Enduring Memories

Authors Note: This is taken from what Fading Dreams would have become…. Except it's a Shink story and does not involve the healer. I can write this freely; it's not reliant on a RP. This will have lemons later on but they will be roped off in case you want to skip them. The story is not dependent on the lemons and they just happen as a course of a relationship. Sheik is his own person but is not; this story follows and explains a course of the Termian Mask theory as you find out. The main characters of this story will be Link, Sheik, Zelda, Lady Agitha, the Resistance, and Interloper (Dark Link) By the end of the story there should be many many main characters. Also; long chapters will be long. And then some will be short. You never know with me but never expect anything too shabby in length~


Warning: This story has homosexual relations between two men. The main pairing of this story is Sheik and Link. It goes without saying that this story has other pairings though. In the opening of this story, Link is dearly in love with Midna. Illia is also dearly in love with Link. Do not fear though, dear readers. Sheik and Link will be the main pairing once I get along to it. The other two are just canon and make the story more realistic with the game.

Disclaimer: I don't own Zelda or else we would be playing Sheik, Kafei, and Skullkid in some of the games. I don't see that happening so I obviously don't own Zelda. Tis a pity.

Now without further waiting, please enjoy!

Chapter I

Wolf in a Mental Dilemma

In which a Ceremony is announced and a Man loses identity to a Beast.

Rusl was getting too old for this. He thought this time and time again as the war went on and his bad leg got worse. Sure, he hadn't been old at the beginning of the Twilight Invasion but war makes you old… No. He could disagree with himself now.

Link…. Link was old.

Something had happened and the boy was torn, a mere memory of what he had been. He dressed as he once had in the Ordanian clothing that showed his class; a poor shepherd. It didn't hide the scars on his arms and lower legs. It didn't hide the harsh shadows that passed over his too-thin cheek bones or the distinct sadness in the boys eyes. He was thin. Terribly thin, and it showed that he was starving himself whether intentional or not. He never spoke and though words from the boy had been rare before, silence was…. Silence was bitter.

He hadn't spoken a single word since he had returned…. Least to say, after six months of this, the villagers were worried. Fado had tried on numerous times to get Link to feel at home but the boy had shied away. Rusl had suggested Link go and meet up with the resistance with him, and Bo offered Link a few days off to go visit the Gorons; he had declined both with a shy smile and a shake of his head. Illia had tried to get him to eat and he had began to avoid her. Every villager tried something were it Collin or Jaggle but none of them succeeded in pulling out the allusive boy and they were afraid they were going to lose him.

And they did lose him.

To a terrible beast called grief, and a terrible sorrow called a wolf.

The first occurrence.

It hadn't been anything too out of the ordinary. Link seemed to suddenly forget himself. He sat with the village women at the washing brook of the Ordonian stream scrubbing his clothes clean. It was a carefree activity in which he could listen to them gossip without much worry of the attention being turned on him.

"Renaldo sent a message a while ago," began Pergie almost immediately as she set to washing a pair of one of the boys breeches. "Apparently Ludas been missing the children. Think we should send them to Kakariko for a visit?" Sera made a moaning sound as she knelt down with her basket heavily laden with clothes.

"I'm not sure about that. It's hard to get the children to behave. We'll see how they act for the next week or so I think. Huh, Uli?" Uli gave them a warm smile.

"Unlike Pergies boys and Beth, Colin seems to have the mind of a knight." The other three women laughed.

"Like Father like Son, eh?" Seras eyes crinkled in amusement instead of anger. Illia rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, I think Link and I can handle those four for a couple days." Link didn't agree or disagree, happy with not taking part of the conversation. Instead he leaned against an old log and worked with a needle and thread on mending one of his good tunics where its seam had come undone. She huffed and jabbed his side gently and playfully earning a surprised gasp and a playful swat from Link. He clicked his tongue and shook his head as if patronizing her. All the women smiled at this. It wasn't often Link was in such good spirits.

"I'll take that as an yes," Illia replied triumphantly. Link eyed her for a moment in what seemed to be a considering way then lifted his head to speak the first words he had in a while.

"Don't be so full of yourself!" The words were quiet and a bit raspy but definitely meant in play. Illia wanted so desperately to squeal and hug him. He had spoken! After being quiet for so long he had spoken to her! It made her heart melt into a puddle of ruby rupees! Instead, she gave a mock-angry reply, hoping to keep Link talking.

She lifted her nose in the air and closed her eyes, "So says mister big-bad Hyrulian renegade." This caught a snicker out of Link who hadn't been suspecting less.

"Yes, so says I!" He stuck his tongue out at her playfully and Pergie finally lifted her hands with a chuckle.

"Okay children, Farore bless us if Link doesn't poke himself with all of your bickering." Both parties looked away embarrassed.

"I'm not a child," Link finally whined at her, working a pout as well as a stricken puppy.

"I would certainly say not," replied Rusl as he rounded the brook from the fields and wiped the sweat off his forehead. "What are you lovely ladies gossiping about now?" This earned a tunic to the face from Link who wrinkled his nose distastefully. Rusl chuckled as he pulled it down, "right, right! Ladies and boy. Are you happy?"

"That'll do," Link hummed and sat his needle aside in his basket.

"To answer your question dear, we were wondering whether or not to send the children to Kakariko." Ever the most clear-headed one of the women Uli brought them back to their original topic.

"Hmm? Kakariko? What for?" Rusl asked as he sat down cross-legged between Uli and Link.

"Renado sent a letter saying he would love for them to visit," Pergie replied as if it were her duty. "Says the Gorons really miss my boys!" She laughed heartily and shook her head, "I wonder what 'em did to earn such respect from those people." Link smiled sadly and grabbed one of his sashes. He dipped it into the water and began to scrub the sweat and dirt from it.

"Well I don't see the problem. It is like a second home to them after the Twilight Wars." Link winced and looked away from them all as Rusl spoke. This didn't go unnoticed by his mentour. The boy suddenly stood up shakily.

"I need to go…" His head was tipped down and his bangs covered his eyes. His mouth however was in a grim line of anguish and all of the party looked at him confusedly. "Need…need to go…" Link murmured as he seemed to run thin of breath. He grasped his chest with one hand and made a run for it. Rusl frowned and hefted himself up to his feet.

"Link?" He grabbed the boys wrist. Link turned on him at the moment, hand striking at the older mans chest with a snarl ripping from the boys throat. He had changed mentally. There was fear and sorrow mingling in the boys eyes and they were both bubbling into unresolved anger. He bore his teeth in a grimace as he gripped the boys wrist and tried to catch the other one as Link pulled back. "Boy, calm down now!" Link however had no plans to listen to his mentour it seemed. He looked absolutely livid.

No, he looked feral. His hair raised like an animals and he had his lips draw back to bear his teeth. His eyes didn't narrow with human disgust but were wide with a beasts hatred and acceptance. Before Rusl knew what hit him, Link had pulled his body down then bucked forward into the mans gut causing him to double over coughing. Fuck, that hurt! "By the Three, What's wrong with you!"

He expected another snarl, another monster like response but all he received was a confused stare. He watched as the beast turned man crumpled in front of him trembling. "It wasn't fare…" Link murmured and curled up. "She left me like this; it wasn't fare…" Rusl wiped the saliva from his mouth off on the back of his hand as the coughing fit died away. He frowned and looked sideways towards the boy.

A low hollow sound of grief broke into the air then. That was a good human sound. Rusl sighed and spared a glance towards the women. They seemed confused but alright. He slowly stood up and took the few steps towards the collapsed Hylian and knelt down beside him. He sat down again and pulled Link up without any words. Blue eyes looked at him full of shame then closed again and Link immediately reached up to brush away the tears running down his cheeks.

"Who left you Link?" He asked the question in a soft, warm voice. He received no answer but to tell the truth, he half expected not to. "Oh well… at least your starting to open up. It's a beginning." Link didn't hold back then and broke into sobs and Rusl, being more father then teacher, patted his back gently instead of pushing him away. It was human to hurt and rejection was a soldiers flag. They received more than enough rejection letters.

That was all he could piece from this. Link must have met some beautiful woman on his travels and had been wooed only to be heart broken. The boy had always seemed delicate in these affairs, never even admitting up to his crush on Illia as much as everyone had seen it. It must have had taken everything he had to admit then be rejected. Very quietly, he asked, "Who Link? Who left you?" The boy shook his head against the man's arm.

Alright. Different approach then. "Why don't you try talking it out with her? Whoever it is… if she loves you I'm sure she'll come around." He was met with a dry, hollow laugh then broke into more sobs.

"You don't understand. She left me. I'll never see her again. She's gone." Rusl stared at him wide eyed then withheld a groan. So that was it. She had died.

He sighed heavily and rubbed the boys back with soothing circles, "I see…. I see…. I bet this was rou-"

"But you don't see!" Link raised his voice and looked up angrily at the other. He suddenly pushed back and scrambled away from the others. "You weren't there and you don't understand! You don't understand what it's like to be pushed around and forced to take everything on your back for the sake of another, only to have her ripped from you! You don't understand what the Goddesses have cursed me with!" He bored his teeth and raised both bare hands to his chest, the one with the Triforce emblazoned on it a stark contrast against the other.

"None of you could ever understand how I feel because none of you knew her and ever will!" He then went silent and lowered his hands, panting with the exertion it took to yell. He swallowed thickly and lifted his head to look at them. He was red eyed from crying and his cheeks looked swollen from the tears. Slowly he inclined his head and a worried frown marred it. "I…I'm so sorry… I was out of place…" Rusl gave him a pitiable look and Link looked down and away.

"Link it's alright. You just needed to get that off your chest," Rusl reasoned. Link smirked sadly and shook his head.

"No. I should have kept this to myself. My life as a hero should never be spoken aloud…" He shook his head again and turned away from them. He slowly turned up the passage and headed back towards his tree house outside the village.

"Link!" Illia called as she grasped the wicker basket full of his clothes and mending supplies. "Link wait! You're forgetting this!" He didn't look back however and continued on until out of sight. Rusl sighed and took the basket gently from her.

"I guess I'll finish these. He needs some time alone." He sat down then at the brook and continued the wash. He tried to return normalcy to the group by starting a conversation. "Well then, any other interesting rumors coming around?" He gave the women a mischievous grin and received a round of giggles.

"Well," Sera hummed as she stood up and hung a well washed rug on a clothes line to dry. "I heard the Princess was receiving a guest. A Sheikah of all people. I thought they had died out long ago…"

Zelda has been more than surprised when the last member of the Sheikah race had contacted her. Lady Impaz wrote very little in the letter but she suspected the visit would be important. Sheikah didn't tend to visit the light folk for no reason, or so she had heard. She fidgeted at her throne and looked off to the side almost diligently. "Is something bothering you milady?" Auru asked from where he stood near her side, glancing over a old scroll of some sort. She winced.

"You noticed?" She hoped her voice didn't so as timid as it did in her ears. She narrowed her eyes and wrinkled her nose in distaste as Auru nodded with a kind smile.

"It's hard to not notice when her majesty is acting antsy as a certain child I remember." Zelda flushed profusely at this and looked away.

"I wasn't that bad Auru. I was merely….explorative." She was met with a scoffing chuckle and could feel the tips of her ears burn.

"Milady, if I may be so bold; you would always managed to get out of your lessons, you put your guards and maids in a tizzy, and you always ruined all of your dresses. You were a tomboy in the making and your mother threw a fit." Zelda grinned at him honestly.

"Well," She began and tipped her head towards him. "It's bound to happen when all you do is sit around all day learning then are expected to sip tea and practice etiquette with other little girls after words. You know me-"

"You'd rather play with the stable boys. I know. I caught you more than once if you remember." He gave her a disciplinary look that caused her to huff. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him and gave a distinct frown.

"I can see this conversation going downhill and at my expense." She raised an eyebrow at the other curiously as he chuckled and nodded in concede.

"You only brought it on yourself milady." He rolled the scroll up and tucked it in a bag that hung to his side. "If only you had been given to sipping tea like the other noble girls," He shook his head in mock distress but they both knew better.

"I wouldn't have been your favorite student if I weren't who I had been." She smirked at him then and rested her chin on top of one hand. "Am I right?" He smiled warmly and inclined his head once as was proper.

"I would not disagree with that your Highness." With that they both shared a laugh. "You know," Auru added in a few moments later. "Your guest should be arriving soon. I expect something out of the ordinary will happen." Zelda didn't reply immediately as her smile faded and she stared straight ahead.

"You know…. I have a feeling your spot on about this."

You always are.

The second occurrence.

That tiny glimpse of the warm herds boy they had once known had hid itself from view again. All that remained was the quiet, reclusive, tired-looking skin that it wore as a thick armor to hide itself. A soul is a delicate thing and once injured it pulls high stakes to make sure it doesn't happen again. Everyone knew this and no one pushed him to open up. Not after what had happened the last time. The boy wouldn't even meet anyone's eyes now. Every day followed the same routine for Link.

He would get up at sun rise and care for Ephona. At eight he would lead her to the ranch and would practice her jumping, gait, and trot to keep her in shape. He would then let her graze with the goats and would muck their pen and refill the water troughs. At noon he would eat his first and last meal of the day and would keep it simple, just enough to give him the energy to keep working. After lunch he would head back home on foot to do laundry and clean out the small stall he had built for Ephona. Then he would sleep. At late noon he would walk back to the ranch and without a word to Fado he would round up the herd like he did every day and lock them back up in their pen. Then it was too home to put himself and Ephona to bed.

He never spoke a word, never faltered from his routine, never gave into anything that brought pleasure to his life. It was all work and a means to keep on living. Living without living. But that was coming to an end and Rusl began to notice something. The boy was plain suicidal. He was trying to kill himself from exhaustion! He voiced his concerns one day to Bo who could hardly disagree. "He's working himself to the bone," Bo grunted.

"And I hardly see him drink or eat to make up for it," Rusl nodded. "I think he needs help. Serious help, before he kills himself." Bo nodded then melted into a worried look.

"But what can we do? I don't think he would grow to trust again if we sent him away to a mental institution. Especially since the only one I know of is far away from Hyrule, in a small country between Termina and Holodrum." Rusl winced in nodded in agreement with Bos words. That was when Illia stepped out from the stair case.

"Do you…do you think maybe I could help…?" She pursed her lips and looked at them sadly. "You said Links going to kill himself. I want to help stop him. What can I do…?" Both men stared at her for a moment before Rusl sighed and assigned himself to the task of explaining.

"Illia, he's heart broken. I'm not sure you could help. That's the problem; it's hard to cure someone who's been shattered so badly." He shook his head and rubbed at an itch on his cheek. "I don't want to get your hopes up so I won't lie. I don't think it's a solution that anyone in the village could fix." He didn't miss the stubborn look the ignited in the eyes of the Mayors daughter.

"If he were to fall in love again, then his heart would be healed." She lifted her head with a haughty expression. "I know he loved me once and he can love me again. I just have to be patient and help him remember why." Rusl sighed, not sure how to argue with that. He shared a glance with Bo then slowly nodded.

"It's worth a try."

So that is how it would happen, that Illia would be trodding the path to Links house that next morning before the sun rose with a freshly baked loaf of bread and a quarter wheel of cheese. She didn't knock on the door. Instead, after climbing the ladder rung she sat on the porch and hung her legs off the edge. She would wait until he came out like he did every morning instead of risking himself holing inside and refusing to come out. Just as expected, as the sun rose over the forest and littered Ordon with the morning light, Link emerged from his home- and nearly tripped over Illia. She smiled up at him, trying not to laugh. "Your finally up sleepy head!

" You kept a lovely lady such as myself waiting when she brought you breakfast! You should have more manners then that~" He didn't smile like he normally would at her joking jibes and stared at her with confusion. Finally he walked past her and headed down the ladder.

"Go home. I'm not hungry." She gaped at him in disbelief.

"Not hungry?" She asked incredulously and followed quickly after him. She looped the baskets handle over her arm and grabbed his wrist with one hand. "How could you not be hungry? Have you looked at yourself lately? You're all skin and bones!" She poked him in the ribs and he winced.

"You're not healthy at all! You're going to worry Ephona like that!" His eyes widened and she couldn't be more surprised that the Mare had been what it took to strike home. Ephona, as if she understood the humans bickering, came by and nudged Links side with her nose. He nearly fell over and gawfed at her.

"But-!" He paused as the horse gave him a stern look. "I-!" She neighed at him then turned and nickered at Illia, nuzzling the girl fondly. Illia grinned and rubbed Ephonas nose as Link stared at them both in disbelief. Finally he looked down at the ground in defeat. "I'll eat."

"That's all I ask~" Illia grinned at him and grasped his arm. She patted Ephonas rump one last time and led him to the nearby picnic table. She laid out their breakfast and used a dagger that hung at her waist to cut everything nicely. Link took a slice of cheese and laid it over a slice of bread. He nibbled at it but couldn't find himself to actually be hungry for it. His appetite had dwindled during his Adventure and it had not grew after it had ended.

Illia sighed and shook her head. "Will you please eat all of it? Your not going to gain your appetite if you don't get your stomach used to the idea of more food." Link looked at her dejectedly then slowly took a large bite. He grimaced but continued to chew. "That's better," Illia smiled softly. Link looked away.

"Would you eat this as well?" The girl asked sweetly as she held out a ripe red apple. Link eyed it with something akin to anguish and turned his head away. He swallowed.

"I will not," he replied and shook his head. He couldn't to say the least. That was one food he refused to touch. Midna…she had… She had loved apples more then anything.

"You don't understand Wolfy." She merely giggled and turned in the air to levitate on her stomach right over his shoulder. She twirled the apple core on her impish fingers and smacked her lips. "Ya'see, we don't have stuff like this in Twilight Realm. We have food of course, don't get me wrong but out lands are cursed and everything we grow is bland. This though..." She smirked at him and winked.

"I find this food so good that it is nearly a sin to eat it. You take this for granted Wonder-Boy." She then tossed the apple core to the ground and didn't miss a beat as Link rolled his eyes. "Do you disagree or something Pup?" She dug her elbow into his shoulder playfully as she came to lean on it." He stood still for a moment and shook his head.

"No. I like them as well." She smirked then and eyed him closely.

"Then whats with the look Hero?" She asked the question casually and teasing as usual but was taken off guard by his reply.

"I simply can't believe the Goddesses would make world where everyone would suffer without the worlds simplest joys." He looked at her sadly, all looks of mirth gone. She sighed and drifted in front of him on a cloud of twilit particles. They made eye contact and she released a heavier sigh.

"Your Goddesses have done many things I wish I didn't believe." And then she faded into his shadow leaving no room to argument.

"Farore…" Link murmured under his breath. "Would you really forsaken a people for something their Ancestors did…?" He received no reply from the Goddess or the Imp and he never expected one.

"It's good for you," Illia huffed and proffered the apple once again. He smacked it out of her hand and it sailed through the air like a ball to land in the grass. Ephona jerked her head up skittishly to look at them then lowered her head to sniff the ground. She found the fallen fruit and bit into it with an appreciative snort. Illia stared at the boy wide-eyed with disbelief. "You-!"

"I have my reasons," Link growled and lowered his hands to the table. "I have my reasons for everything. I appreciate that you want to take care of me but I have to refuse on that. I will not eat apples. Ever." He narrowed his eyes at her but there was no hate in them. Just destitute.

"I…." She paused then looked away. "I have to go." He sat back down as she stood up. Perhaps she couldn't help him.

The visitor had happened to be a short, withering old lady who wore modern clothing. Quite the opposite on what she had read about Sheikah. The red eyes however proved well enough the woman's blood to Zelda. "I am Impaz of the Sheikah tribe," she spoke. Her voice was as old and withered as the shrubs of the Gerudo desert but it held a sort of warmness and familiarity to it. "It is my duty, to offer you milady, an antique that can offer you protection whenever needed." Zelda paused then and nodded.

She wasn't quite sure what the Sheikah could offer but she wouldn't decline a gift from what she considered such a noble race. "I accept this antique, Impaz of the most esteemed Sheikah." The old woman smiled tiredly and nodded.

"I see. Respect for my people. You'll need that milady, to get through the trials. This is not any old antique I am offering you with." Zelda frowned at the sort of response. She took in a deep, calming breath then opened her blue eyes to stare at the woman.

"Explain yourself please." She narrowed her eyes as the woman merely bowed.

"I'm afraid I am not allowed too. I will prepare a room for the ceremony if you will give it. I advise you rest your mind because this challenge will wear you out quite quickly." Impaz paused for a moment then nodded to the Princess. "The last few generations have failed this challenge milady but… I have a feeling you will prevail." Zelda was again taken aback.

She eyed the woman suspiciously but nodded all the same. "Very well. Guards, lead her to the Damhsa Sean room. She'll be given anything she needs to complete the preparations for this ceremony and she will be given a fine guest room and food if she tires." She finished her words clearly and the guards saluted immediately.

"Yes your Highness!" They slurred in union and then they turned as a pair and bowed to Impaz. "Pleas follow us Lady Sheikah." The old woman smiled and nodded, hobbling along between them. Zelda watched her warily as she left. What did she just get herself into.

The third occurrence.

Link watched Illia approach his house from the window. What had he gotten himself into? He didn't mean to worry everyone with his attitude; it was just his way of dealing with his grief, just as his silent nature was due to having no memories of his early child hood. He just had a strange way of dealing with things he supposed. He looked back out the window and grimace. Here the woman came down the road with yet another basket laden with food like she had that very morning and his stomach churned. He ducked away from the window.

Maybe if he pretended he wasn't home? She climbed up the ladder rung and knocked on his front door. Just be quiet, he reasoned to himself and held his breath. A few minutes of continuous knocking and it went silent. He exhaled roughly and smiled to himself; she was leaving! Then the door swung open- or not! "You git," Illia puffed, cheeks heated with anger.

She sat the basket on the table and crossed her arms. "A gentleman doesn't leave a lady waiting at his front door." He met her with a hard stare then huffed himself.

"A gentleman doesn't kill, therefor I'm not a gentleman." Illia was taken aback by this and he was pleased when she recoiled. He felt angry at himself with that. It wasn't something a hero should be pleased with. It was something a wolf took joy out of seeing its prey preform.

"Well a butcher can slaughter as much as he like and still open a door for a lady," Illia spoke angrily. "And so can you Mister Murderer." Ow. That stung worse then a Bulbins dagger did. That is why he found himself sitting down at his table without argument as she put a plate down in front of him from her basket. "It's just leftovers from mine and Fathers supper but I knew you wouldn't eat anything." She patted the basket, "And this has food for breakfast in it.

"I'm going to trust you to eat it though I can't force you to." He swallowed nervously and bowed his head. She trusted him? After the way he had acted. Suddenly he found his vision darkened and felt pressure against his face and head as she pulled him into a gentle hug. "Quit making me worry please… Its been half a year.

"I understand being sad but… that woman wouldn't have wanted you to act this way over her… Would she?" He stared up at her in silent awe as she let go of him and stepped back. She folded her arms behind her back and tipped her head to the side, a slight smile donning her lips, "Hmm?"

"No," Link conceded with a sad smile. "She wouldn't have. Thanks Illia." He stood up and pulled her into a hug which caused her to squeak. She awkwardly hugged him back. A blush ran across her face and she felt herself uncertain.

Had she really helped wit that simple question? He released her then gave her a cocky grin. "You're right. I need to get better and stop making myself miserable. She would have cut me in two if she'd seen me acting this way." He rested his hands on his hips. "You won't have to worry about me anymore.

"I'll try and get better." She grinned and patted his arm in a friendly manner.

"Swear?" He could only grin in response.

"Cross my heart."

"Good," She giggled and ran towards the door. "See you tomorrow!" He waved at her as she opened the door and walked off. "Night Illia."

And for the first time in a long time he found himself ravenous. That contents of the wicker basket didn't survive long enough for breakfast.

It seemed over the course of the next week he improved. There was a few times, of course, that he had strayed and had fallen back into deep depression. That was normal and a given to anyone who had suffered a great loss. Everyone was just happy to see him pull himself out of the depths and thrust full heartedly into his carefree nature once again. Then their joy struck to tragedy.

The eighth day came, one week of improvement to meet a certain disaster as he lost it. His head had ached all the night before and he could feel the crystal buried within his chest burning madly. It had acted up at twilight leaving him short of breath and wary to think.

He wanted to shed this form.

He wanted to run free on all fours.

He wanted to smell the evening air and hear the sounds that only a wolf could sense.

He wanted to howl.

He wanted to be a wolf.

And there was very little he could do but resist. He gritted his teeth as morning came and pulled himself out of bed. The night had been very long and he had not slept a wink. He tiredly washed himself down with a bowl of water and a cloth and got dressed. He brushed his hair and checked to make sure his piercing wasn't dirty before leaving the house. He bared the pain as he carried on with his job. It would have been alright if Fado hadn't come.

"You okay buddy? You seem kinda' slow today." The man's hand came to rest on his shoulder in a couple of rough pats and Link felt himself lose it. He turned and slugged the other. A snarl found itself home in his throat and he transformed. He closed his eyes in the delicious pain as it seared through his body. Bones thinning, thickening, elongating, shortening, skin stretching or shrinking, fur growing and teeth elongating.

His senses came in a flurry and his head grew dizzy then his mind grew sharp. He felt the twilit energy come and encircle his paw in the form of the chain that had held him during his first transformation. He was a wolf!

And the horrible dreadful grief that had dwelled in him all this time disappeared. Had it been this form that he had missed so much, and not Midna? He felt confused on this but he wouldn't dwell. It wasn't in a wolfs nature to think. "Hwah!" That's when he remembered Fado. He jerked his head towards the man who stared at him wide eyed.

Link kicked his way out of the Ordanian clothes that bagged around his wolf form and slowly wormed his way to the side. Fado scooted back as expected but Link didn't follow. Instead he laid on his stomach and looked at the other. "L-Link? Is that…Woah buddy….What have you been hiding…?"

The man stared at him in wonder and fear but didn't come closer. Link whined softly and angled his ears back, tucking his tail in apology. He hadn't meant to hurt or scare the man. When Fado still refused to come near, he slowly rolled onto his back to offer his stomach; an honest sign of submissiveness. Fado swallowed hard and nodded, "I understand. Your…Your sorry aren't cha?" Link barked in reply and closed his eyes as he felt a hand suddenly yet slowly come down and rub his stomach.

"Shucks… What should I tell everybody? Who's gonna believe that this is you?"

Impaz came eight days after her arrival and bowed to the Princess of Hyrule at her throne. "Milady, the ceremony is ready to begin at nightfall." Zelda had nearly been surprised when the Sheikah came in and announced this.

"Is that so? I'll make sure to be prepared." She grew quiet as she observed the woman. She could see no signs of trickery, just a pleased expression from a job well done. Well… "Are you still not going to tell me what I'm up ahead?" The old woman laughed softly and nodded.

"You're a rather curious one my princess!" She let her laugh die away naturally then pulled her arms back to rest behind her waist. "Very well! You are to locate and dominant the soul of the very first of our tribe. The infamous Sheikah himself, who broke away from the Dark Tribes during the Wing Era. The one we so proudly named our tribes after…" She turned away from Zelda and stared at the large door ahead that easily arched thirty feet.

"And he is not of a very pleasant mood do to his treating so it will be a hardship you find yourself in." Impaz then walked towards the door as if she had very little left to say. "Prepare yourself milady. This will not be a pleasant evening for either you or him."

And then she was gone.

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Chapter II.

Wolf in a Conundrum

In which the Wolf is brought to the Resistance Member, the Princess meets an Antique, and an Antique expresses its prolonged hatred.

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