"Kurt I can't believe you!" Blaine shouted pacing back and forth there apartment in New York, "I was gone for five minutes! Five! And I walk back in to see you sticking your fucking tongue down another guy's throat!"

Kurt winced as he slid to the floor with his back against the wall; he wrapped his arms around his knees, he's been with Blaine long enough to realise that you just need Blaine to shout himself out before you tried to explain. Kurt's vision was blurry from tears that had been pouring down his face non stop for the last hour, but he saw heard when Blaine let out a sob and could just make out his figure slumping to the floor with his hand in his hands on the other side of the room. Blaine had been yelling at Kurt for at least three quarters on an hour and he was angry, heartbroken and tired.

Kurt wiped away the tears but it was a waist of time as they were replaced just as quickly, he crawled over to Blaine's exhausted form and put a hand on his knee but Blaine pushed him away.

"Don't touch me," he hissed his voice full on venom like a snake.

Kurt sighed; another sob escaped his throat rocking despair through his whole body. "Blaine please just…" he started to say but Blaine looked up at him with such fury in his eyes that Kurt shut his mouth with an audible snap.

"Why?" Blaine asked his voice cracking.

Kurt winced at the pain in his voice, "It was a mistake Blaine. Please he kissed me! I was just to off my head to react," he said reaching out for Blaine's hand but Blaine pulled it out of his reach.

"You seem pretty sober now, for fuck sake stop trying to touch me Kurt!" Blaine growled shifting from under Kurt's hand that had been place on his shoulder, "I can barley look at you right now...you disgust me."

Kurt let out a sharp breath, "Blaine I love you," he said, "you know I do."

"Do I?" Blaine asked his head snapped up and he looked deep into Kurt's eyes as though he was trying to find something, "I don't even recognise you anymore!"

"W…What do you mean," Kurt asked reaching out to put his hand on Blaine's but then thinking better and pulling it back.

"You've changed, you've changed so much," Blaine said tears that were pouring down his cheeks falling onto his lap. Kurt was desperately fighting the urge to brush them away, "You're not the man I fell in love with in high school, you're a completely different person," Blaine sobbed.

"Blaine, don't say that! I'm right here," Kurt said his eyes alight with fear.

"No," Blaine disagreed looking at the floor, "He's gone."

"People change Blaine, but I'm right here," Kurt said, he grabbed Blaine hand ignoring when Blaine struggled and lifting his hand to rest of his heart.

Blaine could feel it beating hard, "I'm sorry I…I can't do this anymore," he said he felt Kurt's heart stop beating for a millisecond and then beat three times as hard to make up for it. Kurt dropped Blaine's hand and Blaine looked up at him. Kurt had never looked so vulnerable and Blaine hated that he'd put it there.

"No," Kurt said, "No Blaine please don't tell me your thinking what I think you are."

"I think…I think we should break up," Blaine said hating the words that left his mouth.

Kurt gasped; Blaine got to his shaky feet and walked towards the door resting his hand on the door knob and looked back at Kurt who was shaking on the floor, Blaine winced at the image, "I'm sorry, I really am," Blaine apologised.

Kurt's head snapped up and he tried to stand up but his shaking legs gave way beneath him and he collapsed on the floor, so he crawled, he crawled over to Blaine grabbing fists full of Blaine's jeans in his hands.

"Don't," he whispered, "Please."

"Kurt, let go," Blaine said his voice shaking, he couldn't do this, he had to get out of here. Now.

"No," Kurt looking up at Blaine with his eyes so full of fear that it physical hurt Blaine, Kurt's whole body was shaking, "you can't, you promised."

"What?" Blaine asked looking down and Kurt's sobbing form.

"You promised you'd never leave me, you said we were soul mates," Kurt sobbed.

Blaine's breath hitched, "You remember that?" he whispered.

"I remember everything," Kurt answered looking at Blaine with his blue eyes burning with sincerity.

"I didn't lie," Blaine said, "I thought we were."

"We are!" Kurt said firmly.

"No, no I'm sorry Kurt, I'm so sorry," Blaine said shaking his head, he turned the door knob to leave, "I'll get someone to pick up my stuff."

"NO!" Kurt screamed, "Blaine I need you, please, please, please don't go! I'll do anything, I need you, I need you Blaine please! I'm nothing without you; you're everything, my whole world!"

Blaine forced a laughed, he whispered, "I wish you ever happiness Kurt, you deserve it."

"No, you are the only one Blaine," Kurt sobbed shaking his head as Blaine manage to kick him off.

Blaine sighed, "You're such a drama queen," he said, he walked out the door closing it behind him. But Kurt wasn't drama queening, he had meant ever word. Kurt sat of the floor, shaking, sobbing and gasping for breath, unable to move, unable to think apart from one thing. He's gone.

After fifteen minutes Kurt still hadn't moved but he had practically given up on everything. Nothing mattered anymore, nothing had a point. Because Blaine had always been that point, and now he was gone. Kurt managed to get to his shaking feet and dragged himself over to his and Blaine's bedroom; he searched around in his draw until he found what he was looking for. A small blue velvet box. He opened it and bit his lip as he traced the diamond engagement ring with his finger. He took it out carefully out of its case and pressed his mothers ring to his lips, now he would never be able to give it to Blaine, he had come so close to his happy ending. The one he'd been dreaming of since the day Blaine had grabbed his hand on the stairs at Dalton all those years ago. And now it was gone. He wiped his tears on his sleeves and grabbed Blaine's pillow and carried it into the living room, he grabbed a bottle of red wine and collapsed on the sofa. He buried his head in Blaine's pillow taking in the sweet scent of the love of his life, he placed the ring and it's box on the coffee table and grabbed the bottle of wine, opened the bottle and gulped down over quarter of it before moving the pillow down to his chest and sobbed hard, his whole body shaking as it struggled to work out how to work without Blaine…

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