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Beautifully Broken

Chapter One: Resentful and Rescued



My favorite day of the week.

Alright, that's not entirely true. I don't have a favorite anything. But, I do like Fridays.

Simply put, because for the next two days there's no school. Two days I don't have to subject myself to that godawful outdated place. Two days of freedom from my cruel classmates who believe popularity is everything. Thank the Lord that I don't have to face any of those plastic, over makeup-ed, slutty dressed dimwits for two whole days. Or be repulsed by the Senior boys' crude and immature behavior. Two days that I won't be constantly reminded about how alone and invisible I was to the students of Forks High. Then again, I am at fault for that. But after being back stabbed and hurt countless times by people who I stupidly believed were my friends, I'm finished with trusting anyone.

I am done with trying to build and maintain friendships. I only trust myself and can only rely on myself. Quite frankly, having a friendship is too much work. There are too many emotions involved and I don't handle feelings too well. I've built walls around my heart to shelter myself and it suits me just fine. Though I suppose it has backfired because I'm penned as the school outcast; or the 'emo chick'. Pretty much everyone avoids me like the plague, unless it's absolutely necessary for them to interact with me. Of course, the teachers have to interact with me, but even some of them treat me like I'm a ghost. I've gotten used to being treated like this and honestly, it doesn't even bother me anymore..

Besides, I'm just buying my time until graduation. Then I will hightail out of this ordinary, podonk town and find a place where I could blend in, since it's nearly impossible for me to blend here. Perhaps there, wherever it may be, I could finally lower my walls and defenses and make some friends. I could be anyone I wanted to be in a new town. The people there won't know me as 'Emo looney Swan' and perhaps some of them will think I'm beautiful, smart, and amazing. God I need to stop having these fantasies! I might as well face the shitty fact that I'll be stuck in this hole of a wall town forever. I imagine being a waitress serving the daily specials over at the Forks Diner for smelly and greasy truck drivers the rest of my life. The very thought alone disgusts me.

I'm aware I could and should make something more of myself. But I lack the ambition to, and I have no idea why. You do know why, it's because of the shitty life you live. No, I wasn't going to start thinking about my past or the resentful feelings I bear towards my family on a daily basis. So a distraction was in order and I had an idea in mind. I entered the house discreetly, after unlocking the door, and walked inside the foyer. Shutting the door behind me, I locked it and took a quick look around to see who was home. Just my father Charlie from the looks of it, who was passed out cold sitting on his treasured recliner. I swear that piece of furniture should be burned, immediately.

So tattered and filthy, it should be outlawed from our house, hell, from our town. I'll never understand why he won't just get rid of the damn thing! How does a fucking chair hold any kind of sentimental value? I think he loves that thing more than his own children, well at least his daughter anyway. Charlie probably loves his son, my older brother Riley, equally as much as that damn ratty, ancient seat. I was halfway up the stairs but decided to turn back around and tiptoe over to the kitchen to grab myself a bottle of water. Damn, I was parched. Hurriedly, I retrieved the water out of the fridge and headed back upstairs. The moment I entered inside my bedroom, closed and locked the door, I sighed in relief.

This was the one place where I actually feel…happy, being in the comfort and solace of my room. I guess that sounds ridiculous because most teens my age preferred to be out of the house, cruising in their cars, going to the mall or hanging with their friends. But not me, I was the exception, because lying on my bed while listening to music on my Ipod was my idea of a perfect Friday night. There's another thing I do that helps with the pain and depression I harbor daily. I'm not sure why I started doing this to myself, but it became addicting and now I'm unable to stop. I removed my school clothes and changed into my favorite sweats, then pulled the object out from underneath the mattress. I stared intently at the sharp blade briefly and took a deep breath.

The first time I marked my skin using the blade, it was painful. But after awhile I became immune and numb to the act. Besides, normally I use my fingernails to scratch my wrists and arms instead of the blade; since it could inflict more damage than I like. But today was one of those hellish days I truly wanted to forget. I made only a couple of small incisions in each wrist, withdrawing only minimal blood. Yes, perhaps its twisted what I do, but I'm not suicidal. Seriously, the very mention of death frightens the hell out of me. I placed the small blade back underneath the mattress and then walked over to the dresser. Once retrieving two bandages and some tissues, I directed back to my bed, sat down and quickly got to work.

I was thorough and careful each and every time so that no one would ever suspect a thing. Not that anybody would notice, I was non-existent after all. I shoved my shirt sleeves back down after covering the wounds with band-aids and laid myself down on the comfortable mattress. Then I rolled onto my side and reached for my Ipod where it was on the nightstand. Excitedly, I pressed the power button and once all systems were go, I searched for my favorite play list and hit play. Edgy rock music filled my eardrums and I bobbed my head to the beats. This was just what I needed.

A short time passed and I was scribbling random words inside my journal, losing myself in the words written. But then, a knock on the door rudely interrupted my me time. I ignored the person behind the door, hoping he would just take a hint and leave me the hell alone. But of course, I never get what I wish for.

"Bells?" Charlie's gruff voice bellowed while knocking two more times.

He was well aware I was listening to my music and withdrawing myself from the outside world. Yet, he just had to disturb me anyway, damn sperm donor. That's all he will ever be to me frankly. Charlie only pays attention to me when necessary. Ever since I moved back to Forks months ago, him and I have spoken very little. Before and not by choice, I lived with my free-spirited, immature mother Renee over in Arizona. Over the course of my childhood I felt like a foster child because neither my parents wanted me around. They made that very clear by shuffling me back and forth between the two of them. During the school year I would live with Charlie, then during school holidays and over the summer I would stay wherever Renee lived at the time.

But then once I turned thirteen, Charlie felt it was best that I lived Renee permanently, so that she could be there for me during my teen years. In other words, he just didn't care to deal with the awkwardness that came with raising a teenage daughter. After all, getting rid of me meant he had more time to focus on his golden child, my brother Riley. Yeah, he's truly a star child for sure! The lazy ass still lives at home after graduating from high school last year, because his plan is to take a year off before attending college. I know my brother well and the 'real plan' was to mooch off Charlie and live it up for as long as possible, responsibility free. Lucky bastard, if I even brought up that idea to Charlie for myself, he wouldn't allow it, period. But, since Riley is the favorite and kisses Charlie's ass on a daily basis, he pretty much gets away with anything.

I have never been wanted by 'my father', at least it certainly feels that way. I'm just a person occupying some space in his abode. Life has been like this ever since Renee bailed on us when I was just four years old. Alright, to be honest, living with Charlie during my childhood was pretty decent. When I was younger and I suppose cuter in his eyes, he did pay a little more attention to me. He made me feel included in his and Riley's little inner circle they had going. I was invited, okay more like forced, to tag-along on their fishing trips, bikes rides at the park and tossing around the football in the backyard. Sure, I was a tomboy but at least I was somewhat enjoying being a kid, but then Renee called Charlie one afternoon. Supposedly, she whined to him about how much she missed me and felt guilty that I wasn't being raised by her, so he caved and sent my ass packing without batting an eye. Then my life went to hell.

Living with Renee was miserable. She was rarely ever home except to shower, eat, and sleep. It wasn't because she had a demanding full-time job like most normal parents, oh I so wish that were the reason. My mother was out barhopping and hitting on any random guy who merely winked at her, while her thirteen year old daughter practically lived on her own and fended for herself. Then to make matters worse she would bring some of those scuzzy, uneducated low-life's into our home. Occasionally, they would spend the night and even sometimes Renee begged for them to stay with me while she ran her errands. As if I needed a Goddamn babysitter, especially one who most likely owned a criminal rap sheet. Yes, my mother was a prize, wasn't she?

One of the dirt-bag's she had dated for a short time had the audacity to hit on me several times, whenever Renee wasn't around of course. I would ignore him best I could and just played it off because he was intoxicated half of the time. Thankfully, he never tried anything else other than repulsively flirting on me. But then one evening while he was staying for the night and Renee was sleeping, the bastard snuck inside my bedroom. I woke up feeling his hot breath against my face and his almost two hundred pound body on top of mine. I tried to scream and fight him off, but naturally he was much stronger. Thank God Renee woke up to use the bathroom and heard the commotion then checked in to see what was happening. Needless to say, Renee actually behaved like a real mother and threw his disgusting ass out. But that was all she did. She refused to talk about what she saw or comfort me afterwards.

I mean for crying aloud, I was a young girl who was almost raped and Renee acted like she didn't give a fuck! I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and figured maybe she was just disturbed over seeing her boyfriend nearly sexually assault her daughter. However, the next day, when I attempted to discuss with her what occurred, she nearly blamed me for it; saying that if I hadn't appeared "so tempting" he wouldn't have tried anything on me in the first place. I was devastated and beyond heart-broken. I couldn't believe my own mother felt that way and refused to help me through a traumatic moment in my life. Again I was left to fend for myself. Months passed and we never brought up what happened that evening, nor conversed much at all. Truthfully that suited me just fine because I didn't have much to say to the woman who partly sided with that piece of shit over her own flesh and blood.

Things were drama free for quite awhile in our household. Renee didn't even bring any strange men home. Instead, she wisely stayed at their house, though once again I was left to take care of myself. I felt like an adult more than a fourteen year old and she played the role of the damn child. I remember wishing at the time she was more of a mother and we had a better relationship like I saw my friends in school had with their mothers. But the other part was glad she wasn't around, however I would have been happier if I wasn't forced to play the role of Cinderella. I did all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and every other household chore while Renee worked, at least she had a job, thank god. I even assisted Renee with figuring out the bills! I held responsibilities that no teenager should carry.

Then unexpectedly, but not surprising, Renee met Phil, a wannabe rock singer who was in a shitty, talentless band that was just starting out. Of course the second my mom felt she was in "love" with him, (though if you asked me it had more to do with her raging teen like hormones) she wanted to be one of their groupies. Phil had invited her to go on the road with him for a year and God forbid she refused the invitation. She didn't even hide how excited she was to not only embark on this ridiculous journey, but to rid me once again. I was more than eager to oblige, at least with Charlie I didn't play the role of his fucking servant. So after a couple of months my Junior year started, I was sent back to Charlie's and back to living the mundane, small town existence that Forks provides. Renee and I have rarely communicated since, as cruel as this sounds, I don't even miss her, but a small part of me wished that I felt different.

Knock, knock! Oh damn, Charlie, right. I had forgotten he's been standing outside my bedroom door while I was lost in my unpleasant memories. I sighed and lowered the volume on the I-Pod, waiting for him to speak again.

"Bells! If you're listening I just wanted you to know that I'm heading off to work-"

Of course he was, all he ever does is work. His job and his prized son was his whole damn life. God forbid he would actually want to spend some quality time with his only daughter, not that I desired that anyway.

"Do you uh...need anything before I leave?" he added, his voice worn and anxious.

I snorted under my breath and rolled my eyes. Was he for real? Why did he even bother asking? Oh right, because it was required of him too. He doesn't give a flying fuck what I need, so why does he bother pretending to?

"No, I'm good Charlie. Anything else? I'm busy." I snapped, clearly hinting that he was being dismissed.

"No, nothing else Bells. Well...just thought you should know that Ri will be home for the evening and he may invite a few friends over."

I almost laughed aloud but withheld it and shook my head in disbelief. Jesus, Charlie has to be the most gullible man on the face of the planet. And he was the town's Chief of Police? My brother's definition of having a "few friends" over really meant that he's planning on throwing a party. Oh yes, such the golden child he is! Whatever, it wasn't my concern and I intend on having nothing to do with it. My plan for the night was to stay right here in my room, avoid the party and my fellow classmates. Yes, even though my brother is no longer a student at Forks High, he'll probably invite some of the Seniors from my class, along with their older brothers, sisters, and cousins of course. The way Riley sees it, the more guests the better. How all of them fit into this tiny ass house though was beyond me.

"Why don't you give Angela Weber a call? Maybe she's available to do something." Charlie suggested and I snorted loud enough for his old ass ears to hear.

What a fucking idiot! God, Charlie really was oblivious and paid very little attention to the world around him, especially where I was concerned. If he had then he would remember that Angela and I are no longer speaking. We haven't been friends since the end of last school year. For the briefest of moments, my heart ached over the loss of the only best friend I ever had. Angela used to be such a caring, open-minded and non judgmental person. That was until she became closer friends with that skank bitch Jessica Stanley, and immediately she managed to turn Angela completely against me. Perhaps Ang wasn't as wonderful as I figured she was, if she were she wouldn't have allowed anyone to influence her thinking. Tears sprang up in the back of my eyes and I blinked them back angrily. I'm over it, I have to be. After all Angela moved on and treats me and our friendship as if it never existed.

As far as most of the world was concerned, I am invisible, a nobody, end of story.

Finally I was able to shoo Charlie away and peace was mine once more. I spent it by listening to music again and reading one of my favorite classic stories, The Count of Monte Cristo. All of a sudden fatigue invaded my body and mind and I had a difficult time keeping my eyes open. So I surrendered and allowed the darkness to consume my being.


My eyelids blinked and slowly opened, setting on a shadowy figure that hovered over me. Alcohol scented breath covered my face and I cringed in fear and disgust. Holy shit, someone is in my room! This was just like years ago when he was in my room and..Panic clenched my chest as I tried to reach over and turn on the lamp but a scorching, rough hand forced my arm down.

"Ouch! What the fuck? Riley, is that you?" I hissed in low, panic-etched voice.

I prayed to God that it was, or I was just having a nightmare about that low-life who attempted to assault my body all those years ago.

"No, I'm not Riley." An unfamiliar voice spoke and his lust-filled tone sent chills up my spine. "But, I can be whoever you want me to be baby."

No, this can't be happening! I won't allow another filthy bastard to touch me against my will ever again! My breathing became labored as I sat up and jerked his hands off my wrist. Quickly I moved towards the corner of my bed and pressed my back against the wall. Now that the creepy intruder wasn't hunched over me, I was able to see a little better. I blinked repeatedly and focused on the guy who stood beside the edge of my bed. I have no clue who this Peeping Tom was, but judging from his appearance, he might be one of Riley's friends. I shook my head to clear it but then confusion settled in. I was at a loss. I was positive I had locked the door several hours ago. I hadn't been out of the room since, so then how the hell did he get inside?

"Hey, how the fuck did you get in here? That door was locked!" I gestured my head towards it and narrowed my eyes as he grinned at me wickedly.

"No it wasn't sweetheart."

Sweetheart? Fucking creeper! Wait a damn minute, did he just imply that the bedroom door was unlocked? That's impossible because… I glanced around the room anxiously and set my gaze on my Ipod which was now resting on top of the nightstand. How did it get over there? I had it with me on the bed when I listened to music right before I fell asleep. Then I vaguely remember waking up a short while later, needing to use the bathroom and…Shit! I must have forgotten to lock the door! Great job Swan, you fucking idiot! Now that you have solved the mystery, make this psycho get the hell out of your room! I swallowed thickly and stared directly at his face. I wasn't able to distinguish much, thanks to the minimal light, but he appeared quite larger than I. It might be impossible to fight him off but what worried me more was the aroused gleam in his dark eyes.

It was no accident that he happened to enter my room. This asshole has a plan and it seemed there was no stopping him from following through. Too bad for him I would fight back with all I got. I thought about the blade that's hidden underneath my mattress and I scrambled to come up with a plan on how I would retrieve it before he had the chance to stop me.

"Sorry I woke you, I was looking for the bathroom, and thought this was it." His face displayed an innocent expression but the tone in his voice gave away his intentions.

Was this guy serious? How stupid does he think I am? Well, you are Swan because you should have ran out of the room five seconds ago or at least scream for help. The problem with that last idea was that no one would even hear me. Because the music coming from downstairs blared so piercingly I was able to understand some of the lyrics.

I centered my attention back to the intruder and snapped coolly, "Well as you can see, this clearly isn't the bathroom. Now get the hell out of my room before I scream! You have five seconds! One...two..."

He laughed obnoxiously and shook his head incredulously. "Go ahead baby, but I wouldn't waste your breath. No one will hear you anyway." He then licked his lips slowly and I grimaced, thoroughly repulsed.

Think Swan, think! And hurry the hell up, things aren't looking so good for you right about now.

"You might as well enjoy it baby." He sauntered closer towards the edge of the bed and his mouth curved into a devious smile. "I've always wanted to pop the Chief's daughters cherry."

Before I had the chance to react the asshole climbed on top of the bed, grabbed a hold of me and roughly shoved me flat on my back.

"Get the fuck off me!" I screamed through gritted teeth and started to punch his chest violently.

I refuse to go through this again. However, this time may be different than the last. This time I may not be saved. I struggled with pushing back the wave of tears that threatened to fall as flashbacks of what occurred back in Arizona resurfaced. The memories soon faded when I felt his hard body collapse on top of mine and almost all the air in my lungs escaped. Fuck he was heavy and massively strong! Just like Renee's boyfriend… Marcus. Dammit I wish I had forgotten that vile bastards name! My stomach suddenly churned and I began to feel nauseous and light-headed. Please God, please don't let this happen to me. Then fight him Bella, fight him with all the strength you possess dammit!

I attempted to push his chest hard but the bastard didn't even budge. So I kneed his lower stomach but the fucker laughed, finding my efforts to fight him amusing. He then pinned himself harder against my torso and I gasped for air, turning my head repeatedly each time he tried to kiss me.

"No, fuck you asshole! Get the hell off of me, NOW!"

He looked into my eyes and shook his head humorously, then moaned deeply as his large hands lifted my shirt. My fists pounded fiercely on his back, yet it didn't faze him and he continued on with his inappropriate exploring. As his hands discovered the hem of my pants and he pulled it down roughly.

"NO, stop! Don't fucking touch me!" I protested angrily, but he paid me no mind as his hands kneaded my bare breasts.

I think I was about to hurl. Good, maybe that would make him stop! Unfortunately the fear I harbored overpowered my urge to vomit, along with the anger that flowed through my veins. Fighting this son-of-a-bitch wasn't working, so what next?

"Hey!" I hollered, grabbing creeper's attention just as his nasty mouth nearly made contact with my left ear. "I have tons of STD's, you don't want to risk catching some, do you?" Maybe not the best thing to say, but hopefully it would do the trick to scare him away.

He laughed uproariously and muttered under his breath, "That's what rubbers are for sweetheart and besides nice try. I know you're a virgin."

I raised an eyebrow at him as my face expressed a repulsed look. How the fuck does he know I'm a virgin? Jesus, were rumors about my lack of sex life floating around? I would bet my own life that Jessica or Lauren spread that personal information about me around. Forget about that right now Bella, keep fighting him!

I tried to push his heavy frame off once more but he merely chuckled and whispered right against my lips, "I want to be the first to feel how fucking tight you are. Don't worry, I'll try to be gentle."

His mouth pressed hard on my neck and his tongue slipped out then licked my skin hungrily. Eww, fucking gross! I shut my eyes tight because I didn't want to look at this bastards fucking nasty face for one more second. His hips slammed against mine over and over, dry-humping the hell out of me. I can't believe history was repeating itself. That this was happening while my brother was downstairs, having the time of his life hosting his damn party. I can't believe no one heard my screams or at least came up-stairs having to use the restroom. I was in deep shit. No, don't you dare give up! Keep fighting, dammit! There's no way you're going to lose your virginity this way!

All of a sudden his hand glided inside my panties and his thick fingers brushed over the top of my entrance. I screamed out of the top of my lungs and shoved his chest with all of my might. His body wobbled back but quickly recovered. Then he covered my mouth with his hand and glared at me furiously while muttering, "I'm getting sick and tired of hearing your fucking voice! You're killing the mood you damn bitch! Now shut the fuck-"

As he was spewing on I seized the opportunity and acted on impulse by pressing my mouth over the inside of his hand. Then sank my teeth hard against his flesh.

"OWW, you fucking cunt! FUCK!" he yelped in alarm, flinching backward and examined his hand carefully.

I exhaled heavily and attempted to climb out of the bed but froze when his cold eyes met mine. Oh, shit! A look of fury etched on his face and his mouth curled up, displaying his teeth. I gulped and watched in horror as his hand rose and swung towards my face. Just as it grazed my right cheek, a different male voice yelled, "Hey! Leave her the fuck alone, get off her!"

Suddenly pervy was physically forced out of my bed and thrown right onto the floor. What in the world? Immediately creeper stood up but didn't have a moment to recover or steal a glance at the person who has stepped in. Because the other person punched him right in his face!

"What the fuck man?" Pervy shouted incredulously, his voice laced with sheer pain.

Jesus Christ, what just happened? Did my ass really just get saved? Well thank God for this other guy that arrived just in time! Utter panic continued to settle deep in my chest as my heart hammered against my ribs. Dazedly, I observed the scene unfold before my eyes as creeper swayed from side to side with a confused but furious expression etched on his face.

He then cradled his right cheek, rubbing the fresh bruise and groaned painfully. "Dude, what the fuck? Wait for your turn! There's no need to-"

The hero with messy hair, glared at him heatedly and growled, fucking growled under his breath. Jesus Christ that sounded scary and sexy as hell all at the same time! Even in the mostly dark of the room I made out the fury that shined in bed-hair's eyes. He looked so familiar. Where do I know him from?

"Get the hell out of here before I call the Chief, or better yet break your fucking arm!" he warned with a voice laced with such malice I wouldn't doubt he would make good of his threat.

The guy stared at him in appall and utter fright, then nodded his head nervously and bolted out of my room. I released a huge sigh of relief as my chest rose and fell erratically. My exhales were hard and deep as I looked at the hallway outside of my room. I was partly afraid the bastard would show up again and try to get what he wanted the second boy scout here leaves. A soft, warm hand light touched my right shoulder and I flinched violently in reaction. Christ, he scared the shit out of me!

"Hey, are you alright?" his voice, that sounded smooth as butter, asked.

He owned the kind of voice that made a certain body part respond in wonderful ways. I turned my head and glared evenly at his stomach. Holy shit, he was tall! Look at his face, you moron! I sighed and quickly rolled down my shirt, then pulled up my pants. I sat up carefully and lifted my head in order to gaze into his eyes. Eyes which were a strikingly beautiful jade color. How I was able to detect that with very little light was beyond me.

"Uh, still with me? Are you sure you're okay?" His large but slender hand rested gently on my shoulder and I shrugged him off forcefully.

He took a step back and I was surprised when discovering his face wore a pained and wounded expression. Who was he and what the hell was he also doing inside my room? And why does he look so upset?

Before I thought better of it, the words escaped out of my dry, trembling lips. "Don't touch me." My voice was rough and raw from sleep.

Bronze held up his hands in midair defensively and a hurt expression crossed on his face.

"Sorry, I'm not the bad guy here, remember? I saved your ass." he defended in a calm voice but the slight irritated gleam in his eyes said it all.

He was right, he did come to the rescue for my sorry ass. And instead of being grateful, I was pissed. Because for some Godforsaken reason a part of me wished pervy intruder guy assaulted me. Come on, you don't mean that Bella!

"So what do you want, a fucking medal?"

That was seriously rude, Swan.

God, it would be so much easier to treat messy hair guy like shit if he wasn't so damn beautiful! Christ Bella, beautiful? Who thinks of a man as beautiful? My thoughts ceased when an annoying, pounding bass noise grabbed my attention. Shit, I momentarily forgotten there was still a party happening downstairs.

"A thank you would have sufficed." Messy hair's dulcet voice muttered, snapping me back to the present.

He was still here?

I inhaled deeply and tugged the ends of my hair frustratingly. He had a point, I was being such an ungrateful bitch. But in my defense, I have major trust issues, especially when it comes to men, and understandably so. For example, the perverted asshole who almost raped me just seconds ago was the very reason why I've built up a wall years ago, and continue blocking people from getting too close. I cleared my throat and the sound echoed throughout the room. Suddenly the atmosphere became uncomfortable so I figured it would be best to wrap this up.

"Thank you." I murmured and tried not to directly stare at him.

But it couldn't be helped, he was incredibly attractive, unlike the other guys who attend Forks High. He had to have been one of Riley's friends. No, Riley has idiotic, immature, and repulsive friends. This guy appears and acts gentlemanly which none of those neanderthals friends of my brother's are. Fuck, he looks and seems so familiar! Maybe I should just ask him his name, I mean after all, the dude just came to my rescue.

"You're welcome. Glad I was nearby and overheard..." he trailed off and Goddamn his uneasiness was sexy.

His full kissable lips formed into a slight pout and his brows furrowed deeply as he looked profoundly in thought. It was as if he was struggling with trying to read my mind or something. Oh that's ridiculous Bella! Green eyes then ran his hands through that sex hair of his and sighed quietly. God I was beyond jealous of those hands. I wish my hands were caressing those silky looking locks of his. I bet it was baby soft and smelled incredible. Jesus what's with the cheesy thoughts? I haven't been attracted to a guy like this in a long, long time and it was my goal to keep it that way. I certainly wasn't going to start now the second I set eyes on a man who screams hot, passionate sex.

"So... are you sure you don't want me to call the Chief, or tell your brother at least about what that vile, perverted thing did-"

"NO!" I shouted and the pitch in my voice clearly startled him. God, he must think I'm a ungrateful lunatic!

I shook my head in protest. "No, please don't call Char- my dad, or tell Riley. Let's just... keep this between us, okay? No one needs to know because nothing happened and..." Great now I was babbling! I swear where is a damn hole to swallow you when you need one?

Bronze's jaw clenched and his face expressed a mixture of disbelief and anger. I was confused, why was he so upset? "Are you sure? I don't think that's a good idea Bella. You were assaulted inside your room and under the roof of Chief Swan's house no less..."

Wait up! How does he know my name? Who is this guy and furthermore, where the hell does he get off trying to play role of protector? Why does he care so fucking much?

Just as I opened my mouth to dispute with him a familiar voice bellowed, "Hey Cullen! What the fuck are you doing in my sister's room?"

Immediately our heads turned and our eyes fixed on Riley who was standing outside the bedroom doorway with a puzzled, suspicious look on his face. Cullen? My heart nearly stopped beating as my finally working brain put two and two together. Holy shit! Edward Cullen. One of the most popular guys in school Edward Cullen. The town doctor's son Edward Cullen. Mr. Perfect Grades Edward Cullen. Mr. I've Dated All The Fake Looking Bimbos in Forks High Edward Cullen. He was here, right inside my room after coming to my aid only five minutes ago. This has to be a nightmare. Please God let me wake up from this dream and find out none of this happened!

If I were only so lucky, but I wasn't. So I was left to face the facts; Edward Cullen with his tousled fucking hair, piercing green eyes, and luscious lips was standing inside my room! And I look like absolute shit, treated him horribly, and yet he's still talking to me. Me Bella Swan, aka emo chick. I don't recall him and me ever saying more than two words during the almost two years I've been attending FHS. Wow, this needed to make the history books!

"I was um... I needed to double-check with Bella about the Chemistry homework we were assigned for this weekend." Edward finally answered and cast a quick glance in my direction.

Riley glared at me for confirmation and I shrugged innocently. "Uh yeah, that's it. What he said."

Riley rolled his eyes. "Alright, whatever. Just use a rubber if you... you know, okay Cullen? Unless you want my dad to shoot your balls off." He shook his head and chuckled as if he shared the world's funniest fucking joke.

Asshole! So funny my dumb-ass brother is. Christ, most brothers would threaten a guy's life if they found him in their sisters room, but not Riley. He couldn't fucking care less! Hold up, why do I want him to care? He's never shown any sort of kindness to me throughout the years, so why would he start now? Apparently, Edward appeared bothered by my brother's nonchalant attitude towards me as it was written all over his gorgeous face. Again I was puzzled as to why Edward Cullen seemed to take such a sudden interest in me, not that I minded.

"Listen Riley, it's not what you think-" Edward attempted to clear up but was cut short when a girl's voice yelled, "Hey Ri baby, where are you?"

Riley turned his back on us and said, "Well peeps, that's my cue."

I watched him practically race down the hallway and headed towards the stairs. The moment he was out of sight I muttered to Edward, "Okay now it's time for you to leave."

He raised a brow questioningly and his face reflected concern. "Are you sure that's a good idea? Maybe I should-"

I glowered irritably at him. "Yes it is. I know what's best for me, so get out of my room, now!"


I groaned in frustration. God, is he always this stubborn and impossible? I was truly thankful for what he did, but I'm exhausted. Honestly, I just wanted to be alone and try to forget all the events that just occurred.

"Edward," I whispered and I loved the way his name sounded as it escaped out of my lips. "Again, I appreciate what you did but I would be even more grateful if you left me alone."

Besides I really wanted to take a quick shower and wash off the creeper's filth.

Edward sighed soundly and shook his head in disbelief. "Alright then, well guess I'll see you around."

He stole one last look at me and I almost melted right into the bed. Those eyes of his would be the death of me, I was certain of it. I nodded firmly and lowered my eyes fixing them on my hands. "Yeah, see you."

I exhaled softly and closed my eyes, because if I look at him one more time I would cave and ask him to stay to keep me company. The temptation was far too great, damn him! The quiet click of the door shutting indicated that he was gone.

I was alone again, or so I thought.

My eyes trained on the door then lowered and glared directly at the crack underneath. Sure enough I discovered a pair of feet that most likely belonged to Edward. Unbelievable, he was fucking guarding my room! I would be lying if I said I wasn't flattered by the gesture. I debated whether to leave the room to shower in worry I would face him again. But I seriously wanted to get that disgusting asshole's strong scent off of my body. Hurriedly, I retrieved a new pair of pajamas out of the dresser and exited my room. Edward was sitting on the floor right beside the door and I could barely contain my laughter.

"What?" he asked as a slight embarrassed and offended look etched on his face.

"Nothing…sorry, it's just you body-guarding my room isn't necessary. I really don't think that perverted bastard will show his face around here again and-"

Edward's eyes narrowed and his chiseled jaw clenched as his eyes flashed in fury. "I'm not willing to take that chance. Besides it's no problem, I think the party is just wrapping up, so I'll just remain here until everyone leaves."

I sighed and rolled my eyes agitatedly. "You are aware Riley didn't buy your bullshit story earlier, right?"

Edward shrugged and grinned crookedly. Oh Jesus, what a smile this man owns! I shook my head to clear the haze that was caused by Edward Cullen and eyed him evenly.

"You're seriously just going to sit here, for however long?"


"I don't understand you!"

Edward chuckled lightly under his breath and damn that voice of his made my belly flip-flop. "You're not the first person who's said that to me."

"Ugh, whatever, I'm going to take a shower!" I threw my hands up in frustration and entered the bathroom, then locked the door.

Damn that stubborn, freaking beautiful, heroic guy!

A few minutes later I was face to face with him again. A soft smile creased his mouth as his eyes admired my freshly-clean appearance. My cheeks lightly reddened and he lowered his gaze, pretending to be occupied with the cell phone that was in his left hand.

"So…um, are you feeling a bit better now?" his creamy voice whispered and once again my insides reacted to his tone.

I nodded slowly. "Yeah I am, thank you… I mean, for everything, for what you did."

"Don't mention it. I'm just glad you're alright."

Our eyes locked on the others for what seemed like hours, but unfortunately the trance was broken when Riley's voice resounded throughout the house. He was informing his buddies that the party was over and everyone needed to haul their asses out of here before Charlie arrived back home. Finally peace and quiet at last. This was one hell of a night and I was eager for it to end.

"Well, guess that's your cue to leave." I murmured and shuffled my feet uncomfortably.

Edward rose off the floor and took a step towards me, his deep greens gazing intently on my face. "Ah, nice try. But I'm not leaving until your brother throws me out."

I scowled at him and folded my arms over my chest irritably. "Well, that can be arranged. Hey Ril-

"Bella, please just humor me and allow me to stay until the coast is clear." His face and eyes pleaded with me and I was too tired to argue with him any further.

I inhaled sharply and smirked. "Fine, whatever tickles your peach."

I crossed the three steps needed to reach my room and entered inside. As I closed the door, I heard Edward murmur, "Good night Bella."

"Night Edward."

I quietly shut the door, headed for bed and climbed in. Once I made myself comfortable underneath the warm sheets, I gazed at the door. Just like earlier, I spotted his shoes underneath the crack and my head shook in disbelief. He was something else! In a matter of seconds unconsciousness invaded my body and mind. And for the first time in a long while, I had a blissful and dreamless sleep.


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