Author Note: My first first person story, I wanted to do my own version of what Frank's book would be like. I'll have to look over the cutscenes again but that's not a problem.

Chapter 1

It started off more or less like any other day; I had just finished watching the news when the phone rang. What is it this time? I thought to myself before making my way over. A good buddy of mine Randy turned out to be on the phone instead of who I was expecting. The repo men looking for a cool twenty grand in cash or else I could kiss my penthouse goodbye. Yeah I'll admit there were hardly any stories out there worth mentioning and I'd gotten behind on my bills. I stared at the big pile of final notice letters in dismay as Randy told me his news.

"You still looking for a story F man?" he asked in his usual annoying monotone voice that pissed me off so much. I told him of course I was and then he mentioned the town that would be nothing but rubble a week later. "There's something big going on there. A friend of mine went there but I haven't heard from him since, that was about three days ago. You gotta check it out man." It sounded tempting but there wasn't enough to go on, I said this to him and he told me he'd already gotten a guy to fly him in. "Only wants five percent man, you can't pass this up." Sighing to myself I reluctantly agreed to check it out.

As soon as I saw the army I knew that Randy had been right, this looked big. From what I'd heard there was apparently some sort of riot going on but then why would the army quarantine the area? This was a question that plagued my mind as I asked the guy to bring me through the town so I could get some shots. What I saw wasn't what I had expected to see.

"Bring me to that mall over there," I asked but somehow a feeling of dread lingered in my subconscious. Something wasn't right, it was too quite. Everything was going okay until that army helicopter showed up. We were lucky to get past it alive, even though I did lose all my equipment in the process. All I had left was the camera around my neck which only had an hour left of battery time. I wasn't worried though. There were sure to be camera stores in the mall. Little did I know that batteries for my camera would be the least of my worries that day.

Excerpt from the diary of Melissa Barnaby

September 17th

I went out of the house with the bag on my back and a jacket. My Dad didn't seem to care but then who could blame him when my mother had died the year before. So I left on my way to the town my friend had mentioned, I took out the map before I got in. I could clearly see where I needed to go to get to Willamette Colorado, my destination.

I jumped down from the helicopter hoping to have a soft landing. I was lucky not to break any of my bones. I took in the sight of everything and spotted a Hispanic guy leaning against the wall next to the door inside. My instant reaction was that this guy was trouble and boy how right I was.

"Almost as if everyone's already dead," he said and the sound of his voice chilled me more than the words themselves. After a quick debate I decided not to interview this guy and instead went straight inside.

Account written by Otis

I knew I shouldn't have come into work that day, but then again it probably saved my life so I'm grateful that I did. A few of the other guys had gone in but a lot of them stayed at home, then the shit really hit the fan when the 'zombies' showed up and started eating everyone. Only a few people made it to the mall which was now the only safe place in town. The next thing I knew I met up with Jessie and Brad; they got everyone together and sorted this whole thing out. I'll always appreciate them for that.

Everything seemed normal enough, nothing overly unusual or strange going on. As I walked down the stairs to the Entrance Plaza my heart began to beat rapidly. There were actual people here, people I could talk to and ask what the hell was going on. There were a few people barricading the door as well as one creepy old lady looking for her dog. I was about to ask about the barricade when I spotted this girl.

Isabela Keyes was her name and I'll tell you more about her later. At that moment I knew I had to take her picture. And I would've too if that old guy hadn't told me that it was no time to ogle pretty girls. I seriously wanted to punch him in the face until he mentioned the word I would later come to dread 'zombies'.

Excerpt from the diary of Melissa Barnaby

September 18th

I'd just barely managed to get into the city when all the weird shit started happening. People were wandering around aimlessly, like they weren't alive. I got out and tried asking someone what was going on but as soon as I saw their decaying faces I knew I wasn't going to get any answers. Before I could even get over the fact of what I was actually seeing one of them made a grab for me, managing only to pull off my jacket. I didn't know what else to do so I ran and didn't look back.

Account written by Rebecca Sullivan

As soon as we got into town I began to wonder why on earth I had agreed to this in the first place. Kent had this big idea that if he got that one perfect shot he'd be famous and then we'd both be rich. I didn't buy it but somehow he managed to persuade me around. My Dad was pissed as hell but then again I never did like that old man much. "You okay baby?" Kent asked as we stepped out of the car.

"Fine, just a little cold," I answered and he laughed at that, it was the only thing about him that annoyed the hell out of me. That and his obsession with taking pictures of course, god that's all he did those days. Every day he reminded me that he was going to be the most famous photographer ever, it got old fast. "So this is where you're going to get you're great shot?" I asked knowing that saying anything else wouldn't have gotten a response. He nodded and started getting his equipment out of the car. The bad shit started happening not long after that.

I had to make sure I'd heard the guy right. He pointed to the door and my eyes followed only to see the most unreal and unnatural thing I could possibly have seen. Outside the entrance were people who weren't people anymore. I could've puked my breakfast up then and there but managed to barely hold it in. This was just getting better and better, I could already see the cheque I was going to get for this. The old man was rambling on about the zombies while I was trying to get a good shot. Then he told me to get something for the barricade and because I'm a sport I did. As a result I met up with Melissa Barnaby.

Author Note: Made sure I proof read this before I uploaded it :D