīnaーchan?" =("Hm? What's wrong, Lorina-chan?")= The Japanese girl asked out of concern, staring back with a pair of wonderful eyes that were similar to the colour of her brown hair.

"It's... It's nothing, Hana." Replying back with a lie as white as sugar coating, Lorina quickly turned her head away in shame. What was she to do? Was it because of that thing in the ocean that was causing her to hear both languages alternate back and forth? Or was insanity finally taking her?

One thing led to another, however, as her many questions were pushed aside in favour to whom Lorina was gazing upon: An individual with long silky hair that had the colouration of a vicious raven which extended all the way down the back. The figure's posture was motionless, seemingly frozen in place whilst observing Yggdrasil.

Unexpectedly, an image of that time immediately flashed before Lorina's eyes, sending an incredibly sharp pain through her mind as she held her throbbing skull. "Ah, ow..." Falling onto the ground as soon as her knees gave way, the child remembered: She, the girl with an aura like no other in that dark dream, was the same girl standing over there right now - metres away, in fact. "That...girl..." The British maiden struggled to stand up as she continued to eye the girl from her dream on the other side of the busy crowd.

"Rorīnaーchan、daijōbu?!" =("Lorina-chan, are you okay?!")= Hana panicked, she didn't know what was happening to Lorina. All the Japanese girl knew was she had to take care of her friend. Grabbing onto the girl's shoulders, Hana tried to help little Liddell up onto her feet.

At the same time, however, the girl with black hair began to march away from the hand-rails, making her way past the people - she was leaving. The one thing Lorina managed to catch a glimpse of was a saddened face of a person whose light was shattered into tiny shards.

Who were these Magical Girls?

Why was poor little Liddell beginning to meet them one by one in this country?

Why did they even appear in that nightmare?

So many questions; yet so little time.

"Homuraーchan...?" In the midst of the men and women taking pictures of that giant thing in the blue sea with their mobile phones, a particular young girl with pink-coloured hair called out - a voice that was kind, gentle and, most noticeable of all, had a hint of pure innocence. "Ikimashō、Fuminoriーkun。" =("Let's go, Fuminori-kun.")= Weakly pulling a boy around her age by the sleeve, the person called Fuminori reluctantly followed.

"Ah! Madoka、chōtto matte!" =("Ah! Madoka, wait a moment!")= Alongside the couple was another youthful girl, her hand reaching out and voice raised, uttering a name before giving chase. Unlike the smiling pinkette, this one was familiar to an extent that the hairstyle and cyan-colour bore an uncanny resemblance to the caped Puella Magi enveloped by an intense air of melancholy.

Were they the same person?

"Wait..." Fearing for the worst, Lorina Liddell tried to call out to them, her voice weak and almost whisper-like. This was probably the only opportunity to gather some answers; to meet the very Magical Girls from her nightmare. "Wait...!" She couldn't lose them. She couldn't afford to lose them now. Mitakihara was big; Japan was big - it would take days and days of searching before such a meeting like this would become a reality again. Mustering the strength and determination deep from the fragile heart, Lorina pushed onwards.

=("Lorina-chan, let's go somewhere else.")= At the sound of Kisaragi's soft voice, a steady force began to pull Lorina back, her shoulders trying to resist the physical might. Turning around, her teeth gritted out of annoyance at the sight of Anna's cousin persistently dragging her away from the heavy crowd.

"H-Hana...not yet." Lorina cried, her amber and aqua eyes meeting Hana's own of hazel. "I don't want to go!" Swinging her arms, shaking her shoulders, pushing herself away from the Japanese girl, little Liddell tried everything she could to the best of her abilities in order to separate herself from Hana's firm grip. "Please, I don't want to go yet! Please!" Despite her protest with tearful drops making their way down Lorina's cheeks, Hana completely ignored her as she continued to carry out her task. Albeit, with some difficulty. "Let me go...! Hana!"

The mass crowd naturally watched as the two young girls left, their heads turned to the source of the disruption with faces of perplexity. Soon, like an audience of a show brainwashed by a magician, their attention was drawn back to the gigantic thing known only as Yggdrasil masked by a white mist of mystery, their thoughts about the girls vanished like vapour in the air - forgettable, unimportant, and insignificant.





The marvellous sun was about to begin its inevitable descent onto the far side of the Earth, its familiar warmth fading into an icy feel; from the other came the rising darkness that blackened the shining light, transforming respectful peace into resentful fear. Lying on top of a nearby slide that had withstood the test of time and the long days past like frail snow melting away, a harmless animal gradually stretched its stiff legs before letting out an adorable meow soon afterword as it monitored two young girls playing on the swings: One smiled, gaining more and more height with each swing, and another sat lifelessly, staring at the sand-covered ground with troubled eyes seemingly lost in thought as deep as the watery abyss.

Why did the concept of bad luck intervene during that crucial moment? Why, whenever there was something of importance occurring, was she always denied? Did the world hate her? Did reality want her to live a life of disappointment? There was obviously no proof to such an exaggerated claim, but to Lorina Liddell, her entire existence was the proof. She had seen what it had done and she was the overall result - a girl with a heart torn by misery and mind heavily poisoned by defeat.

"Gomen nasai、Rorīnaーchan。" =("I'm sorry, Lorina-chan.")= Hana said as she turned towards the depressed girl from England, her feet planted onto the ground after the seat came to a stop. =("When I saw you in pain, I thought it was because of Yggdrasil, so I had to get you away from it.")=

Even now in this lonely park with activities such as monkey bars and a seesaw devoid of cheery children, the language continued to change between English and Japanese. As interesting as it may be, it was beginning to become confusing to Lorina. She wanted to shut out one to simply hear the other, but how? How was she to set out and accomplish that? Had Hana not pulled her away from the edge of town, little Liddell may have already found the answers she had desperately yearned for.

=("Lorina-chan, I was only trying to do what I thought was right.")=

But in the end, everything had to play out differently than what was expected - it always did in her tiny life.

=("I just wanted to hel-")=

Excuse after excuse after excuse... When was she going to shut up about it? Lorina had heard enough.

"I didn't need your help, Hana!" Letting loose a temper as violent as a fictional ogre, little Liddell directed her loud voice towards the Japanese girl with teeth gritting. "If I wanted help, I would've asked for it. But I didn't, DID I!?" This was just like before at the house with her best friend. Once again, Lorina's emotions were becoming unstable - one moment she was calm and the next she was angry without warning. As the howling breeze caused the nearby trees to rustle, the child gave a piercing glare into Hana's fear-stricken soul.

She could do it again...

She could turn her hatred into a weapon so that it may dig its way into the girl just like it did to Anna. After all, everybody was useless and a waste of space. They deserve to understand her fury, especially Magical Girls.

But that look on Hana's face, however, stirred a distant memory buried deep beneath a mountain of fond days: The all-too familiar shiver of fright from the body, the unmistakeable sign of one desiring for retreat, and the eyes poisoned with heart-breaking terror. That was when she realised what she was doing; what she was becoming; what was reawakening from bad days long overcame - Lorina Liddell was turning into a monster again, one that was self-centred and cruel as they came.

"I-I'm sorry...Hana." Lorina apologised with her head suddenly lowered in disgrace, eyes tightly closed and hands gripping the chains as her burning rage lessened over time. "I'm just frustrated. Every time I want to do something, something always gets in the way. It's like fate wants me to live a bad life!" She explained with watery eyes building up out of grief. "I hate it...!" The girl suddenly exclaimed. "I hate it, I hate it, I JUST HATE IT!" Innocent tears escaped her tormented being as her voice began to sound dry and rasping, unable to continue.

Hana could only watch as this sad scene played out before her, feeling powerless to help despite her status of being a Magical Girl. "Rorīnaーchan..." =("Lorina-chan...")= She called out to the girl sitting on the swing, her voice soft and friendly.

What did this kind Magical Girl want?

What could she possibly do to save Lorina Liddell from the depths of despair?

Wiping the tears away with her arms before slowly turning to Hana, the British maiden did not know what to expect aside from magic being performed such as pulling a white rabbit out of nowhere.

To the young fourteen-year-old's surprise, what she was presented with had nothing to do with the wonders of magic.

"Sumairu。" Wearing a gracious smile and eyes gleaming with empathy, Kisaragi reached out with fingers splayed open and palm bare. "Asu rōn asu yū sumairu、gūdo fūins wūeru kom abōtu。Nō matta wūat hapinsu、I'ō aruwais bi bai yōru saido。"

The cold remnants of winter past biting into the child's skin came to a sudden halt. The naked trees towering over the park and stripped of their precious leaves watched the girls with hollow eyes as the eerie roundabout nearby creaked with age to break the empty silence. The girl felt unsure as to whether or not she, too, should reach out and take hold of the hand with magic flowing in Hana's veins. There was nothing suspicious about her grin nor did she appear to have any subtle characteristics that could hint to a dark hidden agenda - there was only the offer for friendship that sought acceptance.

Stretching out with a shaky hand towards the Magical Girl, Lorina ever-so-gently wrapped her fingers around the soft warmth as it passed through the wrist and up her arm. "Your..." The adolescent girl was nervous about what she wanted to say, her lips struggling to hold back a grin, but said it nonetheless. "Your English is very bad." To add insult to injury, the amber and aqua eye-coloured girl could not even understand a single word Hana had uttered, but to state that outright was a risk left untold.

There was a slight pause before Hana suddenly began to giggle awkwardly in response to Lorina's comment. "Eh hehe、sō ka?" =("Eh hehe, really?")= A lone drop of sweat made its way down her brow as she continued that fake laugh, one that apparently refused to stop whilst the nearby cat vigorously called out.

Lorina knew she couldn't keep crying forever, it was bad for her health. With a personal well dripping with sorrow, it would have to dry up at some point and the speck of a soul would have to acknowledge the world around her, even if it may be cruel.

It was time to stop running from the present.

With that in mind, little Liddell slowly pulled back a humorous grin to Hana's delight. After what felt like days which could be mistaken for years, the young maiden was finally able to give out and share the one thing she could only do in times of joy: A soft, heart-felt, chuckle. "Hee hee~"

It was time to move on from the past...and embrace the future.




"Hana, I was wondering..." Lorina muttered whilst observing Hana spinning on the roundabout. "How old are you?"

"Jūyon sai。" =("14")= The Japanese girl answered, her mind a daze as she struggled to stand back onto the sand-covered ground without falling a few seconds later.

"Ehhh?! 'Fourteen'?!" Exclaiming at the top of her lungs, the British girl's pair of eyes widened in disbelief. "I thought you were fifteen!" She said as she rescanned Hana's appearance - she really did look like a fifteen-year-old due to her abnormal height.

"Jūgo sai? Īe、īe..." =("15? No, no...")= Hana answered back with a smile, her hands waving back and forth in disagreement as if this was a recurring question. =("This is normal. I just happen to grow a little taller than everyone else, that's all.")=

Tilting her head to the side in confusion at Hana's reply, Lorina lightly caressed the cat in her arms as several birds in the branches sang aloud. "I guess that explains it. Hehe..." She gave out a nervous chuckle, not knowing what else to say or do. A moment later, however, a new question surfaced. "Um, what did you wish for to become a Magical Girl?" Waiting for a response, Lorina continued to sit on the wooden bench, relaxing as the cat swung its long tail left and right.

There was no reply, not even a weak sigh as the birds suddenly took flight into the sky; the feline hissing towards the trees soon afterwards before making a quick dash out of Lorina's arms - what was happening?

An even better question: Why was Hana staring at a black ring on her own finger? And why was it giving off a faint flash of auburn light?

"Majō da!" =("A Witch!")= Exclaiming in distress, Hana quickly turned her attention to Lorina Liddell, her hand surrounded by a blinding light as she reached out. Fading away like the batteries of a torch, a glimmering hazel Soul Gem pulsating with life was sitting in the centre of Hana's palm; the ring had but mysteriously vanished. =("Lorina-chan, there's a Witch nearby. As a Magical Girl, I have to hunt it down. Do you want to come with me?")= She offered, her eyes showing signs of determination. =("It'll be a bit dangerous and scary, but I'll be there to protect you.")=

Another Witch...

Did she really want to witness another battle between good and evil? A fight to the death? Lorina had already seen two in the past few days, each one more frightening than the last. What was she to do? Accept or deny? The young girl looked up to the heavens for an answer, her hands tightening into the shape of fists.


It was decided - Lorina Liddell was to be an observer of a conflict unknown to humanity for the time being. After all, she needed more knowledge about this before making a wish to become a Puella Magi herself.

Following the Magical Girl of Japan deep into the thick forest that surrounded the park, the air of emptiness was everywhere to the point that not even a single animal could be found. Their heightened senses probably helped them detect the malevolent Witch which no doubt prompted them to flee. "Rorīnaーchan、mite kudasai。" =("Lorina-chan, please watch.")= Standing in front of a generic tree with indifferent features and a strange distorted effect that could easily be overlooked, Hana held out her magical item and raised her voice. "Chichin Pui" =("Bibbity Bobbity Boo!")= In response to her chant, a ripple formed before the two, revealing a strange symbol with an equally strange design as a powerful gust of wind rushed past them. "Henshin!" =("Transform!")= Like a classic fictional character from an Anime, Hana's entire body was enveloped in spellbinding twinkles of auburn light.

"W-Wow..." A weak gasp was the only thing that left Lorina's lungs as she continued to stare in fascination.

As the transformation came to an end, Kisaragi Hana's casual attire was completely changed: Worn on her feet were a pair of brown shoes that had a simple design with only a yellow buckle on the front and on her legs were a pair of white stockings that reached up to the knee. Around the waist was a short divided skirt with slits going downwards, giving it an umbrella-like design, and beneath it was an extra layer of white frills adorned with multiple small red ribbons that circled the piece of clothing. Surrounding the underside of the body, which wore a silky smooth white cloth for a shirt, was black leather fastened together by scarlet laces in front of the belly and embellished on the chest was a somewhat oversized crimson-coloured bow with a brown shimmering jewel in the centre. Around her wrists were stylish bracelets of yellow colour with illegible characters engraved onto their surface and over her shoulders was a short brown inverness cape with an odd emblem sewed onto it. The final piece of clothing left to describe was simply a red hood that was currently unused.

The entire uniform had the appearance of a young maiden or a detective from a time before technology blossomed. On the other hand, it had a striking resemblance to a certain fictional character who sought to meet somebody special by traversing through a dense forest.

"Watashi wa Mahō Shōjo Akazukin!" =("I am Magical Girl Little Red Riding Hood!")= She announced, seemingly to nobody but herself. "Ret's Gō- KYAAA!" All of a sudden, a painful scream echoed loudly throughout the forest before it fell into the void of silence. Like a mannequin losing its balance, her body abruptly collapsed onto the patch of green, paralysed and immobile.

"Is this real?" Lorina asked as her grip gradually tightened around something big and soft to the touch, oblivious to the Puella Magi's condition.

"Ro-Rorīnaーchan、ha-hanashite kudasai..." =("Lo-Lorina-chan, pl-please let go...")= Hana was on the brink of tearing up at this point; her muscles stiff and locked into place. All she could do was plead with what little willpower she had left in her heart.

"Oh my g-! I-I'm so sorry, Hana." Realising what this thing was, Lorina quickly released her hold as she took a step back, apologising. At first glance, this bushy toy looked like a lifeless accessory, but there was more to it than meets the eye - this animalistic tail was actually a real, fully functional, tail and a part of Hana's being. The Magical Girl lying on the ground before Lorina at this moment in time was essentially an individual with the qualities of both a human and a squirrel.

In other words: Kisaragi Hana was now a real-life furry.

Regaining the strength Hana had lost in a matter of seconds, the Magical Girl pulled herself up and immediately turned her back towards the English girl. Her arms crossed and lips pouted in displeasure. "Hmph!"

"I...didn't know it would hurt. Sorry..." Lorina apologised again, her eyes shifting with unease. "It does make you look cute, though~"

Upon hearing those enthusiastic words, the Puella Magi's extra ears of animalistic origin on her head twitched. Even her puffy tail was reacting as it swung side to side in excitement. "Reari?" She curiously asked in a language she could barely speak, her eyes sparkling with glee.

Nervous, Lorina answered truthfully, not wishing to drag this conversion on any longer when there was a dreaded Witch to despatch. "Y-Yes."

Forming a joyful grin that washed away the grimaced expression, Hana optimistically leaped towards the young girl and grabbed her hand. "Ret's Gō!" With a command declared aloud in English, the Magical Girl and her fourteen-year-old companion marched into the surreal lair that was home to a wicked fiend.

However, upon passing through the gateway caused a deafening sound to ring through Lorina's ears and mind - it sounded almost like a demonic variation of a ship's foghorn off into sea.

It didn't take long for Lorina to regain her concentration as she tried to take in her surroundings, the constant mechanical noises echoing away without end were enough for a desirable hint: The two girls were inside some kind of hollow structure with dimly lit illumination and a temperature equivalent to a hot summer's day, its warm surface was littered with wreckage that resembled a dozen unidentifiable buildings, and its 'walls' were composed of houses after houses melted together. Sticking out along the 'walls' were a flight of stairs that spiralled upwards; following them with their eyes, the girls eventually tilted their heads back to gaze whatever was over their heads, expecting to witness a ceiling or something similar.

There was no such thing as far as the eye could see – only horror.

On the catwalks; on the scaffolding; on the machinery of iron and steel were grotesque rotten monsters feasting upon the bodies of children and adults alike. Those things didn't seem bothered by what age their victims were, only that their hungry mouths would receive the satisfying taste of human flesh. The most eerie part was not because of their looks or their primal nature, it was because…they were eating with featureless faces: No eyes, no nose, no hair, and certainly no mouth to speak of - Lorina wanted to throw up in abhorrence.

Grabbing Lorina's attention with the wave of a hand, Hana pointed upwards beyond the ravenous beasts, noticing an ominous light shining down from the top. =("I can sense the Witch up there. We'll need to find a way up and-")= Stopping in midsentence, Hana was suddenly captivated by her arms, staring at them like a child would do to something new. Soon, those same hazel eyes slowly began to widen in a panic, her body shivering with anxiety. =("My clothes have…changed?!")= Alarmed, Hana quickly began to examine every inch of her entire being from head to toe, including the tail. =("My tail is bigger and feels softer than before!")= She described with her fingertips before rubbing it onto her cheek.

What was wrong with these Magical Girls? First, it was that Sakura girl saying that her lance had somehow changed and now Hana about her uniform? What was causing this to happen? Did this mean all the Magical Girls throughout the world have had their outfits and weaponry altered in some way or form? Pushing this thought aside for a moment, Lorina walked up to Hana and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hana, let's just focus on getting to the Witch for now." The girl said with a smile, despite the terrors around them that would demoralise all with the snap of a finger.

Gradually calming down, Hana turned to see the face of a reliable friend, looking directly into her eyes and spoke with a comforting voice. "Ōkē!" Holding onto Lorina's hand, the heroine of Mitakihara and the supporter from the United Kingdom marched their way up the spiral staircase, intending to put an end to this nightmarish realm the Witch considered as 'home'.

Climbing the very manifestation of evil and its inhumane levels proved to be more difficult than she had initially thought. The savage abominations cutting apart and consuming human meat as she made her way past them, the walls painted with guts and gore as she ran up the broken stairs, and the numerous burning torches only added to the already terrifying environment – Lorina Liddell found it hard to believe reality would have something like this hidden away.

This was hopeless…

Despite their admirable resolve to reach the Witch at the highest point of this merciless tower, it would take a long time given their current speed. Worst, they may never make it to the top at all and may remain forgotten from the outside world as their skin and bones are devoured until their souls were no more. Lorina quickly shook her head at the chilling thought, refusing to consider the possibility of that cruel scenario coming to pass. She had to think of something, anything that may help them escape this prison like a swan trapped by relentless predators. Her hope for a miracle was diminishing faster than a wax candle, her sanity about to shatter into shards that would remain irreplaceable…until she saw it – the answer to both Lorina Liddell and Kisaragi Hana's dire situation.

Luck was now in their favour.

"Hana, this looks like a lift." The young girl pointed out, her attention fixated on the blood-splattered steel door.

Curious, the Magical Girl also set her eyes on this 'lift' and for a few seconds she, too, was absorbed by its presence. "Naisu faindo!" Hana joyfully exclaimed in English, pulling back another warm smile before walking up to inspect the door.

A sudden wave of silence unexpectedly washed over like an invisible air of dread, sending an unsettling sensation through her nerves and spine as she gradually turned her body, anticipating the worse to lash out with sharpened claws out of the dark. Peeking out the corner of her eye with an anxious heart beating at every given second, the British maiden saw not a pre-emptive strike, but a shocking sight of monsters frozen into place like statues in an Art gallery - why weren't these faceless fiends moving? Were they exhibiting their typical behaviour? Or were the mysteries of magic involved, manipulating the flow of time to force it to a halt? Now that she thought about it, why didn't any of them attack the girls, intruders from the outside world, when they had the chance? They were like slaves to their tasks, performing nothing else unless ordered by the majestic Queen with the blackest heart and a snappy wrath.

The girl was relieved… Had these sickening monsters assaulted the two, reaching this lift would have been frustrating and difficult. She was glad they didn't move… Oh, how Lorina Liddell was glad they didn't move at all.

But such luxury ultimately did not last – nothing ever did in her now-blemished life.

Metallic echoes of iron and steel announced themselves for all to hear as their loud sound travelled throughout the tower, catching the ears of all who may be listening. In that very instant, the deformed bubble-shaped heads of nameless cannibals turned towards Lorina and Hana ever-so-slowly, snarling with hostility.

Their threatening weapons of talons and tools were drawn – what was she to do?

Their hideous bodies were slowly closing in with the sole intention of butchering them, the gap between them was dangerously becoming smaller and smaller – where was she to go?

Lorina wanted to cry out for help, but her soul petrified with fear wouldn't let anything escape.

The concept of terror was overpowering.

"Abunai!" =("Look out!")=

An intense breeze pressed against the side of her cheek as something swift passed by, forcefully propelling a monster away from Lorina Liddell as it struck others nearby like trivial bowling pins. The saviour of innocence readied herself once more against the bloodthirsty horde, her magical weapons of cross-shaped metal tonfas mounted onto the arms awaited for the next opponent. "Sutando bakku!" The Puella Magi ordered her companion before diving in to deliver a flurry of wild attacks, each kick more destructive than the last and each punch more bone-crushing than the previous one as trickles of crimson blood was spewed from her foes. The pair of ears on her head suddenly twitched, her acute senses warning her of an incoming strike as a fiend approached from behind. Taking notice, the squirrel quickly dashed to her enemy, its weapon coming down as she did so. Parrying its jagged cleaver just in time, sending the imposing figure off-balance, she proceeded to retaliate with her feet applied to its face, crushing whatever was inside its skull as the sound of bones crackled. With more seeking to tear Hana apart limb from limb, the Magical Girl immediately leapt into the air in retreat, her body enveloped in a raging aura of azure flames. "Shūtingu Sutā" =("Shooting Star!")= Declared with a voice booming with intensity, a flashing arrow of energy was launched from her fist, impacting the sturdy wooden floor as the monsters fell through the newly-created gaping hole.

It was a stunning sight to behold – a gruelling battle between an ally of Justice and the humanoid abominations of Injustice.

If only the same could be said in Lorina's situation… "G-Go away!" They were coming for her, to eat her mind and soul. Defenceless, the child frantically searched for something to fight them off, but nothing of use could be found. "Hana, help!"

At the sound of her friend's voice, Hana snapped her fingers straightaway to summon a weapon out of particles of blinding light. Correctly positioning herself whilst still in mid-air, the wielder of magic focused a majority of her strength into her leg. In the blink of an eye, Hana swiftly kicked the weapon into Lorina's direction, stabbing into the blood-stained ground before her. "Rorīnaーchan、tatakai!" =("Lorina-chan, fight!")= She instructed before landing into the midst of the flesh-eating crowd, her fists tightening once again with a firm resolution in mind: To win. "Runatikku Appā" =("Lunatic Upper!")= Sending one of them soaring into the air with a mighty uppercut to the chin, Hana's heated battle against evil continued.

Retrieving the bladed weapon from the floor, it suddenly split into two in her hands - revealing it not to be a short sword, but a compact set of daggers connected as one. Focusing on the incoming brutes, Lorina held the weapons in each hand facing up, her legs shaking as she tried to stand her ground. Growling at the terrified girl, one of them lashed out with a machete demanding for more blood as it sliced through the foul air, but the only thing it hit was the ground as Lorina jumped back. With this window of opportunity, Lorina screamed as she threw herself forward, plunging the tip of the dagger into its abdomen, killing it. Keeping her guard up, little Liddell maintained her distance, waiting for the chance to counterattack. She could survive this as long as she concentrated on the threat in front of her, being distracted for even a second would bring about the end to her story. Coincidentally, a dramatic scene suddenly unfolded before her eyes as a creature was sent hurtling to the monsters, knocking them over the edge of the platform. Hana kept her word when she said Lorina would be protected.

The sound of metal returned again, this time accompanied by a familiar sound heard in shops – it was finally here, the door to safety opened wide for the heroines.

"Hana! The lift's here!" Sidestepping another lethal strike, Lorina quickly slashed the neck of her enemy in self-defence, spraying the blood of a monstrosity onto her clothes and face as she covered her eyes in repulse. Their only hope to escape was here and continuing this meaningless battle would be suicidal, they had to leave now or die trying. Dodging an incoming sickle, Lorina made it to the door with her cheat beating with discomfort. However, someone was missing. "Hana, hurry!" The Magical Girl was still fighting without end as the monsters sluggishly advanced upon the door, what was she waiting for?

The sound of Lorina's distressed voice entered Hana's ears, her eyes turning to notice the lift was ready for use. Gritting her teeth, she made a hasty withdrawal to her friend as the heartless fiends attempted to block her anticipated path. With little time between fighting them off and reaching Lorina before they did, Hana had to extemporise a diversion. "Asuteroido Bijon" =("Asteroid Vision!")= Uttering a magical command, two extra individuals suddenly separated themselves from the Puella Magi, appearing as exact duplicates of Hana as they ran alongside the original at full speed. With weapons raised and nails revealed, the revolting animals attacked without mercy, aggressively slicing into Hana and her twin. Instead of reacting with pain, however, the duo simply faded into nothingness as the blades effortlessly passed right through them. In the midst of the confusion, the third copy successfully somersaulted over their featureless heads with a burning desire to reach Lorina Liddell – it was the real Hana, she was almost free from this conflict.

Victory was almost within their grasp as the two smiled with delight…until disaster suddenly struck. "Oh no…" Out of nowhere, a hunting knife flew into the air and impaled the Magical Girl's leg, causing her eyes to shut in agony as she plummeted to the ground. "Hana!" Unable to stand up and only a few feet away from this nightmarish bloodbath, she simply stared at her friend with eyes devoid of hope as a teary droplet of sorrow trickled down her cheek.

The monsters were coming to take her…

There wasn't going to be another rescue like how Mary saved Anna's life from certain death.

Lorina was powerless to do anything…

No, that kind of idea was wrong - Lorina Liddell wasn't powerless. In her hands were weapons forged to do battle against malevolent forces, to prevent them from harming countless innocence until the light triumphed over all. This was her chance to show these beasts that regular humans are able to do more than just watch as spectators, they are able to destroy the evil that threatens Earth – Lorina Liddell, a young girl with no special abilities whatsoever, will prove it with all her might.

"HYAH!" Tossing a dagger into the chest of an attacker that tried to assault Hana, little Liddell quickly held onto the arm of an injured friend and dragged her towards the lift. She refused to lose to these things, she would never lose to them for as long as she demanded it. Finally making it into the lift, Lorina immediately slammed her hand onto the highest button, sealing the metallic doors before they could get in. A steady vibration rumbled throughout the machine as it ascended to the tallest part of the tower, the girls resting on the floor whilst huffing and puffing in exhaustion at the same time – it was over, at last.

"I… I'm covered in blood. Y-Yuck…" Lorina stated as she tried to wipe the crimson stain off her face to no avail, merely spreading it like murky paint.

"Watashi mo。" =("Me, too.")= Hana said as well with eyes closed. "San kyū。" Lifting her hand into the air, Hana gave a respectful thumbs up alongside a gratitude kindly expressed for Lorina's assistance, albeit weak and drained. Gradually opening her eyelids, the girl glared at the severe injury she had received. Hesitant to have such a sharp object pierced in her leg, taking in the fact it belonged to those creatures, her other hand reached out to grab it.

"Hana, don't. You shouldn't move. Let me get it out." Offering to take away her Japanese friend's torment, Lorina crawled towards her, but such compassion was met with a simple shake of the head.

Wrapping her fingers around the crude handle until she had a firm grasp, Hana quietly groaned as a sharp pain surged through her leg. Keeping her composure under control by taking deep breaths in and out, counting down from three to one, she braced herself for the inevitable experience. Biting down on her lips, narrowing her eyes and head turned away in trepidation, Kisaragi Hana bravely pulled the knife out as a heartrending cry concealed in the form of a tiny whimper escaped from her chest. In the end, the immense pain slowly, but surely, faded with time, leaving the Magical Girl to surrender to her well-earned leisure.

Lorina, on the other hand, did not relax like her friend when given the choice. Forced to cover her mouth in shock, the nauseating sensation swelling within was making her lightheaded and vision hazy. Despite what she had been through, perceiving human blood had more of an impact compared to the blood of a monster. As she continued to stare at Hana's wound, the flow of crimson-coloured fluid slowly began to reduce to droplets. "Hana, don't you know any healing magic?" Lorina asked out of concern, wondering why the Magical Girl in front of her had not fixed her injury with supernatural feats.

Hana, quiet and seemingly asleep, gently shook her head in response.

"Oh…" Lorina hung her head, disappointed by her answer.

"Kowai…?" =("Scared…?")= Changing the subject, the injured girl questioned Lorina's condition.

The British maiden pondered about it for a few seconds before voicing her opinion, one that was the truth and uncensored by subtle lies. "Yes…" She said ever-so-gently. "I'm scared." Gazing at the remaining dagger stained in blood in her hands, she tightened her hold on the handle. "I want to change my name."

Puzzled, Hana looked upon Lorina's face with barely opened eyes.

"When I fought those monsters, I felt I'm somebody else. But, when it's over and I start thinking about it, I feel weak and terrified." She continued, reflecting her image off the silver blade. "I want to fight with a different name. I don't want to go back being Lorina Liddell until all Witches are gone and all Magical Girls have won. I want to be useful." She finished as she held the weapon up in the air, shining the white light off its surface.

"Ko…haku…" Hana uttered softly. "Kohaku wa…kohaku da。" =("Kohaku is…amber.")=

"Kohaku…" What an oddity… Hana said the same word twice, but the latter was translated into English. Did it have something to do with the context in which it was used? "My name…is Kohaku." It did not matter to Lorina at all, however. She had a new name at her disposal now, one which she could use to separate her real-self to her soon-to-be-Magical-Girl-self in her battle against Witches. "Thank you, Hana. I love it!" Grateful towards her Japanese friend, Kohaku presented to her a zealous smile that could shine through even the blackest of woe.

It was time to wait for the fateful dual…and it wouldn't be long.

There was nothing but the sound of the lift escalating to the heavens as the two remained silent throughout the lingering wait, not knowing what to say. But then something happened… "Uh…?" A particular smell entered little Kohaku's senses, identifying it to be the thick stench of burnt wood. Gradually standing up, her eyes scanned for the source of the scent in this confined lift, but there was nothing to indicate something was burning. She didn't know where it was coming from until all of a sudden, the darkness beyond the looking-glass vanished before her, revealing to her what this place really was, taking in the exact realisation of what this realm was riddled with: The scorching element that charred all in its path – Fire.

It was everywhere…

It expanded throughout the entire landscape with black ominous skies as far as the eye could see…

...It was literally Hell on Earth.

«What do you hope to accomplish by forgoing one name in favour of another, Lorina Liddell?»

Out of nowhere, a strange disembodied voice suddenly spoke directly into the girl's mind, triggering reality around her to undergo a change in colour to monotonous black and white as time came to a grinding halt – was this the spiteful Witch's doing?

«What do you stand to gain by obscuring your identity? Do you seek to rid yourself of faults, worries and grief from a life you so desperately cling to as Lorina Liddell? Do you intend to accept them as Kohaku, the shadow of your former self?»

No, this wasn't the voice of a Witch. This was a familiar type of voice; Kohaku had heard it before, but when and where…?

«It will not work, Lorina Liddell. To ignore the responsibilities set forth by Fate is meaningless, you cannot run from your destiny.»

Those two key words: Responsibilities and fate. Only one certain individual on this entire planet had said those words to her as far as she could recall. He was cryptic, he was mysterious, he sounded exactly the same as the first time they met – it was Messenger of Magic, Shibey. «Sh-Shibey?» Kohaku tried to communicate back to him, hoping for a response as she concentrated her thoughts.

«You must not delude yourself, Lorina Liddell. The journey ahead demands a clean slate of mind, especially if it involves the survival of a friend.»

Why wasn't Shibey replying back? Could he not hear her…or was he deliberately avoiding her question?

«Be prepared, Lorina Liddell. The choice is yours.»

Like a switch suddenly being flipped, time resumed its natural course and the burning shades of oblivion returned to the devastated world. The grey messenger was gone, his voice washed out by the sound of the noisy lift. The young child was conflicted and confused, how did he know what she was planning to do? More importantly, where was he in this world swarming with flesh-eating monstrosities? The feeling of unease rapidly coursed through Kohaku's body, her mind repeating the very last words Shibey had spoken: 'Especially if it involves the survival of a friend.' Was he possibly referring to Hana? If so, then protecting her from the cold hands of Death had already came to pass.


Unless there was another danger lurking in the darkness which had yet to surface? But how would he know about that? Was it possible he could foresee future events? Did he plan this from the very beginning? Or was the Messenger of Magic simply telling Kohaku this as a precaution? Unfortunately for her, this wasn't the place nor the time to be searching for answers as the lift came to a standstill, followed by the sound of the wind whispering through the dented cracks – it was time for the girls to meet this abysmal Witch.

"Hana, we're-"

"Ō-kē!" Springing up from the floor like a rabbit out of its hole, the Magical Girl of Japan immediately declared with an energetic voice and hands placed on the hips before Kohaku could finish. Surprisingly in good health despite the injury she had received, Hana marched out into the open as soon as the steel doors opened. One thing led to another, however, as the girl suddenly rose upwards to the clouds like a weightless balloon.

"Hana!" Opening her eyes wide in disbelief at what she just saw, Kohaku quickly stretched out to try and grab Hana, stepping outside the lift as she did so. Before her feet could touch the solid ground, the young girl felt light as a feather until she was also pulled into the black sky against her will. Falling uncontrollably, Hana managed to gain a firm grasp on Kohaku's hand as she pulled her in, holding onto her securely until they landed on top of a floating platform of polished marble. "Wh-What happened?" Recovering from that frightful event, the British girl held onto Hana's arm as she stood on her own two legs.

"Kohakuーchan、asoko。" =("Kohaku-chan, there.")= Grabbing her attention, the Puella Magi pointed to the abyss 'below' them with a stern face, her eyes narrowed.

Leaning to the edge whilst keeping a safe distance, Kohaku's eyes were met with the shape of a colossal sphere glowing with a menacing gold aura surrounding its feather-shielded exterior. This didn't seem right… Its appearance was far too benevolent to be something born from evil, there had to be a mistake.

Was that thing really a Witch?

As if answering her curious question, the large orb itself awoke from its slumber as the beautiful wings were spread wide and far, revealing a fiery caldron hidden within. Rising out of the core was an angel of gold, a Seraph with a total of twelve majestic wings: Two covering the legs, two intertwined to form an impenetrable shield over the left arm, two masking the eyes and six protruding out the back. Clad in silver armour similar to a Valkyrie, the Witch casted its intimidating shadow over the girls as it 'looked' down upon them, preparing to strike with a quill tip-shaped blade.

No time to think, Hana followed her instincts and quickly grabbed Kohaku again, hopping from one platform to another scattered throughout the vicinity to evade the killer angel's fatal attacks. Now within a safe distance from the enemy, Hana suddenly expressed her frustration at their current predicament with a grumble. "Kohakuーchan、koko de matte kudasai。" =("Kohaku-chan, please wait here.")= Turning to her English friend after planting her feet back on another lifeless ground of shimmering white, the Magical Girl instructed her to stay on this platform without even a brief explanation as to why. Asking for the answer would be silly, however, as the young girl could clearly see it obliterating everything with a mere swing of the sword of matching size. With a hasty nod and a jolly grin, Hana dashed to the edge of this detached floor and dove in to challenge the formidable giant.

Stranded and incapable of giving chase, the pair of limbs that gave her the ability to stand and walk suddenly gave way.

Having tasted the blood of her foe, the dagger was rendered to nothing but a piece of useless sharp metal in her hands.

Lorina was powerless again, unable to do anything except watch like a spectator in the background. Reaching out with a hand free from anything, she imagined herself to be the size of the Witch and Hana to be a tiny fairy in her palm. "Hana…" Her chest felt tight again, her feelings beginning to stir like a boat in a storm. In the end, Lorina Liddell was finally able to utter the words she had been longing to say ever since they arrived here from the very depths of her soul stained with loss, but such compassionate words of hope were received and stolen by the element known only as the wind.

"Be careful."

Swinging her soft bushy tail once to the left and once more to the right, the protector of all that are good confronted her nemesis with a foreboding glare and fists tightened. Letting out a battle cry for attention, Hana propelled herself into the sky, climbing and gaining more height before falling head-first towards the Witch of Heaven and Hell. "Raitoningu…" =("Lightning…!")= Screaming an enchanted word under her command, the tonfas on both arms shone with intensity. Its head was turning to her position, its sword was prepared to strike without mercy, but it was far too late – Hana's attack was charged and ready. "…Arō" =("…Arrow!")= Completing the magical phrase, she furiously struck the enemy's skull like a meteorite colliding with the ground, leaving a fist-shaped mark on its forehead as it staggered back in pain, letting loose a ear-piercing shriek. Beaming with pride at her recent accomplishment, Hana simply had to continue damaging it until a weak-point exposed itself as she closed the gap to smash her fists into its tough skin of gold again. Launching another attack as both fell into the clouds, the Magical Girl's punch successfully connected, but it wasn't her initial focus. Gasping in surprise, Hana was suddenly forced to evade one dangerous slash from a bladed weapon and defend herself against a heavier blade before finding a platform to land on. Catching her breath, Hana's hazel-coloured eyes quickly took in and analysed what she was assaulted by: Balancing on pieces of stones left adrift in the air were fully-armoured knights with wings, some carrying katanas emitting the chilling element of ice and some holding hefty broadswords composed of nothing but cold dense blocks of ice.

Despite being outnumbered, Hana wasn't afraid. She was trained to face them all if it meant defeating the false angel.

Prompting them to make the first move, the knights took flight and dove in for the kill without delay. Reckless as it may seem for many, Hana came prepared. "Kometto Kyanon" =("Comet Cannon!")= Snapping her fingers twice in quick succession, two orbs conducting deadly amounts of high-voltage electricity were produced before her as the fists of a saviour were once again ready for use. "Bureiku Shotto" =("Break Shot!")= Sending a ferocious punch into the orbs, effectively launching them towards the winged group at high-speed, an explosion transpired upon impact, scattering the guardians apart from each other. With this newly-created window of opportunity, Hana threw herself forward in mid-air towards the Witch as it sent a pair of knights to intercept the Magical Girl. With no time to play around, Hana had little choice but to make this invitation for a fight a speedy one. "Supēsu Kauntā" =("Space Counter!")= Timing her attack with theirs, the Japanese girl parried with ease before swiftly delivering a series of kicks and punches invisible to the naked eye, seemingly phasing past them as they burst into black vapour. "Kore de KURAIMAKKUSU DA!" =("This is the CLIMAX!")= The Witch was about come into range, unable to escape due to its reaction time being dragged down by its vast size - one final strike was all Hana needed to end this once and for all.

A mighty shockwave erupted from the golden angel, causing the tower above them to crumble into ruin and transform into a batch of red flowers – they appeared to be beautiful camellia plants. Steadily scattering throughout the atmosphere and some plunging into the black abyss, a metallic snake shot out towards Hana from the showering petals, cutting her cheek as she dodged just in time. What was that? Where did it come from? Landing on a floor with a black and white checkerboard design and broken fences at the edges, Hana took up a defensive stance whilst turning to her assailant – it was the same Witch, albeit of average human size and the snake was a chain-whip with razor-sharp rims instead of a sword. Charging in with no intention to stand indolently by, outmatching the knights in terms of speed, Hana quickly blocked a few strikes with her tonfas before performing a parry, driving her feet swiftly into its stomach with strength that could crush a wall. However, it wasn't enough to inflict a stagger and the Witch immediately struck back with a shield viciously swatting Hana's face. Cutting her arm, kicking her away, pulling her back in for more punishment, the relentless Witch showed no sympathy to its opponent as the Magical Girl cried out in agony, unable to fight back before being stomped to the ground by a metal foot.

The Witch was about to execute its foe…

Its wings took flight, gaining significant height before plummeting back down.

This would be the end…for inexperienced Magical Girls.

Hana, on the other hand, wasn't one of those inexperienced individuals.

"Ekuripusu Tān" =("Eclipse Turn!")= Screaming a command at the top of her lungs, the words echoed wildly throughout the realm as the platform was demolished by the Witch's feathered shield, eliminating the girl. Where there should be blood, none could be found. Where a head should be seen rolling, a rock took its place. Behind the ruler's back, its adversary suddenly launched a dynamic punch directly into its face, having phased through its being prior to the death sentence. Stunned and off-balance, Hana yelled at her enemy as she continuously swung each kick after kick into its hardened body and plunged each jab after jab until the Witch began to crack under the pressure – it was time for the ultimate finisher. Surrounded by an aura of azure flame once again, Hana diverted it into her right arm, concentrating the very energy until it felt like it was about to explode. "Hissatsu Waza: Bikku Ban SUMASSHUUU" =("Special Technique: Big Bang SMAAAASSSHH!")= Throwing her arm directly towards the Witch now guarded by its trusty knights, a large magical seal pulsating with life projected itself in front of Hana and bursting out of it was an enormous translucent blue fist. The armoured enemies were no match against this otherworldly force and in a doomed attempt to survive, the fallen angel attacked with its chain-whip. In the end, the menace shrieked in horror at its own demise, disintegrating into masses of black vapour until there was nothing left to speak of.

The nightmare was over as a strange foreign noise faded away in the background, the world gradually melting away before Hana and Lorina's eyes as they returned to the forest in the same exact area in which they left – it was almost as if none of the events ever occurred; it was all a fantasy in the mind.

"She won…" Lorina knew better, however. She knew it was real, there was no point in denying it at this point. She had already seen so much, experienced the taste of magical conflict. "Hana beat the Witch! Yay!" Running to Hana's side as the girl exclaimed with delight, she tightly wrapped her arms around her friend. "Hana, you did it! You were su…su…"

"Sugoi…?" =("Amazing…?")= The Magical Girl corrected Lorina's sentence as she laid tiredly on the patch of green grass, her lungs out of breath and uniform damaged as well as blemished in her own crimson blood.

"Yes, that's it!" Little Liddell was unable to contain her happiness at the sound of her Japanese friend's kind voice, her amber and aqua coloured eyes meeting Hana's own of loving hazel.

"Kohaku-chan、hora。" =("Kohaku-chan, here.")= Hidden beneath her left palm as it opened was a familiar object, an extraordinary black egg with an equally dark frame balancing on a lone pin. It actually appeared similar to the egg that aggressive red Puella Magi took. "Kore ga Gurīfu Shīdo。" =("This is a Grief Seed.")= Hana explained, inhaling another lungful of fresh air before continuing. =("It is a form Witches take when they are beaten. It's safe, so it won't wake up.")= Taking out a jewel attached to her oversized ribbon on her chest, it flashed with a blinding light, transforming into a Soul Gem – Lorina was marvelled by the mere fact that adornment alone was in fact a Soul Gem. Swimming inside the interior of the dim Gem were particles of black grain, flecks that were soon drained and absorbed into the Seed, further blackening its already shadowy appearance. For Lorina, it was somewhat confusing seeing it for the first time. For Hana, her Soul Gem twinkled with renewed life, now clean and beautiful again.

The two had enough adventure for one day – it was time to go home.

"Hana…" Lorina suddenly spoke up, starting a new conversation whilst dragging the Magical Girl off the ground. "I just remembered something: What did you wish for?"

"Fufufu…" Hana gave out a sinister laugh, her eyes narrowed and fixated on the young person. "So。Re。Wa。Naisho yo。" =("That. Is. A. Secret.")=

"Aww… No fair." Mirroring what Hana had done before venturing into the portal, Lorina pouted and crossed her arms not out of irritation, but out of disappointment.

Hana simply giggled at this sight, providing her the encouragement she needed to pat the girl's head ever-so-softly. "Kohaku-chan wa kawaī~" =("Kohaku-chan is cute~")=

"Can we just go home, now? It's getting dark." Little Liddell pointed out as the sun in the distance had now descended half-way to the other side of the planet, the blue sky slowly converting into the colour of memorable orange.

Hana willingly agreed, preparing to transform back into her usual wear so they may walk back without drawing any unwanted attention. Abruptly, she froze into place, her extra ears twitching with anxiety – Hana's keen senses had detected something hostile...from behind. "Dare da?!" =("Who's there?!")= Twirling on her heel, the girl caught the threat a few metres away within her sight. Instead of facing it with a confident expression, Hana was unexpectedly frightened.

It was a normal human being, a tall civilian with everyday features.

He had seen Hana, a Magical Girl originally thought fictional.

He had seen the dark side of this Earth, his knowledge could cause a potential uproar for all unaware.

Hana was dumbstrucked, the secret side of her life was revealed and she didn't have a solution to solve it. Everyone in Japan will no doubt try and meet her when given the chance.

"It's him!" Lorina immediately exclaimed upon seeing the person, much to Hana's puzzlement. "Hana, that man over there saved Anna, Mary, Ichibey and my life back in London when a Witch attacked. He's really strong, too!" Excited about his reappearance, Lorina Liddell took a step forward as she kept her hands behind her back, concealing Hana's only dagger. With eyes lit up and lips forming a warm smile, Lorina conversed with her courageous hero. "Excuse me, Sir. How did you find-"


A familiar sound rang into her ears as the world flashed before her eyes, her mind suddenly emptied of thoughts and ideas. Little by little, her senses returned to discover mud on her body, having somehow ended up on the green earth. Standing over her was Hana, her teeth gritting and eyes burning with aversion as she reached for the dagger, tossing it towards the man in a heated manner. Quickly directing her attention to him, the sharp object struck something in his hand - a large calibre handgun which shattered as if it was seemingly composed of glass. Unfazed, the individual extended his other arm to summon a handgun of shadowy colour as he took aim again, determined to pull the trigger and send a bullet flying through the girls' hearts.

"Majikku?!" Reacting in disbelief to his ability to conjure weapons, Hana quickly grabbed Lorina by the waist as she leapt into the distance to dodge an incoming shot, an explosive bullet that destroyed the very patch they were just on. "Inposshiburu!" She exclaimed in English. "Kimi wa honmono no Mahō Shōnenka?!" =("You're a real 'Magical Boy'?!")= The mysterious male remained calm and silent to her question with no interest in exchanging dialogue, why was he dead-set on trying to kill them? Keeping their distance as the killer reloaded his lethal weapon, Hana placed Lorina back on the ground as she monitored the threat marching towards them ever-so-slowly. "Rorīnaーchan、nigete…" =("Lorina-chan, run away…")=

"Wha?! But-!" Lorina, dreading the possibility the girl in front of her may die, tried to voice her opinion on the matter. Before she could even begin to explain, Lorina was abruptly stopped.

"Hayaku!" =("Hurry!")=

There was no way she could win against him in her current condition, she could barely stand as her entire body trembled. Lorina wanted to help; save her from Death's hold and get her home.

What was she to do?

What could she do to fight alongside her friend once more?

She couldn't - that was the undeniable truth the girl had to inevitably sink into her mind.

Left with no other choice but to obey Hana's decision, Lorina Liddell ran into the opposite direction as fast as humanly possible, fleeing for her very life as the icy breeze raged across her ears. The leaves of the trees rustled, like people mocking her lack of courage with a roar of laughter, and her frail heart pressing against her chest produced beats that were more powerful than the last, each one a feeling of sheer regret.

A resolute voice echoed loud and far…

The sound of metal clicked without emotion…

A clash between genders was about to commence…

Hana's recognisable speech was the last thing Lorina could hear…

"Kimi no aite wa watashi da、Mahō Shōjo Kisaragi ・ Hana!" =("I am your opponent, Magical Girl Kisaragi Hana!")=

If only Lorina Liddell, a typical young girl of this world, was a Puella Magi of Justice…

"Ikuwayo、Nazo no Otoko!" =("Let's go, Man of Mystery!")=




"Hana…" She shouldn't be doing this, it was suicidal without a doubt. Running in head-first despite being fully aware of the danger, she continued without stopping. Stupid, idiotic and absolutely selfish, little Liddell forced herself to turn back, defying a strict command voiced by the Magical Girl. She could hear her, identifying Hana's agonising cries of extreme pain and the terrifying sound of gunfire as the auburn-haired girl approached. Where was that heroine of Japan? Why couldn't Lorina Liddell find her in these soon-to-be-dark woods? A sudden cry and collapsed tree caught Lorina's interest, her mind consumed by the bloodied image of Hana as she laid incapacitated on the grassy floor. "Hana!" Making her way to the girl's battered body, an imposing figure kept a steady pace as he advanced towards his challenger with the Puella Magi's stolen pair of daggers in hand. Lorina didn't want to know what could have turned him into this heartless killer, all she knew was that this had to stop right here and now.

Standing in front of her injured friend, the survivor of London spread her arms wide with a single-minded goal to become Hana's shield. "Stop it!" Lorina shouted in defence, her eyes gazing into the mage's dismal eyes of coloured brown.

"Rorīnaーchan、naze?" =("Lorina-chan, why?")= The fallen girl asked. =("I told you to run!")=

"You're my friend, Hana. Friends don't leave others behind, they look out for them!" She said from her heart, knowing that this was the right thing to do. It was Lorina's responsibility to keep her alive, she would accept it and not run away. It was her choice, nobody else's – she would prove herself to Shibey if it meant becoming a Puella Magi. "You have to wake up, you're not yourself! You're possessed by a Witch's Kiss!" She exclaimed to the approaching individual with a random idea, her will undaunted by his tall stature. "You saved me from the Black Beast, remember? You killed it with your own magic powers when Anna and Mary couldn't. Please… Remember me! Remember London! REMEMBER THE GOOD YOU DID!" She screamed as loud as she could at the person, her eyes shut and teeth gritting. Anna said Magical Girls could not be affected by a Witch's Kiss, but she never mentioned anything about Magical Boys so they must be susceptible to it. With each passing moment as silence suddenly fell upon them in the woodlands, the sound of footsteps stopped. Opening her eyes bit by bit, Lorina noticed the man had came to a complete halt, his sharp equipment dismissed as they fractured into tiny shards of reflective glass – Lorina Liddell had done it again, she had saved Kisaragi Hana's life twice on the same day… "See, Hana? He was just possessed by a Witch's Kiss, that's-"

…or so she initially thought.

The many fragments of unknown material reformed and merged into one with unimaginable haste, its handle firmly clutched and dark barrel instantly pointed to the unsuspecting target.

The last thing her sensitive ears could hear before the trigger of destruction was pulled…was the sound of distant thunder.





Darkness had finally fallen, the wind was as calm as ever. The city below came to life with a spectacular display of lights, a sight that never grows old. "Magnificent." Standing at the edge of a tall building was an individual clad in the blackest of armour, his eyes hidden beneath the helmet examined the many people far below him, his thoughts pondering. "Fate has elected her to be the next candidate, it seems. I am quite sceptical about this one." Raising an arm fitted with a heavy gauntlet, his individual fingers were flexed before closing to form a tight fist. "It matters not, I suppose. She is the least of our concerns if she flourishes lest Shibey has chosen poorly. But alas, that rarely transpires. Would you not agree…" With each step as he turned around, loud clatter of metal emerged from the source. Gazing directly to the other end of the rooftop, the knight's unseen left eye shone with an ominous violet light. "…Amaterasu?"

Relaxing with legs kicking the air and long thick tails swinging side to side, the individual concealed by the expansive evening did not reply. Playful and reserved, the only thing the silent person did with bright crimson eyes and pointy ears as the police sirens echoed throughout the night…was smile blissfully.













~End of Chapter 03…~


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