Author: Revan-sama.

Anime/game: Code geass Lelouch of the rebellion Lost colors.

Character/Pairing: Lelouch/ Rai x Nunnally.

Summary: After Nunnally's confession, Rai try to obtain the approval to date Lelouch's little sister.

Will the brother in law 'Shisukon' (excessive love for one sister) allow this?

Shisukon (Excessive love for one sister)

(From Rai's point of view)

"I love you, Rai-san."

"I love you too...Nunnally"

That day, on the day of the blue moon we became lovers.

Each days passing, she is revealing more of herself to me than before.

Her beautiful smile, her pouting face when she was angry, her crying face, her anxiety and insecure feelings.
Each of those feelings she felt, happy or not, unselfish or selfish, all of those were precious to me.
The more she show them to me, the more I felt close to her.

Nothing more could make me happy.

If she was smiling, I would smile with her.

If she was crying, I would kiss her tears away.

If she was jealous or anxious, I would embrace her.

And she would hug me back without hesitation

At that moment, for the first time, ever since I came to the Ashford school, I was glad to have lost my memories.
To be accept so easily a stranger who could be anybody, without money, to have found love in such a place, it colored once again my empty world.

However, even if I had all this happiness today, it wasn't without a price.

A deadly price.

Today I have to ask the permission to date my beloved Nunnally...To my dark haired friend brother-in-law Lelouch Lamperouge.

"It's alright Rai-san. Onii-sama (Brother) is a very friendly person. I'm sure he'll accept!"

"Friendly toward Nunnally, that's sure but..."

Friendly toward me? Lelouch? He'll bite me first.
I thought nervously.

That's right, Nunnally and I are lovers.

But it isn't that easy.

Between us stand a big wall.


That Shisukon man...(That sister lover man...)

For Lelouch, Nunnally is the center of the world. The purpose of living.

The Universe can go the hell for him, as long as Nunnally is there.

And I am trying to take her from him.

So...Uhm...What should I say to convince him?

'Can you permit that I date Nunnally?' No, too honest.

'You'll come to the wedding?' No, useless, he'll kill me first.

'Can you let me call you brother-in-law?' He'll faint...


I must have been mumbling for while now.

Surprised by her voice, I turned my face to look at her.

Without realizing, a gentle smile was on my face.

I gently took her hand and said :

"I'm alright, it's nothing. Sorry to have scared you."

"No, I didn't..."


I just notice that the distance between us is getting really short.

Sayoko-san isn't here.

Lelouch left out again.

...Could it be...

A chance?

I felt my heart going wild. My face felt hot.

I stared at her face and she was also blushing.


I let go of her hand and put mine on her cheek.


Soon enough, our lips were almost touching...Until...

"I'm home Nunnally!"

Until the devil came back...

"Sorry for being so slow. I had some..."

That was a very bad timing Lelouch.

He opened the door so quickly and saw us and now...


He was griping his hands (as if to use them on my neck to strangle me).
His veins were getting bigger and bigger (As if they would explode).
His entire body was trembling from anger and too much excitement.

I have no word of how horrible he is right now. He look like the black Satan.

"What were 'you' doing right now?" He spoke those words so calmly that I could feel the poison in each words.


I stared back to Nunnally for some encouragement.

She was staring in my direction, gave me a smile and a look that said 'good luck!'.

I felt my courage coming back.

I looked back to Lelouch, who was giving me worst pressure than before.
Now is not the moment to be scared Rai!

Either way, What worst could happen?

Yeah...I'll try!

I'm brave enough to face satan.

"Please give your sister to me!"


I...Said it...Now what? What will Lelouch say? Surely he'll forgive me and let me date Nunnally.

Lelouch's words were at first slow...





"FUZAKERUNAaaaaaa!" ( rude way to say: Stop messing with me or stop joking around!)

Ah...I think I'm becoming deaf right now...Lelouch's voice made all the Origami (folded paper) fly into Nunnally's room.

The sound effects were too strong than it should be.

Unbelievable...Is that Lelouch's power? The Shisukon power?

Lelouch began to breath slowly, and glared at me with the eyes of the devil.

"W-Wait Lelouch, I didn't mean it like that, I..."

I started to try finding something to calm him down.

"What I meant is that I want Nunnally...WAIT, NO, that's worst..."


Horrible sounds came from Lelouch's mouth and suddenly he opened the door again and said:


"Eh? But...I..."


I couldn't do anything else but nod and leave.

"Sorry Nunnally, to leave like that but I..."


I couldn't even say good bye to her...

Nunnally's face was hidden behind her hair.

Seeing this, Lelouch automatically calm down and asked her:

"Nunnally? ! What's wrong? Did that guy do anything to you?"

Lelouch thought she was probably scared, after all that stupid guy try to kiss her!

Surely the presence of her dear brother make it all better and-

A sound echo in the room.


His face was red and her hand was in the air.

Before he realized himself, Nunnally slapped Lelouch.

Honestly it was unbelievable.

His gentle little sister, always smiling just...just slapped him.

"Onii-sama I...Onii-sama I..."

Lelouch's purple eyes widen and tremble at her last words.




That's how C.C found Lelouch in his room.

Depressed, Emo, and crying...

"What the hell happened to you?" she asked.

He would only say.

"My sister's heart had been stolen by the devil silver haired man."