Me: Hi guys I do not know if this will be good I am a bad writer ….

Disclaimer + Reminder: I DON'T OWN POKEMON and Blue is the girl and Green is the boy

"The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can ever end"

I remember…


I stare at her picture with the other Pokedex holder. I smiled as I think of the times with her. That 'Annoying, Noisy and Pesky girl'… and the times that she made me feel you know…. Not normal… like you are not moving like yourself. Feelings that I really don't 'plan' to feel.

I remember the time when I first saw her flying with a Jigglypuff. I pretend to ignore her but deep inside I think she is cute.

I remember the time when I saw her fear of birds…I ignore it but I am really worried I REALLY AM

I remember the time when I saw her falling from Moltres while we are fighting the masked child… That is the FIRST time I got scared..

I remember the time when I try to pull Silver to stand up and she whisper my name dreamily I feel butterflies in my stomach but they are good butterflies.

I remember the first time I got jealous and that is when I saw her hug Silver

I remember the first time I got annoyed and that is when Gold touched her butt I WANT to punish him but Silver did it before I do.

I remember the first time I got really REALLY mad that is when I saw her cried because your parents are kidnapped.

I remember the time when I realize I was in love with her that is when I trained with Red to save your parents and my Gramps.

I remember the time when we are turned into stones. It was fine with me as long as I am beside you… I am foolish right or obsessed?

I remember anytime she smile I am always besides her smirking I am happy when she is happy…

Her name is Blue….

Five months had passed since I have these feelings. Now I am staring at her photograph and I stand up from my bed and I prepared for going out. To have vacation with all other Pokedex holders. That is a chance of telling her the three words I want to tell her. And I am here wishing that she might tell me the three words back. I saw her busting at my house with her usual smile and her elegant brown long hair with her blue shining eyes. Maybe I should just tell her now…

"Hurry Green we are almost leaving!" She said to me
"Blue I have something to tell you…" I said turning back from her
"What?" She asked

Time to say the three words that might change my life and wishing that she will tell me the same…


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