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Wow, okay, I got some bad news for you guys. I just found out that season three will be the final series of Transformers Prime. According to Kidscreen magazine, the Hub stated that a "new iteration of the animated TV series" is due in late 2014. Hopefully this new show will be similar in the ways of the Unicron trilogy and the Prime continuity will continue into this new series. If not, then I will be severely pissed off.

Why do all the shows I love end so abruptly? First Young Justice, now this! What's next? Okay, disturbing news aside, here's chapter thirteen. God knows you've waited long enough for it.

~After the Fall~

Chapter 13: One Shall Rise Part I

"And it was written in the Covenant of Primus that when the forty-seven spheres align, a perpetual conflict will culminate upon a world forged from chaos. And the weak shall perish in the shadow of the rising darkness." Optimus Prime said solemnly to his soldiers, optics focused on the screen in front of him. A small part of him wondered if part of the prophecy had already been completed as the memory of Jack's body came to his processor.

"No skies raining fire?" Arcee asked sarcastically. The Prime studied his second; it had been five days since they had stormed MECH's base in search for Jack. The hopelessness that had plagued her after the revelation of Jack's captivity was replaced with burning determination. Even now the Prime could see her desire to scout the area for any sign of MECH.

"Goes without saying." Ratchet remarked as he shared a look with the two-wheeler. "It is a doom prophecy after all." Optimus glanced over his Medical Officer's condition. While he may look fully repaired from the damage Megatron had dealt three days ago, the Prime knew that Ratchet was still in recovery.

"I say it's a load of hooey." Bulkhead added and Ratchet turned to him. Optimus could remember a time when Ratchet had said much the same when he'd first heard of the prophecy.

"I always assumed the Ancients were referring to our home planet, but being that Cybertron has been dark for eons…" Optimus continued from there, hoping to halt his friends thoughts of Cybertron and its' sad fate.

"And considering what has befallen this planet since Megatron's arrival here–"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, we've known about these superstitions for ages and never given them a second thought." The Wrecker said, interrupting the two eldest bots.

"Why all the ominous rumblings now?" Arcee asked in agreement.

"Because the planetary alignment to which the prophecy refers is nearly upon us." Optimus answered evenly as he studied that chart on the screen.

"And it would seem its endpoint is Earth." Ratchet further explained. Bulkhead and Arcee shared uneasy looks before the Wrecker chuckled nervously.

"Crazy coincidence, r-right?" He asked and no one spoke for a few seconds.

"How long we talking?" Arcee asked gravely.

"A few days." Ratchet answered grimly. "At most."

"However unsettling this revelation may be, I am more concerned about those who might believe that the prophecy speaks to them alone." Optimus added seriously, his thoughts turning to Megatron, certain that the Warlord would soon make his move.

~After the Fall~

"I did not seek out the blood of Unicron to simply keep my spark aflame, but to rule undead armies and conquer worlds. And to accomplish that, I need more than this mere sliver that lies within me. So, where is my Dark Energon?" Megatron growled as he turned to glare at Knock Out, it had not escaped his notice that the Medic had once again been preening over his finish.

"Out there Lord Megatron, just waiting for you to reach out and pluck it." The Medic offered and Megatron deepened his glare. Was the fool suggesting that he'd not search thoroughly enough while traveling the voids of space for the last three years? "But you shouldn't push yourself so hard, you've had setbacks. You were in stasis."

"Precisely why I must make up for lost time!" He growled as he lifted the vain Mech up into the air. "I can see the future, vividly, but I must ensure its outcome, for I am the rising darkness for which the prophecy speaks." Even as he spoke, the vision that had been plaguing his processor for the past few cycles played out before his optics.

He stood victoriously, a bright purple fire blazing in his optics as Dark Energon erupted in the background. The massive shards rained down around him, a sign that the end for all was near as he would rise above to claim ruler ship. And no matter what happened, Megatron was determined to see that his vision became a reality.

Prime would not stop him this time.

~After the Fall~

Jack sighed as he stood on one of the many rocky cliffs that covered Nevada. He was only about two hundred miles away from Jasper, it wouldn't take him long to reach the base. He stared up at the full moon, hearing a pack of coyotes howling in the distance.

He didn't know what he was going to do. Well, that wasn't exactly true, he knew he was going back to the base, but what was he going to say to the Autobots? How was he supposed to approach them or even go about explaining everything that had happened to him? It also didn't help that the Decepticon coding in his neural network was screaming at him to stay away from the Bots. He could just imagine how their conversation would go.

'Hey everybody, it's me, Jack, and I didn't tell you guys this, but during the incident with Airachnid, some of her acid kind of got into my bloodstream. I then experienced severe bouts of pain in my chest, slept a total of four hours per night, and required no food at all. I know I should have told you about this stuff before Ratchet, but I was in denial and I'd hoped that it wasn't anything serious.'

Oh yes, that would go over well with the team. Jack cringed, he could almost feel their disappointment.

'Why do I look like this? Well, after MECH got me, they tore out my Spark which was apparently the cause of my chest pains, and combined it with that of a Vehicon Trooper whom I named Steve. We sort of bonded after that and I woke up with all of my memories being stored on a locked server. I escaped when you stormed the base a few days ago and began restoring my memory core.'

'Unfortunately, I stopped the process before it could finish and almost shot Arcee at one point since I thought I was Steve at the time. I then met up with Knock Out and Breakdown, lead them to believe that I would join the Decepticons and then downloaded the rest of my memories. Now I'm pretty sure Megatron is expecting me to join him, which I won't even though I have Decepticon coding that's practically demanding I kneel at the Mech's pedes So can I join you guys since I can never have that normal human life now?'

"Well, how did that sound Steve?" He asked the bike that was parked just a few feet behind him. The side mirrors tilted down slightly, but that was the only sign he got of the Vehicon that now shared his Spark. All that remained of ST-113V3 was a small, almost unnoticeable presence in the back of Jack's processor. Sometimes, he would get a sense or emotion that flickered briefly, but that was all. "Yeah, it didn't sound good to me either."

Jack sighed as his shoulder slumped, walking back towards the large bike, feeling lost and upset. He'd awoken hours ago, staring listlessly at the cavernous walls as he just broke down. He went over things in his processor, of his change into a Techno-organic, of his Spark fusion with Steve, of his escape from MECH.

And he'd stared at his hands, his servos, mourning the loss of his humanity.

"Nothing will ever be the same again." Jack muttered as he sat on his bike, his feet locking and connecting into the metal that was his body now. The engine roared to life at his will, fresh Energon pumped through his systems. He shot one last look at the moon before speeding off into the night, heading south towards the only place he'd ever called home.

~After the Fall~

"Pass." Raf scrolled down to the next picture. "Nuh uh." He moved onto the next picture. "Kid in a costume." And then the next. "Balloon." Down again. "Nope." This time they stumbled upon something. Miko gave a sigh as she smiled, winking at Raf a little. "Well what can you do? When you're a superstar, you're paparazzi bait." She said as made rock and roll hand gestures.

"Wait, is that Bumblebee?" Ratchet asked suddenly and Raf adjusted his glasses before answering.

"On a conspiracy website, where users post evidence of close encounters, but we have it under control Ratchet." Raf then activated his hack program, using his free hand to pet Gremlin who was cuddled up next to him. "We just scrub and replace Bee with…" He paused to let the program speak.

"Mars Cat says; take me to your feeder." Ratchet laughed in response only to freeze not even a full second later, looking at both kids with wide optics.

"Ratchet actually laughed?" Miko asked and Raf smiled slightly as he shrugged a little, wishing Jack had been there to see what was most likely a once in a lifetime event. "Hey Optimus, want to see something totally funny?" Miko called to the Autobot leader who stood at the terminal.

"No." The abrupt answer seemed to throw Miko off and Raf couldn't help but frown a little.

"Don't take it personally." Arcee said as she and Bulkhead walked up behind Ratchet, who was now busying himself with something to avoid looking up. "Prime's are built that way."

"Never seen Optimus laugh, cry, or lose his cool." Bulkhead added.

"While Optimus certainly keeps his emotions in check, I've known him far longer than any of you have." Ratchet reprimanded lightly as he looked at Arcee who merely shrugged in response. "And he was different before he was made a Prime."

"Optimus wasn't always a Prime?" Raf asked curiously.

"On Cybertron one isn't born into greatness, rather one must earn it." The Medic answered and Raf felt his awe towards the Autobot leader grow. Suddenly, his phone rang from next to his laptop. He picked it up, but found that the number was being blocked with caller unknown flashing on the front screen.

"Dude, what are you waiting for? Answer it already." Miko said from beside him and Raf shook his head.

"My mom doesn't want me answering the phone if I don't recognize the number." He answered simply and Miko scoffed before throwing her feet up on the table.

"So different how?" She asked, turning back to Ratchet. "We talking party animal?" Raf hid a smirk at that. He could never see Optimus acting like that, it sounded too much like Miko. His phone beeped, showing that the caller had left a message and he put in the password, bringing it up to his ear to see who had called, half-listening to what Ratchet was saying.

"No, no. Optimus was more like–"

"Uh, hey Raf, it's–"

"Jack!" He shouted, saying his friends' name at the same time as the message and as Ratchet. The others turned towards him and Raf pressed the phone hard into his ear to catch every word. This was the first sign of Jack since the Autobots had stormed MECH's base six days ago. "It's Jack! He just called me!" He called out, wishing he had just answered his phone instead.

"What?!" Ratchet asked looking shocked and appalled, though Raf had no idea why. "That's not possible!" Raf frowned at the Medic, listening intently to the message his missing friend had left behind.

"So what? Jack's been known to do the impossible before." Arcee argued, her optics solely focused on the phone in Raf's hand. Bumblebee agreed, looking happy, but Bulkhead stood at the back of the group, shooting uneasy looks at Optimus. Raf followed his gaze to look at the leader as well, seeing that unlike the others who'd reacted to the news with movement, Optimus seemed to freeze in place. Raf was sure that if he were human, the Prime would likely be holding his breath in anticipation.

"–things have been a bit crazy lately, but I'm heading back to Jasper now. Call me back with this number only if it's an emergency. MECH is probably–"

"Give me that phone Rafael; it is most likely MECH again." Ratchet said forcefully and Raf had to pull back behind the couch to avoid being picked up by the Autobot. He shook his head stubbornly. "Really Rafael, I am beginning to lose what little patience I have left. Now give me the phone."

"–if you'd like to save this message, press seven." Raf sighed as he pulled the phone away, realizing that Jack's message had already ended. He quickly pressed seven, he didn't want to lose what could be their only link to Jack, and went to his computer.

"I'll put in on speaker so that everyone can hear." He said, earning a frustrated sigh from the Medic as he hooked up his phone to the laptop's audio system. The base was silent for a few seconds and Raf didn't need to look up to know that all eyes were on him. "Okay, here it is."

"Uh, hey Raf, it's Jack. I, oh man, I don't even know how to start." They all heard Jack sigh heavily, a weariness bleeding into his tone that made Arcee take a step forwards, her optics filled with concern. "I'm okay I guess, MECH did some… things to me and I don't – I don't look like me anymore. I–" The line went silent for a moment. "I just wanted you and the others to know that I'm okay. I know things have been a bit crazy lately, but I'm heading back to Jasper now. Call me back with this number only if it's an emergency. MECH is probably monitoring for this signal, but I think I managed to scramble it enough so that they won't find it. I'll call again when I reach town."

"That was Jack." Arcee said with a certainty in her tone that no one dared argue.

"But how? He's–" Bulkhead cut himself off, nervously looking away from the others.

"Captured? Doesn't mean he couldn't have escaped on his own, Jack's a bright kid after all." Bumblebee replied and Raf nodded in agreement. Miko hummed slightly from her place on the couch and Raf turned to her.

"What do you think Miko?"

"Well I think it was Jack, but what do you think he meant when he said he didn't look like himself anymore?" She questioned and Raf paused, remembering how hesitant his friend had sounded, only saying that MECH had done things to him. "Maybe he's been horribly disfigured and scarred, like Darkman!" Miko shouted excitedly and Raf paled.

"Miko!" Bulkhead shouted angrily, causing the girl to flinch. She looked at him with wide eyes and Raf could see how her thoughtless statement had affected the bots. Arcee looked horrified. Bumblebee was rubbing his throat with dim optics, seemingly lost in thought. Bulkhead was glaring at Miko, which was something Raf had never seen before. Ratchet's face was twisted into a pained look, as if he were imagining all the horrible things MECH could have done to Jack.

A sudden crunching sound caught everyone's attention and they turned to see Optimus holding some sort of broken tool trapped in his tight grip.

"Optimus, I needed that!" Ratchet groaned. The large Mech gave him an apologetic frown as he set down the remains near Ratchet's repair table, silently turning back to the terminal. "In any case, we can't be sure if that was Jack or not. We've been fooled by MECH before."

"By then why did he give us a number to reach him or tell us that he'll be in Jasper soon?" Raf asked, making the Medic frown.

"Perhaps MECH was hoping to lure us out of the base to look for Jack." Ratchet offered, though he was still frowning, clearly not pleased with his own suggestion. "In any case, whether this truly is Jack or not, we do not have the means to learn more at this point."

"Sure we do, we can just call him back." Miko said as she pointed at Raf's phone and Ratchet shook his head.

"If that truly was Jack, and what he said was true, then I do not wish to expose his location to MECH. I doubt that Jack even truly knows how to properly scramble a signal." Arcee was about to say something, when an alert came from the terminal. Optimus answered it and Agent Fowler appeared on the screen.

"Prime, those tech heists my departments been tracking, we figured it was MECH on account of their stealth tactics until moments ago when a security feed at the Pennington's EB Particle Collider captured this." A second window opened up and Raf walked over beside Miko to get a better look. He instantly recognized the Decepticon.

"Soundwave." He said nervously, there was just something about the Con that rubbed him the wrong way.

"Raf can swap that out for you with a funny cat." Miko commented and he shot her an annoyed look.

"The Con without a face made off with a cutting edge Phase Conductor. Here's a punch list of everything that we've confirmed stolen to date." Raf adjusted his glasses as he read over the list, partially listening as Ratchet readout some of the stolen items.

"Plasma Injector, Neutron Shield, Tesseract? There's only one thing missing if they are intending to build a new Ground Bridge."

~After the Fall~

Arcee hated to say it, but the Decepticons had rally brought their A-game today. She dodged a shot that would have been a direct hit on her chassis and fired back at the Aerial Vehicon. Even though her attack hit its mark, knocking the Vehicon out of commission, two more seemed to take its place.

They'd been alerted by Fowler that the Cons were making there move to steal the only suitable power source needed to get their Space Bridge online, but they didn't seem to be making a dent in the small armada of Troopers. It was frustrating because she could see the generator being guarded behind a line of Mechs, but was unable to breakthrough to reach it.

And just as the enemy numbers were beginning to dwindle, Arcee saw a familiar Cybertronian jet approach the battle. Megatron transformed and landed firmly between them and the stolen generator, clearly saying that they would have to go through him to reach their prize. Arcee felt she was more than up to the challenge.

"Optimus." The Con leader said in greeting, his crooked smile enough to get Arcee's Energon boiling.

"Megatron. Do you not see the folly in trying to force a prophecy to fruition?" Their leader asked and Megatron's grin widened as he answered.

"Why leave matters to fate if one can forge ones' own destiny?" Megatron's optics shifted to something behind them and Arcee resisted the instinct to turn around. It was that kind of rookie mistake that got you shot. "Ah, speaking of fate."

The approaching pedesteps were ones that she recognized and Arcee turned to see Bumblebee standing still, looking at her with wide optics. Her gaze lowered to what her fellow Scout held in his servos and her optics shuttered slightly at the sight of their youngest charge.

"Raf!" She took the small human into her servos, checking over his poor state, her scans showing that his vitals were failing. "He's breathing, barely." Bulkhead looked at their youngest with worry and Arcee wished she could have given them better news.

"Ah, it would seem I swatted a bee and squashed a bug." Megatron taunted from behind them and Arcee sent him a glare that was usually reserved for Airachnid. Bee reacted, cursing Megatron in Cybertronian and aiming his wrist mounted blasters at the Warlord.

"Bee, no!" Bulkhead shouted as he grabbed ahold of the Scout.

"Ratchet, Bridge us back now." Optimus ordered and Arcee looked down worryingly at Bee's charge as the boy gave a ragged cough. "Arcee, attend to Rafael, and Bumblebee." She nodded; even though she knew he Prime couldn't see it, and only had to direct Bee to the Bridge once in order to get him to follow. They arrived in the base within seconds and everything seemed to slow as she looked over Raf's condition.

"What happened?" Ratchet asked as he came up to them.

"Megatron." She answered with a growl, barely sparing Gremlin a glance as the Scraplet flitted around Raf nervously.

"Quickly, into my laboratory." The Medical Officer ordered. "Miko, there is a human sized berth located in the western corner in my lab, get it." Arcee saw the girl nod before running off to do as she was told for once. "Where did I put those human medical supplies?" Ratchet asked himself, acting more flustered than Arcee had ever seen him.

"I got the gurney, Doc Bot." Miko announced as she rolled the berth over to them.

"Good, Arcee, gently lower Raf onto the berth." Arcee did as instructed, pausing only to brush a servo through Raf's hair. "Ugh, Rafael isn't responding. We must run diagnostics of his assemblage, uh, vital statistics. Argh, my tools, they're all wrong!" Ratchet shouted as he threw said tools across the room, uncaring as the shattered against the opposite wall.

"That's it, I'm calling Jack." Miko said as she pulled out Raf's cellphone from his pocket.

"And what will that accomplish? Jack has never been trained medically, he would have no understanding of the effects that Energon could have on the human body." Ratchet argued and Miko sent him a glare.

"Well, do you know anything about the human body?" The Medic reared back, optics focusing on Raf in a way that showed Arcee that the situation was beyond Ratchets' abilities. Miko paced a few feet away, phone pressed to her ear, before her head jerked up. "Jack? It's Miko."

"And the weak shall perish." Arcee heard Ratchet mutter and she felt her Spark stall for a second, remembering the prophecy that Optimus had told them just last night. "Be strong Rafael." She couldn't help but repeat those words silently to herself and she prayed that Jack would be able to help.

~After the Fall~

"Raf?" The call was unexpected, but Jack managed to pick it up before it reached the second ring. "What's wrong?"

"Jack? It's Miko." Not who he was expecting, but he really, he should have known better.

"Miko?" He echoed in surprise before sighing in annoyance. "I said to call only if it were an emergency, MECH could–"

"Jack, Raf's hurt. Megatron hit Bee while Raf was inside his alt mode and now he's barely breathing, and Ratchet has no idea what he's doing, and I don't know who else to call." The girl barreled on, cutting him off before he could lecture her.

"Scrap, I'm still forty minutes away from Jasper!" Jack growled all his qualms about his confrontation with the Bots forgotten. "Have Ratchet use these coordinates for an emergency Ground Bridge; 39.5297° North and 119.8128° West." He heard Miko repeat his location to Ratchet over the phone and within seconds, a familiar burst of green appeared right ahead of him. He cut off his line to Miko and drove forwards, coming to a screeching stop just a few feet away from a stunned Ratchet.

He separated himself from his bike, ignored the blasters that Bumblebee pointed at him, and continued on towards Raf, who looked incredibly pale and was shaking slightly. Gremlin brushed up against his leg, sending him mixed emotions and he spared enough of his attention to send back reassuring feelings.

"What's his heart rate clocking in at?" He said without turning from the small boy as he ran a scan over his vitals, seeing that his blood pressure was dropping and his breathing was irregular. There was no response and Jack looked up at the others, noticing their shocked expressions but having no patience for it. Raf was very close to falling into cardiac arrest. "Ratchet!"

"Uh, his current rate is 80 beats per minute, but it's steadily declining." There was a pause, but Jack was too busy adjusting Raf's position to see what the Medic was doing. "Measuring the extent of the absorption should determine the proper course of treatment."

"If I don't get Raf's heart stabilized now, he will not leave this table alive, do you understand me?" He growled at the Medic. "Stop second guessing yourself and be useful, what effects does regular Energon have on the human body?" It was quiet for another moment and Jack finally looked up. Seeing the troubled look on Ratchet's face was enough to calm him down. "We can do this Ratchet, I taught you enough about human biology to be of help." He said encouragingly.

"Give me a moment to pull up the data I collected on Agent Fowler." As the Medic moved over to his lab terminal, Jack went back to monitor Raf, cursing as he saw that his heart rate had dropped to 75 BPM.

"This is all my fault!" He heard Bee shout as the Scout slammed his fist into the wall, breaking the concrete.

"Bee, listen! You think I don't know how it feels to watch a partner… harmed?" Arcee said and Jack could hear her stumble at the end of her sentence, substituting her last word for Bumblebee's sake. "Revenge won't help Raf right now, you need to keep your emotions in check." Jack increased his audio range to listen for any irregularities in Raf's heartbeats.

"Ratchet, how is Rafael?" Jack froze for a second as he heard Optimus's voice coming from Ratchet's comlink. It had felt like ages since he'd last heard from the Autobot leader and his processor could only draw up the night before he'd left the base. He remembered how he'd waited nervously all night for the Prime to show, only to be disappointed when just Ratchet and Arcee had seen him off.

'Why didn't you come, Optimus?' Jack quickly shoved that thought aside, focusing on Raf's vitals instead.

"It is too soon to know." The Medic replied and Jack felt that Ratchet was being kind with that answer. Raf's condition was worsening with every passing second and Jack estimated that the boy would flat line in ten minutes if they didn't do something soon.

"He's in good hands." The unintended compliment hit Jack harder than it rightfully should have and he felt his back straighten in response. Optimus had faith in him, in Ratchet, they could not fail him.

"Not mine Optimus, curse my Cybertronian pride. We've accepted these humans into our lives, yet I bothered to learn so little of their science or medicine." Jack wished he could offer some support to Ratchet in that moment, say something to help, but he could only think of how many minutes that Raf had left and the possibilities to prevent it.

"Pull yourself together old friend, Rafael needs you." Optimus said strongly.

"And I have grown to need him." The Autobot admitted in a soft tone, making Jack smile inwardly since his current form had no facial expressions.

"Lock onto my coordinates and activate the Ground Bridge." And Ratchet moved to the Bridge terminal, doing as commanded. Jack lowered his audio range, mentally noting that while Raf's pulse rate was slowing down, his heartbeats still sounded regular. He shot a glance upwards as he heard only one set of pedesteps enter the base, seeing that just Bulkhead was coming through the Ground Bridge.

"Where's Optimus?" Ratchet asked as he helped Bulkhead lower down a giant piece of equipment.

"Boss Bot said he had to settle things with Megatron, once and for all." The Wrecker answered and Jack felt his Spark pulse with concern. "Who's that?" Bulk said while pointing at Jack.

"Apparently, when Jack said he didn't look like himself anymore, he meant that MECH gave him super steroids and a gym membership card." Miko quipped and Jack mentally grimaced at her light tone. "Seriously Jack, how'd you get so ripped?"

"Explanations later, right now we need to focus on Raf." He said firmly, leaving no room for further questions.

"Indeed. The effects of an Energon blast on an Autobot are can be devastating enough, but this is a human… I'm not getting any readings. How could I not have seen this?" Ratchet said in surprise and Jack looked up, waiting for the Medic to explain. "Rafael's been infected with Dark Energon."

"So all our information on Energon affecting human biology is basically useless now." Jack determined, his tall stature wilting as Raf's heart rate dropped another click.

"Not necessarily, if Dark Energon is devouring Raf from the inside out, we must expel it and fast, the only possible way I know how." Ratchet pulled an empty cylinder from his table, installing an injector into the bottom, before turning to the others. "I need Energon."

"Wait, isn't Energon bad for humans?" Jack asked and Ratchet nodded as Bumblebee stepped forwards.

"Under normal circumstances, quite, but I am relying on the dark matter currently invading Rafael's body to meet it head on." Ratchet explained as he drew Energon from Bumblebee. Jack's scanners suddenly went critical and it felt as if his Spark stopped.

"Ratchet, he's crashing!" He shouted as Raf's heart rate fell to 40 BPM.

"Get him inside the inside the healing tank, now." Jack did as instructed and gave a thumbs up to Ratchet as he cleared the area. Ratchet began the infusion; the process creating such a powerful light that Jack was forced to look away for a few seconds. As soon as the tanked open, he rushed to Raf's side, scanning the boy again and finding that his pulse rate was quickly rising.

"He's stabilizing." He alerted the others, noticing that Raf was slowly waking up.

"…Bee." Raf said weakly, offering a small smile for his guardian. It was only when Miko reached forward to hug Raf that Jack allowed himself to relax.

"Welcome back Raf." He said warmly, happy to see that his young friend was going to be alright. The boy blinked up at him in confusion, leaning away slightly and Jack resisted the urge to flinch at the apprehensive look in Raf's eyes.

Jack knew how he looked to the others. His alt mode, besides taking the shape of his massive bike, gave his rider form an impressive and intimidating physique by human standards. He stood at nearly seven feet, his body looked thick with muscle upon muscle, when in reality it was just metal and wires. To them the rubber material coating his body looked like armor and he'd yet to remove his helmet.

They didn't know that he couldn't.

"It's Jack, Raf, MECH turned him into a super soldier. He's like a crossbreed between Iron Man and Captain America!" Miko said happily and Raf's guarded expression gave way to a small smile. "Oh, you should totally become a super hero now! Do you have any special powers? What's you hero name going to be, maybe Captain Iron? Nah, that's lame."

"Bulkhead, you let Optimus face Megatron alone?" Arcee asked suddenly, pulling Jack's attention away from Raf and Miko.

"I didn't have a choice." The Wrecker defended and Jack didn't doubt him. Once Optimus gave an order it was almost impossible to refuse.

"It could be a trap." Ratchet said as he worked on the terminal, obviously searching for Optimus's life signal. "We need to get a fix on his location." Jack stood awkwardly away from the others, shooting looks at the Autobots who were too focused on the situation to spare him a second glance. Minutes passed in silence, not even Miko said anything. "I've locked onto Optimus's signal, wait… how is this possible?"

"What? What is it?" Arcee asked worriedly and Jack rushed up the walkway to get a better view of the terminal screen. He spotted a mass of red converging onto Optimus's location and he knew from the ominous beeping that the computer was emitting that the situation wasn't anything good.

"We need to get Optimus out of there, now!" Ratchet barked and Jack reared back at the Medic's fear. As the others rushed towards the Ground Bridge, Jack could only hope that they were going to make it in time.

~After the Fall~

Yay, the first part's done, but we still have two more to go. I can't wait to get to the beginning of the next season because those first few episodes are going to be so much fun to write! I didn't even attempt at writing down the fight between Optimus and Megatron. It was perhaps one of the best fights on the show and I knew I wouldn't be able to do it justice.

Miko made a few references in this chapter. The first was Darkman, a film from 1990 starring Liam Neeson, and if you've never seen it before then I hate you. It's such a good movie, though the sequels are absolute crap. The second reference she made was obviously to Marvel, as she listed Iron Man and Captain America and you've no doubt seen their movies.