A girl named Hermione Granger: Year One

Chapter Twelve: A better summer

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Hermione laid awake in her bed, curtains drawn around her, and sighed. It was five am now, and she was waiting until six, when she would be allowed to leave the dorm and go check on her exam results. The feast had ran late into the night, and eventually she had managed to sneak off and apologize to her Slytherin friends, for their stealing the house cup. In the end, they still hadn't been very happy, but Draco had said he was glad at least one Slytherin had won, and he'd considered her more Slytherin than Gyrffindor for swiping the win out right from under their noses.

She closed her eyes for a while, and decided to get out of bed. Even if it wasn't six am yet. She snuck out of her bed and pulled on a pair of red and gold slippers, and her cloak. She tip toed to the door and ran down the stair case, heading straight for the portrait. She was shocked to find Draco out in the hallway, holding onto two steaming mugs. He offered her one, which she accepted, and she smiled when she smelled the coffee. "I've been out here for twenty minutes, I didn't think you'd be able to wait so long to sneak out and read your results." He drawled, taking a sip from his cup before gesturing down the hall.

Hermione laughed and shook her head, "I've been up all night. I just didn't want to be caught out of bed too early." She began walking down the hall, Draco keeping in step beside her. "Uncle told me you weren't going to be going home." He said calmly, as they approached the great hall, and Hermione paused mid step. "No. I'm not. Father sent my muggle family into hiding. I'll be staying around here I guess. My grandmother has a house in Hogsmead." She dropped her gaze down to her slipper clad feet and frowned. "I'm guessing she's my mom's mom, but I haven't really spoken to her." She remembered how angry she had been, to read the parchment, and find the name glaring up at her mockingly. Charity Burbage, strict but fair Professor of Muggle Studies, with high expectations of everyone, was the one whom had been on the parchment.

"Who is she?" Draco asked, curiousity shining in his eyes, he pulled her chin up with his wand hand, so he could see her face. "Professor Burbage. If you can believe it." The blonde boy let out a bark of laughter and nearly dropped his mug of coffee. "Snape was married to the muggle lover's daughter? No way!" His laughter infected her, and before long she was giggling with him. "It's an odd thought, isn't it? But..." She looked around and leaned in as close as she dared, "...I don't think they had a close relationship. I got the chance to look in the mirror of Erised, and I saw her, my mother, and she had a tattoo on her left arm. Like the one my dad mentioned." She pulled away quickly and waited for him to speak.

"Wow." He wasn't sure what to say. He imagined how he'd have felt, to see the tattoo on his own mothers arm, and he shuddered violently. "Maybe, it wasn't that kind of tattoo. Maybe it was something else?" He said quickly, trying to comfort her. Hermione only shrugged. "It doesn't matter, really. I never knew her, and even if she was one of them, it doesn't mean anything to me." She pushed the doors the the great hall open and stepped inside, leaving Draco standing out in the hall on his own. She spotted the envelopes set out on each of the house tables and went off in search for hers as Draco finally walked into the hall himself. It took several minutes, but she finally found the envelope with her name scrawled on it and sat down.

Draco joined her soon after, holding his own envelope, "On the count of three then?" He asked with a smirk, and she nodded. "One - two - three!" They ripped open their envelopes at the same time and pulled out the paper within. Hermione's eyes scanned the page and she grinned, "Perfect scores across the board. What about you Draco?" The blonde didn't respond at first, a sour look on his face. "That tosser only gave me eighty percent in defense against the dark arts!" Hermione giggled and quickly brought her coffee mug to her face, in an attempt to hide from his glare.

She took a sip of the liquid in her cup and spat it out quickly. "Ew, pumpkin juice!" She began wiping her tongue off on her sleeve before she realized that they were being watched from the door way. She turned and saw her father leaning against the door, with his wand in his hand, and one eyebrow raised. She laughed nervously, setting down her cup. It was still only five-thirty in the morning after all.

Severus had been following the two for a while, at just enough of a distance to hear their conversations without being seen. He'd nearly had a heart attack when the two had stopped in front of the great hall and his daughter had leaned in close to Draco's face, he hadn't heard what she'd whispered, but he'd been relieved when she'd pulled back again. He had watched as they found their envelopes, and seen their grades, and had decided to make his presence known before anything else could happen. So, as he usually did, he flicked his wand in the direction of Hermione's mug, transfiguring the coffee within into pumpkin juice.

"You're much too young for coffee." He said plainly, pushing off from the wall to take a seat by the two. Hermione frowned and crossed her arms, "Good morning to you too." She grumbled, but a smile tugged at her lips as she remembered the promise he hand made. "I got perfect scores on all my exams." She thrust the parchment across the table to show him, and was greeted by a slight chuckle. "I know."

"So what's my present?" She asked eagerly, ignoring Draco as he was sliently mocking her excitement, still sipping his own coffee. "You're too young for coffee too, Draco." She said wickedly, laughing when her father flicked his wand at the boys mug, turning it to pumpkin juice as well. "I'm going away for a week this summer, and you may come along if you wish." Snape had barely finished his offer before he was hugged from across the table by his overly excited daughter. "And that is why you don't need caffine." He said mockingly as she let go and moved back to her seat.

The train ride back to London was fun, Hermione had to admit, as she stocked up on sweets from the lunch trolly and spent the hours joking around with Harry and Ron. She was ecstatic when Ron declared that they both had to come and visit, although she was unsure what her father would say. When the train ride had come to an end, and they were filling off of platform 9 3/4, and Harry was telling his two friends about his aunt and uncle, people around them were shouting out greetings and well wishes.

"There he is mom, look, there he is!" The small voice carried over the crowd and Ron looked over to see his little sister gushing over Harry, and frowned. His mother shushed the enthusiastic girl and greeted them warmly. "Busy year?" The trio laughed and nodded, "Very. Thanks for the fudge and sweater, Mrs. Weasley." Harry happily basked in the warm, motherly glow from Ron's mother until he spotted his aunt and uncle and knew it was time to go. "Ready are you?" Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley, didn't give off the most friendly impression. Next to the massive, moustached man, were a tall, thin and peaky woman (Petunia Dursley,) and a boy their age who looked like a fat blueberry with arms, legs, and blonde hair (Duddly Dursley,) both of whom looked absolutely terrified.

Hermione and Ron didn't have much time to take the three in and they said their goodbyes to Harry, promising to owl all summer, "Hope you have a - er - good holiday, Harry." She said doubtfully, sure she had never seen a more unpleasant family than the Dursley's in her life. Harry gave her a smirk and winked at Ron, "Oh I will. They don't know we're not allowed to use magic at home. I'm going to have alot of fun with Duddly this summer." With a last laugh, he walked over to his aunt and uncle and they vanished into the crowd, leaving Hermione standing awkwardly with Ron and his family.

"Well...er...I should go find my parents." She said quickly, dragging her trolly away, only to be stopped as the red head called out, "Don't forget, you promised to come visit!" She turned back with a grin, "I won't forget!" Then she quickly doubled back, staying out of sight as she made her way back to the platform. She had only been allowed to ride the train because her friends had to think she'd gone home to her muggle parents for the summer, and now, she had a long ride back alone to Hogsmead. She smiled to the conductor and climbed on board, coming face to face with her father. "Change in plans. I thought you might come stay with me for the start of summer, and go to Charity's in August."

Hermione couldn't help but grin as her father helped her back off the train, and off the platform. Perhaps the summer wouldn't be so dull afterall...

And that, my readers, is the end of Year One.

I know this it the shortest chapter, but I'm working dilligently away on Year Two.

So, there's your lil' Dramione moment, and some fluffy father/daughter moments too. I actually really like writing the parts where Severus is all nice and fatherly, because he is human, and he does have a heart. And anyone reading this almost certainly knows that Snape's got a good side (and if not, why are you reading fanfiction about a serious you've never read the originals of?) and it needs to show. Of course, I'll not be making any big references towards Snape's most (romatic and brave and best) qualities, until Year Seven (which may in fact have to be called something else, because Hermione never returns for year seven at Hogwarts.)

ANYWAY... I'm working on chapter eleven for Year Two now, and I've come to realize my chapters are WAAAAAYYYYYYY longer than Rowling's are. Because I've only managed to make eleven chapters out of the Chamber of Secrets, which has eighteen chapters. And, I feel fit to tell you, there's some kind cute, fun Dramione in chapter four. Which...may inspire a one-shot, with a similar situation, in which they are older than twelve. Because I wanted so badly to make them kiss, but they're just much too young. They can't kiss when they're twelve! Maybe in Year Three, when they're thirteen. Because at least by then, they could be hitting puberty.

Just to be completely clear, the next story is going to be called "A Girl Named Hermione Granger: Year Two" and follows along with Chamber of Secrets.