A Girl Named Hermione Granger : Year one

Chapter one: The child

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Please note that this story follows the general plot of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and in a few small places, dialouge is taken from the book, because I wanted to keep it close to the original plot line. Thank you.

Summary: Jane and David Granger had no idea what they were getting into, when they helped the sick woman they found on the street. They didn't know they'd come out of the encounter with a beautiful little girl with dark eyes, and mysterious talents. They didn't know they'd be thrown in the way of the magical side of London, sharing tea with men in robes. But more than that, little Hermione Jean Kathrine Granger didn't know that come her eleventh birthday, she'd be in a school far away from home, with an over protective father and a dark secret that had to remain hidden.

It was, perhaps, not the strangest thing for Dumbledore to call Severus Snape into his office in the middle of the night, out of the school year. This, however, was the school year. This was September; and he had homework to grade for the morning. "Headmaster, what is so urgent you've called me here?" His voice was waspish and raspy, as he had not had much sleep. Indeed, Severus Snape had only just arrived to fall in bed, after a secret mission for the order, when he had been summoned via the floo network.

Dumbledore, old and tired looking, was standing in front of Fawkes' perch, watching the ashes of his old bird quiver as he was reborn. "I ask that you trust me on this Severus." He said mysteriously, not turning to face the still newly instated potions master. Snape, young and still so full of anger and grief, couldn't quite grasp what was meant.

Dumbledore spun on his heel, pinning the young ex-death eater with a stern look. "Your wife is dead." Snape, at this, scoffed and crossed his arms. "I am well aware she is dead." He held very little love or respect for his late wife, it had been an arranged death eater marriage. Voldemort had insisted he marry the evil wretch, to breed more future death eaters. "Yes, I suppose you ought to be. However, something I'm sure you did not know, the baby lives."

The news washed over Severus like ice water. He most certainly had not known that their child, his only heir, had survived. Kathrine had been dead a year now, for the child to have been born, it would have been nearly three months premature. How in the world could a child survive that? "Are you sure?" He barely dared to hope until Dumbledore inclined his head to him, and smiled.

The headmaster watched, toying idly with his long silver beard, as the man before him took in the news. "Where is the baby?" It felt odd, to Severus, to continue saying 'the baby', but he had never known the gender. His late wife had thought it would be a 'fun' surprise. "I'm afraid I cannot say. We must just wait, and watch in ten year's time, the new first years. It would be very unwise to act now. Let us leave the child be, where it will be safe and happy until it is time for the truth."

Snape left the office, anger flooding him at the thought that, despite his child's survival, he would likely never find them. It would be near impossible, seeing as they didn't even know the gender of his child. He had never particularly wanted a baby with Kathrine, nor had he ever been fond of children, but it seemed a raw deal that his one chance at being a father ought to be snatched away so fast.

Hermione Jean Katherine Granger was currently running around her backyard, pretending to be flying the kitchen broom, searching for a golf ball she had (in a fit of her usual oddness that her parent's had come to accept) painted yellow and called a 'snitch.'

She was currently ten years old, with bushy, wiry hair that flew around madly as she ran; gliding almost in a way where one couldn't be sure her feet even touched the ground. Her parents, muggle dentists, watched from the kitchen window as their daughter, adopted, though she had never been told, raced around happily, all by herself. "Jane dear, we really ought to tell her. She's old enough to handle it now." David said, his eyes shifting over to his wife. It had long been debated between the two about when they would tell Hermione about her birth mother.

Later that night, as the large family sat down for supper, Hermione sitting slightly apart from her brothers and sister (whom did not really get on with her,) was the first to notice an oddity about the window. "Mum, I see an owl!" She was positively ecstatic as her mother and father turned to the window with a gasp. There was an owl sitting there. Holding a letter. Hermione, seeing that she had not imagined the bird, bolted out of her seat and ran to the window in excitement.

The owl did not spook, as one would have expected it to, it just dropped the envelope into her waiting hands and brushed its soft feather head against her cheek before flying off. Hermione tore into the letter immediately, feeling warm and fuzzy as she thought of the darling owl.

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" She voiced out loud, reading the insignia at the top of the page. Her dark as coffee brown eyes flew over to her parents, whom were in as much shock as her siblings appeared to be. "I've been accepted. Can I go to Hogwarts?" She dashed up to her parent's sides and placed the letter on the table between them. "Oh please?" David Granger gave his wife a hesitant look as he scooped their youngest daughter into his arms and left the kitchen. Jane snatched up the letter, seeing that her eldest son, Danny, had been reaching for it, "You four stay put. Your father and I need to discuss something with 'Mione."

When she entered the smallest bedroom at the top of the stairs she found her husband pacing around, and her youngest girl sitting innocently on her bed. "Dear, I don't quite know how to explain this," he started, ending his pacing as he sat down on the bed beside the now confused girl. "I'm adopted and you d-don't l-love m-m-me!" Hermione shrieked, as she saw the strange behavior of her parent's, assuming that what Danny had always said to her was true. "Mione! Don't be silly, we love you very, very much!" Jane whispered soothingly, running her fingers through the young girl's hair. "But, you are...adopted." All through the conversation, as Jane and David Granger explained how they had come across the bizarre woman named Kathrine, and fell in love with the little, premature baby she had given birth to before dying, none noticed the tawny owl and tabby cat sitting in the tree outside.

Dumbledore sat behind his desk, enthralled as he listened to McGonagall's recounting of the night previous, having found the daughter of Severus Snape. "This calls for a celebration Albus!" She cried out happily, her usually stern face breaking out into a grin. Dumbledore offered her a kind smile, and a wink. "We must ask Severus to be so kind as to escort the girl and her muggle parent's to Diagon Alley this next weekend." He offered up, knowing that she would undoubtedly be eager to fetch the potions master, despite their differences. "I'll bring him here at once!" She was gone in a flurry of robes, and Dumbledore allowed his smile to vanish. He had his doubts about how Severus was going to take this news. Shortly after they had discovered Lily and James had been killed, Snape had withdrawn into his own shell of pity and anger. He had seemed happy enough that his child had survived, but he had also done nothing to fight his decision to leave the child wherever it may be in the muggle world.

The elderly headmaster was broken out of his reverie by two out of breath professors launching themselves into his office. Seeing the way Snape's face was slightly flushed, and his hair slightly wild, obviously from having run up from the dungeons, left him with some hope. "You found h-her?" The potion master's voice was soft, almost disbelieving of his luck. He had many moments in the past ten years where he had thought that perhaps he should never want to find the child, however he did want to at least know it was alive. And imagine the thumping of his heart when McGonagall had burst into his office, declaring Dumbledore had found his daughter.

"Yes, Severus. We are quite sure. Minerva was there to hear the story of how they had decided to adopt her." He didn't drag out the details, knowing it would be far better for Snape to hear them from the muggle couple themselves. Nothing good ever came from passing around second hand information in the wizarding world, as both he and Severus were well aware. The potions master sunk into a wooden chair in front of the head master's desk, his hands flying up to run through his long hair. He couldn't believe, all this time, a daughter. He had a daughter.

Jane and David Granger were not quite sure they understood the situation in which they found themselves, as they showed two guests into their living room, begging forgiveness of the mess their five year old son had made. Just this morning at breakfast, the tawny owl from last evening (they were certain it was the same one, as it had again nuzzled with Hermione before leaving) had brought them another letter from Hogwarts, requesting they prepare for the arrival of the headmaster and potions master at precisely one o' clock that very afternoon.

Hermione was currently in the back yard, unaware of the guests, being taunted by her elder siblings as she stacked rocks one upon the other in the garden.

Jane stared at the photograph-the strange, moving photograph-in her hands and sighed. There was no doubt. "Mr. Dumbledore-" "Albus, please my dear Jane Granger," the headmaster cut in, a sparkle in his eye, easing the tension slightly. "Albus, yes. This is the woman, Katherine, that gave birth to Hermione." She gestured down to the photograph where two stern young people were sitting stiffly on a park bench, the woman pregnant and trying to place the man's hand on her stomach (to feel the baby, she supposed) however the man in the photo was stubbornly resisting.

David was being quiet, debating with himself if he was going to have to ask the question on his mind, or if it would be answered without him seeming nosy. He was greatly relieved when the strange meeting was interrupted by his little girl, Hermione, bursting into the living room, holding in her hands a strange rock. "Mum! Dad! Look what I made!" She stopped just short of reaching her mother, the rock (shaped like a lily) held out in front of her, dropping to the ground as she noticed the two strange men on the couch. "H-hello." She stuttered, her pretty rock all but forgotten in an instant.

Severus' eyes fell onto the young girl immediately and his heart skipped a beat. She looked remarkably like Katherine. Except that she had his eyes. "Well, this is probably for the best. It will be far easier to just explain things once, don't you agree?" Dumbledore hummed out, motioning for the young brown haired girl to take a seat beside her mother. She stared defiantly at the elderly man, almost as if she longed to tell him he couldn't tell her to sit in her own house, however curiosity shone in her eyes as she spotted the picture in her mothers hands. "Who's that?" She asked innocently, pointing into the picture. "Hermione, that's your mother. That's Kathrine." David explained hastily, picking his daughter up and setting her down beside his wife. "And we're just about to find out whom that is with her."

Dumbledore smiled at the scene in front of him, but he felt Severus stiffen at his side. "The young man in that photo is Hermione's father." The headmaster began, capturing the attention of the young girl. She let her eyes flick down to the picture, taking in all the features of the man in the photo. He was rather dark looking, even though she could see he was smiling ever so slightly. Her eyes snapped up as she heard rushing foot steps, "Oh no...I don't want them in here!" She cried softly, knowing that Danny would only say more hurtful things, and then perhaps even talk Dumbledore out allowing her into his school. Suddenly the joining door between the kitchen and living room slammed shut, and was followed by a loud "OW!"

Jane cast a look at Hermione and sighed, "You really shouldn't do that darling. You'll knock his braces out of place again." The flustered girl let out a huff and the door opened again. Snape couldn't help but be slightly proud at the control his daughter showed over magic. Not many ten-year-olds could slam a door in someone's face from across the room. "I'll take them back outside, David." Jane said sternly, handing the photo to her daughter. She quickly led her four other children back into the back garden, closing the door behind her.

Hermione's eye fell upon the proud shadow of a smirk on Snape's face, and her face dawned in understanding. He was clearly the man in the photo. Older, more stern, and she thought, tired looking. But it was him. "You are a clever one, Hermione." Dumbledore said suddenly, drawing everyone's attention to the now blushing girl. "Severus here is the young man in the photo. And he is your father." "I knew it." Jane Granger had come back into the room unnoticed, but she revealed herself when her own suspicion was confirmed. "The moment I saw his eyes, I knew."

Hermione wasn't quite sure what to do with this information. She had decided, upon learning of her adoption, that she wanted to find her father; but here he was, and she didn't know what to do. She had never been a very affectionate child, and did not like hugging so much recently, and her father did not look very affectionate himself, would he expect a hug?

"Yes, I was hoping that you would be able to piece it together. She looks remarkably like Katherine, but she could only have gotten those eyes from Severus." The head master stood up and pulled a small wrapped item out of his cloak pocket, and handed it to Snape, whom appeared confused for a moment. It dawned on him what he had been given as the headmaster began to shake hands with the muggle couple and bid them farewell. "I think it would be a splendid idea for you to spend today talking, and perhaps go and retrieve Hermione's school things in the morning. Severus will accompany you to Diagon Alley."

Hermione remained glued to her seat on the couch as her parent's showed out the silver haired, and slightly odd, man. Snape was seated in an arm chair directly across the coffee table, looking as out of place as he felt. He hadn't thought the headmaster would leave so soon. "You...have your mother's hair." He could have kicked himself as he spoke. Ten years of waiting and that was all he could say? Hermione smiled at the awkwardness and felt a question bubble up before she could squish it back down. "Why did it take you so long to find me?"

Severus flinched at that, "Katherine and I got separated, and I never knew if m-our child was a girl or a boy." He hadn't thought that would be her first question, although she was proving to be every bit as clever and sharp as he was himself. "Oh. Are you disappointed?" Yes, she definitely got her sharp cleverness from him. "No." He wasn't honestly, it would have been awkward to find himself with a son, because he was the godfather of Draco Malfoy, and that one boy was rather a handful. He couldn't imagine if he had to deal with two boys.

Dinner that evening was tense and uncomfortable, and Snape found himself wondering if he would have been better off turning down the invitation. He wasn't as opposed to muggles as he had used to be, however muggle children were very irritating. It took a great deal of his self control to ignore the rude little remarks that the oldest boy would send Hermione's way. She did not seem to be bothered by them as she asked him everything she could think of about Hogwarts. He answered all her questions, trying not to allow his own prejudices against certain things taint her mind.

End Chapter one. So, tell me what you think. I want you to know, I waited until I finished this whole story before I decided to post it for you. Remember, there aren't many differences in the plot from the original books, but ninety percent of this is from Hermione's views, in third person omniscient.

New chapter will be posted later today. Some characters are OOC, but it's all good, if you love Hermione, and wish you could have seen the lighter side of Snape and Draco long before book six and seven. (not a lot lighter, mind you.)


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