I wondered after that night if things ever would get worse then they had. I thought it might be the last, but it never really is, is it? The Pandorica will open, silence will fall. Well, The Pandorica did open and silence did fall, but what happens after that? The Doctor goes off on adventures, the next climax of the situation hits him when he least expects it, instead of going ahead and fighting and trying to save the pain and torment of other people. Guess I am too much like mother, wanting to re write fixed points, but don't we all?

"Wake up sleepy head." I shivered as I felt breath down my neck, smiling to myself. I felt fingers walk up my back over my pyjama top, sending more shivers down my spine as I rolled over and looked up. I opened my eyes, squinting as the sun came through the window, the curtain open a fraction and smiled up at Luke.

"What?" I giggled, sticking out my tounge at him.

"Come on Pond, time to get up." I sat up slowly, rubbing my eyes and got out of bed, Luke following and heading downstairs to make tea whilst I headed up to the attic.

"SKY GET UP!" I called into her room as I banged on the door as I walked past before carrying on to the attic, earning a loud groan from her. I pottered up the stairs, sorting my hair out quickly and opening the curtains before turning to Mr Smith. "Mr Smith I need you!" I said clearly, sitting down on a chair and pulling out a bean bag for Sky as she slouched in, collapsing on it, yawning.

"Good morning Mai, Sky."

"Mr Smith that lightning last night, I know there was nothing out of the norm about it but can you just make sure nobody was hurt by it?" Scans appeared on the screen as I got up and headed towards Luke as he came through with 3 cups of tea, passing one to Sky and getting one for me, sitting back down, Luke sitting next to me.

"In a 10 mile radius, there have been no reports from distress or damage from last nights lightning strike."

"Thank you Mr Smith." I said, sipping my tea and putting it down., turning to Luke. "I still can't believe your going back to uni today." I sighed.

"I have to go back some time babe." He smiled weakly. "I already had to come back because of what happened with Mum. If I don't go back soon they'll kick me out."

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too." He sighed. "I know Clani will be here to look after the house and Sky, but I'd love it if you'd stay here too. We both know your gonna be cramped at Charlie's house since yours was blown up. And you don't know how long it will take to get hold of your parents, and if they'll even turn up at the right time. Please?" He smiled, handing me a set of keys.

"Ok." I grinned, kissing him.

"Get a room you two." Sky muttered.

"Shutup you." I chuckled. "Come on go get ready for school." I said, shooing her out, turning back round and hugging Luke tightly. "Are you sure?"

"Never been surer about anything in my life." He murmered in my ear.

"Don't be too long."

"I won't Mai I-"

"For her not me." I interupted, looking into his eyes. "She comes first, remember that. She's been through enough the last year."

"I know." He smiled.

"But I'll look after her, don't worry. I've got Clani too." I chuckled.

"Someone talking about us?" Clyde muttered as him and Rani walked through the door, slumping onto the sofa.

"You two always seem to turn up right on que? Like your listening outside. Infact!" I said, looking at them. "How the hell do you manage to get in every morning?"

"They use the spare key, they've always known where it was, Mum used to let them walk in like they lived here!"

"Well they do practically live here!" I laughed.

"Maria knew also!" Clyde piped up.

"Oh Maria, Maria, Maria!" Rani muttered sarcastically.

"He fancied her." Clyde he said, laughing.

"I did not fancy Maria!" Luke said insistanltly, his arms wrapped round my waist still.

"Maria as in Maria Maria?" I asked, looking back at Clyde and Rani.

"The famous Maria!" Rani said.

"Of course Maria would know where the key was!" I said, raising my eyebrows at him.

"Maria didn't have her own key!" He said, rubbing his nose against mine, swaying from side to side.

"YOU GAVE HER A KEY!" Rani and Clyde spluttered.

"She now lives here." Sky said, still half asleep, walking in dressed, and slumped next to them.

"Do you wanna lift to school Sky?" I asked, pulling out of Luke's embrace and heading across the landing to the bathroom.

"Please!" She called back.

"Luke I'm borrowing your car!"

"Don't use up all the petrol I need that to get back to uni later!"



"Yeah?" I asked as we got into Luke's car, driving along to the school.

"I'm sorry if I've been a bit off with you today..." She sighed looking out of the window. "It's just cause Luke's leaving today, and I know that cause your his girlfriend your gonna miss him more but-"

"Sky of course not! Your his sister, he's all you have left of your Mum. Don't feel intimitated by me, I told him that he should come back as soon as possible for you. But when he leaves, I'm gonna be at the house with you. He gave me keys, so your not on your own."

"I'm glad, I like you Mai." She said, turning back round and smiling at me. "You know what it's like for your parents to dissapear like that." She sighed, clicking her fingers.

"Yeah but sweetie, mine left me by choice. Your Mum didn't go on purpose, she would have never wanted to leave you. I know I'm not your sister but I'll be there when Luke's gone and we'll have Clyde and Rani too." I said, pulling up to the school. "Have a good day."


"Luke will still be there when you get back, don't worry." I interupted, smiling.


"I'm back!" I called through the house as I walked through into the attic, sticking my keys on the side. "Where is everyone?" I frowned. "Mr Smith, where is Luke and Clani?" Clani, christ I sounded like Luke. "Clyde and Rani." I corrected myself.

"They have gone shopping." Mr Smith replied.

"Oh, ok then. Mr Smith can you ring up The TARDIS for me?" I asked, sitting down as the dialling tone filled the room. "They could be anywhere in time and space or in the vortex, like I'm gonna be able to get hold of them!"

"Hello?" Mum's voice echoed throught the attic.

"Oh! Hey it's me!"

"Evening sweetie."

"Morning." I corrected her. "Where are you guys?"

"Well we dropped off your grandparents yesterday at home and me and your father have just been to Arcadia."

"Please say before the war?" I asked, biting my lip. "I know you too well mother, you'd go and join the fight knowing you."

"Yes Mai, before the fight!" She chuckled. "Oh sweetie, it was beautiful, really." She sighed. "When will we see you next?"

"It may be a while before I'm back on The TARDIS, Luke leaves today." I sighed. "Someone needs to stay with Sky."

"What about Rani and Clyde?"

"Well I can't expect them to be with her all the time can I? She is my sister in-law I suppose."

"Shush you, you make me feel old!" The Doctor shouted in the background.

"Your 1105 for christ sake!" I called back, River chuckling. "You are welcome to visit remember? It's not like Luke would mind!"

"Maybe sweetie." She mumbled. "You can always come visit us, you still have the vortex minipulator."

"It's Dad isn't it?"

"Look Mai-"

"If he's thinks it'll be awkward cause I'm with Luke, tell him to stop being all old and grumpy!" I laughed.

"Don't you worry I will." She chuckled, The Doctor crashing around in the background. "Gotta go, your Dad's about to do some work underneath the console, can't trust him to do it alone."

"Ok." I laughed.

"I'll see you soon, promise?"

"Promise." I said, hanging up. I smiled to myself as Mr Smith started to close up, getting up myself and grabbing the cups from earlier that morning. I pottered down to to the kitchen and stuck them on the side, heading back up to the attic, moving pieces of paper filled with Clyde's drawings onto the desk. I turned round and froze, a young girl about my age staring back at me. I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it again, not knowing what to say. She flicked her black hair over her shoulder, clutching a small suitcase in her hand, giving me a dirty look. "Who the bloody hell are you?"

"I'm looking for Luke."

"I'll ask again: Who are you?" I said sarcastically.


"Maria!" Luke gasped as he walked through the door with Rani and Clyde.