Authors note: Ok so I started off with what I hoped was going to be a fluffy little one shot where Lisbon and Jane get it together. Instead I came out with an angsty multi chaptered story. Why it is that stories never do what you want? This was my first attempt at a sex scene and despite how effortlessly steamy other very talented writers on this board make it look, it was a tough one to write especially as this was in no way the story I started with. This was not beta'd so all mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: I don't own it! Actually after travelling I don't own anything

The desire of love is to give. The desire of lust is to get.

Ed Cole

Their sex together was definitely was not loving. There was no emotion involved, none of their friendship seeped through. It was not caring and it was not comforting, what it was, was unfucking believable, bone melting orgasmic. Aggressive was not a word she would associate with Patrick Jane but he was.

It was like every move she made he matched, every push, he pushed back harder, it was the most exciting, invigorating and freeing sex she'd ever had. Like most, she rarely revealed her darker side in the bedroom but with Jane the darkness bred, fed and exploded.

It had started out simply enough after a long, traumatic, heart wrenching, gut churning and soul destroying case. Cases involving children always wrecked her and it affected Jane just as badly. They had sniped at each other throughout, their usual banter replaced by thinly veiled attacks.

Then in front of a higher up, Jane had belittled her and wreaked havoc with a well known Statesman. She was beyond furious so she had sought him out in that cold, dank attic of his. She rarely truly raised her voice but he had stood there smirking and challenging her authority. He had just kept pressing her buttons, so she had screamed and he had yelled and they verbally clawed each other to shreds.

She called him selfish, bitter and twisted. He mocked her inability to control her team and even her life. She had countered with his weakness and pathetic addiction to revenge, while he came at her with her aloofness and coldness.

Heavily panting, eyes wild, they stared each other down both ready for the next round. Lisbon was not willing to lose to him, not this time. She opened her mouth to chastise him for his childishness when her phone rang, glancing at the screen, she mentally calmed herself and turned to leave to take the call from Bertram.

She heard Jane cross the room; he grabbed her arm roughly and spun her around. Leaning in close he hissed that they weren't done yet. As she shook him off her anger returned so she made a big show of answering the call. He snatched the phone from her hand, flinging it against the wall.

"What the HELL Jane are you insane?" screw verbal carnage, she was actually going to kill him.

"I told you I wasn't done" he seethed.

"And of course, as usual the little boy stamps his foot till he gets his way" she mocked.

He came at her again, invading her space trying to use his height to intimidate her. She could break him like a twig but the action pissed her off.

"Jane, back out of my space" she growled.

"Or what?" his eyes flashed at her.

"Get out of my face Jane" She stepped closer to undermine his tactics.

"Or what Teresa? What are you going to do?" He taunted her, his lip curling into a snarl.

She saw red, his use of her first name, his invading her space, all the crap she had put up with over the week. Whatever it was snapped and so did she, she lunged and he fell, so she attacked again. So help her, his shocked look only spurred her on.

His shock was quickly replaced by fire, his eyes darkened to navy and he flipped himself on top of her, using his weight to pin her to the floor. He tried to grab her arms but didn't get the drop on her for long as she worked her way out from under him, in effect switching their positions. Realising her training topped his strength and there was no way was he going to win in this position, he pushed her back and hopped up.

Lisbon stumbled slightly and Jane saw his chance to keep her off balance, he grabbed her hands and pushed her hard against the wall. She gasped as her body hit the cold wall only to be covered by Jane's again. She was aware of their heavy breathing and the warmth of their skins as they connected with each other. His entire length covered her small form, effectively immobilising her.

The cloud that had covered his brain retreated somewhat as he became hyper aware of two things at once; Lisbon's emerald eyes had turned jade, this combined with her messy hair made her look like a 50's sex siren. Secondly, her attempts at escape were essentially just her writhing beneath him and god help him he had never been so aroused in his life.

This dance had become dangerous, fevered and intoxicating and it needed to end now as his control was waning. Lisbon saw the desire and lust flood into Jane's eyes but was still surprised when he lunged for her lips. A squeak escaped her lips but all other sound was cut off as he crashed his lips on to hers.

He was forceful and strong, taking what he wanted, her lack of response seemed to be irrelevant. Blood was pounding through her ears, her anger had her nerves tingling and adrenaline had shut off her brain, so she acted without thinking and bit down.

He yelped and drew back. A satisfied smirk played across her swollen lips and all her remaining rationality departed. She thrust hard against him, her hips grinding against his; teasing his arousal. He grabbed Lisbon, lifting her to his makeshift bed. She was so frighteningly light, that for a minute his protective side slammed him back into reality.

"We shouldn't..." he was surprised by how harsh and raw he sounded.

"Shut up Jane" Lisbon dragged her fingers through his curls, yanking his face to hers; she bit his lips again only slightly less aggressively. He returned her kiss accepting the deal with the devil.

Her nimble fingers worked on his vest removing it deftly. His shirt was not as lucky as she pulled it apart; his buttons flying little tiny shrapnel, pinging around the room. She had moved onto his pants, using her feet to push them down all the way; her speed indicative of her need and he had to work quickly to catch up.

He pulled her shirt over her head taking a few seconds to take her in. The moonlight reflected off her alabaster skin so she looked like a beautiful ghostly apparition out of place in his filthy, bleak attic. He soaked in her toned body, her breasts and the delicate freckles on her porcelain skin; so unusual for California.

He didn't get to appreciate her for long, as Lisbon made her impatience known by dragging her nails down his back. He leaned in moving his mouth over her skin.

Licking, sucking, biting, he took pleasure in the markings he made on her skin, they were no doubt nothing compared to the damage she was doing to him. He always knew she was passionate but he was aware that this was extreme and both of them were near manic.

Lisbon's brain kept telling her to stop, she would regret this. Rationality that normally won out was crushed under the weight of her anger, her frustration and all the pain she felt in her daily life. Put simply; she was tired and needed to forget. She probably should have found someone more suitable, a one night stand, but the argument, the fight, it had all become too much for her. She needed this and more importantly so did Jane.

Her hands roamed over his skin, she could hear his breathing accelerate as she did so, so she explored more. She felt his soft hair under the pads of her fingertips, his muscles move as she ran her fingers over his body; stronger than she had expected.

She savoured the feeling of his mouth on her. He had focused on her breasts; pinching and nipping them between his teeth. She moaned deep in her throat grinding herself against his erection. She could feel him through her trousers and wanted more.

He finally moved one of his hands to her ass lifting her up, while his agile fingers worked her zipper. He delved into her underwear; his fingers sliding into her, moving rhythmically. She leaned against his neck, pushing against his hand. He made quick work of removing the remaining garments.

He paused at her entrance, his warmth moving against her, close but not close enough. Sensing his hesitation she mumbled she was on the pill. Needing no other encouragement; he thrust into her. He was rough; his hands grasped her hips, digging into her skin. He moved her up and down, setting his own rhythm.

Lisbon focused on the sensations, ignoring the doubt creeping in at the back of her mind. Now was not the time to question her actions and her reasoning behind them. Despite Jane's focus on his needs, her heightened emotional state and the aggressive foreplay resulted in her quickly going over the edge. Jane grunted in response following swiftly after.

In the interim as they regulated their breathing, reality crashed down on both of them. Jane moved first, separating from her at lightning speed. He looked aghast at their intertwined clothing. He grabbed what was his and pulled his clothes on. He turned to her his eyes cold, the warmth of his earlier lust replaced by a razor sharp glacial stare.

"This meant nothing, we are nothing, I...I love my wife... I just... I needed...comfort" his breath came out in gasps.

Despite being naked, cold and so unceremoniously cast aside, Lisbon could see the desperation in Jane, his broken air hung between them.

"Jane" her voice was soft and low, afraid she might startle him.

"I didn't expect anything, certainly not that and I don't require a relationship" She paused trying to convey the truth with her eyes.

"I just wanted to help you, no more".

He stared for a few seconds weighing her words.

"The only thing that will ever help me is Red John dead" He looked close to tears "I'm sorry Lisbon" he mumbled as exited, faster than she had ever seen him move.

Alone, she felt her guilt and sadness over Jane envelop her like a blanket. This was a huge mess but she was determined she would figure out how to fix this and him.